Friday, April 30, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Come one, come all, step right up and enjoy the show, I proudly present to you, this weeks edition of Ratings and Rantings, with your host, Jason Todd!!! *Crickets* Alright, enough of that, Welcome back again to my Red Hood, for another week of my Ratings and Rantings. Today I'll take a look at some of the DC Comics I picked up today, as well as Marvel's Deadpool #22 being one of the few Marvel comics that I do review. Before we get started I wanted to let those curious know that Batman: Under The Red Hood finally has a release date. It was announced that it'll be released July 27, 2010. So a mere three months from now (TORTURE!!!) those interested can check it out, by the way the box art looks pretty damn awesome. Those interested can see it after watching the teaser trailer posted below.

But enough of Jason Todd, well for right now any, time what you guys came here to see, what I think about the comics that were released this week, so we're gonna do just that.

Green Lantern Corps #47

This issue of Green Lantern Corps is a Blackest Night Epilogue. After fixing the GLC battery, Guy and Kyle talk about all the close calls the Corps have had as of late, including the Sinestro Corps Wars, Blackest Night and everything else. From there we see the Corps pay respect to their dead with a big ass tree that has one of the dead's face on each leaf, which is pretty awesome to be honest. The artwork in this issue is pretty good, especially seeing Kilowog up close, I think I'll have nightmares about that, Poozer's. Vath and um...the Thanagarian guy have really grown on me, especially since reading Recharge, and the interaction they had here was really strong and quickly changed the tone of the comic. Seeing The Guardians confronted also made this a great read and a great send off with Tomasi and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps creative crew. So, good comic for what it was but it could've been better, I'll give it a 7.5/10.

Guy Gardner: Helluva right hook you got there, Arisia. You do realize you're my new favorite Lantern?

Gotham City Sirens #11

This issue of Gotham City Sirens stars Harley Quinn's well-toned ass apparently... Or that's what I'd think from looking at the cover since it's there, center stage. Anyway, Selina's joke about her being a Cat...Woman was very lame and forced, I hate stuff like that. Poison Ivy comes across like a real bee-yatch, but her line about the Legion of Doom was pretty awesome, it almost made up for the corny line Catwoman said earlier. All in all, the B story with Selina and Harley seemed pretty useless, and for the second time we gotta see Ivy get saved. Seems like there's only been eleven issues and their already running out of stories! I mean think about it, when was the last time you read Sirens where they weren't trying to save Harley or Ivy, hell when they appeared in Blackest Night Catwoman they had to save HER! I just hate that three of Batman's most capable female villains can't even stay outta trouble without needing to rescue one another. It's getting really old, really fast. I'll give this a 6/10 and I hope Dini can make this interesting like he did Streets of Gotham, but after a year I won't hold my breath.

Poison Ivy: I'll have to thank him for the tip at the next Legion of Doom meeting, if we ever have one.

Teen Titans #82

I wouldn't have noticed if Nagash hadn't pointed it out but every Teen Titan is on this cover except for Aquagirl, and I have no idea why, and Beastboy is even taking up two spots... Anyway, We start off with three former Teen Titans and current saviors, because the entire team can't beat one dude up. Well at least our saviors have crappy banter because that's always a plus right? Gotta love that Sarcasm. Oh dear God the dialogue in this is bad. It's like one big horrible pun. "I like my superheroes crispy." ""Cancel that order!" Oh God the dialogue during the fight is SO bad. Anyway there was like 30 things that made no sense. What the hell did Beast Boy do for the save, I mean that made NO sense. Also..that was the worst cliffhanger ever. I'm seriously thinking about dropping Teen Titans. And since you feel the need to bring back people, why the hell not Ravager? Get rid of Beetle, get rid of Beast Boy and Raven because they bore me, and bring back Ravager ASAP. 3/10, Just for the returning Titans aka The Saviors. (X has Saint Barry, I have the Saviors.)

Holocaust: Barbecued Titans, Dakota's newest delicacy. Man, I love my job.

Deadpool #22

We pick up with our boy Deadpool continuing his journey to become a Hero. We've seen him kill Skrulls, try to join the X-Men, fight a Hit-Monkey and team up with New York's finest. Now we see him face to face with the Mighty Thor, telling him that he has girl hair, calling him a doofus and slitting his neck, then he woke up. A lot of people wonder why I like Deadpool. To be honest, he's so different it's hard not to, I'm a wiseguy/smart ass like him and I like to joke and laugh so reading his comics, I'm usually entertained. This was a very entertaining comic. I laughed, out loud, quit a lot and not a lot of comics can make me do that. Where else can you read the sentence "Ah gots t'git nekkid, unka Dale! It's mah only hope!" Ah, but I digress, This was a nice fun comic. Nothing got furthered storyline-wise but for what it was I was very happy with this issue of Deadpool and I'm eagerly awaiting the next. I'll give Deadpool #22 an 8/10.

Thor: I wieldeth Mjolnir! What art thou working with?! (Epic, just because Thor asked what someone's working with.)

Detective Comics #864

Oh Detective Comics, how I've longed for Greg Rucka to leave so I could read thee! This is the beginning of a two-part arc that will feature an explanation of Black Mask's secret identity and why. It's also going to further the Arkham Asylum three issue series that came out late last year. So, let's jump into the review. This story was...very hard to describe. While we didn't learn much we did learn that Arkham is schizophrenic. The cliffhanger was awesome and I hate I have to wait a month to find out what happened. The issue itself was very interesting, and kept my attention the whole time. It completely sold me on the transformation Arkham has made and shows there may be something good coming out of him being Black Mask. I really enjoyed this, and the questions it raised and I'm looking forward to the answers. I'll give this issue a 9/10. I hate co-features so I didn't care enough to review The Question's few pages.

Dr. Arkham: I WILL NOT BE MOCKED!!!! (FYI: Don't mock that man....ever.)

The Rise and Fall of Arsenal #2

Rise and Fall of Arsenal 2 starts off with Roy and Lian enjoying a fun day on the town until things go crazy in Star City. This opening scene was very interesting and graphic, especially seeing Roy lose his arm. Once again I can't help but say how good the artwork is here compared to that dreadful art in Green Arrow's books, it's so bad it doesn't make sense. Also, why the hell is Ollie allowed to wear his Green Arrow costume in jail? What the hell kind of jail lets you wear your costume?! I also loved seeing Roy and Ollie's first confrontation, and seeing Roy go off on him. Man Ollie's having a bad year.  I hate the fact that I read an article in January on where Robinson said Roy wouldn't get a robotic arm yet he just did. Either he's a blatant liar or someone's not talking to other people in the company. A surprise appearance by one of my favorite female characters definitely made this better, and if anyone could talk to Roy about both Lian and drug abuse it's her. As for Roy going off on his friends, DAYUM! Man...he snapped and I loved it. Especially what he said about Donna, that was epic. I'm waiting for X to say "Wooo Baby!" in his review. But really, that was epic. I hated the ending because we don't know if Roy got shot or what the hell happened, and I really hate to see his character move backwards with the drugs but after everything he's lost it made sense. I think this issue is much better than the first and I'm eager to see where it goes from here. I'll give this issue an 8.5/10.

Roy: You don't know jack, Donna. I was there for Lian, always. You ABANDONED your family. While they were dying in a car accident,you were whoring through space with Kyle Rayner! Robbie died because you were a bad mother, Lian died because I was stupid.

So that's all for this week's Ratings and Rantings. I think it was an okay week, some could have been better but for the most part I enjoyed this week's releases. I'll be back this weekend, probably Sunday with a review for Spider-man Noir: Eyes Without a Face since I was asked so graciously by Marc and X-Man75. I'll also have a new poll up, the current one ends tomorrow so get your votes in if ya haven't. And next week's Ratings and Rantings will feature, Batman & Robin #12, Brightest Day #1, Red Robin #12, Titans for Hire and I may pick up War of the Superman if someone wants to give me a synopsis that'll get me caught up by then. So thanks for reading guys, and until next time, You've just been Gobsmacked!
- Jason Todd


  1. So for the first time I skipped the ones you reviewed that I plan on reading. Lol.

    But What I've read so far (GL #47) nice job on reviewing. I feel as though I'm still learning the Lanterns and what not but I still enjoyed reading this issue.

    The scores look decent and I can't wait to read these other issues. As for the score for Sirens, ehhh issue 10 was disappointing I'm hoping something sparks my interest besides the art.

  2. Well thank ya kindly :) I'm gonna just start doing Spoilers anyway since you guys don't read them until after you've read the issue lol.

    Yeah I thought GLC 47 was pretty interesting, I'm wondering where they go from here, as for Sirens it just seemed like... Meh, nothing happened. I wish they'd give them real storylines and enemies.

  3. Yeah man, if I was you I'd do a spoilerific RnR post, that way for books I didn't buy/prob won't buy(like Detective)I can read exactly what I'm missing out on.

    Seems like a real mixed bag for you this week JT. A few good books, a few bad ones and a few middling ones, but no 10's. I will say this, the Rise of Arsenal score sure shocked the hell out of me! I somehow doubt I'll be that kind to that comic! ;-)

    Oh, and I'll try to remember to get you caught up on the Superman stuff once I read Last Stand #3 early next week.

  4. Alrighty then, since it's by popular demand, no more mister nice guy, consider me dropping spoilers like a Mofo. ;)

    Dude, I highly doubt we're on the same wavelength but that highly exceeded my expectations. I honestly enjoyed the hell out of it dude.

    Sweet, consider that payback for the Red Robin/Batgirl post you can expect next Saturday.

  5. Lmao I'm sorry I forgot you left out spoilers lol. I'll read everything from now on :) I promise!!!

  6. You'll be dropping spoilers like a Morrison follower? :P

  7. Lol I knew you'd get that one. So another reader has asked that I don't do spoilers so now I'm conflicted. I guess if can just do spoilers for specific things though, like that Red Robin/Batgirl crossover you requested.

  8. Well dude, since it's Falisha, I TOTALLY understand! But I am still hoping for my spoilerific Red Robin/Batgirl x-over down the road.

  9. Lmao @ you automatically knowing who it was. get me bro :P And yeah that's definitely coming, next weekend actually.

  10. Lol @ X. Is it that obvious?! lol. Am I a bully for that? Naaah. But JT, it's all up to you. Spoilers or no spoilers I'll read it anyways since I can force certain things out of my memory so I don't ruin comics for myself. :)

    Your call sir.

  11. I'm of the Roger Ebert school of thought when it comes to reviews: they should be enlightening to everyone, whether they've read/watched what you're talking about or not. That's how I approach writing reviews. I don't include spoilers beyond explaining the premise of the book because I think there are other ways of explaining why something is good or bad, which I think can be more personal and therefore more interesting.

  12. Hm.... that's a good point Marc. I definitely agree to that, You guys have given me a lot to think about. I'm pretty sure I'm going to keep them Spoiler-Free but may be a bit more descriptive.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Too many typos in my last attempt at commenting...let's try that again. :)

    I think you should do whichever way feels best to you. Don't worry too much about catering to what you think other people want; if you're writing the way that feels right to you, you'll produce your best stuff that way.

    One thing I always try to think about when I'm writing a review is that I want to get across to the reader not just what happens in the story, but how the story and the way it was told affected me and made me feel. For me that takes a pretty long time, which is why I only post one review a week, and why they tend to be a bit long. My best writing (that is to say, the writing I'm happiest with) also takes a lot out of me, both mentally and emotionally, but in a really satisfying way. There's just something about getting my thoughts and feelings down succinctly in writing, especially when it's about a medium I care so much about, that feels really great to me.

  15. Lol I was wondering why you re-posted. I've never really thought about it like that, but now that you say that some of my favorite posts are the one's I was more passionate about, where I really liked them or disliked what I reviewed, or my one about how Jason Todd could be used better. But yeah, like I told X the other day, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." and I guess I should take my own advice, I like how I've been doing them so far so that's what I'm most happy with, no need for a change I guess, plus it's got me this many readers so far so why mess with a good thing.

  16. See, I don't know how you liked Rise of Arsenal, yet not that keen on Sirens...

    The thing with Arkham/Black Mask is that this wasn't written by Tony, so it could be that David is just better at writing this story. Though I wasn't impressed with his ending of 198...

  17. I hated Sirens, the B story with them looking for Dogs was useless, their freaking well known villain/heroes, when did they become dogcatchers.

    Maybe that's it, I just know this is a much better issue than everything Tony has written on the subject so far.

  18. Some of your digression comments on this blog make me laugh. Seriously, hilarious!

    Just thought I'd share a few links to a couple of posts at Comic Book Resources.

    This one excites me mostly for the potential of a Jason ongoing following the mini (which comes out in less than a week!!) Nearly as many people say they picking up the mini as are picking up Red Robin, which has pretty solid sales. Plus Tim's had his own comic for over a decade, so if that many people are interested in RH: Lost Days, then yay!

    Then there's this one here: which shows about 75% of the people who answered the poll are ok/glad that Jason's returned. :-)

    And then there's this one, which has a really recent interview with Judd Winick about the mini-series, Jason and has an interesting tidbit of information about how much Jim Starlin really wanted to get rid of Robin.

    Love this blog! And I have to ask: who had the namesake first?

  19. Wow dude, first I just wanna say thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. And It's always cool to meet more Jason fans. Not to shill my own stuff but if you check the "Jason Todd" um category I guess there's an article I did about his background and where they could write him to redeem him you may wanna check out, I'd be interested in your thoughts.

    I can't WAIT for Red Hood: Lost Days, I've been counting the weeks, and to see a lot of people are interested in reading it rocks. I'll definitely check out that Judd Interview and your live journal (Just added it to my Bookmarks) after I finish this weeks Ratings and Rantings. And Jason beat me to the namesake, I just use it to represent him, haha.

    And If you don't mind me asking, how'd you find this blog?

  20. Ha, yeah, there's a group of us on Twitter. Warning though: Jason has quite a few fangirls and there's about a dozen of us, mostly girls, and we can get rather ridiculous. Like for example, over on Tumblr, there's a "demthighs" comic photo posting and Jason's thighs have had quite a few appearances.
    I'm pretty sure those are all posted by girls. ;-)

    I think I was probably looking up something like Battle for the Cowl and terrible and stumbled upon your blog. ;-p But it's great.

    Sure! I'll definitely check it out. I really dislike the evil and irredeemable route Tony Daniel was going for and I really feel like he just simply doesn't understand the character.

    My friend and I actually just sent off a letter to DC on that very topic. I posted the letter on my livejournal, actually.

    Oh and me too! We should be getting a preview any day now...

  21. Lmao, that DemThighs had me cracking up, I never knew Jason was such a stud to the ladies, I always figured Dick Grayson took that role.

    Ah, awesome, as long as ya found it I'm happy, Lol. And I agree, I see that he felt there needed to be a villain but Jason's not a villain, if anything he's a confused guy who needed to be led back to the good path. I hate that they've decided to make him a villain, hell Batman has enough Villains.

    I'm just finishing my review, I'll probably post it tomorrow so I can add Teen Titans to it as well, but I'll check your live journal right now, I promise :-)

    I can't wait, I've been on the DCU Blogs waiting for a preview to pop up, It'll probably be Monday or Tuesday though.

  22. I think it's the bad boy appeal. And it's a little bit of a maternal appeal for girls, too. I mean I cry every time I read Batman 650. And well, Dick's got the nice butt, Jason's got the thighs. ;-)

    Exactly. If you want to make Jason antagonistic, which he is, I'm totally fine with that. Antagonistic is not the same as villain. Have him challenge the Batfamily's ideas and moral codes, fine. But keeping him a grey character respects his background as Robin. The whole reason he threatens to kill anyone who even thinks about selling drugs to kids is because it's personal: his stepmom OD'd.
    I like Batman's world having grey in it and I totally agree, Jason should stay in the grey.

    Did you see the latest Red Hood: Lost Days cover? The religious symbolism is very nice.

    OH and I hope you don't mind, but I totally re-blogged you here...
    So hopefully more followers come in! :-D And thanks for the comment on the letter.

  23. Ah, so THAT's what it is. Haha, then what does Tim have, Boyish charm? And I loved 650, just the emotion and the powerful writing, it's definitely one of my favorites, and I could see how it might cause one to tear up. Not.. me though... :P Lol

    Exactly right, when Jason was doing stuff like killing drug dealers he wasn't evil, he was basically Batman, just willing to go further. He had a reason for what he does, as opposed to killing anyone and everyone, he had a purpose. Why turn him evil? You want a villain who know's Batman/Bruce Wayne inside and out? A villain who kills people and is intelligent? That's what Hush is for, don't waste Jason's potential.

    I just looked it up, you mean the one where Jason looks like he's being baptized in the Lazarus Pits, and thus reborn? I hadn't even seen that but I love the symbolism of it.

    I never mind free publicity :D Lol but thanks for the plug, now I owe you one :) And adorkable is so the word I'd use to describe this place, lol. Oh and no problem, it was my pleasure.

  24. Yes, that cover! I like the Pieta angle of it, too. Talia looks really feminine and soft (especially now that Morrison is writing her so evil...), but that's because the artist is doing a tribute to Alphonse Mucha, an artist who's known for depicting women as really soft. (I figured this because under Tucci's name he's got Mucha).

    Ha, Tim has a lopsided geeky charm. A few gals and I came up with a DCU hot men calendar and sadly, no Tim wasn't included. But Jason and Dick were there. ;-)

    Exactly! They already have Hush as a villain. Making Jason a villain also disrespects the whole idea of him wanting to bring peace to Gotham. His methods may be questionable in the Bat-universe, but he's always been the one to question Batman anyways. So I'm down with how that keeps it all tied together.
    And for the fans who still want the tragedy of Bruce grieving over Jason, well, isn't it tragic enough that Bruce wants Jason back in the fold more than anything and Jason wants to be a part of the family, but their alter egos will never allow for that.

    No need to owe at all! But feel free to join us on Twitter. I'm @_Georgethecat. It's always fun to have more people to go apesh*t over with when the mini and the previews come out! :-)

  25. Yeah, you can really see that during the time Talia took care of Jason that she genuinely cared about him, and that's just from the cover.

    Lopsided geeky charm, Lol. Now I gotta know who was there outta curiosity. Supes? Bruce Wayne? Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner?

    Once again, I couldn't have said it better myself. Especially what you said about Jason always questioning Batman because it's so true. I could always see Bruce, Dick and Tim needing help, Jason showing up to save the day, then Bruce welcomes him back and Jason turns his back on him. That's what makes Jason who he is. He's the only person besides Bruce that's as proud as Bruce.

    I would but I'm anti-twitter :P Lol I've just never had an interest in it to be honest. If I did have a twitter I'd definitely join you guys though.

  26. Yes, I definitely see Talia as being a manipulative mommy. And she cared for Damian too, like in the Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul issues, but that's all changed once Morrison decided to make her Doom in a wig... :|

    OK, who made the list... Catman, Connor Hawke, Jason, Dick, Hal Jordan, Roy Harper, John Henry Irons, Wally West, Ollie Queen, Bruce Wayne, Superman. Yep. That's the 12 lads of the faux female fanservice DCU calendar. I think we said Dick should just be turned around and Jason should be doing squat thrusts. (See what I mean by ridiculous? Absolutely beyond silly... XD)

    Exactly! The boys all have qualities of Bruce's, even though they're not his "biological" children. Jason is a lot like Bruce in a lot of ways. And they are both emotionally stunted!

    You know, I was against Twitter, too, but then I was lured in. And then I started following some comic book writers, like Geoff Johns, Gail Simone, etc. Geoff Johns is kind of hilarious, actually!

  27. Exactly! I wonder what Grant is thinking sometimes... which is weird because I LOVED Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul, like I think that was an amazing story yet some of his more recent stuff makes no sense to me.

    Wow, Steel made the list? I figured Roy, Wally, Hal, Ollie but Steel and Catman caught me off guard. Haha, these sound like some wild conversations.

    Exactly, I'd say Grayson has his Will, Tim has his determination, and Jason has his stubborn pride.

    That would be the thing that drew me in if I ever joined, just being able to talk to some of the writers and artists I'm a big fan of would be cool. And I could see Geoff being funny, hell he writes for Titan Maximum. (another show I love.)

  28. Yeah, Morrison is pretty hit or miss for me. But I like anti-heroine Talia because that's how I was introduced to her through Batman: the Animated Series.

    LOL. We wanted our fake calendar to diversity and it was between John Stewart and Steel, and Steel won because he has more of a personality (even though Stewart has more of one in the cartoons). And Catman, well, I think he was #1 on the list. Gail Simone has done a great job on him in Secret Six and the way Nicola Scott draws him... ;-D
    But I digress...

    Yes! On top of that, Dick has Bruce's leadership abilities, Tim the detective side and Jason represents Bruce at the beginning of his career, I think. The angry, vengeful child.

    Speaking of Twitter, this group @comicbooklive, does Youtube comic reviews. They have close to 4,000 followers. Anyways, they sent out a question asking "who's your favourite hero (or villain) who deserves their own ongoing and doesn't currently star in any series?
    And then I saw this (which is exciting):
    @comicbooklive Lots of calls for a Jason Todd series - which is surprising, because I thought everyone hated him? I should set up a call-in # to find out.

  29. Yeah she was good in that, I liked her on Superman: The Animated Series when Supes saved her because he thought she was Lois. That was pretty smart on her behalf.

    Lol as much as I don't want to, I could Imagine Steel posing with a huge Hammer in the air. I'd make a DC Women Calendar just because but I'd need to add some more months to the year. Septober is Harley Quinn Month, Auguary is Power Girl Month! Lol.

    I definitely agree with you there, funny how all three of them makes one Bruce. Especially because of the time frames you'd think Tim would be more like Jason, Jason would be more like Dick and so on because of how Batman was when he trained each of them.

    Haha, I'd call in for Pro-Jason. I think the most surprising thing about Jason is, he hasn't really had a storyline where he can shine since before "One Year Later", his Storyline in Batman and Robin was interesting because of his Irony of Jason doing everything that'd been done to him in the past but other than that Jason hasn't accomplished much since Batman 650, so to see so many people like Jason and want a series for him is awesome.

  30. Women of DC? Oh jeez. You'd need two calendars. Wondy, Starfire (even though I can't stand her, she is pretty much always naked), HQ (she's my fave), Catwoman, Ivy, Lois (another fave!), PG, Cheshire, Batwoman, Dinah Queen, Rose Wilson (I can't stand her, but she is hot), and Donna Troy. I'll have to think of others, but there are many a hot gal in the DCU!

    That is so true. He was good in Green Arrow and the Outsiders, but other than that used so sparingly and some of them have been ranging from the not-so great (Countdown) to the terrible (that Nightwing thing with the tentacles... and Battle for the Cowl). And if you can love Jason through all of that... it's like loving the Red Sox pre- World Series champs, amirite? You have to have a bit of a lyrical soul, one that can stick through the good and the bad.

  31. Lol exactly, I agree with all those picks, even though I LOVE Ravager, I don't know what it is but she's one of my favorite female characters. But I'd love that calendar, and Oracle of course would have to be on it, and Huntress. DC does have a lot of hotties though.

    Oh man, he was used HORRIBLY... Tentacles?! Really? I hated that Nightwing Arc so much, I did love him fighting Tim in Teen Titans though, that was excellent. Lol you're right, being a Jason Todd fan is like being a Red Sox pre-world series champ fan, hell now a days it's like being a Lions fan. Ewww... Lol

  32. Ha! Yes, one of my good friends is really trying to get me to love Ravager because she does. Actually, I honestly don't mind her that much, since I would include her in a DC calendar, obviously. But I think you have to like her bitchy 'tude.

    OH God... that Nightwing arc... I wish it could be banished from all of existence. *never happened*
    Teen Titans, and the last bit of Robin issues 178-183 were great. Tim even looks like a bit of a jerk at one point in that issue, when Jason reaches out to him, asking him if he wants to hear what Bruce had to say. And Tim flat out says "No." I'm glad Fabian Nicieza set Tim up to have some flaws in that issue; as well, we see that Tim underestimates Jason quite a bit. At least Dick knows better than to do that.

    Hahah... my dad and brother are Lions fans. ...Poor Jaybird.

  33. Yeah I think that's what I like about her, I mean she's trained by Deathstroke and Nightwing, and she's a smart ass. I just love her character haha.

    Yeah the only good thing in that Nightwing arc was Cheyenne Freemont in the Nightwing Costume... Lol. Yeah I read those Robin issues and liked them, I like that Tim came off like a jerk. Because he has reason to, I mean Jason did attack him in Teen Titans unprovoked and everything. And Tim didn't know better, although I'm sure now he does, not to underestimate Jason, hell Jason's as close to Bruce as anyone trained by him would be considering he trained with Bruce's trainers and was trained by Bruce.

  34. Yeah, but even that didn't make up for that arc. At least she was a red-head, so that ties into Dick's red-head fetish...

    Yes! Tim definitely harbours a lot of resentment towards Jason and it shows. And exactly, Jason attacked Tim unprovoked. What I find interesting is just how much Tim lived in Jason's shadow and suddenly he's back and he's changed. Tim had never known Jason before, but he thought about him a lot and he even chattered to his memorial in the cave in the early days. So I think Tim had this idea of Jason in his head and when he returned and crossed the line (defying the Bat-moral code), some of Tim's resentment towards Jason got caught up in that.

    Blah, blah, blah I'm sorry! I could go on forever. :-D

  35. Hell, I never noticed that he had a Red head fetish, yet you're right he does. How could I not have noticed that?!

    Good point, I don't think Jason lived up to Tim's wishes either, I mean I'm sure he looked at Jason as this guy who was like him and Dick, a brother, and to see Jason was different and wasn't like him was a shock to him, and of course him turning rogue (by killing people, even though they were dealers) he seemed let down. Funny thing is, I think if Tim was in trouble, and needed it, Jason (pre-BFTC) wouldn't have hesitated to help Tim, because he knows the Bat Family is the only family he has.

    Lol you're fine, as long as people comment I'll reply (unless I don't get the email and never know, lol.)