Saturday, March 27, 2010

Debut Edition of Ratings and Rantings

Hey hey hey everybody. JT here with the first edition of Ratings and Rantings which is exactly the same thing as Review a Few just with a less cheesy name :P So  I'll still review everything the same and still have the Line of The Issue and etc. For those curious as to why my article is so late, I actually had computer problems Wednesday, so bad I had to delete EVERYTHING off my computer. Falisha then came and got my laptop Thursday and took it to her father who is an ace computer repair guy and fixed my precious link to the outside world. So thanks to those two awesome people, now lets not hesitate any longer and get to some reviews.

Batman: Streets of Gotham  #10

Streets 10 picks up where #7 left off, I believe it was 7 as it's been a while since we read about Zsasz's exploits. Let me just say I LOVE the shots from Zsasz's point of view, it really show you how his sick mind works. Also the backstory with Abuse was amazing. Dini is wonderful for taking an event in Batman mythos I barely remembered and making a hero out of them. It makes so much sense too now that I know the whole story and they definitely helped the rating in my eyes. I also liked that he alluded to that female villain, The Carpenter or whatever her name is, from former stories, most recently Gotham City Sirens. I will say Damien must be a damn idiot. It's not obvious enough that you're ten and the same height and build as Robin but you're giving out info that only Batman, Robin and the cops know?! That's another example of Damian being an idiot in a comic. I mean... you basically give hints you're Robin, then you say your real name, which must be easy to find since you're BRUCE WAYNE'S SON!!! But then to do some flipping attacks while you're not in costume in front of people just screams stupidity. See, first comic you got more ranting than rating. Anyway I really liked the story, the Damien parts hurt it in my eyes but I'll give it a 7/10.

Jonesy: Gold Or Brass?
Abuse: Which would hurt more when slugged in the face?
Jonesy: Brass.
Abuse: Then Brass.

Deadpool #21

Deadpool 21 continues with our Mouthy Merc, our Murderous Monkey and our friend;y neighborhood Spider-Man. There's far too many things going on in this comic and I don't wanna spoil them. I loved Deadpool's plan although it took me a while to understand it, it was truly genius. Also the talk between Deadpool and Spidey at the end of the comic was fantastic. It seemed like a genuine true moment and definitely made me respect Deadpool for trying and respect Spider-Man for everything he's done as a hero. I loved the cops reaction to finding Spider-Man after the big showdown with Hit-Monkey as well, that one line was just awesome. Um... anything else? Oh yeah Deadpool and Spider-Man's exploits in Pete's apartment was great, but for some reason this issue didn't live up to my expectations which is sad after I gave the first two such good ratings. Once again I have to give a 7/10, here's hoping the trend doesn't continue.

Deadpool: Swanky Hotel huh? You could be rollin like this too if you let me hook you up with that Spider-Cave.

Justice League: The Rise and Fall of Arsenal #01

How is this under the Justice League banner? Is Roy apart of the JLA or what? Anyway... The cover was awesome, Dinah even looked real. I hate that Ollie looked like Rumplestiltskin but whatever, it's still an awesome cover. Starting this comic with Lian just tore at my heart... I mean her death was senseless and wrong, it contributed nothing and her being killed will forever be one moment that I will always stand against when it comes to comics. It's not enough that Roy was maimed for no good reason but killing his daughter ws just sick. Anyway the artwork in this comic is truly great, why Green Arrow's comic didn't have the same I have no idea but this art is amazing, especially the big page where Roy is waiting for an answer from Dinah about Lian's fate. Also, I know their making Roy out to be bitter and everything but what he said to Dinah, the woman who took him in and helped him when no one else would, made me sick. I seriously disliked Roy for a minute when I read that and that's not a good thing. Anyway, where their going with this comic, I have no Idea and I don't like it. The ending was horrible and if this is what their planning for Roy I'd rather he just stayed where he was and continued to have a bit part. This comic didn't impress me, I didn't like the story and I almost started to not like Roy and that's not a good way to start, hopefully Roy is redeemed but for now I gotta give this a 4/10.

Red Arrow: Nice try whoever you are. but I felt a gloved hand against the back of my head. You're not Freddy. (This line showed how awesome Red Arrow is)

Green Lantern #52

Here we are, after months and months this is the final pit-stop before the end of The Blackest Night. Let's get to it. Seeing the beings that represent each Color Corp was pretty damn awesome, even if it did look like a high school video on nature while we got their back story's. I kept waiting for Ben Stein to pop up. Anyway I'd be lying if I said I enjoyed this. It was basically filler to Blackest Night 8. This comic was pretty much useless and nothing changed from the beginning to the end. If I had skipped this and picked up BN 8 next week, I wouldn't even have noticed this comic existed. Oh well. Long story short this was 20 pages of uselessness and I'm very disappointed as I was expecting to end this review with a big bang, instead it's ending with a measly 2/10. That's all I'll give it for wasting my time. Oh well, the finale is next week and I couldn't be happier.

Sinestro: You have no idea the power I possess Nekron. I am one with every living thing in this universe. From the bacteria in the air to the guardians themselves. I am the center of it all!

So there you have it. This was not a good week for me, crappy comics, my laptop broke and um the best reviewed comic was a 7/10. Here's hoping next week makes up for it. I'll be reviewing the long awaited Blackest Night 8, Gotham City Sirens 10, JLA 43 and Teen Titans 81. Also it looks like everyone want's Mr. Freeze as he won this weeks poll. Expect a new poll up tomorrow as well. The results are below for anyone interested. Until next time, you've just been Gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd

Mr. Freeze


Solomon Grundy



  1. The spin offs for Blackest Night have all been a bit dragged out and tedious as of late. Just want em to end :D

  2. I agree with ya Nagash, glad it's over Wednesday/Thursday for you. And I JUST saw this comment haha.

  3. I think most of us just want Blackest Night to end by this point... Sure it was awesome at the start, but it's gone on a good 4 issues too long.

    Man, I've got to say that I'm a bit depressed about Hush only getting 22.2% of the vote... I figured he'd be the runaway winner!

  4. Agreed again and the main people who showed up first like Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and the others aren't even given any time in the comics anymore, and the Batman thing kinda went nowhere.

    Well it could be worse, he could be Solomon "No Votes" Grundy. I shouldn't have even put him in. Now I just gotta come up with a poll idea for tomorrow...

  5. Once again nice Rant and Review sir. Although I haven't read ANY of the comics in this review yet, lol, I still enjoyed reading your review. Sound so enthused and energetic. Lol. Great Job!!!

    And not to drag this Blackest night stuff on but I agree with you all. There has been FAR too much darkness...Blackest night needs to end.

    Am I the ONLY one who wanted more of Black Hand? Like he was there for the beginning and that's it. He was a disturbing character, I loved him!

  6. Well thank YOU ms. Falisha Ann for the kind kind words :D

    I'm hoping Brightest Day doesn't fizzle out quickly but I'm not even excited for it as much I was for Blackest night.

    I'm with you. Black hand got the shaft...lmao no pun intended. But yeah he was important at the beginning and now he's just some dude. Same with Scar who they killed off like three issues ago.

  7. I'm in total agreement on the treatment of both Black Hand, and to an even greater extent, Scar(who was HORRIBLY underutilized!!!) It was like those two built up the whole Blackest Night story, and then all of a sudden, halfway through, Nekron is the main villain... Then again, look at the Anti-Monitor... It's like Geoff suddenly thought, "Oh yeah, I guess I should do SOMETHING with him..."

    I was torn between Cassie and Static with the new poll, but I think Cassie probably has a better shot since she's in the WW family. I can see Cassie being like Donna Troy, always around, but never really a star. Unless the fans REALLY get behind him, I just can't see Static lasting past the Teen Titans...

    Oh, and I'm not touching the Black Hand/shaft comment!!!

  8. Agreed, it's like he completely forgot about the anti-monitor and just randomly remembered. And wasn't he a Sinestro Corp member anyway?

    I voted for Static as you see, I think his debut showed that someone's behind him because he came in so powerful with the Ravager fight, and he's already in the Titans so I think they expect to use him, but I can see your point with Cassie. Speaking of Teen Titans I think you're gonna enjoy the next issue from what I've heard X. Issue 81 that is.

    Lol come on man, you know that was a stroke (no pun intended) of genius!

  9. Yup, he was a member of the Sinestro Corps. Then he was imprisoned by Nekron(I guess)at the end of the Sinestro Corps War storyline.

    With Static, I think it depends on the writers trying to give him a personality of his own, they can't let him fall into the background. If that happens, then who knows, maybe down the road he'll make the JLA. It's these first few appearances that'll make or break him. Of course they also can't make the mistake of shoving him down the fans throats either. Hmm, I still haven't read issue #80, maybe I'd better get to that!

    "that was a stroke (no pun intended) of genius!" HA!!! Damn, WHAT is going on here?!?!?!

  10. Good point, it's hard to put him over with out shoving him down their throats because people will get sick of him, I think they can find a good medium for him though. I still think the Titans should be Cassie, Tim, Steph, Conner, Bart, Static and Ravager.

    Lol just my dirty mind at work, but you laughed so you're apart of the crew haha.

  11. Is that the Titans and not the Teen Titans? or what? Cause if so you're missing a few. But then those are the few I like ;) and I wouldn't bother with Conner or Bart...
    What would you have Cassie/Steph as then? But of course you mean Wonder Girl Cassie and not Batgirl Casandra...
    I don't care for Cassie. DC should bring back Cassandra as a brand new (completely new) identity.

  12. Lol I meant Teen Titans, if I wrote it those would be the main people, then again they coiuld just be the Titans and leave the Teen Titans to people like Beastboy, Blue Beetle and other people I don't care about.

    I don't care for Cassie (Wonder Girl) either but I think she'd fit the female powerhouse role right, plus you got her and Connor and their always together. I'd like Steph on the team just because I like her character and I think she'd be a fun part of the team, plus she's never really been on a team unless you count her tiny stint with Young Justice.

    I'm sure Cassandra is coming back, it's just a matter of when. I'm betting during Birds of Prey.

  13. Heh, we all have characters in TT/Titans we don't care for. Man, it's a good thing we aren't writing them, eh? ;)

    Ah yes, that typical role. Well, I suppose. I just don't care for her, and Miss Martian could do that ;)
    Yeah, Steph definitely deserves a place on the team. Unless she's gonna be a new BoP

    Yeah - I think it would be good if she had an entirely new superhero identify. Night Shadow or something, just a completely brand new one, not associated with anyone. Need more of those ;)

  14. Yeah because if it was up to me I would've killed off Reyes, never killed off Kid Devil or whatever Eddie's code name was, I was starting to like him.

    I could see Steph in either team to be honest, either way I'll be happy. She's my favorite Batgirl since Babs, I like Cassandra but I like Steph more.

    Agreed, seems like everyone is using someone else's name now. Night Shadow is a good name too.

  15. Wait? They killed off Kid Devil? I thought he was just off someone. He was a good un from the brief bits I read...

    Same, but I'm just thinking that if we've got a couple of mystery slots for the BoP, the main choices would be them, Vixen and, er, who else was in the JLA before CFJ?

    I'm always of the opinion that even if in a 'superhero family', you should try to keep the names unique. Hence I've got a character Ronin, and his sidekick, Amaterasu.

  16. Yeah dude they killed him back in...I think issue 72 or so. He died saving everyone or something and he was powerless but I was just starting to like the kid. Surprised he didn't make a Blackest Night appearance.

    Ah, you haven't seen the new cover with the mystery spots removed?

    Hm... where'd you come up with those names anyway Nagash?

  17. Oh right, well, I've only just started buying TT, and unless it picks up I might as well stop buying it...

    Nein, I had not...

    Oh. Dove I understand, but Hawk? OK. I thought the names was BIRDS of Prey, not Guys & Dolls of Prey...

    Well Ronin is a samurai based character, using a daisho method of fighting (katana and wakizashi, plus also a tech blade of his own invention), while Amaterasu is the name of the Japanese Sun Goddess. I do like mythological names ^^

  18. Well hopefully after that last issue it should get more awesome. Cyborg in now? Lol how do you go from Titans to JLA to TEEN Titans.

    I think he's gonna be a villain. He definitely seemed like an asshole when he came back from the dead, and he's in the shadows, so I'm thinking villain.

    Ooh clever. I love that even your names have some relevance instead of just being random names.

  19. Er, cause he retired from being a TT and then stepped out of it, I suppose...

    I wouldn't know, I've never read him before. I always thought he was somewhat like that.

    Well, I'm not a fan of the "man/woman" names, and alot of Marvel names sound stupid (I think).

  20. That's kind of a demotion if ya ask me...

    Same, I've seen him in an older comic here or there arguing with his brother, but I think he may be a villain this time around, I could be wrong though.

    I agree with you there, some have no thought at all

  21. Yeah, it is. And he's not a Teen anymore I would haveta say...

    Guess we'll jus have ta wait and see

    And DCs are generally more iconic, though mostly focused on either Man/Woman/Boy/Girl or a colour...
    Hmmmm, Superblueboy?

  22. True, so he's an Adult Teen Titan. Then again that would make Beast boy an adult too right?

    And wait and see we shall...

    Superman Red vs. Superman Blue vs. Superwoman vs. Superboy vs. Supergirl vs. Superman....

  23. Yep, and I suppose Raven, Starfire etc etc...

    Constantly waiting ;)

    You forgot Superboy Prime, Power Girl, Krypto etc ;)

  24. Well Raven is still a Teen since she died and came back younger apparently.

    Nah, I quit waiting.

    There's so MANY of them!!!