Saturday, July 10, 2010

Batman: The Mystery of Batwoman Review

Hey everyone, the Jason Todd here once again, this time bringing a movie review to my Red Hood, as voted by the members of The Todd Squad. Okay, now that I'm over myself, I can say that I've been looking over my older animated movie reviews and I'm pumped for this one. It should get me ready for the upcoming "Batman: Under The Red Hood" review as well as make my readers happy since it won the poll where I asked what you guys wanted to see. Also at the end of the article I'll have the results from the weekly poll, plus the new poll is up on the right hand side so you can get your voting on. Lastly, next Saturday I plan on posting another "Top 5 Five", and I'll post the categories on my next Ratings and Rantings, just giving you all a heads up. So now, let's see what I thought of Batman: Mystery of The Batwoman.

The basic synopsis is that there's a new Bat in town, a Batwoman, but Batman doesn't know who she is. So the gist of the movie is uncovering who she is and why she's doing what she's doing, and more importantly why she's using the name Batwoman. So Bruce hits the streets in looking for finding out who this Batwoman is and what's her motive.


The Voice Acting - Nearly everyone who's in this from Batman: The Animated Series reprises their role. Kevin Conroy returns as an always awesome Bruce Wayne/Batman, and Alfred, Tim Drake, Harvey Bullock and Commissioner Gordon also have their same voice actors. Two characters who are have new voice actors in this film are Barbara Gordon and The Penguin.

The Comedy - Comedy is sparingly done in this movie but when it is it's done well. Bruce trying to get rid of talking to Babs and balling up a newspaper to try to simulate static was funny, if only because Kevin Conroy making Bruce sound flustered just works so well. Also, when Bruce tells Alfred "The last thing Gotham needs is a vigilante running around." Alfred's spot-on humor shows with the reply "As they say in the streets, I ain't touching that one."


Batwoman- Man that looked horrible. The reason Batman wears Black or Dark Blue or Grey or whatever is because it blends in with the night allowing him to use stealth. What the hell can you hide behind with a silver costume with a pink bat in the middle and pink gloves? Another thing that annoyed me was the fact even her Batarangs are pink. Just because she's a woman she has to have Pink Batarangs? Guess no one told Babs that... Oh and did I mention she rides a Green Goblin Glider? Because... she does for some reason.

The Open - Okay, so the movie opens with this Batwoman stopping a gun shipment. That's fine, then she starts being reckless and almost killing people. So Batman and Robin go by inthe Batplane and their just watching. Then Batman saves the thugs who would've fell off a bridge with his giant Batplane attatchment from falling. Then he looks at Batwoman from the Batplane and she leaves. At no point did he even TRY to apprehend her.... which makes no sense for Batman.

Babs Loves WHO?! - Barbara Gordon appears in this, although away at college. She apparently hints at a relationship with Bruce Wayne, which annoys me because Babs and Dick are always gonna be the couple I want. Maybe it's pretty but I really hate the idea of Babs and Bruce hooking up.

The Artwork - As an unabashed fan of Batman The Animated Series, I think everyone notices when they changed it to The New Batman Adventures (season 4) that the artwork gets less gritty and more child-like. I really hated that style and this takes after it. Drawing Bruce with a huge football pad shoulder and a big meaty Wrestler chest yet having tiny legs like a ballerina just comes off looking more awkward than anything.

Final Rating: The Batwoman reveal surprised me, I won't lie. Just when you think you know who it is, they sweep the rug from under you and we find out who Batwoman is. That was a really great moment in the film. Other things about it were horrible, like the very bad portrayal of Bane. He talks WAY too much. Bane is at his best when he's a man of little words, not prattling off saying "Senor" in every two sentences. After the Batwoman reveal the movie seems to die down, and get very monotonous and boring. Penguin as the main villain was a horrible choice in the first place, and the lackluster Bane is hardly much help. Even the big showdown between Batman and Bane was boring and didn't have that big fight feel to it. The ending was awful, it never felt like a Batman movie, it felt like a movie superhero movie for pre-teens produced by MTV. Oh and Robin had no purpose being in the movie at all. It's safe to say I'll never watch this again...ever. 3/10 rating and please stay away from this sham of a film. Until next time I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger Man, Jason Todd.

Last Week's Poll question asked "Which original Bird of Prey is your favorite?"

Last Place with 0% - Lady Blackhawk, Can't say I'm surprised she jitterbugged to last place.
Second Place with 28.6% - The Huntress and Black Canary, The top two agents tie this time. (tounge twistaaaaaa!)
Winner with 48.9% - Oracle! The brainy beauty leads the team and the vote with first place.


  1. In the DC Animated Universe, it was revealed that Babs and Batman had a relationship. I believe it was either in Batman Beyond or the Justice League Unlimited series.

  2. Yeah I recall them saying that in Batman Beyond, but I still hate it. Lol, I believe Grayson even hints at it in Batman: TAS when it shows how he becomes Nightwing.

  3. Hot diggity dang, you really didn't like this one, did ya JT(oh, and I apoligize for using the phrase, "Hot diggity dang")! The fact that Batwoman was running around in pink and tossing pink batarangs made me think back to Miss Arrowette who would fight crime with Lipstick Arrows and the dreaded Powder Puff Arrow, since you can't have a woman use a black batarang, or shoot a boxing glove arrow! You'd also figure Bane would have been a tough villain to screw up... I guess not! Now I wish I would have voted for the Avengers movie!

  4. Lol I gotta ask, what caused you to say Hot diggety dang anyway? Wait... Powder Puff arrow? As in the thing women put on make up with? Are you kidding me? That's just...sad.

    Lol X i swear to you, Bane showed up in like the last 25 minutes and still managed to say Senor and Amigo like ten times...

  5. Who knows... Too much studying probably. The more I study, the more nonsensical I become!

    Yup, that's right, a Powder-Puff Arrow! I even pulled out my Showcase: GA trade to double check. Besides the menacing Powder-Puff Arrow, Miss Arrowette also used the Hairpin Arrow, the Hair Tint Arrow, and the Lotion Arrow! Knowing Ollie, I have to think he put the lotion arrow to good use...

    That's so weak! Hell, why not do a movie where Bane is the mastermind?! He's not just dumb muscle...

  6. Ah I forgot, good luck on that test Monday while we're discussing that. I'm shocked you aren't studying now.

    Hairpin...Hair Tint...Lmao @ The Lotion Arrow. LMMFAO....I don't even know what to say to you about Ollie and the lotion arrow. So I gotta ask, Arrowette quit correct, so she's never met Speedy?

    Exactly. The main bad guy was Penguin. Bane was stupid muscle that for some reason wore a spiked Dog collar.... yeah... it was stupid.

  7. Well, a day late but I'm here!! Lol. Wow. I was hoping this would be a little better. Lol. After seeing that picture of her, I just see Cassandra Cain as batgirl.

    Sucks they went all girl power with her character. I mean pink batarangs?! Come on now, if I was a crook I'd see that and wouldn't be scared one bit. I'd think it was some chick who didn't know what she was doing trying to be Batman, or maybe Batman has switched his sexuality. Lol.

    Anyways enough of my yapping, sweet review son!! Lol did a good job totally pointing all the flaws out on this! I won't be watching!

  8. Ah because she has the full face mask? I could see that, but her annoying pink and chrome costume sucks haha. And yeah I was hoping it wasn't bad but it was so.... bad.

    Lol yeah basically that's what happened. Someone was like, "it's a girl haha, get her!" Maybe she used her girly-ness to lure people in and attack?

    Well thank you :D I'm glad ya won't be watching because I'd just have someone else to complain about it with :P

  9. Bane could be worse. He could be in Batman and Robin the movie ;)

    Def wasn't the best BTAS animated movie, probably was the worst, but I can't remember what the third/fourth was. There was Mask of the Phantasm (or summin), Sub Zero, this and something else, right?

  10. Well that was just a sinful portrayal of Bane, Lol.

    Yep, Mask of Phantasm which was the best imo, then Sub Zero, then this was the last one I believe. Then Batman Beyond Return of The Joker, then Batman Gotham Knights.

  11. It was a horrendous movie full stop, but it makes anything else looks good.

    That was the other one! Course it was >.< Did enjoy that one, but Batman Beyond was always good as well. Gotham Knights, don't remember that one...

  12. Yeah, I'd say Batman Beyond was the second best of those movies, it was great although I hated what they did with Drake. Gotham Knights wasn't BTAS related, it was like 5 short stories that were supposed to take place between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, came out in 08. Kevin Conroy voices Bats in all the mini stories.

  13. I thought it was a realistic portrayal of a former child superhero who got mind raped and just wanted to forget, and grow up normal. You know, actually growing up, not staying a child forever like Bruce...

    Oh, yes, that. I have that. I jus forgot it cause I did. Oops...

  14. I just didn't like it. I felt like the comic Tim would never be that easily dissuaded from being a hero. So that just seemed awkward, especially when they mentioned Grayson's still fighting crime.

  15. Well, there's two simple things ain't there. It ain't comic Tim, and Dick didn't get mindraped by the Joker. So yeah. But each to their own

  16. Obviously, but it's based on Tim, so my perception of Tim is he should've been stronger, which is why I disliked it. I also think if Dick were the one to get Joker-ized he'd still fight back and wouldn't give up easily and become a lame old repairman.

  17. It does help that Tim was what, 12 at the time? Those kinda things are a big deal.

    Agree to disagree?

  18. Disagree. Hell, Grayson got damn near beat to death with a Bat when he was 12 by Two-Face and it didn't dissuade him.

  19. When'd that happen? And getting beaten up doesn't compare to Jokermindrapeage

  20. Robin Year one. Two-Face beat him silly, detatched his retina and cause internal bleeding, and more. And if you're telling me getting the hell beat out of you by a grown man with a bat when you're a kid is not worse than some images put into your head by a clown, I gotta disagree.