Saturday, July 3, 2010

Top Five 5's

Hey everyone to the Top Five 5's! If this is well received I may make it a monthly thing since there are a lot of categories to work with. So, the way we're gonna do this is I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. Sounds simple enough right? So let's get into it. And just to make this simple I'm assigning everyone who sends in their picks a color. So this is the color guideline:

Jason Todd
Falisha Ann
Paul C.
X-Man75 (and his are in order!)

Top Five Male Characters

Batman (Bruce Wayne)
Jason Todd
Booster Gold
Bart Allen
The Joker

Lex Luthor
Batman (Bruce Wayne)

Batman (it's the cowl, not the man behind it)
Arthur Curry (I refuse to call him Orin)
J'onn J'onzz
Oliver Queen
Victor Von DOOM

Vril Dox
Steve Rogers
Captain America(Bucky Barnes)
Kid Flash

Flash (Barry Allen….by default)
Captain America
Tim Drake
Mighty Thor
Reed Richards
Top Five Female Characters

Black Canary
Power Girl
Harley Quinn
Batgirl (Steph Brown)

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)
She-Hulk (Jen Walters)
Lois Lane
Wonder Woman

Kate Kane
M'gann Morse
Megan Gwynn
Molly Hayes/Nico Minoru
Stephanie Brown

Black Widow
Black Canary
Wonder Woman

Barbara Gordon
Red Sonja
Susan Storm
Stephanie Brown
Top Five Writers

Gail Simone
Geoff Johns
Paul Dini
Judd Winick
Brian Q. Miller

Geoff Johns
Grant Morrison
Mark Millar
Peter David
Alan Moore

Brian K Vaughan
Bryan Q Millar
Greg Rucka
Kevin Smith
Mark Millar

Ed Brubaker!!!
Daniel Way
Gail Simone
Paul Dini
Tony Bedard

Geoff Johns
Jonathan Hickman
Sterling Gates
Ed Brubaker
Matt Fraction

Top Five Ongoing Comics

Birds of Prey
Booster Gold
Wolverine Origins
Green Lantern

Amazing Spider-Man
Batman and Robin
Green Lantern
Invincible Iron Man

Can't choose anything else as they've only had two issues each max, and anything else is ending real soon, so doesn't count as ongoing, or has been cancelled.

Captain America
Dark Wolverine
Birds of Prey
Hawkeye & Mockingbird

Fantastic Four
Birds of Prey
Red Robin
Top Five Most Underused Characters

Jason Todd
Wally West

Martian Manhunter
Two Face

Matter Eater Lad
Madam Fatal
The Ray
Jimmy Olsen

Cassandra Cain
J'onn J'onzz
Kate Kane
Lorena Marquez
Rose Wilson
Nate Grey
Wally West
Ra's Al Ghul
Wolverine :P (Lol What a Jerk!)

Captain Marvel / the entire SHAZAM family
Plastic Man
G’Nort (everything else in the GL got retconned into something cool, why couldn’t he?) 
Category Winners

Top Male Character: Batman
Top Female Character: Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)
Top Writer: Geoff Johns
Top Ongoing Comic: Batgirl & Birds of Prey
Top Underused: Wally West

Very interesting picks everyone. I'm surprised after one year as Batgirl, Stephanie made mostly everyone's list. That really says something about how well Bryan Q. Miller is writing her. Birds of Prey taking the Top Ongoing Comic shows that after only two issues Gail has struck gold once again, and that shows her talented writing along with the beautiful art of Ed Benes. Batman winning Top character isn't surprising but I think we're all ready to see how Bruce is inserted into storylines upon his return. Geoff beats Gail Simone by one vote for best writer and he has had a few big years, I'm interested in seeing how everyone feels about him next year. And lastly Wally West, the Flash for over 20 years is now the most underused person, and also the ONLY former Titan to not be in any other comic, interesting. Well here's hoping DC realizes that there's a bunch of Lanterns, we can have one more Flash. We want Wally West! 
Thanks everyone for the emails and replying, I think this turned out really well, I'm interested in seeing what you all think. Remember I'll be back tomorrow with an Animated Movie Review, if you haven't voted you can still vote on the post below. Until then, this is your friendly neighborhood Blogger Man, Jason Todd.


  1. Wow....I know if I expected so many similarities in lists or such diversity. Whatever the case, I really enjoyed looking through everyone's picks. Nice idea on the top five 5's.

    We should do this more often. Pretty cool, Can we get a top 5 artist next time please?! lol.

  2. I know right? There were a lot of similarities I didn't expect, I'm kinda shocked Batgirl got so many picks but then again she is a really well written character.

    Definitely :D I'll make sure top artists is in the next one, also anyone else can feel free to suggest topics for the next Top 5 Five's.

  3. I find it funny that Batgirl was on everyone's list but Pauls.

    Kello - is there a non-Mighty Thor?

    Aquaman was quite popular too \o/

    Writers seem quite varied, which is always good

    Matter Eater Lad made the list \o/

    Next top five artists definitely, erm,
    Top Five TV/Film Adaptations
    Top Five Most Disappointing Comic Storylines (the ones that had so much promise and then failed miserably)
    Top Five Gratuitous Guest Appearances
    Top Five Celebrity Lookalikes
    Top Five Storylines Ever
    Top Five Series You Want To Like But Have Just Started So You Don't Know How They're Really Gonna Be (TM)
    Top Five Truly Comic Moments (things that wouldn't work in any other medium)

    There ya go, seven and half other ideas

  4. It was hard for me to make this list, mostly because I can't afford to read a real variety. I would go back and switch out my Birds of Prey answer for Supergirl as one of my favorite ongoings, but it's in the books now!

    I think the books/writers answers turned out pretty much how I expected, although I commend Falisha for throwing Chuck Dixon in there. If it was all time favs, he would surely be on my list. And the success of Batgirl makes me happy. Does anyone else know of the tops of their heads what other stuff Bryan Q. Miller has done?

    As for underused characters, I almost put the Ray instead of G'Nort. But I've heard there is a Freedom Fighters ongoing coming out, so we may actually see more of the character.

    JT, if you do this again, can we pick top 5 couples/duos, including bromances?

  5. Nagash- Thunderstrike is the Non-Mighty Thor. I kid, I kid.

    I always like to give Thor that extra bit of respect when I can. Plus Marvel doesn't even call his title "The Mighty Thor" anymore. Just something I grew up with and got used to.

  6. As far as I know, Batgirl was Bryan's first comic gig, but he's done quite a few Smallville episodes.

    Well, in that case, would call the rest such names as Supreme Odin, Trickstar Loki, Bountiful Freyja etc etc? :D

  7. Yep, Nagash beat me to it, he wrote a few episodes of Smallville for seasons 8 and 9. A few of my favorites actually, and yeah I was gonna go with Dixon too but I changed my mind at the last minute.

    I like that idea, I think I'm gonna take one suggestion from each of you, and the next one will probably have:
    Best Artist
    Best Couples/Duo's/Bromance
    and Top Five most disappointing storylines. That way Paul and X can each submit one if they'd like.

  8. Mwahahaha (Fastest Man Alive)

    Sounds fair. Plus I won't have ta come up with any ideas for your Top Fives for a while too ;)

  9. I just asked about Miller because I do like the Batgirl title, but I'd have to read some more of his work before judging whether he's a favorite.

    Yeah: All father Odin,Balder the Brave ,trickster Loki, Hogun the Grim, and Hottie Lady Sif. I do love some good Marvel Mythology!

  10. Fair dos. But he's got a pretty good track record so far, and he's not overextending himself by being on too many books. He's got his own little corner of the DC'verse, and he's sticking to it. I hope it stays like that for a long time.

    Pish. What we really want is some Fenrir and Sleipnir action - there should totally be a Norse Pets spin-off!

  11. Great Top 5s. Looks like I'll have to check out Batgirl. Reading Kello's underused list made me realise that the Shazam Family have been AWOL for ages. I should have put them on my list. So underused I forgot about 'em! Disappointed there wasn't more love for Matter Eater Lad though. ;)

    Are we having most disappointing storylines ever or in the past year or two?

    As for my suggestion, how about Top 5 Super Teams? Or Top 5 Favourite storylines (ever or in past few years depending what the rules are).

  12. Yeah Paul, Batgirl has been a very solid read since it's start, I've yet to be disappointed by an issue of it. Probably the most consistent series in my opinion.

    I also forgot about the Marvel family. Speaking of which, anyone care to fill me in on why Billy is no longer Captain Marvel?

    Hm... I guess we could do ever. Depends on what you guys think, should we do most disappointing ever or most disappointing in the past 5, ten, years etc.?

    I could see Top Five Favorite Storylines, the only reason I wouldn't go with teams is because I can predict we'll see JLA, Avengers, Titans and etc. over and over.

  13. Billy is no longer Captain Marvel because the Wizard took it away from him (see JSA: Black Adam & Isis).

  14. I'd heard that part, but does he have a reason for taking it from him and giving it to Freddy?

  15. Interesting choices, everyone. Sorry I didn't have time to contribute since I've been out of town so much recently. Hopefully I should be able to participate next time!

  16. Ah I knew someone was missing! Lol I looked at the names wondering who wasn't here but I couldn't place it. If ya want you can send me your picks and I'll throw them up there Marc.

  17. Hmm, I seem late to the party... Anyhow, I really like this idea JT, if nothing else, it gives you some pretty good insight into what our fellow bloggers are interested in hearing about. So after seeing everybody else's lists, I realized that I should have put Peter David in as best writer and The Ray as underutilized... Blasted spotty memory!!!

    As for an extra catagory, hows about Worst Writer or Favorite Villain? Hopefully one of those will work.

    You know JT, I'm also kind of interested to see if there's any kind of serious Geoff Johns backlash(ala BENDIS)come this time next year...

    And what's wrong with thinking Wolvie is underused? :D

  18. Thanks X, I always appreciate the compliments. Yeah there's definitely some people I forgot about. I did my list first so I wouldn't be influenced by the others but there's definitely some stuff I wanted to go back and change.

    Those definitely work. I think we'll go with Favorite Villain. Man, We have so many topics I may make this a bi-weekly or weekly thing instead of Monthly. What do you guys think?

    That's exactly what I was thinking X. Seems like he's losing his touch, or he's doing too much at once or something.

    Lol you know the answer to that so I'm not answering :P

  19. I wouldn't mind weekly or bi-weekly. So long as you can keep coming up with good categories, I know I'd keep sending in my picks. Hell, who am I kidding, even if you came up with bad categories, I'd STILL keep sending in my picks! :P

    I personally think he's letting too much of his own personal bias come through nowadays. I mean, I GET that Geoff is a HUGE Bary Allen mark, but that doesn't mean the best thing for the DCU was to bring Barry back... Same with Hal. Wally(and to a lesser extent Kyle)were doing just fine as the resident Flash/Green Lantern... That would be like me becoming a bigwig at Marvel and then replacing Cyclops with Nate Grey and Wolverine with Darkhawk! :D

    Jerk! :P

  20. Lol I think we may do this weekly then. I'll decide by the next Ratings and Rantings. I'm glad it was so well received.

    I agree. That's exactly how it is. I think Geoff is a good writer, I mean we know he is. Green Lantern is still written well, but I think he's doing too much. Working on shows, Movies, like six comics. I Think he's just doing FAR too much to write something the way it should be written.

    Thanks buddy :D Lol

  21. X - I would totally buy X-Men if Cyclops and Wolvie weren't in it. OK, I lie. A little. It would be an incentive. I hate those guys ¬_¬

    Biweekly definitely sounds good :)

  22. Well, all we have to do is get me instituted as the EiC at Marvel, and I promise to make that happen Nagash!