Sunday, May 2, 2010

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without A Face

Once again, I, Jason Todd, welcome you to my Red Hood. This time our favorite arachnid is swinging through again as I tackle Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face. After finding out there was more to the story after last weeks review of Spider-Man Noir (seen here), I decided to seek out this continuation to my new favorite Noir hero. So at the request of Marc and X-Man75 I decided to review this compilation of issues. Like it's predecessor it's a four issue arc, so without any more of my rambling on let's get to it.

Spider-Man Noir: Eyes without a Face takes place after the original Spider-Man: Noir. With Peter Parker already being the web-slinging super hero, the crime rate in New York City has definitely taken a big hit. But it's not all daisies and roses. The true threat lies with a man known as The Crime Master. The Crime Master has been causing trouble left and right, and he's not alone. He has a big muscular powerhouse, known only as The Sandman. The Sandman, seemingly impervious to pain has been called on when The Crime Master needs to "put someone to sleep." Just when things couldn't get any worse, our hero finds out someone has been kidnapping African-American's and conducting experiments to make them into the perfect slaves. Yes, you read that right, The perfect slaves. And also with special appearances by Robbie Robertson, Felicia Hardy, Otto Octavius and more Spider-Man alumni.

Now I thought this was a pretty good comic. The storyline was well done and I thought it was very enjoyable and the characters were very well written. I will say I didn't enjoy this as much as the first for some reason. There was something about it I couldn't really get into it as well as I did with the first arc. I will say if Marvel continued the Spider-Man Noir series I would be a frequent reader, I enjoy how they've made the characters adapt to the times and have made me really sympathize with them. That being said, You won't NEED Eyes without a Face but it doesn't hurt to check it out. I'll give it a 7/10.

I wish I had more to say about this but without ruining Spider-Man Noir I can't discuss it as clearly as I'd like. That being said If anyone is thinking about picking them up, or teetering the fence, I'd definitely recommend you get Spider-Man: Noir and if you like it, I'd recommend Eyes without A Face. So, that's all for me today, quick review but I've been watching Lost from the beginning (NO SPOILERS), already near the end of Season 2 and it's calling my name haha. And of course we have a new weekly poll that everyone can vote on, so feel free to do that. As for last weeks results.

"Which dead DC Character are you disappointed didn't return for Brightest Day?"

Last Place with 0% - Inertia, The Speedster falls into last place.
Fourth Place with 11.1% - Vic Sage, Why didn't he win, That is The Question. (Lmao I love that.)
Tied for Second with 22.2% - Tempest and Prometheus play second string
And The Winner with 44.4%, The True Blue Beetle, Ted Kord!

Thanks again everyone who voted, looking forward to next weeks results as well, now it you'll excuse me, It's time for Lost, because you've just bee Gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd


  1. I was kind of surprised to see Cap over there as a part of the poll, since you're so much more a DC guy then a Marvel guy JT(he says while JT is reviewing a Marvel comic!). I'm kind of curious, what made you put Cap there?

    Eh, if you'd have scored this one a bit higher I'd probably have tossed it into one of my shopping carts, but 7/10 although good really doesn't move me. Unless you tell me to buy it, then I would! :p

  2. Lol I was gonna ask you if you noticed the irony? And yeah, I was gonna put Green Lantern up there but I knew I'd get the "He's gonna get a game anyway when he gets his movie" answer so I went with Cap. It'd be interesting to play a Cap game though,

    BUY IT!!!! Just kidding, Yeah, I wouldn't recommend it unless you liked the first book, because they kinda tie together. Did you get Spider-Man Noir?

  3. Does Eyes Without a Face have the same artist as the first book? I still do plan on reading the first one soon, so I'll have to let you know what I think of it.

  4. Yep Marc, Same Artist and writer, and sweet, I'm looking forward to discussing it with ya. Did you order it already?

  5. Not yet, I'm going to get a few of the Eisner nominees read first. I should be posting a review of one of them either tomorrow or the next day. As I mentioned in my quick blog update today, I'm planning a big trade/hardcover order soon so Spider-Man Noir will probably be a part of that.

    Cool to hear that Eyes Without a Face has the same creative team. I like the artist...he did a few issues of Spider-Man's Tangled Web I enjoyed in the early 2000s, as well as the Daredevil: Battling Jack Murdock series.

    Are you planning on checking out any of the other Marvel Noir series?

  6. Ah got ya, I need to go read that post, I probably will tomorrow as I'm heading to bed in a sec.

    I was gonna grab Daredevil Noir and I was thinking about Ironman as well but I'll probably look into some reviews for that one first, how about you?

  7. I read the first two issues of X-Men Noir a few months ago and really didn't like it. At some point I'll probably read the other half of the series but I doubt it'll change my opinion much. I've heard Iron Man is surprisingly good, along with Luke Cage, so I'd like to read those. I haven't read much about the Daredevil or Wolverine ones, so I'm not sure what to expect of them.

  8. Now that's what I call a good review. The perfect slave you say? I almost forgot the time setting for this comic, lol.

    With that said, nice job on the review. There's nothing like seeing/reading the first of something and being blown away just to get to the sequel or continuation and being highly disappointed (Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian...ohhh that movie pissed me off. lol)

    Glad you stuck it out though to produce a nice review.

  9. So the Luke Cage one is good eh? I may have to check that one out as well.

    Yeah, lol, it was pretty damn interesting if you ask me.

    Oh yeah that was a baaaad movie. I feel like that was a waste of cash, damn that was bad. And thanks for the kind words :)

    Lol do you mean stuck it out and read or stuck it out from watching Lost? :P Either answer works.