Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, it's that time again for a little rating and a lot of ranting! Jason Todd welcoming you guys once again to my Red Hood for another edition of Ratings and Rantings! This is a HUGE week with ten, count it, TEN reviews! I can't review Green Arrow #2 because I mistakenly put it in Falisha's bag when we left the comic shop, so once again, a comic has been bumped to next week. Everything else is on schedule though, so I'm gonna try to keep this entertaining and not boring for you guys. Also I wanna thank Falisha for the AMAZING banner she made for the site, so thanks again Ms. Falisha for the great work! So in the words of a wise man, from The Black Eyed Peas, "Let's get it started...Ha!" (And yeah... he actually does say Ha, I wasn't laughing.)

Batman: Widening Gyre #6

If you thought the Flash: Rebirth mini took forever, you must've not been following Widening Gyre! Issue one came out August 2009.... It'll be August 2010 next week! So, if you're having trouble, do what I did and check out my reviews of issues four and five for a bit of a refresher. This issue gets underway with Bruce and Silver Sable heading to a special place, and that special place is somewhere Bruce had to have gotten permission from the Man of Steel to use, and it surprised me. It seems outta character for Bruce, yet Bruce is in love so it kinda makes sense he'd do things he wouldn't normally do. Smith is also very good at the banter he does between his characters, as it comes off real and not forced. The things that followed also blew my mind, but this being the Batman mythos I know not to read into them to much. As for finding out what Silver's nickname for Bruce meant... man that was uncomfortable haha. especially for Alfred. Bruce's paranoid mind of course made him do something stupid, but can you blame the guy? Either way, I couldn't help but laugh at the way he confronted Silver while she was being dropped off by Alfred. Some of the dialogue was so out of character for Batman it was just weird, Bats would NEVER admit to someone what he did to Baphomet, not even Dick or Tim. The surprise appearances by Deadshot and Catwoman made me more into the comic since I was kind of losing touch after Batman's embarrassing statement to Baphomet. The dialogue with Deadshot was fun, I love that he's become such a good comedy character but is still taken seriously for the most part. After some more crime fighting and an interesting Catwoman moment, Batman and Baphomet talk, and Baphomet mentions (just like Jason Todd) that Bats could kill these criminals and save more lives than sending them to the revolving doors of Arkham Asylum. The comic ends with Batman, trusting Baphomet and bringing him into the Batcave. There he unmasks and... I will not ruin it for you. But that was the most shocking thing I've read in a while... I didn't see that coming at all. The story was solid, and this volume, although it took forever, was amazing. Even with the weird out of character moments, I gotta rate this comic a 9/10.

Silver: So... the JLA, what? Just gives you guys a giant dinosaur when you join?
Bruce: I had mine before it was trendy.

Deadpool #25

Deadpool #25, in 3-D!!!! It even includes 3D glasses and tells you how to put them together, and make glue in case you don't have any, but do happen to own an old horse and a blender. And I'm so serious by the way, it actually says that. OH MY GOSH!!! It's Blind AL! Somewhere X-Man is smiling while wearing his Nate Grey T-Shirt that he made himself because no one sells Nate Grey T-shirts. :P Anyway, Weasel runs to Blind Al, via telephone, and tells her how Deadpool has ruined his life recently. She tells him to basically be happy that's all he's done and to run away and never look back. Weasel, like the idiot he is, decides he's gonna show up our Crimson Comedian and take back his city. Meanwhile, Deadpool as The House whose supposed to be Weasel, stages a robbery, so that Weasel, Wildcard whose supposed to be Deadpool would try to stop him. Weasel eventually defeats Deadpool, or so it seems, making everyone think that Deadpool beat Weasel since, ya know, they switched suits last issue. Anyway, Deadpool pops up, ruining Weasel's plans once again, because he's Deadpool baby! Weasel thinks Deadpool is going to kill him, but since he's turned over his new heroic leaf, Deadpool tells Weasel he's here to help. The story ends maybe two pages after that in a really lackluster way. The whole story was confusing and nothing really happened. The bonus story was alright, oh and only the cover was in 3D, so yeah. I'll give this issue a 5/10.

Materials Needed for putting together 3-D Glasses:
1. A blade (non-rusty), sword, scissors or comparable cutting utensil.
2. Glue (if you have glue, skip to step 5)
3. Old or Lame horse
4. A big Blender
5. A steady hand (non-severed)

Green Lantern Corps #50

Two issues down, eight more to go. I should really be getting paid for this... Yeah right. My writing isn't worth twenty five cents, Canadian. Haha, well that aside, I know I say it very month but I LOVE the art in Green Lantern Corps. Clearly one of the best looking comics out today. The stubble on Kyle's face has more definition than the entire bodies of people in some comics. Anyway, we see Kyle racing to save John Stewart while Ganthet and Soranik take on the other Alpha-Lanterns. Cyborg-Superman is continuing his dastardly plans on John Stweart and sets up a mind link, causing John to see Cyborg-Superman's memories. They discuss the accident that turned him into what he is today, along with what happened to his wife and crew. Then we see how Cyborg-Superman has returned, after the events of the Sinestro Corps War and what he did during Blackest Night. This was a fantastic view into how Cyborg-Superman thinks and really made me appreciate his character, for that alone I'd recommend this issue. I really sympathized with him after reading what he did/thought during the Blackest Night storyline. We then see that all of this was done to lure Ganthet to Cyborg-Supes, which works as Ganthet distracts Cyberman (it's easier) and Kyle escapes with John. They meet up with Soranik and they decide to use their newly hatched plan to try to save Ganthet. This was a really strong issue of GLC. I know a little, but not a ton about Cyberman (upset it took me that long to shorten his name) but I really enjoy him here and his motive was very well done. I'd love to see more of him and this mysterious thing with Ganthet. Solid issue, 9/10 rating for this issue of Green Lantern Corps.

Kyle Rayner: Two former girlfriends died at the hands of my enemies. I'll be damned if that ever happens again.

 Detective Comics #867

This story starts innocently enough. Normal business man leaves home, kisses his wife and kid and heads to work. Then he cancels his meetings, goes to the mall, cracks open a tube, turns pale faced and magically looks like The Joker. Yep, normal. "The Jokerz" are running amuck, and we see Oracle tell Batman, who replies with "I have more important things to do..." while saving some people. Okay, I know Bats is busy, but for one, Batman would never say he's too busy if there's crime in Gotham. Secondly, it's daytime, So what's he even doing out?! And lastly, why not at least say, I'm busy, send Robin, Batgirl, Red Robin, Huntress or one of the other MANY Gotham vigilantes? So, I'm not gonna lie. There's a lot of comics on tap and this one didn't interest me enough, so I stopped reading it. Sorry if anyone was looking for a review on it but the re-hashed Batman Beyond "Jokerz" storyline is not something I wanna sit through, especially if I can't even have the "real" Joker. So, sorry once again, but I'll be skipping this issue and this arc. Rating is N/A.

Justice League: Generation Lost #6

A look into the history of Captain Atom kicks this issue of Gen Lost off. I actually never knew how he became Captain Atom so this was interesting. Jumping into current time, Booster wants to go after Max at the Checkmate HQ. Fire tries to talk him out of it, but when Captain Atom agrees it seems that's where their going. Then we see a flashback that takes place after the big explosion in issue one. Turns out Cap got blown through time or something, and his body has to acclimate before he can return to the present. While time traveling, Cap is asked to stay with a family instead of sleeping out in the wilderness, and he obliges. While staying with the family and talking Cap eventually notices half the moon is missing, blown to smithereens. Cap quickly finds out he's in the future, and upon mentioning Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and other heroes that things have changed. He's taken to meet "Old Karrie." On the way, we hear that Captain Atom feels like he's becoming more machine than man, and losing touch, He's afraid that he's going to outlive anyone, and much like Cyborg-Superman, feels alone. Eventually he meets up with Old Karrie and man, that shocked the hell outta me. The following conversation was haunting, and showed us why Captain Atom may be even more determined than Booster. This was an amazing issue, the last issue was filler, and this one kind of was but the way it was written, the determination and reasoning behind Captain Atom. This was a great issue, definitely one of my favorite so far and it deserves the 9/10 rating I'm giving it.


Action Comics #891

This issue has a very nice and gritty cover, I love how that's portrayed to make Luthor's lab come off as a Doctor Frankenstein, evil genius. We start things off with Lex Luthor stealing fire, much like Prometheus (not the arrow-head one, the greek mythology one) and giving it to his people. We find out that this is a fantasy of Lex's that he believes is real thanks to Mister Mind. Next we see Luthor, in the persona of Dr. Frankenstein as I mentioned above, standing next to his dangerous creation with Lois Lane. They debate on whether the world is ready for such a powerful tool of destruction, and really did a good job of hyping the reveal, which caught me off guard. The conversation he has with Lois was extremely well done, and seemed to backfire on Mister Mind. All the while, Mister Mind talks to someone or something we can't see, and builds suspicion of who/what it may be. The fantasies are fun to see Lex in, it's like Lex + Return of Bruce Wayne, minus the terrible story. Seeing Big Blue walk into town was great, and I love how Superman was adapted to the timeline as well as his primary colors. Seeing Lex figure out what was going on, then confronting the parasite known as Mister Mind was a lot more unintentionally funny than it should've been but I loved it. The following "dream" I won't even ruin for you guys that haven't read it yet, other than Lex ripping his shirt open will forever be awesome due to this one page. The end of the Mister Mind fight was pretty funny as well, and Lex definitely moved up a few notches in my favorite character rankings after that. The end of the story made sense, and really answered a lot of questions I had from Titans as well. I thought this was a really well done issue, nothing mind-blowing but just very solid and fun, I'll give it a 8.5/10.

Mister Mind: If you go for your gun... I'll blow her mind!

The Flash #4

Okay, I thought maybe I was kinda harsh on the last issue of Flash, but even my buddy Kello, resident Flash fan, Fantastic Four fan, and Iced Tea consumer, ripped the last issue. I've decided if this series doesn't pick up by the time this arc finishes, which I believe is this issue, I'll drop this series and just jump in around Flashpoint, because the slow pacing of this storyline along with the lackluster story of it is a little hard to justify spending money on it when there's so many other comics I enjoy. Anywho, issue four kicks off with the Rogues sitting around watching the news report about Captain Boomerang breaking out. He talks with Flash while flinging Boomerangs, then takes down a helicopter as Flash races to save the passengers. Meanwhile the future Rogues a.k.a. the Renegades team up with Flash to take on Boomer. Heatstroke and Top have a heated (no pun intended) discussion about whether what their doing is right, ad Top decides to warn Barry of the future, an act punishable by death. Top tells Barry he wants to stop him from committing murder by telling him what's going to cause it in the future, by telling him what happens to Iris. The act that Top describes sounds genius, and definitely cements me into wanting to continue to read this series, just to see if it will in fact happen that way, or worse since Barry will obviously try to change it. This was a really good issue, action packed and the story really progressed instead of just lagging on like it has been. This is definitely the strongest issue of this series to date, and I'll continue to read on in this arc and I hope it maintains momentum, I'd give it an 8/10.

Captain Boomerang: Blimey, you folks from the future really don't know how to make your own identities, do ya? Reverse-Flashes. Reverse-Rogues. Please tell me ya don't got a Reverse-Captain-Boomerang on yer little odd squad.

Gotham City Sirens #14

The sensuous Sirens of South Gotham (not really, I just wanted another S-Word :P) are back again. Things get underway with Poison Ivy looking like a brittle dried out plant version of herself, picture Ivy mixed with Bizarro and sprinkled with a little Solomon Grundy. We then see Ivy in hr Dr. Irving persona and her new cohort, Alisa Adams explaining what they claim happened to the dehydration unit, when what actually happened was Alisa dropped the tube on Ivy and tried to blackmail her. We find out that Ivy is there to see how her predecessor caused these plants to grow at suck a huge size, something even Ivy can't do. Alisa tells her that there was a problem with the program and Ivy demands to see it. Meanwhile, our other Sirens, Catwoman and Harley Quinn are getting worried about Ivy since she hasn't checked in since heading to her new job. They decide to wait and not blow her cover mistakenly, so instead they head out on the town, in costume to run a few "errands." On the other side of town, Poison Ivy finds out shocking information about the studies of her predecessor, and the alien-plant thing he studied. The alien plant takes control of Ivy of course, since it was super predictable. Harley and Selina show up just in time looking for Ivy, and end up having to fight her. Seems like all the Sirens ever do is fight one another. This issue, thankfully ends soon after, I'm not a fan of this storyline, it's pretty boring and basically the same as every other Poison Ivy story except now she's not in control. Sirens is such a gamble because some issues are awesome, and others, like this, are just hard to make it through without predicting or being bored. I'll give this issue a 5/10.

Random Employee: Morgue's just ahead on your right, Dr. Irving.
Alisa: I'll never get tired of your pheromone trick.

Wolverine Origins #50

Um..... I could've sworn, the last issue said this was a four issue arc. Then I get this comic, and it's the series finale. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! I just read this series from issue one, and got caught up around #47, and now it's over. Ah this sucks, as I really enjoyed Wolverine Origins, but I'm glad I got to read it and I wanna thank Daniel Way and the rest of the Wolverine Origins staff for writing such a great comic. Alright, let's end this. The first shot is of Wolverine, clearly confused after the last issue, wondering what caused him to shank Nick Fury. Logan uses a syringe Nick had on him, then see's his past loves again, telling him to let them go. They tell him to stop dwelling on their deaths and enjoy his own life. After that, Nick regains consciousness, and tells Logan what was in the syringe was basically a miracle cure they made from Wolverine's DNA, for emergency use only. Cloak and Dagger appear, and make Wolverine face the thing he's been running from all these years, himself. I'm not sure if that was real or more of his hallucinations. Wolverine finally comes to peace with himself and his past as this issue ends. I really enjoyed this issue, I loved seeing Wolverine settle everything, and while I feel this was a bit of a too soon ending for such a great series, I wouldn't have wanted it to end any other way. I'm interested in seeing if this change for Wolverine remains and how it'll impact future storylines. I'll give this issue an 8.5/10 and I recommend this series to any Wolverine fan, or any fan of good comics.

Wolverine: My name is Wolverine. I'm the best there is at what I do.

Green Lantern #57

Man Hector Hammond has a big ass head... he looks like a Sinestro bobblehead. Anyway, this comic starting off with Hector as an attractive Green Lantern beating up a bulbous-headed Hal Jordan makes me laugh way harder than it should. Hector's daydreaming is interrupted by the guards, and then the mysterious voice in his head that we've seen since Blackest Night. We get a glimpse of the mysterious guy, the same guy with a cloak that made an appearance in this months Green Lantern Corps. He helps free Hammond with control over some rats. There's also a very nice shot in this where you can see Hal and Carol in each of Hammond's eyes. We jump over to see Hal Jordan and a police officer, and learn that Larfleeze has broken into more than 70 places, along with his constructs and has been taken any and everything that's not nailed down. Hal goes to confront Larfleeze, who apparently claims to live on earth now. Larfleeze is writing a list for Santa Claus so he can give him what he asks for. Hal soon asks Larfleeze how he imprisoned his entity, so he, Sinestro and the others can imprison the remaining entities that are free on earth but is interrupted by Hector Hammond. He takes Larfleeze's lantern and wants to know how to release the entity inside of it. While trying to get the Lantern back from Hector Hammond, Hector invades Larfleeze's mind to find out what it is he wants. We then jump to Nanda Parbat and see Vic Sage, the former Question, laid to rest by The current Question, Renee Montoya and Saint Walker. They have a quick discussion about hope, and then the Blue Lantern entity, Adara, shows up as Saint Walker says "We will soon bear witness to a miracle." Back with Hal Jordan, Hector Hammond can't release the Orange entity, so he pulls a Rosie O'Donnell and just eats the lantern. After doing that he's able to see the location of every freed entity on earth, and the entity merges with Hector. Holy hell that looks creepy. This was another solid issue of Green Lantern, one of the most stable comics in terms of being good, I'll give this issue an 8.5/10 rating.

Hal Jordan: Dammit, Larfleeze! I'm having a hard enough time with Hector digging into my brain for pinup shots of Carol! Call off your lanterns!

So that's all for this weeks jam-packed edition of Ratings and Rantings. Here's hoping you guys enjoyed this weeks, and are looking forward to next weeks edition. I'll be back this weekend with a new poll and a review of Batman: Under The Red Hood as well as the results of this weeks poll. Well until then, lemme know what you guys think, whether you agreed, disagreed or anything else, until next time, I'm your neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd!

Next Week on Ratings and Rantings

Green Arrow #2, Brightest Day #7, Red Hood: Lost Days #3, Red Robin #15, Superman: The Last Family of Krypton #1 of 3, Shadowland #2, Shadowland: Bullseye One-Shot, and Deadpool #1000.


  1. Wow, where do I begin. Well, first off you're totally welcome for the banner. Was a definite warm up for me getting back into the design frame of mind. I'm glad you like it. :)

    Also, we need to start checking our bags before I leave your house. Lol. Always taking your stuff!! I think it's just a way for me to come back!!

    Now as for Widening Gyre, I absolutely LOVED this issue and man I was just as shocked as you when I was reading this. Why can't all comics be this great! This issue gave me goosebumps. I had to re-read it, it was so good. And I'm kind of glad Bruce was saying and doing stuff out the norm, shows he's human and has feelings and emotions no matter how hard he tries to hide them. Because some people do go out there way to please and impress a person they really like. Trust me, I know the feeling. ;)

    As you know I'm always slower than molasses on a cold winter day going downhill. So I can't wait to get to the rest of the comics, especially Generation Lost, that's my second favorite comic currently.

    And before I leave, I would like to bitch about a certain thing I'm SERIOUSLY disappointed with in whoever colored the cover for Sirens. Okay, now this is basic art 101, stuff you learn in freaking pre-school/kindergarten. Mixing green and red, DOES NOT make purple it makes a brown. Everyone knows Red and Blue makes purple. Red and Green couldn't even attempt to make that saturation of a purple. Lol. Makes me mad. But that is all for my ranting of the day.

    Fantastic reviewing sir, can't wait to get a serving next week. :)

  2. I'm gonna be honest, I only came here to see what score you gave the "Jokerz" story....:(

    Your review of GLC makes me want to read the issue. I love Cyborg Superman, and was really perplexed as to why he didn't show up in Blackest Night, given his wanting to die and the whole story being based around the concept of death.

    I had no clue Widening Gyre has been taking so long. Isn't it part of a trilogy that Smith is doing? I'm really curious to know about that ending as well.

    Thank you for associating me with both iced tea and disappointment in the current Flash arc. And I appreciate that your reviews steer clear of the major spoilers. Thanks for the R&R JT!

  3. Great reviews, I totally agree with you about this issue of Flash being the strongest. I've been enjoying the series so far, but you're right, the pace really picked up with this issue. I particularly loved Barry running on the helicopter blades.

    Also, love the new banner. :)

  4. Great reviews, JT! And I LOVE the new banner! Great job, Falisha! :)

    In a rare move for me, I've decided to skip your Widening Gyre review for now. I'm really looking forward to reading that series and want as little spoiled for me as possible! But I'll come back once I've read the story.

    Interesting that you mention Captain Atom's origin too, since I just today finished reading an Archive collecting his earliest appearances. I wasn't even really aware of how active he still was in today's comics. (Review of that Archive coming soon!)

    I think Daniel Way may be moving to a new Wolverine series now that Origins is over. I might be wrong about that though.

    Oh, and looking forward to next week's Deadpool #1000. I love how that series just makes fun of all the ridiculous re-numberings that other titles seem to go through on a monthly basis.

  5. Falisha - Thanks again so much for the banner babe, it looks amazing.

    Lol well come on back! I don't mind, and I' sure everyone understands and don't mind waiting for their Oliver Queen fix next week.

    I couldn't agree more with you, about everything you said. And it was a really great comic, I can't wait for the next volume.

    Generation Lost was really good, I can't wait until you get to check it out, Especially the surprise they threw in there.

    Lol I didn't realize that, check you out calling out the artists! And thanks again :D

    Kello - Haha, sorry about that buddy :P Glad ya stuck around though.

    You should definitely pick up the last three issues of GLC then Kello because they'd be right up your alley, and the story was great.

    You got it Kello, the ending was great, hell all six issues were great, I'd definitely recommend them when the trade comes out. And yeah I had to look up the first issue, I had no idea it took a year until I did that.

    My pleasure Kello! I wanted to link both of your blogs and things are always funnier in three's, a comedy tip I learned a while back. And not a problem, I'd hate to ruin anything for you guys.

    Paul C. - Right? That was SO awesome, and the way he just swung in. I hated that the copter just crashed but I guess he couldn't really stop that eh? But yeah, the story REALLY advanced in this issue, and I'm glad because it got me interested in the series once again.

    Thanks buddy, on behalf of myself and m'lady.

  6. Ah Marc replied before I posted, didn't mean to snub ya dude. Thanks for the compliments buddy.

    I don't even blame you Marc, I didn't spoil anything but I definitely get what you mean. When you do give that a read I'd love to talk about it and see what you think.

    I hope so, I love the way that Way (hmmm) writes Wolverine, as well as Deadpool.

    Yeah haha, I loved the preview saying "Has it really been 100 issues since #900? WHO CARES?!" That was awesome.

  7. Now THAT was a long post JT! About how long did the whole thing take you out of curiosity? All I could read so far was the Detective Comics review and the Gen Lost ones... I'll have to remember to keep coming back here as my comics slowly roll in... I didn't think that issue of Detective was THAT bad! It wasn't the greatest thing ever, but ouch, you sure seemed to hate it. I didn't even take offense at Dick telling Babs he wouldn't respond to that thing in the mall. The poor guy can't be everywhere! Let the cops in Gotham do SOMETHING! :P

    As for Gen Lost, meh. I just don't care one way or the other. I'm glad you're still reading it, but I'm happier that I'm not! :D

    And lastly, that banner is some awesome work! Nice job Falisha!

  8. Lol actually X, it only took a few hours combined. I actually read, then type, then read and etc. so the real time consumer was reading comics, but I did half of it Wednesday and finished it up Thursday. Lol I just couldn't get into it, I think because I lived through this same storyline on Batman Beyond cartoons because there was a gang of Jokerz with their faces painted that did the same thing. You having never watched the show wouldn't be as tired of it as me :P

    Gen Lost was really good, but you know a lot about Captain Atom right? So I doubt you'd have enjoyed it, even if Hai-Me didn't say a word that issue.

  9. Yeah, I can see how the actual reading of the comics could be the most time consuming. I mean that's reading 10 comics, AND THEN typing 10 reviews! Just doing the five reviews I did today probably took me about an hour and a half, two hours, and I had read all of those comics over the course of this past week. So yeah, I tip my hat to you JT(if I was wearing a hat...)

    I wouldn't exactly say I know A LOT about Capt. Atom. I'd say I'm... aware of him I guess. I know enough about him that I could talk about him, but that's probably about that.

  10. Well thank ya good sir. I got my Green Arrow tonight from Falisha, but I won't read it until I do my next review. That's why half the time I comment on stuff and genuinely seem surprised lol.

    So you knew his origin and time traveling abilities and such?

  11. It's an awesome new banner JT and FA! Looks brill.
    Is there a significance of the red ADCT?

    I wouldn't worry about reviewing Green Arrow #2 - it ain't that good really, and I would give it up, but it's Green Arrow, so I can't… Not a fan of JT Krull though (it's bad you share the initials of him :P)

    I loved Widening Gyre - I didn't even know I was getting it (I've gotten used to Kevin Smith's erratic schedules ;)), and yeah, there were some oughta character moments (like the admission he made), but most were rule of funny, so I let them slide. Catwoman does have a valid point BUT she is a criminal…
    I like how it was a reveal for everyone - a great set-up if you followed the pieces carefully, and a real holy shit ending. And Kevin did great with the whole is Silver really too good for Bruce, I was convinced for most of the issues she was.

    I enjoyed GLC, but didn't think it was highly special or not. I don't really have any deep opinions on it, but it's going strong, so I'll keep it.

    Now, Detective Comics, well, it was written by the guy who did Spider-Man: Noir, and drawn by the guy who was doing Great Ten (and I do love the guys art), but you could tell it was a rush in, as it's a pretty bog standard story (though an enjoyable one) after the cancellation of Batwoman (no, I'm never gonna stop going on about that). I thought it was an alright issue, but it was a filler issue, no mistake…

    I'm finding Generation Lost to be a strong series, much better than Brightest Day (which on my first reading of #6 I thought was good, then re-read and realised nope, it wasn't). I never knew about the time jumping thing - is that something that's actually happened before?

    Gotham City Sirens, well, the changed the writer from Dini, and it's never been good when he or Guilleme (sp?) have been writing it. I'm quite close to dropping it actually…

    Finally, Green Lantern is like GLC - no huge opinion on it, but it's enjoyable and going strong.

  12. You'd have to ask Falisha honestly, I gave her full creative reins for the banner.

    Maybe Nagash, but then again I really liked the first issue so we may be on opposite teams when it comes to that comic.

    I agree completely, and I'd almost forgotten Catwoman was a criminal as of late. I loved Deadshot's appearance too, and that was kind of a hint considering we saw him, and the stuff with Baphomet and Joker (I dont wanna ruin it in case anyone reads the comments.) I'm still wondering why she was stealing Bruce's files.

    I mainly enjoyed it because of the Blackest Night moments and seeing how greatly Cyberman reacted, because it was totally in character for him.

    I didn't notice the guy who wrote Spider-Man: Noir did it, but I just couldn't get into it. I hate all Jokerz that aren't THE Joker.

    I'm in the same boat as you, I also didn't know Captain Atom could time jump but I'd assume it wasn't the first time (in comics) just from the way he talked about it, but I'm not sure.

    Weird thing is, even when Dini was writing it I never really enjoyed it, it was alright. I think its because they don't feel like a team, there's no closeness between the Sirens as they is with like the Birds of Prey, or even The Outsiders.

    Yeah, I was more interested in the entities and the Hector Hammond stuff than the main Hal/Larfleeze stuff. Also, Larfleeze looks REALLY different, he used to look kinda scary and now he just looks like a goat. Kinda like Baphomet's mask with horns.

  13. Roight then, Falisha, any reason why ya did that? :D

    Quite probably. I just think the whole storyline is stupid, the Robin Hood vibe is dumbass, and seriously, now we're saying that the Star City cops are useless too?
    It's just mindboggingly stupid, ever since Cry for Justice #7 it's become stupid…

    Yeah, it's one reason Bruce could never settle down with her, he's too dedicated to the law (or, as in the Judge Dredd movie "the LAAAAAWWWW").
    It's great, because it's subtle, but the clues are there - no, we definitely don't want to spoil it.
    I'm thinking it's either the villains humungo plot to get under his skin, or she just wants to know whether he's really in love with her, considering the shit he puts her through.

    Yeah, I'm just indifferent positive to it. It's good, but it's not standout, if ya get my drift.

    Odd stance to have considering they aren't trying to replace the Joker now, are they? So you didn't like the Batman Beyond Jokerz like whatsisname (Bonzo?), the Dee Dees etc?

    Well, you never know, comic writers do like their retcons - it could just be something we're meant ta except as it were. Wait, hold up. Was there something about that in Public Enemies? I know Captain Atom went up in the rocket in (I think) that arc. I can't look it up now, that TPB is in storage…

    No, they aren't really that big a team, and it always was Harley and Ivy, is a tad odd Selina is doing a team-up (I know there's the whole heart thing, but still).

    Oh yeah, who cares about the Hal bit? Or, to be honest, for me, the Hector Hammond bit. I don't know much, if anything about him, cept he's a big headed guy with psychic powers that for some reason hates Hal...
    They've been turning him from scary to a muppet. It's a bit odd, wonder who's mandate that is...

  14. Well I haven't read #2 yet, but I like it, the Robin Hood storyline fits him and it's like Year One in a sense, besides it could be much worse than it is, so I'm enjoying it.

    I don't know if it's because of the law because she's tried giving it up for him, besides she wouldn't NEED to steal anything since Bruce has a ton of cash, she could even steal stuff from him, I doubt he'd care.

    I didn't mind them because it was new and different at a time, but that was the early 2000's, now like ten years later it's just rehashed.

    Rocket? Batman was in the Superman/Batman rocket thing, and Cap Atom stabilized an explosion and blew up in issue four I believe.

    I know about the same amount as you about Hammond, and yeah I guess they didn't want Larfleeze to be too similar to Atrocitus.

  15. "Roight then, Falisha, any reason why ya did that? :D"

    Well Nagash, it's really a random choice of letters but using the red to make your eyes read in a zigzag pattern so you actually read, "Jason Todd's Comic Spot". You'd be surpised how much it's done in graphic design, not just certain colored letters but the way text is set up to help the flow of reading. :)

  16. See, I don't really see how this adds anything - it just seems highly pointless, and it's not really like Year One. I mean, that was his journey into being Green Arrow, this is him just becoming a loner. Er, yeah…

    I've always thought she stole for the thrill of it, so settling down would never be right.

    So like every comic plot ever then? ;)

    Well, I can't remember, and the TPB is at my folks now…

    They ain't that similiar really anyway, save for both being aliens, so, um, er…

    Falisha - Sounds like as good as reasoning as any, though seems sortof odd to me. Maybe it's because I don't look into art at all :D

  17. Well, you have your opinion and I have mine, I enjoyed the first two issues, it's Ollie in a different environment than we've normally seen him in, in quite a while (excluding Year One) and it's better than him moping around or not having a comic like Roy.

    True, but she hasn't really been stealing much lately has she? I don't remember her stealing anything since Hush's money and that was with a good reason.

    Lol, kinda... If they showed up in Batman Beyond I'd accept that since that's their debut, but a gang of idiots laughing shouldn't be hard to tame...

    Hm... you're right, my apologies. Just looked, I must've been thinking about when Batman went up instead in the animated film... my bad.

    Yeah but they were both meant to be kinda scary, well that's the reasoning X mentioned when we discussed Larfleeze's change.

  18. JT, I FINALLY got Flash #4, and it was great! I agree with your review, and your score. I even liked Manapul's art in this issue. The whole copter scene with the "painted" looking background (not sure of the technique he used) gave me a bit of a Flashgasm.

  19. Haha I'm glad you enjoyed it Kello. Yeah, that issue was amazingly good, It reignited my interest in the series too. Because beforehand I was so ready to drop it, and yeah that Copter scene looked amazing. Hell if Manapul keeps that up he can make himself a recurring background character for all I care!