Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Hey loyal readers, welcome back to my Red Hood. Jason Todd here with another edition of Ratings and Rantings. Picking up where we left off last week with the conclusion of Blackest Night. Also we're taking a look at Teen Titans #81, Gotham City Sirens #10, and JLA 43 which continues our DC's Rise and fall storyline. Also I'll be adding a new poll shortly after this post, as our winner this week looks to be Static, but more on that later. Let's start things of with our lovely ladies of Gotham City, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and Catwoman, The Gotham City Sirens.

Gotham City Sirens #10

First things first, anyone notice that for some reason on the first page The Riddler looks JUST like Hal Jordan? It's more so the mask than anything but it just caught me by surprise, I had to do a double take. You'd think they'd make his mask less Green Lantern like. Anyway, it was dumb enough to bring Aesop back, I mean he's like a Z-List villain, but his motivation was quite possibly the dumbest I've ever heard. I mean of ALL the reasons to be upset, THAT one?! Also that whole stealing the other people's clothes routine is so old and played out I can't believe Dini even did it.  (Not complaining about Harley in a dress though...) What was the point of it? What if Riddler dies why their changing clothes?! Also how the hell does Aesop get all the way across the room in two seconds? One second he's opening a cell the next he's going all Barry Bonds on Selina's head. Anyway, the main villain proved to be as useless as ever. The only interesting thing was the ending with The Riddler. That builds a storyline I'm interested in seeing so that alone saved the comic, so I'll give it a 4/10 rating. Here's hoping Sirens is better from here on out, hell bring back Selina's sister, Joker or someone else.

Aesop: And what else would I call one who sells out his former brothers in crime to the police?
The Riddler: Forgive me, "Bro" but I don't recall the two of us ever spending any quality time in the Arkham rec room.

Justice League of America #43

James Robinson wrote this, and after Cry for Justice I can't say that excites me, so here's hoping no more little girls die for no reason at all.... better watch your kids Wally. Anyway, I couldn't agree with Dick more when the comic starts off, he read my mind. This JLA isn't a JLA, it's just a bunch of people on a team. There's no leader, no unity and no real team. Once again Barry being dead forever comes into play, with the fact that he doesn't know ANYONE on the team besides Dinah and Dick. And who the hell is this blue guy?! When did Mystique jump from Marvel to DC? Also, just so you know, Mon-El has yet to say a word halfway into this comic. And Dr. Light may have just said the most dumb thing I've ever read, it was so dumb it earned instant line of the issue status. Anyway then the issue jumps from Pre-Blackest Night to post Blackest Night and loses like half the cast for no reason at all. Everything about this just annoyed me to no end. The only good thing was the ending, and not even the main comic ending but the...very ending I guess? Anyway I hated this, 3.5/10. I'm really close to dropping JLA. Also just for the record, Mon-El never did speak a word for this entire issue, even though he's on the cover.

Doctor Light: Green Arrow was here! Look, His arrows!!!
(...YA THINK?! I mean you don't think it's obvious to EVERYONE when there's GREEN ARROWS ON THE FLOOR, that just MAYBE, they belong to GREEN ARROW?!)

Teen Titans #83
(No cover because it has spoilers on it)
Teen Titans picks up where we left off with some of our Titans captured by the villainous Holocaust. Meanwhile our other Teen Titans have apparently been asleep, because when your buddies consisting of three women and no guys at all go out to look for someone who's missing, the remaining shape-shifter, the martian, the guy with alien technology for a suit and the for lack of a better term, witch, all decide to stay at the hotel and catch some Z's. Meanwhile Cyborg is shown talking to some mysterious figures about retirement. Later we get some stupid conversation that's completely out of character for Bombshell, as well as a bunch of stupid jokes and Teen's laughing because everyone knows even when their in danger, teenagers laugh at stupidity. Also we see Holocaust kick everyone's ass on the team, because no matter how obscure, he can still completely own a team of 8 superheroes. Lastly the comic ends with an awesome return I won't spoil for you. As you can see from my lack of enthusiasm I hated this comic, if it weren't for the last page (a common trend tonight) I would've given this a 1. But because of it, I'll give this a 3/10. I wouldn't recommend this as it was very boring but It did lead to something I've wanted for a while, so that alone made it worth checking out I guess.

Blue Beetle: NGGH! Gearing up... so painful!
(Why? Because I hate Jaime "Hai-Me" Reyes and I love seeing him in pain. We want Kord, we want Kord!)

Blackest Night 8

And now, this is your MAIN EVENT, hailing from the talented mind of Geoff Johns, weighing in at an astonishing 36 pages not counting ads, from DC Comics, the undisputed heavyweight series, OF THE WORLD, Blackest Night 8!!! *Crowd cheers* Okay, enough of me. After months we finally get the end of Blackest Night, and it did not disappoint. While there are ALOT of unanswered questions, this comic definitely delivered. The action, the plot, the story lines being built and the HUGE HUGE revelation we got near the end was definitely worth the wait. Do I think they dropped the ball a little? Yes. Ted Kord anyone? But this did what it was supposed to, end Blackest Night and move us towards Brightest Day. I'm definitely looking forward to Brightest Day, more than I was for Blackest Night now. There's alot to be explained and I for one can't wait. Also the page with the White Lanterns definitely made this a classic. Gotta give it a 10/10, I loved it and can't wait for Brightest Day.

Larfleeze: Victory is mine baldy! And if you had any hair I'd take that too!

So a subpar week with a huge Blackest Night ending. Teen Titans didn't impress me, as for the poll Static wins with two votes. Bombshell, Miss Martian and Wonder Girl are all in second with one vote a piece. I knew adding a ton of people (all the Teen Titans) was a bad idea but eh, I didn't wanna show favoritism. So will Static be the breakout Teen Titan? Only time will tell, but be sure to check out the newest poll featuring four Villains and cast your vote. This upcoming week, I'll be picking up and reviewing Batman & Robin 11 (As you may recall, I liked the last issue), Flash Secret Origins, Red Robin 11 and Superman: Secret Origins 5. So until then you've just been gobsmacked.

- Jason Todd


  1. Your comments on the characters sleeping in Teen Titans reminds me of a rather stupid plot point from Chris Claremont's run on the X-titles in the early 2000s. In his first or second issue he had Kitty Pryde falling to Earth in a destroyed satellite station (from which the rest of the X-Men were able to escape), or something like that. The X-Men vowed to find out where she had landed, if she was even still alive...and then no one mentioned her for the rest of the time Claremont was writing the books, which was another year or year and a half! (It was finally explained that she was still alive by a different writer in a short story in X-Men Unlimited.)

    Anyhow, sorry you didn't enjoy much this week, but I'm glad you liked Blackest Night. I'll have to look into it when the collection comes out.

  2. Lol wow. How do you just forget to even have the characters look for her?! After making a vow... man, no wonder I've heard such bad things about Claremont.

    Ah it's cool, ya win some ya lose some. But yeah Blackest Night 8 was awesome, whenever you do get a chance to check it out I'd be interested in hearing your thoughts on it as well. I tried to stay vague as to not spoil it for anyone.

  3. As you know, I skipped over everything but the scores, and I have to say, ouch, with the exception of Blackest Night, those are some LOW scores! I am NOT looking forward to reading many of those books now! I'm especially surprised by the low Sirens score... That is def not very promising!

    As for the poll, my vote had to go for Lex Luthor! I always get a kick out of him and the way he's always trying to rationalize his manical hatred of Supes. I honestly could have picked any of those other choices though(as long as Sinestro is pre-White Lantern Sinestro!). Tough poll this week, JT!

  4. I don't know, wev've had our disagreements I guess you'd say over scores but I didn't care for it at all. Some of the things, I mentioned most just made no sense to me at all. I'm very interested in what you give them though.

    Who are you telling? I was conflicted for like ten minutes lol. I went with Deathstroke, out of everyone up there I think he could balance one out the best. I was gonna put Joker up but he can't really have his own series without getting annoying so I used Jason instead even though he's not a real villain per se.

  5. Tough pick between Jason and Lex for me, but I went with Lex in the end. I don't think he could necessarily sustain his own ongoing series, but he gets miniseries from time to time and those are usually pretty enjoyable, so I wouldn't mind seeing more. Jason is a strong candidate too, and probably has more potential in the long-term for an ongoing series, although the idea isn't quite as unique as a story centered around Lex.

  6. I agree with you Marc. I have liked reading about Lex and while Jason would be more suited for an ongoing story since he's more conflicted I'd definitely like a Lex read. I really feel like personality wise you can do alot with Deathstroke though. Whether it's making him fight heroes like Grayson, Villains because of his whole assassin life, or having him run into Jericho or Ravager, he has alot of mobility for a story.

  7. Once again, great review. Unlike X, lol, I read your reviews before actually reading the comic sometimes. Lol. Shame I know. It usually saves me time if its bad not to read it. We have similiar tastes in comics, so you usually don't steer me wrong in my decisions to read. :D

    BUT sir I must say, I agree with you about Blackest Night 8, I was super excite to read it. Mostly because it was over, lol, and I wanted to see what was going to happen. Everything about it was fantastic. :D

    Oh and thanks for letting me borrow "Green Lantern: Rebirth" that was a FANTASTIC read. I finished it and was like wow, mouth literally opened, in shock. Geoff Johns is just wonderful. That's something you can do a random "Rant and Review" about. Can't wait to read that review.

  8. Lol nah you're fine, as long as ya read it I'm happy lol.

    Lol I agree, Glad it's over but super hyped for Brightest Day, and since it's bi-weekly no long month to month waits for the next issue!

    X also told me I should review that, but I'm lazy :P Maybe I will though since that's two votes from you guys. Maybe... :P

  9. Oh you will do it. Because I said so. :D Just like you did your review today like I told you too. :D

    love ya! lol.

  10. Lol I did it because I was bored, and my Doubles, AND DOUBLES of fans demanded it. (I've been watching old Rock promos) Then I played Dragon Age.

    Love ya too :P

  11. I'd definitely be interested to hear your thoughts on Rebirth...mainly since I'm posting a review of that book tonight, and I'm interested to see how our thoughts compare. :)

  12. what do u think about Boston Brand being alive?

  13. What are the odds Marc? Well in that case the review is coming, although it probably won't be until I get my TPB from Falisha.

    Honestly Joseph I don't know what to expect. He's kinda useless while alive but I figure he's gotta be somewhat important for him to be brought back. I'm just confused as to why his face has been a mask after all this time if no one could see him anyway....

  14. I have an answer for your question about Dead Man's face, When he died he was an acrobat, his costume was the one that he was wearing when he died, so it became permanent, so now that he is alive he can take it off.

  15. Ah that explains alot. Thanks for that Joseph, I don't really know alot about the guy besides his powers and that I believe he traveled with Haley's Circus as well but I'm not 100% sure on that.

  16. Hey, check out my boy, Lex Luthor running away with the vote this week! I have to say, that leaves me very pleasantly surprised!

  17. Lol it's about time you finally voted with someone who was able to win a poll :P Any thoughts on what the next poll should be?

  18. I just re-read the last TT issue. Turns out they had separate watches, with Wonder Girl, Aquagirl and Bombshell up first, and then reliving the next lot at 6. Which is why it was dark when they were searching for them.

    Still not the best issue. Not a real fan of this writer anyway. Dialogues off, sometimes can't tell what's happening, but at least Holocaust is a realistic villain. Sortof...

  19. Ah that explains alot, hell I'd forgotten with a month between issues. I kinda like Holocaust because he's just after money and makes that clear, at least he's straightforward for the most part but yeah this dialogue really leaves something to be desired.

  20. Yeah, I'd forgotten it to until I was looking through the issues for Miss Martian references :D
    Well, he's a nice simple character like that who can reappear without huge amounts of explaining. Want money, doing job to get money.
    The dialogue, well, it's just horrible...

  21. I was gonna ask why but I've already seen your blog today so I know.

    Yeah, I was wondering why they didn't go with someone from Static's show, I don't know if Holocaust was in past Static comics before he made the jump to DC or anything but he's a powerful character with simple motivation.

    Yeah the dialogue is just horrendous. I wish we could get Bryan Q. Millar writing Teen Titans.

  22. Exactly. References weren't all that helpful really...
    My own take of the character (as per always ;))

    Holocaust is someone from Milestone, so yeah, he's featuring for the same reason as Static

    Oh, that would be soooo sweet :D

  23. Ahh I was unaware but I figured as much. Hm... I may have to find some old Static comics now.

    Right? That dude made me like Damien (when he writes him anyway) So I'm sure he could make me like that DREADFUL Blue Beetle.

  24. He appeared in Blood Syndicate FYI

    Oh yeah, he was a real miracle worker with that one
    You know, maybe it's just me, but am I the only one seeing UST between Aquagirl and Bombshell?

  25. Thank ya sir, I'll be sure to look that up right after this comment.

    If by UST you mean Unspoken Sexual Tension I hope not because I'd like to see that. Lol

  26. I wouldn't drop Justice League of America if I were you, Blackest Night ended, many characters are back, some of which are on the Justice League, maybe people like Aquaman, or Hawk Girl are going to make a dramatic appearance.

  27. True but I figure if I wanna see them I could always read Brightest Day as they'll be featured prominently. Also the JLA/JSA crossover is coming up and I don't even follow JSA so I'm not really interested in that.

  28. I would be exited, I do fallow JSA and I can tell you honestly that it is very good.

  29. I'm sure it is, I just don't care for anyone in the JSA except Power Girl, Jesse Quick and um... that's it. Oh yeah Jay Garrick.

  30. Yeah. I haven't read it myself, but I hadn't heard of Milestone until semi-recently, and I'm liking what I've read. So yeah, probably should buy it myself...

    Well, Unresolved Sexual Tension, and I just think it's a) got all the hallmarkings of it b) DC need more gay characters, and they don't have to stand out or anything, it could just be a quick one issue story, maybe someone walks in on them *bang* hey look, Bombshell didn't think it was a big deal, but Aquagirl was uncomfortable by it and didn't want the others to know/freak out.
    That or it just happened, first time. Or, hey, maybe they find beer. No, wait, DC wouldn't allow that last one. Would be realistic, and something I would write, but they have anti-alcohol messages, which, is the same stupidity as anti-sex messages in the age ratings of film. Violence: A-ok. Sex, nonono, that's wrong immoral stuff there...

    Bet you weren't expecting a mini essay from me there, eh? :P but then it is 6:30am, my brain has just starting up and is spewing out the ideas because I couldn't get all the drawings I wanted to get done yesterday...

  31. Ah what have you read from Milestone so far?

    Lol It was worth it. I could definitely see that happening too, hell I wouldn't be surprised if that's why Ravager and Bombshell don't get along. I could see Bombshell making a pass at her.

    Wow this whole time you've been asleep I've been watching tv and playing videogames. It's 1:30 am here.

  32. Not much at all. Really just the DC stuff that's come out, as that's when I first heard of em. Liked it though

    See, now we're moving away from a story and onto the male equivalent of yaoi. Oh, what the hell, all three of em perhaps?
    No, wait, this is stupid. Not going down this route. I want to tell stories dammit. Though turning this into a story for moi characters is perfectly acceptable. Just who to choose from. And from what age. Hmmmm

    Well, either sleep or work. One of the two. Working now