Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Hey guys, as always this is Jason Todd welcoming you to my Red Hood for another edition of Ratings and Rantings. That's right, the time of the week where I review comics I picked up, entertain you with my crazy rants, then I give them a score, as if you didn't already know. :P This will be a relatively short edition since I only picked up five comics this week, so let's get it started.

Brightest Day: The Atom Special

Hey look, it's another guy who took the mantle back from someone who replaced him! I wonder if Barry, Ollie, Ray, Hal and some of the others get together, party and laugh at their replaced replacements. Anyway I was convinced by Kello, the poozer, to check this out after his awesome rant of it over at Hello Kello, and mainly how beautiful the cover is. I love to see random things from different viewpoints with The Atom. One thing that always annoys me is in JLA covers where he's sitting on people's shoulders. What the hell reason do you possibly have for being small in a team meeting? I'd probably forget, think he was a bug and smash him by mistake. Anyway, the comic starts with some guys apparently having broken into Ray's Lab. They took his notes as well as some of his shrinking belts and devices. Ray realizes the hostage situation he stopped earlier (which was awesome to read) may have been a distraction. We also see some flashbacks and see how Ray grew up to become the man he is today, I enjoyed reading that as well and seeing a peek at Ray's past. The ending was a tad predictable but I really enjoyed this. I learned more about Ray Palmer than I knew, and I'm looking forward to his run in Adventure Comics too. I'll give this a solid 8/10 rating.

Ray Palmer: Do you remember the nickname the other graduate students gave me when they found out what I was trying to build? "Shrink-Ray."

Batman & Robin #13

After hating the last issue and the first few, and pretty much all of them with the exception of three or four, I don't know why I continue to read this. After seeing The Joker I couldn't resist though. I gotta hear how Grant explains this. We start off with this Thomas Wayne nonsense, which I abhor. The idea of Dr. Hurt or The Devil or Thomas Wayne or whoever he's supposed to be just annoys me to no end He's no Hush, he's no Deathstroke he's just a guy who won't go away. Anyway we find out that Joker's been parading as Sexton to warn Batman, whom he knows isn't his true Batman. He's warning him and asking him too believe him, as we see the sane Joker that we always see when Batman leaves. Well Bruce Wayne leavs but you get my drift. From this we see some stuff between Batman and Gordon, and Robin beating Joker with a crowbar, which at this point is overkill. As always I come away from this series feeling nothing, ah, well. I'll give it a 4/10.

The Joker: No matter how many I killed, Batman, my Batman was gone.

Brightest Day #5

Hawkworld revealed! Is on the cover and that doesn't really excite me considering how boring the storylines have been going for The Hawks. I'm really hating this jump from story to story thing because it kills the momentum. Seeing Aquaman confronted by this mystery woman got my hopes up then we jumped to Deadman and Hawk and Dove. I like this story line as well but it still bummed me out. Then when I get into the Hawk, Dove, Deadman story it jumps back to Aquaman. It's like watching a movie on TV and someone keeps switching the channels. I'm wondering what will be the result of the things Boston Brand does with his ring, seeing as how he was warned against it. I'm also curious to see what comes from the announcement Mera makes to Aquaman, so it definitely kept me interested. The thing I hate is the jumping around, that annoys me so much. The Hawk story continues to bore me but everything else was a good read, I'll give this issue a 6.5/10.

White Lantern Voice: Boston... You shouldn't be doing this.

Red Robin #14
Red Robin's newest issue starts with the little Bat Bastard, Damian Wayne hacking Tim's computer. He finds something he doesn't like then we cut away to Red Robin taking on Brutale. Along the way, Red Robin notices he's being followed but doesn't have time to go after his would-be stalker. He also encounters the always annoying Vicki Vale, in his Tim Drake alter ego, and she hints that she knows of the nightly activities Tim, Dick Grayson, and Bruce Wayne partake in. That sounds... kinda gay. Not that there's anything wrong with that. Eventually, Damian makes his move while out on patrol with Tim, by cutting his line before he gets a full swing. See that's why I hate Damian. He could've potentially killed Tim and wouldn't give a damn if he did. The fight between Damian and Tim was great, but the ending was phenomenal. To see where they ended up, as well as the way Dick stepped in, commanding and demanding respect was wonderful. The ending of this comic was very cool, and I love to see Tim thinking ahead and planning because he's more like Bruce than anyone when it comes to that. I'll give this issue of Red Robin a 10/10.

Tim on Damian: I've always held back for Bruce or Dick, but as stupid as it sounds, if this idiot is ever going to respect me, I'm going to have to kick his ass!

Red Hood: The Lost Days #2

Red Hood The Lost Days has been all Talia and Ra's so far so I'm looking forward to seeing Jason say some stuff. We start off seeing Jason learn that Batman has allowed The Joker to live, he has a huge temper tantrum, breaks a ton of stuff then beats up some guys. After that he cries and rocks back and forth in the fetal position. From then we see that Ra's Al Ghul does not like Talia's decision to unleash Jason onto the world, and that Jason is a pestilence and that he may be a terror for this world now that he's armed with the knowledge of the Lazarus Pits. Jason eventually discovers Talia's been tracking him with the stuff she gave him so he ditches it all. Jason uses his awesome talents he learned from Batman to set up The Dark Knight, planting a bomb on the bottom of the Batmobile and waiting for Bruce to show up. At the last second Jason doesn't detonate it. He says it's because he doesn't want Bruce to get off that easily, but I think it's because he cares too much. We see Jason asking Talia for help, so he can get revenge on Bruce. She agrees as this issue comes to an end. I thought this was a fantastic issue. We see the ups and downs of how Jason returns and finds out about his death and Bruce not killing Joker. We'd seen a bit before but the more in-depth we get the better. Seeing Talia second guess giving Jason this second chance was also very interesting. I'm loving this storyline so far, I'll give this issue a 10/10. I may be biased but it's my blog. :P

Jason Todd: I'm going to face him. Him and Me. And I'm going to kill him. With my own hands.

So that's it for this week's Ratings and Rantings. Great issues of Red Hood and Red Robin. Speaking of which I have a video to show you guys from Under The Red Hood. It features the first peeks at Ra's Al Ghul as well as John Dimagio's  (Bender from Futurama) role as The Joker. I think he knocks it out of the park, he's definitely the best Joker voice since Mark Hamill. So check that out below, also I'll have a review up this weekend for the clear-cut winner, Batman: Mystery of The Batwoman. So until next time, I'm your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger man, and Nerds of Prey Member, Jason Todd.

Next Time on Ratings and Rantings

Adventure Comics 516 (The Atom story), Batgirl #12, Batman #701, Birds of Prey #3, Booster Gold #34, JL Generation Lost #5, Power Girl #14, Superman #701, Titans #25. (HUGE WEEK!!)


  1. Great viewing sir. You've definitely convinced me to borrow and read your copies when I come over tomorrow.

    I'm so sick of Brightest Day right now, only reason I'm holding on is this Aqualad stuff I KNOW is going to be awesome. I could give a rat's ass about Hawkman and Hawkgirl, give me more Aquaman damn it!

    Red Hood sounds really, really good. You've done a fine job of making me a Jason Todd fan sir. Lol, you sure you're not working under cover for DC?

    once again, nice review. Definitely can't wait until next weeks installment.

  2. Thanks :D Yeah I'll just give you the good ones, stay away from Batman and Robin.

    I agree with ya, I say Aquaman, Aqualad, Deadman, Hawk and Dove are all I wanna see!

    I wish :D Sadly I'm just a comic fan with too much time on his hands lol, and thanks for the kind words babe. :)

  3. "It's like watching a movie on TV and someone keeps switching the channels."

    With one statement,you clearly illustrated everything that's wrong with Brightest Day. The funny thing is, everyone out there likes different "channels." Whereas you don't like the Hawks, other people don't like the Aquaman stuff, and everyone keeps buying the book to follow the few pages that do interest them.

    Red Hood sounds really good,and it's interesting that he didn't blow Bruce up. You say it's because he cares, and while I don't debate that, I think it has a lot to do with ego.

    Bender sounds great in that clip, but Captain Pike as Batman doesn't cut it. Still looks like a step up for DC animated movies, which really haven't been that bad.

  4. Good reviews, JT! Man, that video clip was creepy. Looks like it should be a good movie.

    For whatever reason, my thought when I saw you had a Brightest Day review was "This series is still going?" Haha...yeah it just sounds like a totally boring series where nothing ever happens. At least Batman and Robin gets an emotional response out of you (even if it's a negative one), which is more than can be said for Brightest Day at this point.

    Those two 10-point issues sound really good. I thought Red Robin sounded like kind of a dumb idea when I first heard about it, but it actually sounds pretty interesting here.

    Also, I've never understood why Atom would be tiny at a team meeting either. A few years ago I read the issue where the JLA inducted the Atom to their ranks, and they made a big deal of having a tiny chair on some kind of hydraulic press so that he could be tiny and still be sitting at the same level as everyone else. So dumb, haha.

  5. You two commenting at the same time, pretty weird :P

    Kello - I agree Kello but I think that's kind of the bad point of it too. Cause if I'm buying it solely because I'm a Martian Manhunter fan and I wanna see what he's doing, I'm gonna be pissed because he wasn't even IN this issue. My favorite storyline so far has been the Firestorm stuff and I didn't even get that, I had to sit through the Hawks. That's why I liked that some guys like Max are only in certain comics but the numerous channels thing just annoys me.

    Red Hood was great, I may be biased but I thought it was really well done. Just how he had to place the bomb on the Batmobile is interesting enough to read because you know Bruce has all these safety precautions. But yeah that's another thing he mentioned, it's definitely ego because he said he wanted Bruce to know who killed him and why.

    I don't mind Captain Pike so far but I've only seen clips so far, I'll make sure to get down to my true thoughts when I review the film.

    Marc - Lol yeah Marc and there's what, about a year more of this? Everything's split up that it takes forever for something to get established.

    Yeah, not that Red Robin has a better writer and it's not him traveling the world looking for Bruce it's become very enjoyable. Plus Tim laying Damian out is always awesome to me.

    Lmao, that's hilarious. "We made you a Tiny chair Atom!!! We hope you like it, even though you can grow at any time and use a normal chair like the rest of us." I mean that's like making Apache Chief an ENORMOUS chair instead of telling him to turn normal sized and sit the hell down. Lol

  6. Wow, an 8 out of 10 for the Atom one-shot? Color me surprised! I saw it at the CB shop today, but I just couldn't bring myself to pick it up... Maybe I should have...

    Anyway, I JUST finished reading the Red Hood comic, and I agree with you nearly 100%! It WAS that damn good! I'm currently debating what score to give it, but I'll say this much, whatever I give it won't be that far off from what you gave it!

  7. Yeah dude it was pretty good. Like I said, I blame Kello for the suggestion haha, but it was a good one. I thought it was a nice read.

    Glad I wasn't biased and you agreed :P That was such an excellent issue, I'm really hoping they let Judd continue with Jason because he's written him the best so far.

  8. JT- I replied to your post about music, but I'm not sure if you got the message. I dislike the comment interface of tumblr, but the rest is pretty good.

    I don't like Jean Grey because she is so boring. It's probably the same way a lot of people feel about Susan Storm from the FF. It seems like Jean is just there as scott's sidekick/ damsel in distress, especially in the old X-Men cartoon, where I admit a large amount of my hate for the character comes from.
    And I know people cite things like the original "Phoenix" material as interesting, but that starts to really muddy things up. And then Dark Phoenix and Madelyne Pryor? It's like a "Donna Troy's origin" sized headache at that point.
    Jean is the one character I never want to see come back. I know many will disagree, but I say R.I.P. Phoenix.

  9. I just checked buddy, looks like your music answer didn't go through for some reason unless I'm looking in the wrong places. I agree, that's why I'm trying to see how we can add chat widgets, I don't see why we can't just comment like we can on Blogger.

    I'd agree with you, I'm not a big X-Man guy as most of my knowledge was in fact from the old Cartoon, (It's also where I began my fandom of Gambit) but I agree that was always her role, or to be in a love Triangle with Scott and Wolvie. So would you say you're a big fan of Emma Frost since she's kinda Emma's opposite?

  10. HECK NO! Emma Frost is just as unlikable to me. My main problem with her is that after years of seeing her behave the way she did as a villain, I never found her relationship with Scott believable. I was always waiting for the moment when she totally betrayed him and told him he meant nothing to her. I was never a huge fan of her character anyway, but I lost any interest after Astonishing started.

  11. Lol so at this point you think Scott should just be alone forever? :P I see what you mean though, it seems like eventually she has to turn on Scott, or there's gonna be that one writer who takes over and says "Wait a minute... let's have Emma betray the X-Men!"

  12. Gah, what's up with the Jean Grey hate?!? I'll have to step in and defend Jean's honor! :P Jean's actually my favorite X-Woman(by far as a matter of fact)! Why do I like Jean? Glad you asked! She's like(or was like I guess)the X-Men's moral compass. She's the sensible one. Storm's alright and all, but IMHO Jean should have been leading the Uncanny X-Men back when Scott was leading the other X-Team. It's hard to put why I like Jean into words... I guess in a way she's like Donna Troy was portrayed a few issues back in the Titans. She was the dependable one. She was always there, and if you messed with her you'd be SORRY! If I was starting an X-team, Jean would probably be among my first picks. And the Jean/Maddie thing isn't THAT complicated. Maddie is Jean's clone. Mr. Sinister created Maddie with Jean's genetic material(after Jean died)so Scott would father a child(Cable/X-Man)with Jean's DNA, since that child was destined to be uber-powerful. Sinister's plan was simply this; create a Jean Grey clone, get it knocked up by Scott and procure the offspring to use as a weapon.

    So after all of my gushing over Jean, it should come as no surprise that I HATE Emma!!! She's probably the most unlikable X-character(and that's really saying something!). I totally agree with Kello that her relationship with Scott IS completely unbelievable. I kind of feel that if Grant Morrison would have stuck with New X-Men Emma would have eventually turned on the team, but the current crop of X-writers just seem content to allow the whole Scott/Emma thing to continue... I blame Decimation actually. With so few mutants left, it would be tough to turn Emma. There really wouldn't be another female mutant for Scott to have a relationship with, since he already has non-romantic relationships with just about every other female mutant alive. An Emma heel turn is SO overdue though... Jeez, sorry for this long-winded comment, I probably should have just posted this over at my blog! :P

  13. Nah I wanna say that my blog had the showdown of the year, X and Jean vs. Kello and the Hatred of Jean! I'm gonna just sit back and wait for Kello's reply. *rubs my hands menacingly*