Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Marvel-ous Best of The Rest + More

Man it seems like forever since I did one of these. I swear I'm gonna start blogging more than once a week for my loyal readers, especially since X makes me look bad by posting every night. What a jerk :P But today's review is special because for the FIRST time ever at JTCS I will review Marvel Comics as well. JT says what?! That's right guys, Deadpool #19 & #20 featuring our favorite Merc with a Mouth and a team up with our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man! Also the crossover between Batgirl and Red Robin starts and I'll be reviewing that, along with a few others so lets get into it. 

Batgirl #08
For those that haven't read it yet, this story actually started in Red Robin #09, basically he went to the Batcave to find Dick Grayson and saw Steph in the Batgirl suit. The true arc starts here in Batgirl #08 and continues in Red Robin #10 just so no one reads them out of order. First I wanna commend Bryan Q. Miller on a job well done. He handled Tim well for someone who to my knowledge hasn't written for him a lot, and wrote the the former lovers just as you'd expect them to act. Plus Steph saying "Pwned" and Tim calling her out for it was pretty cool. All in all you add Batgirl, Red Robin and a bunch of assassins and you get a good comic. It was solid, nothing unbelievable or anything mind blowing but a nice start to the arc. Hopefully it continues the stead pace. So I'll give Batgirl #08 a solid 8/10 rating, hopefully it stays good in the next issue.

Red Robin: So you're still playing "Dress-Up" then?
Batgirl: Let's not throw stones, "Boy Wonder." I'm not the one dressed like Dr. Mid-nite.

Red Robin #10

Hopefully Chris Yost's part of the story will be good considering he's not one of my favorite writers. The obvious answer would be to say he pretty much ruined Tim Drake for me in less than ten issues but yeah... lets hope he can keep up with Bryan Miller. Anyway this continues from the aforementioned Batgirl #08. So... This was unbelievably good. I liked this more than Batgirl believe it or not. Nice Humor with the Batgirl/Prudence interaction, the past with Tim and Steph was brought up, and I loved the cliffhanger. I gotta say Yost pleasantly surprised me with how good this is, and I'd recommend this to anyone who hadn't read his work because this was a damn good comic, especially for Yost. I'm going to give this an 8.5/10, it wasn't much better than Batgirl but just the fact that it was solid and funny was enough to shock me considering how I feel about Yost's work. If he keeps it up i may have to keep reading Red Robin.

Vicki Vale: Oh I'm not here to see Bruce, I'm here to see Tim Drake.
Alfred: Master Timothy... is FAR too young for you.

Deadpool #19

So, I've been a Deadpool fan for a while. I've been a Spidey fan as long as I can remember, so when i heard the two were in a three issue crossover, I had to get them. So since issue three drops later this month I grabbed the first two and decided who better to be the first ever Marvel entries in JTCS. Plus with the upcoming Deadpool Corps, now's a good time to put the spotlight on a certain Wade Wilson. In this issue Deadpool has decided he wants to become a hero, so he travels to the Big Apple to learn from the one and only Spider-Man. What can I say about this issue? A lot of people don't care for Deadpool and think his comedy is hit or miss. Well it was knocked outta the park in this issue. I loved the comedy between those two, Spidey playing the straight-man to Deadpool's antics works so well it's amazing. Deadpool looking for Spidey and taking out an add in the newspaper that said "Yo Spidey, Holla Atcha Boy" had me laughing so hard. This isn't just jokes as the story was solid too, the villain left me kinda perplexed but hey, I've seen worse. Deadpool issue #19 gets a solid 8/10 from me and left me wanting more.

Deadpool: Spidey! What's up, baby boy? Haven't seen you since Amazing Spider-Man #611!

Deadpool #20

The series so nice I reviewed it twice... in a row. Or something, anyway this issue picks up where #19 left off. Now that our Amazing Arachnid and the Regenerating Degenerate know who their facing, the super dangerous gun toting simian known as Hit-Monkey. Who thinks of this?! This is so stupid yet genius enough to be a Deadpool villain. Hell who wouldn't fear a trained monkey with guns?!  Anyway the comedy continues in this issue and we even get to see our cute and furry and deadly Hit-Monkey in action. Also for those of you that are into it, we see Deadpool in a dress so... um, yeah. Anyway I really liked this issue and can't wait to read the third issue. If Spidey and Deadpool had a comic series I'm confident I'd get every issue but until then a guy can dream can't he? Once again this gets a solid 9/10 from me. I really liked this issue and I can't find anything wrong with it, so bring on issue 21 asap.

Spider-Man: You know it just occured to me that... he can't really kill you, can he?
Deadpool: Well, No. Not... permanently...
Spider-Man: Then why are you so freaked out?
Deadpool: Uhh... because getting shot hurts?!

Batman: The Widening Gyre #05

So far I've loved Widening Gyre so to say I've been waiting for issue #05 to drop is an understatement. I'm a big fan of Kevin Smith's work and the story of Bruce Wayne/Batman, his use of guys like Grayson and Drake and people like Baphomet and Silver Sable has been a breath of fresh air. This issue didn't stand as well as the others. The ending was anti-climactic and with so many stories built from  the last issue like Bruce's love Triangle, what's gonna happen with the newest Vigilante in Gotham and Joker's easy dismissal I can't say I enjoyed this as much as I want to. Kevin's really put all his eggs in one basket and I don't know if this last issue will wrap up everything nicely considering there's only one issue left. That's the main problem I had with this issue, it was solid but nothing was really resolved. That's why I give this issue a 6.5/10. Kevin really needs to step it up in this last issue because I'd hate for something that started so promising to end in such a lame way.

Tim Drake: He's relentless. He won't quit. He's like John McClane.
Bruce Wayne: Who?
Tim Drake: You've gotta crack open a DVD every once in a while, Bruce.

Justice League: The Rise and Fall Special

This takes place after JLA: Cry For Justice. I just want to say some moments of this comic were really deep. The talk between Wally and Dick wondering if what happened to Roy could have happened to them was really good to bring up, because they were all Titans together. That could have easily been Donna, Dick, Wally or anyone else. The stuff with Green Arrow was really dark and I don't know if I like it or not but as a man who's lost everything at the hands of Prometheus I can't really blame the guy. The line he said to Barry, which I won't mention for spoiler reasons was awesome, and Barry was quick to defend himself which made for great tension. The newspaper at the end was an excellent touch and I can say that for the first time since hearing out about Roy I think this may lead to a good storyline so I'm definitely captivated. Great start to hopefully a great story. This gets a 9/10 from me, here's hoping the streak continues.

Dick Grayson: He's missing a limb and you and I are still going.
Wally West: We're no better than Roy.
Dick Grayson: I know, so have we simply been luckier? And if so, for how long?

So, that's all from me. Six comics, for the most part very good ones I'd recommend. Definitely looking forward to the Deadpool/Spidey conclusion, the continuation of Batgirl & Red Robin and more of the Rise and Fall of Green Arrow/Arsenal. Before I get outta here I just want to wish myself a happy 20th Birthday. Why? Because I'm awesome and this is how I remind you guys :) But thanks for reading, hope to hear from you in the comments. Until next time, you've just been gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd


  1. Lol. First off lol at you for wishing yourself a happy birthday, I don't think I've seen that done. I didn't even do that and I'm usually the arrogant one. lol. Anyways, Happy Birthday sir.

    Moving along to your review, looks like some pretty good reads and a really good review once again sir. I really can't say much since I haven't read Batgirl, Red Robin or Widening Gyre yet. I guess that slacking stuff I blogged about some how has affected my comic reading as well. Lol.

    But I will say this, from you're score of Widening Gyre, I really hope this comic doesn't take a dive into the bad side. Issue 4 was extremely good and had me wanting Issue 5 to drop the next day. Keeping my fingers crossed Kevin Smith doesn't screw this up. :)

  2. Well you know, I'm all awesome and whatnot so I wished myself a happy birthday. :)

    I'm sure you'll enjoy everything listed especially those Deadpool issues since I know your humor. As for Widening Gyre this issue was a bit of a step back but I'm hoping 6 is really good, hell this arc has been going on for like 8 months already.

  3. Well, Widening Gyre goes for another 6 months after a break, so it might not all get resolved now, you know?

    The arrogance of some people :P anyway, happy birthday

    Deadpool sucks, never been a fan, so, you know ;)

    Urgh, still can't believe I have to get Red Robin... Oh well, you say it's good, I still dread reading it ;)

    Oh, and the word to post here was "nogynedi"...

  4. Wait what? There's more to that? I thought issue 6 was the final one?

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday Nagash, you are a gentleman and a scholar. As for Deadpool I like him but I can see why you don't.

    Red Robin was surprisingly good, so was Batman and Robin 10 which I read today. It said return of Bruce Wayne starts here so I HAD to, but I'd have given it a 9...

    I have no idea what nogynedi is...

  5. Happy birthday, Jason! Glad to see not only that you've reviewed your first Marvel comics, but that you enjoyed them too!

  6. Thanks alot Marc. I always appreciate when people tell me Happy Birthday since ya don;t have to :P But yeah I enjoyed these, i used to read ASM but I hated the art change around the time The Gauntlet storyline started but I may start following the Deadpool Corps.

  7. Well, for now, yes. It's six issues, then he's writing another 6 issues in 6 months or so...

    I've never been a real big fan of wise cracking characters. Just not my thing. Maybe it's because I can't write em :D

    Yeah, I also enjoyed Batman & Robin. Even though there's some flaws in it, it was an interesting premise and Grant was writing Damian slightly less annoying as usual.

    No - I assume it's an anagram of some kind, but can't work out what the original word would be...

  8. Really?! I was completely unaware of this. Where'd you find this out at?

    I think as a wise-cracking character myself that's why I like them so much. So what do you primarily write then Nagash?

    I liked how for once Damien sided with Dick, plus the fact that it was against Talia was pretty interesting.

    Weird, I entered it in an anagram solver and got the word Denying. Maybe thats it?

  9. Oh balls. I just posted, and it got deleted... ARGH

    In summary:
    Off some blog that Kevin said he'd taken into account his inability to keep track to a schedule by doing that.

    A huge variety of characters. Main characters being:
    Omega (the mostly optimist flying brick), Starlite (the exibitionist yet conservatist [sp!] light creator), Johnny (the shapeshifting sexual deviant), Gaia (the shy bruiser), EVGA X-18 (the unemotional robot with a dark past)
    Dracula (the armoured PR businessman), Night Stalker (the perfect fighter with no people skills), Odin (the one eyed sarcastic detective archer), Talon (the bright eyed fast fighting bimbo/cloudcuccoolander), Depth Charge (the amnesiac underwater environmentalist)
    Night Child (the arrogant yet lonely Vampire), Skeletron (the angry yet determined living Skeleton)
    and loads more. Those are just the primary focus of my four 'series' characters

    It was some honest sortof character development there.
    But what has Talia been doing since Bruce died?

    Yeah, quite likely. One I had a while was aminal

  10. Man I hate when that happens. Anyway that's pretty awesome, means I have more good Kevin Smith writing to look forward to.

    I... definitely would like to read your stuff Nagash, it sounds interesting as hell. Especially Starlite and Johnny. ;) Lol but nah really those sound like very interesting characters.

    Nothing to my knowledge. Hm... good question. What the hell HAS she been doing?

    Wow. I always wondered where the hell they come up with these words. One time me and X were discussing the color corp rings and my word for the security post thing wound up being "rings" It was weird.

  11. Yeah, just one damn pain. Think I recovered it mostly though.

    Damn straight - should be out 6 months or so after the original finishes I think.

    Well, it's sortof all not written yet. It's mostly in my head ;) I gotta start actually writing them as comics, full blown ones. I mean, I've got at least four I could write, and if I could do it by getting artists, one a week, with the alternating stories would mean each one would be once a month. That's my dream though. To become a proper comic writer of my own entire series. Would be sooo awesome :D

    It seems Grant is the only one who had a plan for her - regardless of anything else, he is great at having plans for everyone, and bringing obscure characters back into the light

    That's my theory anyway. That's pretty freaky though...

  12. Damn just sucks to have to wait that long for it. Damn your busy schedule Silent Bob!

    I agree with you, sounds like an awesome dream and you've already got your characters so you're kinda halfway there already. I kno I'd definitely read them.

    Yeah I will give Grant that. Dini did it as well in the latest Streets of Gotham and he did it pretty damn well if I say so myself.

    Yeah I remember looking like, the word is rings? Are you kidding me?

  13. Sucks, but it's far better than an erratic schedule and then the series getting cancelled *cough* Frank Millar *cough*

    Yeah, it would be awesome. Maybe someday, but otherwise, I'll just do it as a webcomic that gets all of 4-5 hits per new comic...

    I don't read Streets of Gotham. I got a bit fed up of Batman stuff, and didn't want to read any more. I mean, I've given up on Batman itself now, and I don't want to read Detective Comics when Batman returns to it (but I want to read the Question stuff so I guess I'll have to. Urgh). Might still give up on Batman and Robin too... Gonna keep buying Batgirl as long as Bryan is writing it though ;)

    I just seem to get weird ones mostly...

  14. Hm... Touche' sir.

    Lol between being pushed my my blog and X's I'm sure we could get you a good 9 or ten. :P

    To be honest I don't really blame you, seems like Batgirl is the only consistently good of all the Batbooks now.

    I hate stopping to enter them in, lol. Especially because their usually gibberish like glyamwha

  15. I still want to read the end of ASBAR, but I know it'll be a crazy mess. Probably filled with whores ;)

    Maybe at a stretch it could be pushed into double digits! Lol

    I think I'm the only one of us who reads Detective Comics, right? Because that's the other one I look forward to. Until they're changing the writer and main character. I don't want another Batman book. I want Batwoman damn it!

    Maybe I'll get ASBAR as one - that would be pretty damn funny (though immature ;))

  16. Lol of course it will. And more sex in the sewers with Catwoman and Black Canary.

    We'll try our damndest to get you into the double digits!!! Lol

    Yeah I don't care much for Batwoman's character, or Greg Rucka. And the art just isn't my cup of tea.

    Lol nah, it wouldn't be immature. I know I'd be happy if I got that lol.

  17. And copious splash pages to pad the story ;)

    And there was much rejoicing

    See, I really like art, and like character. And Greg is good at writing her I think. I know you guys don't really like him though

    But no, we get strange nonsensical things like poplies. OK, that one's slightly funny. Ala pop goes the weasel kindof way

  18. Lol of course, can't have ASBAR without Splash pages galore.

    I'd rejoice if I were you too. We're talking at least ten people. That's at least TWENTY eyeballs...theoretically :P

    Hm, I guess we're just different that way. Greg may be good at writing her, I won't disagree with that but after burning me on Wonder Woman Hiketeia and Blackest Night WW I just can't risk him disappointing me again.

    Lol @ Poplies. Sounds like a type of food to me. "Pass me the poplies and some dipping sauce please."

  19. It's ridiculous, and Frank really has gone crazy since his Dark Knight Returns days...

    Of course I would, because any views and comments to me is a success

    And yeah, I've never read anything of his WW related, but his BN:WW did look pretty bad...

    You know, you're right - it does. Mmmmm, food.
    I just got splesh. A weak sounding splash perhaps?

  20. I agree with you there, on the views and comments and the stuff with Frank. Hell that's why I've gladly been commenting back and forth with you for hours lol.

    Yeah, it's really horrible. If you wanna see HOW horrible just click the link below.

    Yeah, that's when a car drives by a puddle and the water flies up but doesn't hit ya, just a splesh, but definitely not a splash. lol

  21. Having the same views is Awesome, with a capital A.

    I know, I read that. And I skimmed the issues themselves. One of the reasons I never bought em.

    Damn puddles. And I just got slynchm. Which is what I'll do to the driver of that very same car

  22. Awww yeah! Awesome with a CAPITAL A. Matter of fact I'll capitalize the WHOLE WORD. AWESOME. Don't mind me, I'm bored. Haha.

    Yeah that thing was awful. That started my whole not reading Rucka phase.

    Lol. So wait you have to enter a code to post comments on my blog? I was completely unaware of that.

  23. I hereby propose a law enForcing ranDOM capitiliation wiTHin WORDS for NO RAISON except for shits and giggles.
    Best not give me power, I would go crazy with that for stupid reasons :D

    Well, that's understandable, but you might want to give Batwoman a try.

    Yep, I do. If you're on your own you don't. Do you have to enter them to post on mine?

  24. Doh! I meant Capitalisation...

  25. lol @ for no Raison. That reminds me of something from Futurama. I don't think I could concede to that law haha.

    I actually read the first issue but didn't care for it, I also hated her appearance in Batman and Robin but I may check it out one day when i have extra cash.

    Yeah I have to enter them on yours, and X's comic site but not his Picture site.

  26. Bingo - you got the reference :)

    Oh, her B&R appearance was terrible, pure and simple...

    Hmmm, I wonder where the turn off option is then...

  27. Lol awesomeness. Now The big brain am leaving, for now Raison. I am the weiner!!!

    Glad we can agree on that. And yeah there must be an option because X turned his on, because he didn't have it at his comic blog until the Spambots showed up.

  28. Always a classic episode. Trapped in a story for a plot holes and spelling errors

    Curse you vile spambots. I fart in your general direction

  29. Lol. You tricked me Tom Sawyer, this is not as fun as previously indicated!

    I pictured your fart sifting through the air, hitting a spambot and causing it to explode upon impact.

  30. I am the greetest!

    Maturity level BROKEN. We have now reached Floor Negative 9000

  31. Lol you win. I can't think of any more quotes from that episode. unless I use the always prevalent "Good News everyone!"

    *Gasp* It's... UNDER 9000!!!! Okay I couldn't resist that one.

  32. Phew. That was the last one I could think of anyway ;)

    It was an entirely obvious setup anyway ;)

  33. Argh I shouldn't have given up. I had ya on the ropes lol.

    Of course, you've been throwing me a few of those today/tonight.

  34. Yes, you did, but luckilly for me, you didn't. Phew.

    Well I'm nothing if not generous when it comes comedy repetition setup. Conversation is never at it's finest unless we get a few Monty Python jokes in there somewhere

  35. You win this round Nagash, you win THIS round. dun dun dunnn!

    Want me to play that music and chase you around as random people join in on the chase? Or is that Benny Hill? I get those confused because I know nothing of your culture. Sorry about that, but you know how we Americans are. All awesome and whatnot.

  36. "Next time Gadget, next time" perhaps?

    That would be Benny Hill. Of which I've never seen... Ignorant pigdogs, Ikillyouall. Mwahaha
    See, I find cultures and history interesting, so generally I make sure I do the research for when I'm writing. Unlike any American writer setting a story in Britian, or having a British character. URGH. So annoying when they do that

  37. Okay, did you just drop an inspector Gadget reference? Because if so you are THE man.

    I feel like I should also get this ikillyouall reference yet I don't...

    I'm sure there's British writers that do the same but I know what you mean. Anything in particular like that you can think of off the top of your head?

  38. Well of course I did. That show was the bomb

    Stewie Griffin?

    Well, yeah, but America is always portrayed as more diverse than Britain in a foreign show. It's just annoying, especially considering nobody has talked, dressed or acted like that for, well, a damn sight many years...

  39. I'll GET YOU NEXT TIME GADGET! *Slams his hand on the desk*

    Damn it, i should've gotten that... Better not be touching my crayons... mixing em up!

    Lmao. Everyone doesn't walk around with Canes/Umbrella's, Bowler hats and have moustaches? :P

  40. Clawcat screeches and runs off...

    Really? Perhaps if you laid on your back with your ankles behind your ears that would ring a few bells.

    Of course not. Who has moustaches nowadays?

  41. That dude was a pretty lame villain now that I think of it. Also I just remembered Penny and their dog Brain.

    Hmm, well Now is the winter of your discontent!

    Lol i assumed a bunch of British people from how it's portrayed. :P Okay so how accurate in terms of British-ness was Austin Powers?

  42. Not as bad as Mumm-ra though...

    Why you toddering, fen-sucked dewberry! I'm going to go find something to strike you with! Excuse me.

    Not at all. It really isn't. I can't think of one accurate British portrayal that you might have seen... Think of a non-fat American and you're somewhat there :P

  43. I'll get you Lion-O!!!

    Lmo I laughed so hard when he hit him with that Bat. "We're playin house... Roman Polanski's house."

    Lol don't get all high and mighty like you guys don't enjoy a Royale with Cheese. :P

  44. Thundercats-HO!

    What's this? Blueberries! Oh, oh my G ... oh, that's better than sex!

    I have a) no idea what that is and b) hate cheese anyway...

  45. SNARF!!!!

    So was it good? The sex with Simon? I mean why else would your name be first? ... So the sex was good?

    Apparently it's what they call Quarter Pounders with Cheese in France, why I said that to a British dude I'll never know but I really felt the need to.

  46. Oh don't get me started on Snarf. I wanted to strangle that git. Actually worse than him were those robotic bear things... Forget their name though...

    Listen you, I'll use these facilities when I'm DAMN WELL READY!!!! Until then you shall continue to sanitize my crevice and be DAMN GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!!! Starting right . . .hmmp. . . hmmmp. . . . .hmmmmmp well then, not now, BUT SOON!

    Is this a McDonalds thing?

  47. I don't even know em, I'm a very casual Thundercats fan.

    Peter, Peter... There's so much doody in here. I can't take it anymore! I haven't eaten in four days 'cause I... cause I... I just can't fit anymore in there.

    Yeah it's a McDonalds sandwich.

  48. They might've just been in the comics though, I don't actually know...

    You call those cheap implants boobs? Those aren't boobs! They're lies!

    Sandwich? Or burger?

  49. Ah, I watched the show, I didn't even know there were Thundercats comics.

    Where's my money Brian? Where's my money?! Ya got money to buy fake mustaches, where's my money man?!

    Sandwich mi amigo

  50. I was the opposite - didn't know of the show until later...

    Those jugs are mine until all the milk dries up. Then you can have the remains!

    I didn't know McDonalds even did sandwiches...

  51. I didn't know of the comic until you mentioned it. I take it they've been around for a while?

    Baby needs to such ash, baby needs to such ash... Not ass you pervert, save it for the interns!

  52. Yep, since I was a kid... A loooooong time

    Damn you Mop and Glow

  53. Weird, can't believe I've never seen one with all my trips to the comic store.

    I'm nudes on Ice!!!!!

  54. It might well have been a Brit-only thing though, like we had exclusive Transformers comics :P

    Do the women there have exposed clitoratae?

  55. Boooo! I bet those are probably worth something in the US should send me some :D

    I said um...Olive Juice. Olive Juice? Olive Juice you too.

  56. NO! They're mine. My preciousess. Also, they're at my parents. And mine

    Why you toddering, fen-sucked dewberry! I'm going to go find something to strike you with! Excuse me.

  57. Hm... I'll gives you ten dollarses for's thems... Ten whole dollarses. Even tough I believe your cash is worth more than mine.

    Bwahahaha I win, you used that one already.

    "Nagash said...
    Why you toddering, fen-sucked dewberry! I'm going to go find something to strike you with! Excuse me.
    March 28, 2010 4:15 PM "

  58. Ten dollars would get you three $2.99 comics. Just let me get my currency converter app out.
    It would get me, oh, three $2.99 comics. OK, bad example... Er... but they're the only thing I can find easily with an American price on. And I don't know how much you would pay for say, a bottle of Coke or summin?

    Ah damn it. That's what happens when I don't check what I write. Which I do soooo much... :D
    I'll get you next time gadget