Thursday, February 25, 2010

Review A Few

Hey everyone, Jason Todd here as usual, it is my comic spot anyway. Once again here with a review a few. Today I'll jump into Blackest Night 7, read about our favorite, um, I guess Black Archer, catch up with Static and The Teen Titans in Dakota and see what our favorite Sirens are up to. And finally finish up with the Flash Rebirth, which literally took nine months. (Badum-Tsh!) So, now that my bad attempts at comedy are done, lets get right to it, starting off with Gotham City Sirens.

Gotham City Sirens #09

What can I say about Sirens? Well, I guess I could go the obvious route. Riddle me This, what happens when you take a Cat burglar, a Harlequin, an Eco-Terrorist and a former villain playing detective? You get this issue of Gotham City Sirens. Basically our Sirens witness a murder and turn to Edward Nigma for a little help to figure out who the murderer may be. This takes place after our former Riddler was blasted in the face by a bomb so we really don't know where he stands. Is he still on the up and up or is he going back to his villainous ways? I will say I liked alot of aspects of this comic, like the fact that it was shown in a "Pulp Fiction" like style with interconnecting stories. I've always been a big fan of that but some things irked me. The fact that our big reveal was a D-List villain I don't think I've ever even heard of definitely hurt the story in my eyes but for what it was I did like it. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to the next issue of Sirens but this one gets a 6.5/10.

Harley Quinn: Once dressed, I launched into a three-hour battle with Red Master, Lady Cataclysm, and Killobot 7!
Edward Nigma: Hang on, I've been out of the villain world for a while, who are those hoods? Are they part of a team? What are their powers?
Harley Quinn: Oh, Their just guys I usually fight online with, usually about Movies or TV.

Teen Titans #80

Um....Okay. Well this comic was, very bad. I never got into it, it jumps from a fight to just being very boring. I felt like I was watching a show that has filler episodes between the fights of people just talking about random nonsense. Then you have Static who doesn't trust Holocaust for the ENTIRE comic, then trusts him, then doesn't. Like...what? Why was that even in there. Also, the stuff with the Teen Titans annoyed me even more. We get it, Gar wants to be in charge, Cassie is in charge. Okay, that's enough. It's just overkill at this point. I'm not even interested in the next issue and it ended with a cliffhanger. And Lastly, what the hell was up with that art work? One second Gar looks human, next second he looks like some type of alien hybrid. Why does he look like he's 16 still? Anyway, I'll give this issue of Teen Titans a 4/10. Maybe it's Harsh but it's generous in my book.

Holocaust: I got the check.
Static: I'll pay my own way. Don't want you thinking this is a date.

The Flash Rebirth #6 of 6

There's not much to say about this comic. We all pretty much knew how it ended thanks to Blackest night but for what it was, and how it ended the story I can't complain. It was a good read and it kept me interested, and I'm not the biggest Barry Allen fan or anything but I can say I thoroghly enjoyed it. This Mini may have lasted forever but it brought back Barry and Max Mercury. What I really loved about this issue is the bomb dropped by Thawne about one of Wally's kids. That was just awesome. I'm gonna go ahead and guess it's the boy, I think his name is Jai. I'm sure it's him since it looks like he just got screwed over by the Speedforce. I liked the mini-series though and I can't wait for the first issue of the upcoming Flash series. I give the final issue of Flash Rebirth a solid 8/10.

Reverse Flash: When they get older, one of your children is going to destroy your life.

Black Lantern Green Arrow #30

I love how this is BL Green Arrow #30 like there's 29 other issues somewhere. Anyway, I love this cover, it's such a great switch of the classic GL/GA cover. Man I could talk about how awesome this is for hours so lets move on to the actual comic. That being said, I was gonna complain about how dated this is, I mean they showed the part where Hal and Barry ran away from the Black Rings and that was so long go, but honestly I don't even care. I LOVE Black Lantern Ollie. He's such an asshole I can't even hate the guy. The things he said to Dinah, Mia and Connor were so brutal they even made me feel bad. The whole Ollie sharing his memories with arrows was kinda weird...I wish they explained how the hell he could do that but I'll chalk it up to Black Lantern powers. The artwork was phenomenal and helped the story, but whoever drew Dinah must have gotten her confused with Power Girl because they made Canary REALLY top heavy, not that Ollie's complaining. But really, I loved this comic. Sure it's the basic Blackest Night tie in but being a big fan of everyone involved really helped my like this comic, I'd say it's a great addition to Blackest Night and probably my favorite of all the one issue tie-ins. I gotta give this a 9/10, there were a few things I didn't care for that I mentioned but for the most part I really loved this issue. Also, anyone find it weird that he was more worried about Hal than he was with Dinah? 

Black Canary: You're lying. You're not even Ollie.
Black Lantern Green Arrow: Don't you mean that you know I AM Ollie BECAUSE I'm Lying?

Blackest Night #7

And last but not least, the main event of the week, Blackest Night 7. Wow...who the hell saw THAT coming. Not the corps thing, we all saw that, but the last page was just too awesome for words and I don't know what to say about that. Couple that with Scarecrow's rant, the huge battle with Guy, and the rest of the color corps in space and Lex Luthor stealing the show with his new obsession and I think we see why Geoff is one of the best writers in the business. With one month of Blackest Night left things have definitely heated up even more and I for one can't wait for the final issue. Some things did confuse me but I'm sure those will get explained next week. Blackest Night's main books continue to be something worth checking out and I can only hope the upcoming following arc to Blackest Night is as good as this is. But anyway, I give Blackest Night 7 a solid 9/10 and here's hoping the final issue finishes just as strong as it started.

Lex Luthor (in The Lasso of Truth): The T-Truth is, what i really want... is to be Superman.
Wonder Woman: Of course, you do.

So, I think we had some pretty awesome comics from the DC home front this week. I didn't regret reading any of them so that's always a good sign. Expect some other stuff within the next week since there won't be a Review a Few because there's absolutely nothing that interests me enough coming out this week to pick it up. Also, next week's comic day just happens to be a certain Falisha Ann's birthday. :) So feel free to wish her a Happy Birthday and check our her wonderful art blog. That's all for now, so until next time, You've just been gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd


  1. See, I liked Sirens - and I don't mind Aesop. Only seen him in Heart of Hush, and having obscure villains like that is much better than the overused ones we see all the time.

    I agree pretty much on Titans, Green Arrow and Blackest Night (I don't read Flash: Rebirth). But just for the record, it does seem as if Dinah's bra size changes with each artist quite dramatically. She must be wearing XXXPushUp or something? Otherwise known as the Power Girl line ;)

    And what if we don't wish her a happy birthday :P
    Oh, yeah, that would be mean. Your comic book day or mine? As mine is Thursday, not Wednesday...

  2. I liked it, don't get me wrong. I was just kinda let down because the whole build was "is Riddler evil/Is he not" then it's some dude who I don't even remember. I read Heart of Hush and enjoyed it and I still don't remember that dude at all. I loved how that other dude was used, the old Joker henchman. So maybe this will be good, and I'm glad you said something Nagash because that's supposed to be a 6.5. Not a big jump but it was a typo on my behalf.

    Lol dude I know right? Like in their comic she's just normal, I'd say Catwoman sized (which is still pretty big), then in Titans 22 she was like huge (Starfire sized) but I just like ignored it and in this she's definitely rocking the PG's.

    Lol that would be mean AND I'd have to ruin some Smallville season 9 plots for you :P Also, I didn't know that yours was Thursday. Mine is Wednesday, and her B-Day is March 3rd.

  3. I suppose it helped I remembered him. And I'd never heard of Gabbo/Gobbo/whatshisname before. Good plot, but never had heard of him before.
    Oops :P

    It's a huge irritant of mine. Seriously, comic artists. Stop it. Turn down the boobage. Make the costumes more practical, less stupid looking meant to be attractive/arousing/something, and just stop it. OK? Got it? Good. Jeez.
    Can you tell this is an irritant for me moi? :D

    Yeah, it's a Thursday, because they're imported from the states, which takes a day. Which is damn quick when you think about it :)
    I'll try to remember. No promises, as I'm very bad at that sorta thing...

  4. I'd never heard of Gabby/Gobby/Gooby either but I loved his motives, so maybe this next issue of Sirens will make me a bigger fan of the good Dr.

    Lol I can in fact tell that's an irritant, no lets find a comic artist for you to go tell.

    Ah, that is pretty damn fast. Well in that case, you should remember my birthday because it's on YOUR comic book day after next week. Man that was confusing. March 11th, and don't worry I'll remind you about them both. :P

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  6. Once again, another great review. I don't have much to say because I haven't read my Sirens and Blackest night 7 and Blackest Night Green arrow. But from the sounds of it, I don't think I'm going to be disappointed one bit.

  7. Well thank you madam. I'm sure you'll enjoy them, and I look forward to discussing them with you. :)

  8. Yeah, it is Paul Dini, so it highly likely ;)

    It just depends who is the biggest culprit. Hmmm...
    I'm happy with not many female characters costumes. The Phoenix's are generally fine, most X-Women are, actually, so is Sue Storm (even if I don't like her), the Question, some of Huntresses old costumes, Cyclone, etc from JSA, er, I'm running out of people here...

    Yeah, exactly - still, I suppose they're printed in New York, so is, what, only a 6 hour flight?
    Good, cause I can barely remember anyone but my own ;) Scratch that, I can't :D
    Mine's July, so that's VERY early :P