Thursday, February 11, 2010

Review a Few

Review a Few, Man that's all i do now. I'm gonna try to do more frequent posts but basically I've been running low on topics. Anyway there's alot of things coming in this review, so if you're X-Man and you're not caught up :P then feel free to skim, I doubt I'll ruin anything. Other readers like Falisha, Nagash, and Marc feel free to do your thang, read, comment, agree, disagree, whatever. My blog is your blog. So, let's dive head first into reviews with Titans.

Titans #22

This is the supposed last issue of Titans featuring the line up it started with. When Titans started we had Nightwing, Wally West, Roy Harper, Donna Troy, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven and Beast Boy. Man alot can change in twenty-two issues. So with the two remaining members of the Titans, we're left with the close of a chapter and the beginning of another. Now, onto the actual comic. I....don't know what to rate this. I mean...nothing happened at all, then they dropped the bomb on us that all this takes place BEFORE Blackest Night. even read it?! I already knew who was joining the JLA, I already knew the stuff about was this even written? Um...Yeah this sucked big time, I'll be generous and give it a 2/10. That's me being generous...

Cyborg: You've been leader here a few weeks and you already want a secret handshake? What are you, five?
Beast Boy: Sure. But it's dog years so it works out perfectly.

Batgirl #7

This comic....was awesome. I mean, I have no other words for it. Batgirl continues to be one of my favorite series. The art is always great, there's consistent action, comedy, and this is one of the few comics where Dick Grayson as Batman when shown still shines through as Dick Grayson. Plus it's made me like Damian somewhat, and I thought that was impossible. Great as always, I hope the trend continues, plus the next issue is synced up with Red Robin so apparently we'll get an appearance from Timothy Drake, so maybe he'll be written well for the first time in a while. Batgirl #7 gets a 9/10.

Damian: I'm only breaking the non-lethal rule if I maim the REAL Riot, correct?

Adventure Comics #7

Adventure Comics #7 starring Black Lantern Superboy. That title just sounds awesome. And the comic is...This one comic, is better than the other six that were written by Geoff Johns. Now I know that sounds crazy but this comic was SO action packed. I learned a ton of things about SB I didn't know and I feel like I like him more than ever. This comic was great, from cover to cover. I have no complaints at all, and I'm positive this along with Green Lantern #50 are two of the best things about Blackest Night that's not in one of the main books. Perfect 10/10.

Black Lantern Superboy: You know sometimes when I'm alone it's not even you I think about. It's Kara. Sure, she's technically my cousin, but does that even count to a clone?

So yeah, the few ended up being three comics but I'd rather it be this way with two comics rating really high. Next week's review is gonna be alot bigger considering there's Batman #696, Streets of Gotham #9,  Blackest Night Flash #3, Green Lantern #51, Green Lantern Corps #45, JLA #42 and
Superman/Batman #69. So, until next time guys, feel free to comment and I'll catch you guys later. And That's the bottom line....cause J. Todd said so! (I'm trying out new send off lines.) 

- J. Todd


  1. Nice job on the review. You're definitely making me want to drop EVERYTHING I'm doing to read Batgirl and Adventure Comics. But things must get done. :D I'll check em out later. :D

    And you're not the only one loving Batgirl. I must admit I was a little on the Ugh side of having a new Batgirl, I loved Barbara as BG, BUT, Stephanie is doing a fantastic job. Kudos to the writers! :D

  2. Thanks :D I'm with you, Barbara will always be Batgirl to me but Stephanie is a damn good replacement. She's funny, she loves the job and she's just a very hopeful crime fighter. And I can't wait to hear what you think about Batgirl and Adventure comics.

  3. Wow, that's a pretty low score for Titans... I was actually expecting a bit more from that. And I've got to say, I was gobsmacked(heh)when I saw you give Adventure a 10/10! Considering Geoff Johns isn't writing it anymore, I was expecting it to really go downhill. Now I can't wait to get my copy and give it a read.

  4. Yeah I was surprised at how much I hated Titans and super surprised at how good Adventure comics was. Man...I also expected it to go downhill but I loved that issue. Also, Gobsmacked is a truly awesome word.

  5. JT, if I can work the word gobsmacked into just one sentence a day, I'm a very happy person.

  6. So....I've decided my new send off line is gonna be "You've just been Gobsmacked!" Just to spite ya. :P Lol