Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Quick Update

Just a quick update guys. I was gonna post a review over the weekend but I was working on a Spec Script. Basically for those of you who don't know a Spec Script is basically a fan made script of an already existing show. I'm trying to become a comedy writer so basically I gotta make a Spec Script and pass it around as my resume of sorts. Mine is on The Office for anyone who cares lol. So I've been working on that over the weekend, then I ended up getting a horrible head ache Sunday so I tried to stay off the computer for the most part. Just letting you guys know I'll have my reviews up tomorrow on Thursday for all the comics that drop tomorrow, looking forward to them, especially Blackest Night 7. And I'll try to get a movie review up as well this week, Todd's Honor. ;-) But just wanted to keep ya guys in the loop. Stay tuned for more of my wackyness at JTCS.

- Jason Todd


  1. I would be very interested to see your spec script, Jason. Maybe you can share it with us when you're finished?

  2. Really Marc? That means alot, I'll gladly post it for anyone who wants to download it and check it out. Hopefully you guys enjoy it.

  3. I'm interested in seeing your writing as well JT. Especially if it's The office!

    I'm wondering, if you don't mind me asking- Where do you go to to get your comics?. I'm originally from MI., and I miss being around actual comic stores. I'm pretty familiar with the shops in Lansing/East Lansing (grew up there) and Grand Rapids (I went to GVSU).

    I have to say I like the quotes you put on the end of your "review a few" features. I'd steal that idea, if I didn't feel dirty about that type of thing...

    Ok, I might steal it anyway.

  4. Ah Kello, I didn't know ya still read me. :P Lol JK, I was actually reading your article about best couples the other day, I ned to subscribe, and since I missed it, happy Belated Birthday to ya.

    As for the script awesome, glad you guys care so much. :) I just started watching Office a month ago and I'm already caught up with all six seasons, I love that show. And I'm from Detroit, there's actually a small place in Redford I get my stuff from, I was just getting them from the library when I first started until I found that place.

    Oh, please feel free to take it. I steal stuff from X all the time so go ahead. Just make me an affiliate :P Lol Just kidding.

  5. I'm definitely excited to read your spec script bay. You're one funny guy (one reason I love ya) and I know your originality will make it unique against the rest.

    As far as the reviews....I'll definitely be awaiting your awesome review. :D Can't wait!!!

  6. Did you guys get in a line and reply? :P Thanks babe, I am pretty funny aren't I? But nah really I hope it lives up to Office standards now that I know atleast three people will give it a read. I'll make you guys proud.

    Oh yeah Falisha, expect more reviews, new comics makes me a very happy man.

  7. You're supposed to say something like "Falisha, going to get new comics is almost as awesome as being with you!"

    Yeah, I'm sorry I haven't been commenting much on your site. I usually don't have time during the week for posting stuff but I still try to "make the rounds" of all the people on my blog list.

    And thanks for the birthday wishes!

  8. Kello, lol, you tell him. He's slipping up isn't he! lol.

    He'll catch on to it one day. :-p

  9. Good advice Kello, I'm gonna use that now since we're on the phone. And It worked :D Wooo

    Oh you're fine dude, I know what ya mean. I saw that you're subscribed to a ton of sites so I completely understand, and no problem at all. Mine is coming up on March 11th, don't forget ;) lol

  10. You're trying to be a comedy writer? Awesome! For what it's worth, I think you've def got the goods to do that if you so want to. Can't say I've ever watched the Office(as I'm sure you could probably guess!), but I'll throw my hat into the ring with everybody else and say that I'd love to give it a read. The more JT related stuff I can read, the better!

    Oh, and I checked out your Under The Hood post, but after I typed out a comment, I clicked away before posting it... Yeah, I'm an idiot... Anyway, I figure I'll post my thoughts on that post here. Unless I forget to push the "Post Comment" button again... I'm actually kind of surprised they're going to do the whole "Jason getting beaten with the crowbar" thing... I was thinking they'd gloss over that bit of ugliness and instead simply have Joker blow him up in a warehouse or something. I mean, the crowbar beating was one of the more brutal things I'd seen in a DC comic. I wonder just how graphic the beating is going to be in the movie. You know I never watch any movies or anything, but your excitement for this film is actually rubbing off on me... I'll tell ya what, if it gets released on the PSN, I think I might just buy it.

  11. Thanks X, that definitely means alot to me man. And yeah I figured you didn't watch it because Ramsay's never been on it :P I appreciate everyone's support because it's fueling me to finish this thing even sooner.

    Man I've done that a ton of times so I can't even say anything about it. I'm also shocked their showing the crowbar thing to be honest but In one of those videos they even showed the visual artwork for it, they just hadn't colored it in yet, and it had voice work so I'm pretty sure it's in. I believe their putting the part in where Jason beat Joker with it as well. And I know it must be good if you're thinking of getting it since you don't watch movies much. I'll be sure to keep you updated along with everyone else. This should be so awesome.

  12. I just skimmed through your recent Review a Few post(I didn't want to comment because I saw a bunch of other comments, and I didn't want to accidentally run into a spoiler)and it looks like you had a pretty decent pull this week. Hopefully I'll get my package of new books on Saturday so we can compare notes(although with the snowstorm, I'm kind of doubting it...).

    So when's the release date for this movie? I figure you're the guy to ask, JT.

  13. Yeah dude, I always love comparing my scores to yours, so hopefully you do get yours soon, but like you said that snow may be a bit of a delay. And to be honest dude, I don't know surprisingly. I believe they haven't announced a release date because last I heard it was coming out in February and that's definitely not true.

  14. Wow, I'm absolutely gobsmacked that you don't know when the Red Hood film is coming out! Yeah, that's right, GOBSMACKED! Man, that's really an awesome word...

    Let's hope they didn't mean Feb 2011!

  15. I'd Know if they announced a date :P Last thing I head about the release date was February 2010 and that was in November. Lol Gobsmacked rules, so glad I "borrowed" it from you :P