Thursday, February 18, 2010

Review a Few!!!

Hola Senor's and Senorita's, Jason Todd here with another edition of Review A Few. We got a packed week as I actually pulled in 7 comics that I'm currently keeping up with, so you guys know the deal. Quick overview of my thoughts and whatnot, and of course the world famous "Line of The Issue" will be in light blue. So, let's do it!

Batman #696

Continuing Tony Daniel's current Batman run is this month's issue of Batman, picking up where it left off in #695. Before I say anything let me just say, whoever told Tony Daniel that people talked this way should be smacked. "That be it, baby." Really? Come on now. Plus Damian saying "Epic Fail!" was one of the moments that reminded me why I hate him so much. So, basically B-Man falls victim to a little plot cooked up by Jervis "The Mad Hatter" Tetch and The Penguin. What we do learn in this isse is that Dick Knows who Black Mask is, and we'll find out next week. Sadly I already KNOW who it is because they made it obvious as hell. I mean..come on now. Reading that page they TELL YOU who it is. Anyway, I didn't care for the layout of the story, there was too much jumping around Chris Yost style. I'll give this a 4/10 just for establishing that the next issue will show who Black Mask is.

Dick Grayson: My head feels like it's dancing inside a bag of rocks...but I can think again. Clear enough at least... to know who the Black Mask is.

Green Lantern Corps #45

GLC Corps last left us with a raging roid like Red Lantern Guy Gardner vs. pretty much the entire Green Lantern Corps. I just wanna say that words can not express the awesomeness of seeing the good and bad moments of Guy's life. That page alone definitely bumped the score, and even more so seeing him get punched by The Dark Knight. But besides all that, this was a great issue. I was surprised at how the ending came about but I kinda saw it coming. I will say that Green Lantern Corps has really renewed my interest in guys like John, Kyle and Guy. That being said, this issue was very well done, I loved the artwork and Peter Tomasi can write a damn good story, so I give GLC a 9/10. It was a good story but I can't justify giving it higher than that.

Kyle Rayner: How many people that I care about do I need to lose before enough is enough?!? HOW MANY?!?

Blackest Night Flash #3

Damn this issue starts out gruesome. I was having doubts then like seconds later I was hooked. Once again I gotta say I love Wally's new suit and I think it looks better than Barry's to be honest. Anywho, um...really hate the fact that this came out before Flash Rebirth #6 because they ruined the ending. Also, Blackest Night apparently takes place one week after, which I couldn't tell because Blackest Night has been going on damn near as long as Flash Rebirth. Also the fact that Black Lantern Bart thinks Wally wants to be Kid Flash again is just incredibly stupid. He's a grown damn man! Also, man...the return of one person and the death of another, this comic has it all. 9/10 a definite must read for Flash fans.

Trickster: Think you can melt them?
Heatwave: Trust me kid. EVERYTHING has a melting point.

Justice League of America #43

In the last JLA issue we saw Donna Troy and a few other former Teen Titans teaming up with Hal Jordan and trying to convince Oliver Queen to join their incarnation of the Justice League. This picks up with our J. Leaguer's Hal Jordan, Donna Troy, Dick "Batman" Grayson and Starfire taking on Atlas. I loved the opening bit here with everyone's inner monologues somewhat gelling together. Other than that and the character interactions there isn't alot to this comic. The storyline kinda confused me and I didn't care for it much, but it's only the second issue with the new JLA so I'll endure, I'll give this a 6.5/10.

Batman: Now You, Green Lantern!
Batman inner monologue: Weird giving an order to Hal.
Hal's inner monologue: Weird taking an order from Dick.

Streets of Gotham #9
Well, this was a nice little story but honestly I'm looking for the Zsasz story to pick back up. That had alot of action, this has Damien on the cover yet he isn't even in it, and stuff like that just annoys me. Anyway like I said I did like this story, a nice mystery whodunnit type story but that's all it was. Nothing stood out and I'll probably forget it by tomorrow so that's why I can't really rate it higher than a 5/10. Wish I could but it was a very forgettable story. Now lets get Zsasz back into the book and follow up that storyline. 

Gordon: I think I'll get a drink of water and leave you two alone.
Batman: Take your time. Grab yourself a danish.
Scared Thug: NO! No. Stay....

Green Lantern #51

This comic starts off with Lex arguing with Larfleeze over the Orange rings. Just pure awesome. Also I have to mention the art is just fantastic, some of the best damn comic work I've seen to be honest. Okay now this isn't a spoiler in the sense of ruining anything storyline wise but, Dude....Parallax...RIPPED SPECTRE'S FACE OFF. That alone bumped this up to at least an 8 before I could finish reading it. Awesome comic though, I mean I've never seen so many characters utilized so well until Blackest Night came along, everyone gets their time to shine and this definitely kept me hyped for Blackest Night #7. Most people have grown tired on Blackest Night but so far I'm still loving it. I give Green Lantern #51 a solid 10/10, two issues in a row.

Lex Luthor: The Lives an Orange Lantern takes becomes his soldiers. MY Lanterns, and Superman will be one of them. HE WILL BE MINE!

Great Review a Few, I was pleasantly pleased with a few of these comics and can't wait until next week for my newer batch of comics. Blackest Night once again reigns supreme and delivers great stories. As always I appreciate comments and opinions, and expect a review later this week on an animated movie. Until next time, keep it real, because You've just been Gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd

Edit: Update for all my fellow DC Fans as reported from
Jim Lee and Dan DiDio Named Co-Publishers DC Comics
Geoff Johns to Serve as Chief Creative Officer
John Rood Named EVP, Sales, Marketing and Business Development
Patrick Caldon Named EVP, Finance and Administration
Huge news. Gotta say, I'm very glad to see Geoff and Jim getting bumped up in the DC World, as one of my favorite artists and wone of my favorite writers I'm loving this news. Couldn't have happened to two more talented guys, and here's hoping they thrive in their new jobs.


  1. Once again, fantastic review a few babe. I was not a fan of Batman 696 at all. It bored me and I had to force myself to finish it. Sounds like you had some hit or misses but from the looks you were pleased with the ones I know your a fan of (Green lantern)

    I really need to play catch up with the Blackest Night Flash series. lol.

    And as for the news from DC, I'm excited, I'm a HUGE fan of Jim Lee and Geoff Johns, so congrats to them. Can't wait to see how DC transform with these changes.

    As a celebration they need to collab on a comic. Jim Lee's art is epic and G. Johns' writing skills are incredible.

  2. Thanks babe. :) I hated how obvious they made who Black Mask is, now if it's a swerve then I'll be happy but at this point I think I'm pretty sure who it is now.

    You'll love the BN Flash Series, to be honest its probably the best mini to come from Blackest Night, definitely better than that DREADFUL WW one.

    I don't know if they've worked together before but I agree I'd also love to see that, Jim may be my favorite artist and Geoff is in my top three writers, if he isn't number one.

  3. Hmm, you've got a couple of pretty high scores there, JT. I'll be looking forward to matching up with you whenever i get my books...

    I can't say I'm surprised about the Jim Lee news, I think he was the EIC for DC's Wildstorm books, so he def knows plenty about the editorial aspect of the CB buisness. The news about Geoff is really interesting though. I'd never heard of this Chief Creative Officer position before, so I have NO idea what his new posoition entails. Hopefully it's more of an honorary title, because I'd hate to see Geoff write less comics because he's more involved with the backstage dealings at DC now...

  4. Yeah, this was a good batch of comics, I really can't wait until next weeks comics, BN 7, Black Lantern Green Arrow, Sirens, Teen Titans and FINALLY THE END OF FLASH REBIRTH!!!!

    I agree, I think DC's smart enough to know that Geoff is at his best when he's writing comics and shows (Titan Maximum, Smallville) and ect. I know Geoff must be raking in cash cause he's he's very busy. I read he was even a consultant on the Green Lantern movie.

  5. Man, I don't know how Geoff finds enough hours in the day to do all he does... Let's hope you're right, that Geoff continues to write as many books as he does, and that his new postion doesn't hinder that at all.