Monday, April 12, 2010

What I Learned From: Blackest Night

Hey guys, this is a new edition to JTCS. It's called "What I learned From", and it'll feature numerous facts I learned from each topic. In this debut of What I learned from, I'll tell you guys the super amazing things I learned from Blackest Night. That's right, everything from A to Z, from Atrocitus to Zombies, so get ready for a bunch of small facts and thoughts of what I learned from, Blackest Night!

~The following are the views of the Jason Todd Comic Spot, they are in no way, shape or form considered to be coherent in any language or to any race or creed of people. Without any more stalling, I present to you What I learned from Blackest Night.~

What I learned from Blackest Night

That when people die, they come back as zombies to rip your heart out to power a huge battery so an obscure villain can come back to life.

When That obscure villain DOES infact come back to life, he will stand around for about four issues until finally it only takes one punch from Hal Jordan to defeat him.

When Sinestro is the only White Lantern he manages to die at least twice, when Hal Jordan is White Lantern he manages to recruit about 10 other people then defeat Nekron with the aformentioned one punch.

When the Anti-Monitor, scourge of the 1980's and the main reason Barry Allen died, by sacrificing his life to stop him comes back to life, no one cares at all. Not even Barry Allen.

When you come back first during the zombie invasion (Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Firestorm) prepare to sit around for a bunch of issues doing and saying nothing, although in the issues where you returned you were a force to be reckoned with.

When someone carries around someone else's skull, It's not them.

If Batman's skull is to ever be found somewhere, it will almost definitely have Bat-ears for some reason,

In a time of Crisis, Batman, Red Robin and Robin will call each other Dick Grayson, Tim Drake and Damian Wayne right in front of people who do not know their secret identities.

Dove didn't rise because apparently he was content being dead, as he now has all the time in the world to read every book known to man.

DC couldn't go one major event without including at least ONE talking monkey.

Apparently when you're Captain Boomerang, you can die fat and out of shape and come back slim and in the best condition of your life.

When you're an obscure character who's whole way of life is being Dead, DC will bring you back to life just to show they'll resurrect ANYONE but Ted Kord.

Lex Luthor wants to be Superman.

Larfleeze wants a Blue Lantern Ring.

Mera didn't want kids apparently.

J'onn Jones wants some goddamn oreos, asap!

Despite being "Batman", Dick Grayson did absolutely nothing during Blackest Night. The most important thing he did was freeze himself so the Black Lanterns would think he was dead...and then they left and that's it.

Osiris got revenge on Sobek, and was finally at peace....then for some reason they brought him BACK to life.

Max Lord apparently is strong enough to mind control Guy Gardner, someone who has more Will than almost everyone on the entire planet.

Stay away from Blackest Night: Wonder Woman or else...for the love of God just stay away!

If everyone comes back from the dead magically, they will always, ALWAYS, strike a super cool pose. If you don't believe me, tell me why the hell Firestorm is making an energy orb in the picture below?

That's all I can think of right now but feel free to submit your own, what you learned from Blackest Night answers below, and as always feedback is appreciated. Don't forget to vote on the new poll as well that's Brightest Day related. As for Last week's which villain should get their own comic series.

Lex Luthor - 62.5%, Lex Luthor wins again, I bet you guys were the same that made him President :P
Jason Todd - 25.0%, 2nd place for the 2nd Robin.
Deathstroke - 12.5%, Third place for the World's Greatest Assassin
Sinestro - 0%, no votes for our favorite Fear monger.

Thanks again for reading and voting and until next time, you've just been gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd


  1. *applauds* That was fantastic. I never laughed at so many random facts. I have TOO many favorites to even list. But I definitely like this segment of your blog.

    And if I did have to choose a favorite it would be...

    "Apparently when you're Captain Boomerang, you can die fat and out of shape and come back slim and in the best condition of your life."

    Lol. I sooo thought it was his son that came back.

    Fatastic job once again sir.

  2. Lmao. "Fantastic Job once again." Sorry about that typo.

  3. Lol only Captain Boomerang can do a Fatastic job. Thanks a lot for the comments, glad you enjoyed it :D I'm glad I'm making it a staple of the blog, hope everyone else enjoys it as well as you do :) Thanks again. And yeah it SHOULD have been his son.

  4. You're welcome. And I always look forward to new things on your blog so hopefully, we'll get more from you? :)

  5. I'll be sure to try to do more :)

  6. That was pure and total AWESOMENESS JT! I'm already looking forward to the next installment of What I Learned From!

    I had to laugh at the Captain Boomerang thing, because my sister said the EXACT same thing! As for Batman's skull having bat-ears, I can solve that one for you. It's because his shadow always has the bat-ears too! :-) They must be invisible at all times... except when it's Bruce Wayne's shadow or he's dead.

    I also got a kick out of the Sinestro/Hal differences. Poor Sinestro... You can sure tell who has their own comic book and who doesn't! Before I go, that's another good poll question, JT. I of course picked Maxwell Lord, because he's awesome. Hopefully he'll be the clear winner like Pres. Luthor was.

  7. Lol thanks X, glad you also enjoyed it, I was hoping everyone liked my random attempts at comedy.

    I mean did he take Owen's body or something? I'm also mad they never really brought up the whole Owen/Bart being related thing. And yeah Bruce's Bat ears must be phantom limbs or something.

    Right? They really screwed Sinestro. Thanks again for the comments on the poll question, you and Falisha both picked Max Lord and myself and some mystery person picked Deadman, so we'll see.

  8. Max Lord NEEDS this. Like he has so much potential to just take and send JLA on a loop. He's so evil. Lol. he may even be more evil than Lex.

  9. Lol I doubt my blog helps him at all but I'd like to think it will :D Also, this is the only poll Deadman will EVER have a chance at winning lol

  10. Lol. I almost voted for Deadman, because it seemed like his return to life was the beginning of something we're in store for. But I feel they'll just screw him like they screwed Sinestro, lol, just not that bad.

  11. I wouldn't be surprised, it's almost a given that he's gonna die again.

  12. I went with Deadman in the poll, thinking he'd be the total underdog...but apparently he's winning! Anyhow, very entertaining post about some of the more inconsistent/strangest aspects of Blackest Night. I kind of wish they'd brought The Question back after he got his own one shot and all, but maybe there wasn't enough demand to justify bringing him to life again.

  13. Right? I expected Aquaman to win so this is a pleasant surprise. And thanks Marc, also glad you enjoyed it.

    I agree I wish they'd brought The Question back as well, as they killed him just when I was starting to really like him, but yeah that one shot was horrible. Then again do you think Osiris's sold more than his?

  14. Aww I forgot about the Question. I miss him :(

  15. Oh yeah, the Question... Yeah, besides no Ted Kord, I think that's prob the biggest missed opportunity. So we get Deadman(whose gimmick is that he's dead)back, but not the Question or Ted... Hmmm......

    As for the Osiris thing, I'm going to guess that it was less about sales and more about some writer(maybe Geoff, who knows)wanting him back. I still think he'd make a pretty good addition to the Teen Titans. Hell, get rid of Jamie and replace him with Osiris, I know that would def make me happy!

  16. Yep, no Kord, no Question, no Captain Boomerang (Owen version), but we get Deadman to be alive, and um... Reverse-Flash even though Zoom is better.

    I like Osiris, and I'd definitely like to have him join the Teen Titans, just seems odd. Looks like he'll be joining another team though...

  17. It's not so much that Max mind controlled Guy, its that Guy should have had mental shields up to prevent it. That said, Max is a very powerful mind controlling telepath. Granted he has the nosebleed side effect that keeps him in check.

  18. Agreed, one would think that Guy would have enough mental training to block that sort of thing. I'm wondering what his big storyline is gonna be though as he's clearly got the potential to be the biggest villain of Brightest Day.