Saturday, January 30, 2010

Review a Few

Hey everyone, back for a Review a Few and a new update to JTCS. Basically the reason I wasn't around last week is due to me having an awful awful headache on Saturday that carried on to Sunday. Man I hate those. Anyway this review a few will be the biggest yet, and due to that I'm not gonna go as in-depth as I did last time. Literally just 2-3 lines and then the new inclusion that I've dubbed Line of The Issue aka LOTI. Basically for those who don't understand it, I'm going to pick what I think is the best line of the issue, it may be funny, may be awesome. Either way, I'll also name the best line of the issue and it'll be in light blue. So Line of the issue in light blue, rating in red. Anyway lets jump right into it.

The Atom and Hawkman #46
Atom and Hawkman was unique because one of the main characters is a Black Lantern already whereas The Atom is the recently recruited Indigo Tribe member. Now as someone who hasn't cared much about The Atom since Identity Crisis I will say this issue changed that. Being shown how he's always gravitated around Jean Loring and also his willingness to try to save his friends. Along with Catwoman and Powers of Shazam some of these one month returns have been really good. This one was very interesting from cover to cover. That's why I give this issue a 8/10.

Indigo: Atom. You just saved the universe.
Atom: Just don't tell anyone, I like to keep a low profile.

Gotham City Sirens #8

Gotham City Sirens #8's focus was Poison Ivy. Now I may sound like a broken record but I've been indifferent to Ivy since Sirens started. I've always liked Harley and Selina but Pamela (hm...all their names have six letters) has never really captured my attention until this issue. This issue was amazing. I loved damn near everything about it except the ending bothered me SO much. I hate comics where someone gives up information just because...It you held onto it this long why would you just say, I know where blah blah blah is. That just pisses me off, and it ended everything on a good note just in time to end the issue, but it seemed too peachy keen for me. That dropped the rating, but Sirens 8 gets a 8.5/10.

Gordon: How can I reach you?
Poison Ivy: Tell the Ficus in your office and I'll know.

Justice League of America #41

JLA 41 aka The Birth of the new Justice League. This issue marks the start of a new Trinity as well with Mon-El, Dick "Batman" Grayson and Donna Troy. Basically this issue was just about the JLA gathering new members. That's it. Nothing else was established. I was pretty bored with it, there were some cool moments but for the most part me knowing who was already joining ruined it. Anyway I'd give this about a 6/10.

Batman: Anyway, you're here for a reason, Donna, and I think I know. Judging from your appearance and the tone of your voice, I want me in the Justice League.
Donna Troy: That is amazing! You got that just from my appearance?
Batman: Yes... Oh, and Vic called ahead and told me.

World's Finest #4

World's Finest is the four issue comic series that has team ups between people of the Superman mythos and Batman Mythos. The first three issues featured Nightwing & Red Robin, Robin & The Guardian, Supergirl and Batgirl, and this issue features the granddaddy of em all, the first ever Superman/Batman team up with Dick Grayson as Batman. This issue was pretty cool, I hated seeing Supes dressed in his Krytonian clothes because the Superman suit is what makes him Superman, hell he's even wearing it on the cover of the issue. Anyway this was a cool team up but I'd like better villains next time besides Toyman and Mr. Freeze. Maybe Bizarro and Joker or Bizarro and Solomon Grundy or Joker and Lex or something. Either way, this issue gets a 6/10.

Damian: How do you swing around Gotham weighing this much? Criminals probably call you Fat-girl.

Teen Titans #79

Teen Titans #79 is the first issue to really make Static the main hero of the comic so far. As a fan of Static from his TV show plus the fact that there's no really alot of notable African American superheroes in DC, I mean John Stewart, Black Lightning, Cyborg and Vixen are the only ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Anyway this issue is the first time we see Static head home to Dakota since he was kidnapped as a member of the Dark Side Club. Static's parents and family don't seem to know that he's Static, then again they might, everything seemed so vague. I like Static but this issue was more of a round about and featured too many time jumps, it was very Yost-like which means I hated the style of it. I do like what their doing with Cassie though. That said, I give this issue a 4/10.

Virgil (Talking to his Sister) :You look better. I mean, you're still ugly, but you look better.

Superman: Secret Origins #4

Is it just me or does Rudy look exactly like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force minus the Mustache? Anyway, the origin they gave Parasite was genius. It makes such perfect sense so I commend Mr. Johns on another fine part of this Superman Origin. Now can anyone tell me if Lois Lane has ALWAYS had typos in her work because I saw it on Smallville and now it's in this and I never really noticed if she usually has typo's while working at the planet. Anyway, the character development with Jimmy Olsen was very interesting as well. All in all, another good issue of a great Origin story so far. I give this issue a 9/10.

Clark: We've actually met before Mr. Luthor. Clark Kent. From Smallville.
Lex: Yes. It was some time ago, but I'd remember those glasses anywhere.

Batman and Robin #7

First off...The fact that this arc is called Blackest Knight is just pure awesomeness. And that's the only thing. AWFUL COMIC. Oh My God, I hated everything about this comic, Why the hell are Batman, Robin, Alfred AND Batwoman all in the UK? Who the hell's watching Gotham, Stephanie?! This comic was so bad, everything sucked. And on page 29... some idiot screwed up the bubbles so Batwoman is saying Batman's lines and Batman is saying her lines. Oh man I hated this comic, every single thing about this reminds me why I'm so hesitant to read anything by Morrison. To think I had to wait TWO MONTHS to read this steaming piece of crap just infuriates me. God that was horrible. Also why the hell would Grayson even THINK about putting a dead Bruce in the Lazarus pit after all the shit he gave Tim about wanting to put Connor, Steph and his dad in one in The Resurrection of Ra's Al Ghul?! 0/10....think I'm joking? Seriously 0/10 and don't look for a line of the issue because there isn't one.

Green Lantern #50

Man oh man. After reading Batman and Robin 7 I thought that nothing could raise my spirits but boy was I wrong. This is the epitome of a great comic. This is why Geoff Johns continues to reign over the comic world. Man everything in this comic was wonderful. Things from Blackest Night Flash 2 were shown to show continuity. Everything with Scarecrow, Luther and Mera was great. I mean I don't have words for how good this comic was. Also, Hal has joined damn near every color corp by now hasn't he? This definitely warrants a re-read. Perfect 10/10 for the epic 50th issue of Green Lantern.

Green Lantern: I don't care who the rings chose. I want them off those psychos now!
Larfleeze: What do you think I'm trying to DO, Green Lantern? SHARE?!?! Gimme that back you thief!
Lex Luthor: No. S'Mine!

Alright guys, that's my Review a Few. Normally I'd end it here but considering this upcoming week there's a two hour event known as Smallville: Absolute Justice I figured I'd mention it. Why do you ask? Because instead of our usual message from Dido at the end of this weeks DC Comics, we have a promo pic for the upcoming episode where a Pre-Superman Clark Kent meets the Justice Society of America. Featuring appearances from Lois Lane, Green Arrow, Dr. Fate, Stargirl, Hawkman and Amanda Waller this looks to be a huge TV event. Also it's written by Geoff Johns and it if it's anything like the two comics by him I reviewed today it should be great. So before I take off I leave you with the promo poster for Smallville: Absolute Justice.

- Jason Todd


  1. Great idea with the Line of the Week. I'm sorry to hear Batman & Robin is such an inconsistent read. My love for Morrison is too great for me to not read it at some point in the future, so I hope that in the context of the rest of the story, it all might make at least some bit of sense.

  2. Thanks Marc, I was interested to see what people would think about it plus it's the first thing I've done I haven't "borrowed" from X-Man. lol. Yeah I didn't care for it but you may like it. Once you do check It out I'd love to compare thoughts on it with you. I just had too many problems with the story for my liking.

  3. Sadly I can't read any of these reviews due to my spoiler-phobia, but I did scroll through the post really quick just to see your scores. 0/10 for Batman and Robin #7!?! Oh man, maybe I shouldn't even bother reading it when I get my copy!!! I can't even imagine how bad that book must be... I guess Morrison finally went off the deep end. 10/10 for GL #50 looks pretty promising at least! I can't wait to get these books so we can compare notes.

  4. I'll be waiting X, I'm sure you're gonna love GL...Batman and Robin on the other hand....yeah. I guess the good thing is Damian's barely in it.

  5. Nice job on the review bay. Definitely spoke your mind about some of these comics, especially ones that sucked in your eyes. I'm a little eager to read "Secret Origins" I'm really really enjoying it. Issue 3 was pretty good.

    I agree with you about Sirens as well. I was eh about Ivy, but after this issue, she's in that top 10 fav. female comic figures of mine.

    I can't wait until the two-hour special Smallville. Haven't been this excited since the new season of Ugly Betty. lol

    Once again great job. Oh before I I like your idea of having a line from each comic you review. Damian is hilarious. Hope to see him make the "Fav" Line again.

  6. Thanks for the comment bay. I'm sure you'll like Secret origins and Widening Gyre when ya get to them.

    Ivy'd didn't make my top but she definitely made a huge jump in eyes after that.

    I agree Absolute Justice is gonna be great. Hopefully they can do the JSA well I'm looking forward to the Green Arrow/Hawkman confrontations.

    Thanks :D I'm sure he will, he's been hilarious in the current Batgirl series.

  7. See my blog for my Secret Origins/B&R/Sirens etc thoughts (can't be bothered to repeat myself ;))

    It's the only place I can like Damian except his first appearance...

    Can't wait for Absolute Justice, but really need to watch the rest of Smallville first ;)

  8. I did right after my review yesterday actually. I agree on you with almost everything you said, especially "Damn you Morrison!!!"

    I agree, Damian's always likable when he's unconscious.

    Neither can I, it's gonna be awesome. You only got like 8 eps to catch up with. The episode from Friday was really good.