Sunday, July 4, 2010

Quick Change of Plans

Hey everyone, Jason Todd here as always, gladly welcoming you to my Red Hood. So today I was supposed to be reviewing an animated film, but surprisingly we had a draw. Now I could easily flip a coin or something but I've decided to put the poll back up, just with two choices, that way the people who voted for Wonder Woman and Hulk Vs. Thor/Wolverine can vote again as well as the people who voted for Mystery of Batwoman and Ultimate Avengers. That poll will be right under this paragraph.

Also, the new weekly poll is on the right side of the blog as always, we sure to check that out and vote there too. And lastly for those who are curious the result of the last weekly poll, which asked the question, "What was the worst series of 2009?"

Last Place with 9.1% - Something not listed. Whoever picked this, feel free to comment and let me know what you thought it was.
Second Place with 18.2% - Tie between Red Robin & Teen Titans. Red Robin is better now at least..

Winner (or loser?) with 27.3% - Tie between Green Arrow & Black Canary and Batman and Robin. Interesting to say the least considering one of those series has now ended.

Well everyone, thanks for voting and please continue to. As always it's been a pleasure, I return for more Ratings and Rantings later this week, until next time I'm your friendly neighborhood blogger man, Jason Todd.


  1. Woooooooo I voted!! I feel important!! I voted for The Batman Flick and Barbara! :D

    Can't wait for Ratings and Rantings!! :D

  2. Lol well thanks for voting babe :D And I can't wait either :P Hope ya enjoy it.

  3. Wow, I'm still kind of surprised by the outcome of last week's poll JT... With all of the Morrison Followers out there, I didn't think Batman and Robin would have been that high up. You could def make an arguement for either B&R or GA/BC though...

    This week's poll was a tough one! It would have been easier to pick which one I didn't like(Lady Blackhawk), 'cause I really like all three of the others. In the end I went with Huntress because she's the craziest. That seems sound to me!

  4. I gotta say X, I definitely agree. I figured maybe Teen Titans was win but seeing Batman and Robin take the lead surprised me. I guess we aren't in the minority?

    I like Lady Blackhawk. I didn't before reading Birds (on issue 94) but I mean, her character is so fun and old timey, she's funny, she loved Creote haha, and of course she's not an ugly chick. Lol I like all the Birds and Dinah almost got my vote but I also went with Huntress, she's so fun and crazy.

  5. Yeah, I guess we're not, and that really does surprise me!

    Hmm, I should probably rephrase my earlier comment... I don't HATE Lady Blackhawk, I just don't like her as much as the other three Birds. My last comment made it look like I hated LB, which def isn't the case.

  6. Lol yeah, here I thought we were the Outsiders...I call Nash btw. :P

    Ah got ya, I agree, compared to Canary and the rest she'd be last, like I love Babs but it's be Huntress beating Canary barely, then Oracle then Lady Blackhawk.

  7. So be Nash then. If I'm Hall then at least we BOTH know that I'm the better worker of the two of us! :D

    Yeah, I think my order is identical to yours. It's Huntress and BC fighting for first, Babs a VERY solid 3 and LB last.

  8. Lmao you're also the drunk, and the guy whose best match was like 15 years ago :P Bwahahaha! I'm just tall and injury prone.

    Alright, I got one for you, make a Male version of the team in terms of Fighter, Vigilante, Genius and Pilot. Go!

  9. HA, well I'd rather be a drunk then a dude who tears his quad by simply WALKING! :P

    Nightwing(Dick Grayson), Ollie, Mr. Terrific & Alfred. Now THAT'S a comic I'd read! What've you got?

  10. Well you win this round X. Lmao at least I'm a former champ :P

    Alrighty, good team by the way buddy. I'll go with JT, X, Kello and Marc, The Nerds of Prey. Lmao nah really I'll say Arsenal, Jason Todd, Tim Drake and Cyborg as my pilot.

  11. Nerds of Prey!! That's classic.

    I like Lady Blackhawk more than the next fella, but I went all uber dork and didn't count her as an "original." I voted for Oracle.

  12. Lol glad ya liked that one Kello!

    I know what ya mean dude, but I figured eh, she popped up in the first series. I just didn't wanna include Hawk and Dove since they've only been in two issues though. I figured Canary would get more votes.