Sunday, February 14, 2010

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths DVD Review

Hey everyone, so I came across this online and decided to check it out. As some of you may remember I reviewed the comic form of this written by Grant Morrison a few weeks ago, and gave that version of it a 1/10. So it wasn't very good from my standpoint. I said I was looking forward to this and hoping that I'd be a little happier with this version. So today I'll let you guys know the basic premise and what I liked and disliked about this animated movie. So lets jump into my review of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, written by Dwayne McDuffie and based on JLA: Earth 2 by Grant Morrison.

Like JLA: Earth 2 this film was about Alexander Luthor of Earth 2 coming to our Earth to get help from the JLA to face the Crime Syndicate of Amerika back on his home world. Unlike the comic version where Martian Manhunter and Aquaman stayed to watch over Earth, Batman stayed and Manhunter joined Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash and Green Lantern in helping Alexander Luthor. The difference between this and the comic is more fight scenes of course, and something we didn't get in the comic, which was the big fight between the counterparts. Superman/Ultraman, Wonder Woman/Superwoman, Green Lantern/Power Ring and so on.


The Voice Acting: Some of the voice acting in the movie is just wonderful. Gina Torres damn near stole the show as Superwoman. She's not a novice to Voice acting for comics as she voiced Vixen on Justice League Unlimited. Vanessa Marshall as Wonder Woman, Mark Harmon as Superman and The Great James Woods as Owlman also were standouts of this animated film. Nolan North (voice of Nathan Drake of Uncharted) as Green Lantern and Josh Keaton (Peter Parker on Spectacular Spiderman) as The Flash were so great in their roles I wouldn't mind if they took those roles permanently. 

The Story: The story was much better than the original comic that Grant wrote. In Grant's it just seemed like a big confusing story, in This version some villains had ulterior motives, some were closet heroes, and one character even tries to blow up the entire Multiverse. Now that adds depth to the characters.

Guest Appearances: This was chock full of extra appearances. While on our original earth we saw apearances by Aquaman, Firestorm, Black Canary, Black Lightning (with his bald haircut and jumpsuit), and Red Tornado. While on Earth 2 we saw an alternate Oliver Queen as Red Arrow, an alternate Black Canary with short hair, Black Lightning with his afro and bell bottoms, and a super buff Jimmy Olsen. Oh and did I mention the President is a reformed Slade "Deathstroke" Wilson, and his daughter Rose "Ravager" Wilson is a free speaking liberal? Man that alone is worth watching. And you won't believe which JLA'er she falls in love with.

Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet: Finally someone explained how she got it. That was a great moment of the film, also when Flash asked "Why do you need a jet, you can fly!" and Green Lantern replies "You drive a car, don't you?" That was a pretty funny moment I'm glad they added in.


The Voice Acting: I know you're like what? I thought you liked that. Well some of the voices were great, some were horrible. Whoever felt the need to cast William Baldwin as Batman should be slapped twice. At this point it's Conroy or no one. Kevin sadly won't live forever, but while he is alive he should ALWAYS be Batman. Simple as that. That ruined alot for me.

Batman/Owlman: where the straw broke the Camels back. Firstly, Batman has been shown to always have a plan to last if not defeat anyone. Green Lantern, Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman. He has a plan for them all, yet he manages to get his ass whooped not once, not twice but FOUR TIMES IN THIS ONE FILM! I mean... I know he's Human, but I mean he even got beat up by Owlman. Their basically the same person, no way he should clean Bruce's clock like he did. Also, Batman who gets beat up a ton is apparently not equal to Owlman who when tying up with Wonder Woman she has to struggle to over power him. Wonder Woman is almost as strong as Superman...yet she has to struggle to over power Owlman, but Superwoman whooped Batman up with ease. Stuff like that just bothers me.

The Ending: Man I hated the ending. We all know that no amount of Marines or nuclear weapons can stop Superman. Son if Ultraman has already destroyed all the blue Kryptonite which is his weakness, and he's invulnerable to nuclear weapons, then why the hell would he just give up just because they threaten him with Marines and nuclear weapons. That's just dumb. It seemed like something they threw in at the last second for a happy ending.
Final Rating: This is better than JLA: Earth 2. I'll admit that. It's not all great though. Batman being treated like a rookie and voiced by someone who clearly shouldn't voice him is annoying. Gina Torres is wonderful as Ultrawoman and the fight scene between her and Wonder Woman is fantastic. All in all, this is a good watch but not worth going out of your way. I've seen better like the Wonder Woman and Superman/Batman Public Enemies, but I'm sure there's much worse. But I'd give Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths a 6/10.

Also, I just wanna wish everyone, especially my beautiful girlfriend Falisha a Happy Valentine's Day. Thanks to everyone for reading, as always comments are appreciated. So thanks again for checking out JTCS, You've just been Gobsmacked! (Still trying out Send off lines)

- Jason Todd


  1. "You've just been Gobsmacked!" In a weird way, I sort of like it! I'm def glad you liked this better then the comic version, although I still chuckle at your outrage at the comic version... That's def one of my favorite reviews. It's weird that the animated version of this story gave many of the characters fuller backgrounds... Usually it's the other way around, and the book version has much more background, depth then the movie version. I guess that's just another example of how badly Grant messed up this story.

    So, WW has trouble overpowering Owlman, while Bats gets destroyed by Superwoman? What's up with that? Shouldn't Bats and Owlman be roughly the same strength-wise? Huh, weird... I vote for more movie reviews!!! Who's with me!

  2. Lol I was curious to see what you'd think about me using Gobsmacked. It makes no sense in terms of me putting it at the end of my review but it seems so right.

    Yeah right? Usually the comic does a better job at making the characters more dimensional but this film did a much better job. Showed Batman's compassion, what would have happened if he let his obsession drive him crazy and everything.

    That's one of the main things that bothered me X. I mean...Johnny Quick and Flash were equals, Superman and Ultraman, Power Ring and GL, Wonder Woman and Superwoman all equal. Yet Superwoman can beat Batman senseless, and break his ribs with two fingers, yet Wonder Woman has to struggle to overpower Owlman who's just human.

    And thanks :) I'll gladly do more reviews, I planned to do one on the Upcoming "Under The Red Hood" but if I get some more good feedback I'll do some other ones I have like Superman/Batman Public Enemies and Batman Beyond Return of The Joker.

  3. Fantastic blog baby. I'm really anxious to watch this JUST because of Wonder Woman and Superwoman. Well hell I'm anxious to see everyone in an alternate earth.

    I'm with you on more movie reviews X. He does a fine job, don't you think? Hell I say you go back and do reviews on stuff you already read J. :D

  4. I def agree with Falisha, JT. I'd be all for checking out some reviews of the older stuff you've watched/read. Since you know how I am when it comes to watching movies, I'd def check out all of the reviews you put up.

  5. Sweet, considering you two are among, if not, my most frequent commenters, consider it done. Expect more reviews as of this week.

  6. Well aren't me and X special. And I expect one by Thursday sir.

    I say you do, Dark Knight, lol. :D get some real Juicy convo going on in here. Or The Green lantern movie OR the Wonder Woman movie we saw together. Get that brain thinking. :D

  7. Lol I didn't say a DAY! Nah, I was thinking of reviewing either a movie tomorrow or thursday or doing the comics that drop tomorrow since there's about 7, for a hefty review a few.

    I'll probably only do Animated movies like Superman/Batman Public Enemies, that WW movie, that GL First Flight, um...Return of The Joker, Mask of the Phantasm, Batwoman, Gotham Knights, Avengers The Movie, as you see I have a TON of choices.

  8. I'm fine with that bay. I enjoy reading them And seeing how our views match up. :D Can't wait.

  9. Hey Jason, I really enjoyed this review. I haven't seen any of these new DC direct-to-video movies, so it's great to get some info on them. I also vote for more movie reviews. But then, what do I know about movies and blogging, right? :D

  10. Lol Yeah what would the guy with the movie blog know :P I should have another movie review probably on Saturday Marc so be on the look out, and thanks for the comment.