Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekly Poll Results!

Hey everyone, JT here with a quick post. I'll be relaxing for the post part from now until this weeks Ratings and Rantings like I do every week, but mainly to rest up for that big 11-issue post. Also, next weekend I'll have a review for Batman: Under The Red Hood. I know a few people's money will be spent depending on my review (X-Man in particular) so I wanna give you guys the best review I can for it. But that's next week/later this week. So for now I'll give you guys the very dominant results for this weeks poll, as well as a new poll to vote on over on to your right. If it's not there, then you should probably look to your OTHER right. :-) Anywho, the poll question was:

"What do you think will happen when Bruce Wayne returns?"

Last Place with 0% - Tie between Two Batmen, Damian fired as Robin, and Steph fired as Batgirl.
Second Place with 18.8% - Bruce doesn't become Batman again. Interesting...
Winner with 81.3% - None of the above.

How is there 100.1 percent? Weird.... anyway I have a question. For everyone who voted None of the above, which is the vast majority. What do YOU guys think will happen? I'd like to know what everyone thinks will happen upon the return of Bruce Wayne, So please comment and let me know. Until next time, I'm your friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd.


  1. Ummm, I don't see how damian getting fired didn't get a vote, when I voted for him. Lol. Weird. But I would love to see Damian get fired. He irritates me. All he's trying to do is feel loved by Bruce, lol he doesn't love you ya little brat.

    As for the new poll I would love to see a sirens and bop crossover!

  2. Weird... I wonder why it didn't count your vote. Because they it was so a 0.0% for him. Lol I also wouldn't mind if that happened, I'd like it to be honest.

    That's who I voted for as well, I liked all the choices surprisingly but seeing Zinda and Harley, Ivy and Huntress and Catwoman with Canary again would be cool.

  3. HA! 100.1%... That IS weird! I doubt I'd have even picked up on that if you hadn't pointed it out JT! As for my none of the above vote, I think Bruce will come back as Batman, Damian will be his Robin and Dick will go back to being Nightwing since that name has been freed up again.

    And with the new poll, I voted for Supes/Lex. I can't get enough of those two together, so I want to see them x-over.

  4. Right? I was sleepy when I typed that last night and set it to auto-post and I thought I was just messing up my math but I'm like wait.... 100.1?!

    I could see that, I really could. A lot of people seem to think Dick is gonna die, which I doubt because that'd be a stupid, ass backwards decision. "Welcome back Bruce, see ya later Grayson!"So I think what you said is gonna happen most likely will.

    I was very conflicted with that poll after I made it because they all seemed like good choices. I'd love a Lex/Supes crossover, and I'd wait for Lex to betray Supes of course.

  5. Oh, and I forgot to mention it before, but I am SO looking forward to your Red Hood review, JT!

    Well in the last issue of Batman & Robin they kind of hinted/showed Dick getting killed off, but I'm with you, bringing back Bruce, and then immediately killing off Dick wouldn't make much sense... I can see Bruce deciding to allow Dick to remain as Batman, but Dick deferring to Bruce, telling him he's the "real" Batman, etc.

    Yeah, I'd happily read any of those four choices, but Lex and Supes=Awesomeness!

  6. Really? Well thanks dude, I'm gonna be biased but still write up a hell of a review so I can make sure no one feels like they waste their money if they buy it on my recommendation, or don't.

    Yeah I saw that, I doubt they'd show Dick get shot in the back of the head and die that early if he wouldn't die for another two or three issues. I could see that too, I'm just wondering would Dick stay in Gotham as Nightwing since Bludhaven is no more?

    Well that Batgirl/Supergirl is a cover from an upcoming issue so you won't have to wait long for that. :P

  7. Yeah man, that's one of the few movies I'd take the time to sit still and watch. So unless you're like, "This was the WORST thing I've ever seen!!1! Don't watch it!" I can see I'll prob be ordering it soon after checking out your review.

    Exactly. You wouldn't show Dick getting killed in a flash-forward(?)in like issue #13, and then reveal that he really DID die in like issue #16... It just doesn't make sense. Then again, we are talking about the Mad One... :P

    I could see Dick remaining in Gotham, or maybe heading back to NYC. He's worked there a few times, so I could see either one.

    Oh. Well cool then I guess!

  8. I think that Bruce will once again don the cowl. Though I'm not quite sure what direction Dick will take after relinquishing the role to Bruce.

  9. I'd agree Laura. I think it's almost imperative Bruce retakes the cowl, but I think what makes me the most anxious is seeing how he reacts to Tim, Dick, Jason, Steph, Damian and Cass's decisions in his absence. Oh and thanks for commenting :)

  10. I voted for "None of the Above" on that poll, not because I had a specific idea about what's going to happen...but because I have no clue at all! lol

    Oh, and I will in all likelihood be getting Netflix when I move into my new apartment (only a few days!!), so I'll have to put Under the Red Hood toward the top of my queue!

  11. Lol I don't blame you, I'll admit when I made that poll I couldn't think of anything good so that was a default idea I had.

    Awesome dude. Hopefully you enjoy it, Netflix is so awesome. Hope all the copies near ya aren't taken haha.

  12. I happened to check the PSN before heading to school today, and I saw that the movie was already there to rent... That makes it even more convenient for me to eventually watch it! Yay for the PSN!!

  13. I'm not gonna mention you checking PSN and not adding me on PSN yet :P Lmao. But awesome, you should check it out, or I'll have ya sister make you watch it somehow haha.

  14. Personally, I see the status quo just returning, with Dick going back to being Nightwing, Damian being Robin, Tim being Red Robin, Steph being Batgirl and Cassie coming back as someone new (I hope).