Monday, January 30, 2012

Guess who's back...

Hey everyone, Jason Todd here after an extended break with some big news. First things first I wanna give you guys some info about myself and this blog. In 2009 I joined the Batman: Arkham Asylum Eidos Message board because I was eagerly awaiting that awesome game. There I met a lot of cool people and myself and a few friends decided to start a blog known as Batmania Reviews! to pass the time, we did reviews on comics, movies, games, everything Batman based and even held contests. After the game came out the blog lost steam though, so I stopped blogging. I was still big into comics though, and while looking up some Nightwing comic book story arcs, I came across the blog of a guy that would become one of my best friends,

X would soon convince me to start my own blog which I did, and two years later here we are. I met a lot of cool people through this blog but near the end of 2011, blogging felt like a chore. I'd always have to fit blogging in around spending time with my girlfriend, Falisha, as well as working and doing things I enjoyed like playing video games and watching movies. So reviewing and comic-reading just seemed more like a job and less fun. So I decided to take a quick break from blogging and I enjoyed it a lot, I didn't have to review things and I could read comics, enjoy them and move on. I didn't have to take notes, read and review at once or anything else. I'd been considering when to come back and blog again and I'd though about changing things up but I wasn't that excited about it, until a few days ago when I had a talk with X.

He offered me a chanc to write for his blog, considering his hectic posting, the fact that he's been going through some stuff lately and since I'm infinitely more awesome than him, he figured that having me post at his blog would give him a chance to relax, have a new contributor with different thoughts and views, as well as give me a way to post without the pressure of having to, as I can post what I want when I please, as well as having my reviews seen by a wider audience, as X's blog gets WAY more traffic than my own. So this worked great for myself and X, and I agreed. So as of today, I am now a contributor for X-Man's Comic Blog, and I hope anyone who reads my blog that isn't following X's will come over with me as well.

I won't be closing this blog, I put a lot of time into it and I appreciate everyone that's followed it and commented, so I'm not going to delete it and act like it's never been here. Thank you all for reading what I've posted and you guys have been great friends to me. Here's hoping things are this great over at X's blog, since I plan on adding some class to the place. Until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, JT, signing off.