Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review a Few

Hey everyone, back for a Review a Few and a new update to JTCS. Basically the reason I wasn't around last week is due to me having an awful awful headache on Saturday that carried on to Sunday. Man I hate those. Anyway this review a few will be the biggest yet, and due to that I'm not gonna go as in-depth as I did last time. Literally just 2-3 lines and then the new inclusion that I've dubbed Line of The Issue aka LOTI. Basically for those who don't understand it, I'm going to pick what I think is the best line of the issue, it may be funny, may be awesome. Either way, I'll also name the best line of the issue and it'll be in light blue. So Line of the issue in light blue, rating in red. Anyway lets jump right into it.

The Atom and Hawkman #46
Atom and Hawkman was unique because one of the main characters is a Black Lantern already whereas The Atom is the recently recruited Indigo Tribe member. Now as someone who hasn't cared much about The Atom since Identity Crisis I will say this issue changed that. Being shown how he's always gravitated around Jean Loring and also his willingness to try to save his friends. Along with Catwoman and Powers of Shazam some of these one month returns have been really good. This one was very interesting from cover to cover. That's why I give this issue a 8/10.

Indigo: Atom. You just saved the universe.
Atom: Just don't tell anyone, I like to keep a low profile.

Gotham City Sirens #8

Gotham City Sirens #8's focus was Poison Ivy. Now I may sound like a broken record but I've been indifferent to Ivy since Sirens started. I've always liked Harley and Selina but Pamela (hm...all their names have six letters) has never really captured my attention until this issue. This issue was amazing. I loved damn near everything about it except the ending bothered me SO much. I hate comics where someone gives up information just because...It you held onto it this long why would you just say, I know where blah blah blah is. That just pisses me off, and it ended everything on a good note just in time to end the issue, but it seemed too peachy keen for me. That dropped the rating, but Sirens 8 gets a 8.5/10.

Gordon: How can I reach you?
Poison Ivy: Tell the Ficus in your office and I'll know.

Justice League of America #41

JLA 41 aka The Birth of the new Justice League. This issue marks the start of a new Trinity as well with Mon-El, Dick "Batman" Grayson and Donna Troy. Basically this issue was just about the JLA gathering new members. That's it. Nothing else was established. I was pretty bored with it, there were some cool moments but for the most part me knowing who was already joining ruined it. Anyway I'd give this about a 6/10.

Batman: Anyway, you're here for a reason, Donna, and I think I know. Judging from your appearance and the tone of your voice, I want me in the Justice League.
Donna Troy: That is amazing! You got that just from my appearance?
Batman: Yes... Oh, and Vic called ahead and told me.

World's Finest #4

World's Finest is the four issue comic series that has team ups between people of the Superman mythos and Batman Mythos. The first three issues featured Nightwing & Red Robin, Robin & The Guardian, Supergirl and Batgirl, and this issue features the granddaddy of em all, the first ever Superman/Batman team up with Dick Grayson as Batman. This issue was pretty cool, I hated seeing Supes dressed in his Krytonian clothes because the Superman suit is what makes him Superman, hell he's even wearing it on the cover of the issue. Anyway this was a cool team up but I'd like better villains next time besides Toyman and Mr. Freeze. Maybe Bizarro and Joker or Bizarro and Solomon Grundy or Joker and Lex or something. Either way, this issue gets a 6/10.

Damian: How do you swing around Gotham weighing this much? Criminals probably call you Fat-girl.

Teen Titans #79

Teen Titans #79 is the first issue to really make Static the main hero of the comic so far. As a fan of Static from his TV show plus the fact that there's no really alot of notable African American superheroes in DC, I mean John Stewart, Black Lightning, Cyborg and Vixen are the only ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway this issue is the first time we see Static head home to Dakota since he was kidnapped as a member of the Dark Side Club. Static's parents and family don't seem to know that he's Static, then again they might, everything seemed so vague. I like Static but this issue was more of a round about and featured too many time jumps, it was very Yost-like which means I hated the style of it. I do like what their doing with Cassie though. That said, I give this issue a 4/10.

Virgil (Talking to his Sister) :You look better. I mean, you're still ugly, but you look better.

Superman: Secret Origins #4

Is it just me or does Rudy look exactly like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force minus the Mustache? Anyway, the origin they gave Parasite was genius. It makes such perfect sense so I commend Mr. Johns on another fine part of this Superman Origin. Now can anyone tell me if Lois Lane has ALWAYS had typos in her work because I saw it on Smallville and now it's in this and I never really noticed if she usually has typo's while working at the planet. Anyway, the character development with Jimmy Olsen was very interesting as well. All in all, another good issue of a great Origin story so far. I give this issue a 9/10.

Clark: We've actually met before Mr. Luthor. Clark Kent. From Smallville.
Lex: Yes. It was some time ago, but I'd remember those glasses anywhere.

Batman and Robin #7

First off...The fact that this arc is called Blackest Knight is just pure awesomeness. And that's the only thing. AWFUL COMIC. Oh My God, I hated everything about this comic, Why the hell are Batman, Robin, Alfred AND Batwoman all in the UK? Who the hell's watching Gotham, Stephanie?! This comic was so bad, everything sucked. And on page 29... some idiot screwed up the bubbles so Batwoman is saying Batman's lines and Batman is saying her lines. Oh man I hated this comic, every single thing about this reminds me why I'm so hesitant to read anything by Morrison. To think I had to wait TWO MONTHS to read this steaming piece of crap just infuriates me. God that was horrible. Also why the hell would Grayson even THINK about putting a dead Bruce in the Lazarus pit after all the shit he gave Tim about wanting to put Connor, Steph and his dad in one in The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul?! 0/10....think I'm joking? Seriously 0/10 and don't look for a line of the issue because there isn't one.

Green Lantern #50

Man oh man. After reading Batman and Robin 7 I thought that nothing could raise my spirits but boy was I wrong. This is the epitome of a great comic. This is why Geoff Johns continues to reign over the comic world. Man everything in this comic was wonderful. Things from Blackest Night Flash 2 were shown to show continuity. Everything with Scarecrow, Luther and Mera was great. I mean I don't have words for how good this comic was. Also, Hal has joined damn near every color corp by now hasn't he? This definitely warrants a re-read. Perfect 10/10 for the epic 50th issue of Green Lantern.

Green Lantern: I don't care who the rings chose. I want them off those psychos now!
Larfleeze: What do you think I'm trying to DO, Green Lantern? SHARE?!?! Gimme that back you thief!
Lex Luthor: No. S'Mine!

Alright guys, that's my Review a Few. Normally I'd end it here but considering this upcoming week there's a two hour event known as Smallville: Absolute Justice I figured I'd mention it. Why do you ask? Because instead of our usual message from Dido at the end of this weeks DC Comics, we have a promo pic for the upcoming episode where a Pre-Superman Clark Kent meets the Justice Society of America. Featuring appearances from Lois Lane, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Hawkman and Amanda Waller this looks to be a huge TV event. Also it's written by Geoff Johns and it if it's anything like the two comics by him I reviewed today it should be great. So before I take off I leave you with the promo poster for Smallville: Absolute Justice.

- Jason Todd

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jason Todd's "Review A Few"

Okay okay, now I know review a few isn't as catchy as X-Man's "Best of The Rest" column but I didn't wanna rip him off 100%. Basically this is the same gist though, I used today to read a couple of comics that I hadn't gotten to yet, so I'll name each comic, say a few words about it then give it my final rating. No spoilers will be mentioned so don't worry, I'll just give a quick one of two sentence summary, my thoughts and then move on to the next comic. Sounds easy enough, so lets jump right into it.

Batman: The Widening Gyre #4
Written by Kevin Smith
Art by Walt Flanagan

Widening Gyre #4 picks up where things pretty much left off with Bruce encountering Baphomet, and still being in love with a certain young woman. Widening Gyre #4's villain was Crazy Quilt who was prominently featured. I love that Kevin Smith has been using lesser known/used villains than going straight for Joker and Two-Face like most writers do. I also loved the frequent flashbacks, whereas unlike Chris Yost in Red Robin, they fit well and added to the dynamic of Bruce and his need to writing down memories and reliving them. Plus with appearances by Nightwing, The Outsiders, Catwoman and a few other characters this was definitely an action packed comic book. Widening Gyre continues to blow me away and I give issue #4 a 10/10.

Booster Gold #28
Written By Dan Jurgens
Art By Dan Jurgens (Double Duty!!)

Booster Gold #28 takes place after Blackest Night where we found out Booster's sister Michelle was a few years in the past living in Coast City not so far off from when Coast City was destroyed and Millions were killed by Hank Henshaw aka Cyborg Superman. In this issue we're treated to Booster taking on the Royal Flush gang, and being the arrogant Booster that everyone is used to while giving an interview. I've always been a fan of Booster putting on the cocky role to protect his true mission of being a Time Cop basically, and addressing rumors that he and Power Girl may be dating was icing on the cake. Without giving away the other things in this issue I'll say I did enjoy it but not much happened. It was an okay read but just the opening of a storyline that I think will get better. I of course skipped the Blue Beetle story with Hai-Me Reyes. Anyway Booster Gold #28 gets a 6.5/10.

Power of Shazam #48
Written By Eric Wallace
Artwork by Don Kramer

Power of Shazam # 48 is a one month revived comic series due to the Blackest Night. Osiris, brother of Isis and Brother-In-Law of Black Adam rises from the dead with a Black Lantern ring. Unlike the other Black Lanterns he can still think and isn't controlled. This is one of those one shot issues I can't describe without giving away stuff so I'll make it brief. I was a fan of Osiris and my jaw dropped in 52 when he was murdered brutally by his "friend" Sobek. I 'll say that this wasn't that good of a read, as a one shot there's not much that could really be done with it though but I will say I'm glad to finally get a chance to put the Osiris character to bed per se because I hated how he left the comics during 52. I also hated to see Billy and Mary in this comic. They don't have powers so why even show them at this point? All in all it was great to see Osiris but that doesn't make for a great read. I give Powers of Shazam a 4/10.

Batman #695
Written by Tony Daniel
Artwork by Tony Daniel (Oooh Fancy)

O....kay. Well after reading that issue I was left very confused. There's like three people who we have no idea who they are and that annoys me. I do like that this follows up with Arkham Reborn for the most part, but some things like The Riddler just annoy me. As someone who was happy with him in his last role as a good guy detective I hate to see him back step and become a villain again if that's indeed whats happening. One thing about this issue is it showed that Dick is really stepping into Bruce's role. if I didn't know he was Dick Grayson and if not for a joke he made during his inner monologue I would have never known that Batman wasn't the Bruce Wayne we all know and love. Basically this was a very interesting comic but it left open a lot of loose ends which leaves me wanting more so I'll give Batman 695 a 7/10.

I think that's all for now, i have a few other things I may read, I picked up Superman and Batman vs. Vampires and Werewolves for some reason unbeknown to me. I also have a few other things I may read today including X-Men Origins (Cyclops, Jean Gray, Sabretooth and Iceman), 52 Aftermath - The Four Horsemen, Kick-Ass and some more comics. So until then I'll catch you all later.

- Jason Todd

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Salvation Run Review

Hey everyone, Today's review will be on Salvation Run as the title of this post just gave away. I came down to the wire and decided to go with Salvation Run because I'd just watched the movie Cannonball Run and thought they'd be similar. No, I'm joking, I've never seen Cannonball run. Basically I had to choose between reading about Marvel vs. DC which sounds awesome or reading about The Flash's Rogues, Batman's Rogues featuring Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Joker and Lex Luthor and at the end of the day thats too much evil to be contained so I chose Salvation Run. So we're gonna jump right in to the seven issue mini series that is Salvation Run.

Our story starts with Amanda Waller and Rick Flag Jr. discussing a plan to do away with all of the villains. After noting Black Adam's World War III after the loss of Isis in Kandaq, The attack by the Amazonian women on the free world, and the murder of The Flash (Bart Allen) by The Flash's Rogues. Rick informs the Rogues that they along with others will be sent to another planet with no materials but their powers and weapons. They are allowed this planet, they can try to rule it, they can establish a government but they are no longer a problem for Earth or any of it's inhabitants. Fast forward two weeks to where The Rogues are on some seemingly deserted planet fighting for their lives only relying on each other to make it through day by day.

Without giving away any pivotal information lets just say some of the people who show up are a given like Joker, Lex, Metallo, and Cheetah, but some other people surprised the hell outta me. I mean really who expects to see Ibac, Man-bat, or Crazy Quilt? Or freaking Kid Karnevil who wants to grow up to live his life like The Joker and honor Mister J by skinning his body to make a suit or a cape? WHAT?! That Kid is insane and it works so well on this planet of crazy villains. Plus guys like Catman, Deadshot and Bane just make the story even more rich. And what Joker did to of the funniest things I've ever seen in a comic book. Gotta love The Joker.

All in all I loved this story. The villains were represented perfectly, no one was out of character and it made a very fun story. It's awesome watching these villains plan, backstab and murder one another just because it's in their nature. I will say the final two issues slowed the momentum down and I didn't care much for the Vandal Savage plot but everything else was top notch. I gotta give this mini series an 8.5 rating and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't checked it out yet. The artwork is also very nice looking and accentuates the characters perfectly.

Before I get out of here I wanna link a video that someone made to a song I had never heard before, It's called "The Ballad of Barry Allen" by Jim's Big Ego. The video has clips from Teen Titans and JLA/JLU that featured Wally West but I'm not picky. Anyway I think it's a great song and the video does it justice. Anyone interested in checking it out can watch it below.

- Jason Todd

Saturday, January 9, 2010

JLA: Earth 2 Review

So before I jump into this review just letting you guys know that tomorrow I should be posting another review on either JLA/Avengers or Salvation Run depending on which one I decide to read. Both have their strong suits and i'm leaning towards JLA/Avengers but only time will tell. Anyway let's get into today's review, JLA: Earth 2 written by Grant Morrison with artwork by Frank Quitely. I decided to check this out after hearing about the upcoming Justice Leage: Crisis on Two Earths animated film based on JLA: Earth 2.

So basically, JLA Earth 2 is a story about how there's an alternate earth where things are very different from the earth we've come to know and love. Whereas our heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have become beloved Icon's, in this alternate earth our heroes are villains, and villains are subsequently heroes. So the story begins with Alexander Luthor from the Anti-Matter Universe comes to our earth looking for the heroes. This "Lex" is very different from our Lex Luthor and this shows by him giving a ton of money to one of Lex's employee's and telling her to take a nice vacation. Anyway Alexander eventually contacts the JLA and asks them for help on his earth against the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The Crime Syndicate consists of evil doppelgangers of the JLA Superman/Ultraman, Wonder Woman/Superwoman, Batman/Owlman, Green Lantern/Power Ring, and The Flash/Johnny Quick. Although they never show up apparently Aquaman and Martian Manhunter's evil twins are Barracuda and White Martian.

The differences between these evil twins are very different yet similar to our originals. Ultraman is actually a human who is upgraded with a Superhuman body when it space and is actually an earthling at birth. Now he uses his powers to kill people who stand up against him, looking over the city, listening to conversations and blasting up risers with his heat vision. Superwoman is actually Lois Lane who loves to physically and emotionally abuse Jimmy Olsen, also she dates, hates and cheats on Ultraman with Owlman. Owlman is not Bruce but Thomas Wayne Jr. turns out that fateful night Martha and Bruce Wayne were killed instead of Martha and Thomas. Thomas Sr. becomes the police commissioner and Gordon is actually a crime boss. Owlman lashes out against the police and everyone else as a villainous murderer. Johnny Quick uses synthetic speed to run quickly which he injects into his veins, so in other words he's a Junkie and last but not least Power Ring is your typical big stupid jock.

So...going into this comic I had high expectations, but I'm not one of Grant Morrison's biggest fan's. Some of his stories are good but others are AWFUL to me. This was an awful one. I hated everything about this comic.Everyone has tiny scrunched up faces, things weren't explained thoroughly. I had to look up a synopsis to make sure I understood it. I'm not lying when I say this comic put me to sleep. I literally took a nap after, no joke. It was SO boring, the big one on one fights never happened between the CSA and the JLA and the book ended on such a horrible note it made me wanna forget ever reading it. I mean maybe I'm just in the minority but I truly hope the Animated movie is nothing like this awful awful comic. It's definitely one of the worst comics it's ever been my misfortune to read.

Final Rating: All in all I'd rate this a 0 but because I like some of the differences in character's like Earth 2's Flash being a Junkie and  Gordon being a crime lord I guess I could at least give it a little more of a push. So I give JLA: Earth 2 a solid 1/10. If you think I'm being harsh I would say go read it but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Avoid this comic at all costs!!!

- Jason Todd

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Updating You Guys

Hey guys, Jason Todd here with a quick post. It's not really comic related or anything, just me stopping by to say thanks again to everyone who follows me, and my sporadic posts. I'm gonna do more including some comic reviews this week, I'll probably have a review up on my thoughts of JLA/Avengers as well as a few other things if I can pull myself from my PS3 long enough to read. Just bought Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands plus I still play the hell outta Uncharted 2. Anyone on PSN feel free to add ReelJokerJeff.

I do want to say, since this is my blog and I promote everyone else's blog I may as well promote my own comedy Duo called Reel Jokers, you can see us on Youtube at www.Youtube.Com/ReelJokers for our off brand comedy, if you don't laugh that's fine but I'm relatively sure you will. And I felt like making this comic related so here's a video I edited to the recently released Superman Batman: Public Enemies and one of my favorite songs, Hero.

And Lastly I wanna welcome and thank both Kello and Marc for following my blog, you guys are awesome and it makes me feel good to have five followers after only a month so thanks again.

- Jason Todd

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 The Year of Hal Jordan

Happy New Years everyone, I know I'm late with this but eh, I'm sure you guys understand. Between the Holidays, Video games and Comics my blog took a big hit but I'm back with a vengeance. So the first post about 2010 here at JTCS is going to be about Hal Jordan, who was without a doubt the MVP of 2009. In a year that saw the returns of Barry Allen, Connor Kent and Bart Allen, and The dawn of a new Batman nothing compares to the year that Hal Jordan, winner of X-Man's Comic Blog 2009 Hero of The Year award. And just when I thought Hal couldn't get any more awesome, It's been announced that in the upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, he'll be voiced by Nolan North, better known for voicing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games.

So thanks to Geoff Johns (winner of the Spike TV Scream Award winner and the more prestigious X-Man's Comic Blog for Best Writer) taking over writing duties for Green Lantern it's been one of the best ongoing series in recent memory. I recently read The Sinestro Corps Wars. which had Sinestro start his Lantern Corp to attack the Green Lantern Corps and some of his Corp. Members are a who's who off Villainy including The Anti-Monitor, Cyborg-Superman, and even the always entertaining Superboy-turned-Man Prime, The Sinestro Corps, known for instilling fear into people even tried to recruit The Dark Knight and The Scarecrow.While I'd love to see Scarecrow wielding a Sinestro ring, It seems like it won't be anytime soon. I loved this storyline so much, especially the fact that Sinestro did all of this just to get the Green Lanterns to have the Guardians to allow the Green Lanterns to use Lethal Force, whereas the Green Lanterns couldn't kill first now they can. This may not seem like much but now people may fear the Green Lanterns...could that be Sinestro's plan?

After reading the awesome HIGHLY recommended Sinestro Corps Wars. I moved on to the much shorter but still as awesome Rage of The Red Lanterns. Man this was an awesome arc, The Red Lanterns that are powered by Rage decide to kidnap and subsequently kill Sinestro and The Green Lantern Corps have also sentence Sinestro to death, but it's been prophesied that he will be a big player and without him the Blackest Night will be unstoppable so a conflicted Hal Jordan goes to save him, without giving away too much we eventually see Hal become a Red Lantern AND a Blue Lantern.

Then finally in 2009 we saw the dawn of The Blackest Night which saw Hal team with his Lantern allies, John Stweart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner as well as team with enemies like Sinestro and Atrocitus. Hal even has to fight friends like Martian Manhunter and Superman. Hal and the Green Lanterns have been at the forefront of the DC Universe and is leading the way into 2010 as well. Blackest Night is currently one of the biggest Crossovers of all time drawing in so many characters and it's inevitable that Hal Jordan stands tall at it's conclusion. Hal has quickly gone from just another hero to one of my favorites and the sky's the limit for this Green Lantern as long as Geoff Johns is kicking out great story's for the Emerald Champion that is Hal "Highball" Jordan.

This is normally where I'd end the article but with 2010 here I figure I'll do things a little differently, Firstly I wanna say thanks to everyone's that read my blog for the short month it's been up, I love your comments and constructive criticism. If anyone has any article Idea's or anything please comment and let me know because I'm running on empty at the moment, Lol, and I'm curious as to what you guys will say. Secondly I wanna let everyone know that my girlfriend Falisha recently restarted her blog, she's a Graphic Designer and a hell of an artist and if you check her out I'm sure you won't be disappointed, her blog is , she actually painted the Joker picture you see up there on the left. And Lastly I just wanna say thanks again for taking the time to read what I typed because I truly appreciate it. Happy New Year to all, hope 2010 is a great one for everyone!