Sunday, March 21, 2010

Review A Few a.k.a. Ratings and Rantings

Hey guys and gals, Jason Todd here again for another installment of Review a Few. The best Multi-comic reviewing post since X-Man75 got to busy to do "The Best of the Rest." I'm thinking of changing the title to Ratings and Rantings so let me know what you guys think. So as you guys know I pushed this weeks installment back to the weekend because I was busy, annoyed and my eyes kinda hurt on Wednesday. So today I'll review the comics I picked up Wednesday. Also, anyone who hasn't already, feel free to scroll down and check out my review for Deadpool: Suicide Kings. Okay, enough shilling of my own stuff, let's jump into it.

Green Lantern Corps #46

This is our third to last stop on the end of the Blackest Night road. Back in the summer when Blackest Night started I didn't even read Green Lantern Corps but now it's a staple of my DC pull list. Anyway, this issue features our various Color Corps in space trying to halt the outrageously huge number of Black Lanterns heading towards our blue and green planet of Earth. Hm... no wonder the Blue Lanterns get their power from being near Green Lanterns... anyway their holding off the onslaught of Lanterns when we find out our buddy Guy Gardner is a Star Trek enthusiast. He uses an idea from "Season three, episode 64." They make a huge web/weave to hold back the Black Lanterns. Let me just say there's some damn good art in this comic, I mean the inker and colorist and everyone else brought their "A" game. But nothing comes close to how amazing of a visual it is to see the Color Corps make a huge web with their rings. It's freaking breath taking. Okay, moving on. The story also was great, I felt genuine emotions when reading about Guy and Kyle. After seeing so many Black Lantern stories it's easy to get desensitized when the dead come back but the way these were handled was amazing. I wish in hindsight they'd brought Kyle's mother after she played such a big part in helping him get loose from Parallax in the past. First I did hate how Dove's appearance seemed too cliche' just so they could tie up some loose ends and that hurt the story in my eyes but then I was swerved and surprised greatly. But with only two more stops left, GLC damn sure did their job in getting me ready for the conclusion. I give GLC #46 a 10/10.

Guy: I think we're gonna need a bigger net.
Kyle: How many?
Guy: I don't know. Give or take... A HUNDRED THOUSAND!

Titans #23

Titans #23 aka The End of an Era. This is supposedly the last issue of Titans, in terms of focusing on the original team. With Beast Boy and Raven gone, Starfire, Cyborg, Donna and Dick joining the JLA, Wally playing second string to Barry and Red Arrow/Arsenal in a coma and missing a limb, I can't say I'm surprised. This issue features Wally, Dick and Donna pretty much taking a trip down memory lane recounting memories of their time as the Teen Titans, as well as memories of Roy Harper. That's basically it. I can't really review any more of it without giving you a play by play or the comic so I'll just say, I was introduced to Roy when he was already Arsenal then became Red Arrow. I've read things about his past, his heroin abuse, and how he was helped by Dinah Lance and pushed aside by Oliver Queen. I've read about his past with Donna, and Cheshire and I know about his daughter. I've been a fan of Roy since I knew he existed and it was nice to see him and his problems in this issue as well as his reforming. With the Rise and Fall of Arsenal mini coming up I don't know what to expect but this was a nice way to end Titans, with only 23 issues in the can and a great tribute to Roy Harper. So this one's for you Speedy/Arsenal/Red Arrow. My final rating for Titans #23 is an 8/10.

Dick Grayson: We could have degenerated into thugs. Probably why Bruce was so against me being apart of the team. Kids, super-powered ones, left without any real supervision... man thinking of that now scares the hell out of me.

Booster Gold #30

This is the conclusion to the current arc in Booster Gold. As time winds down, Coast City's attack is minutes away as Cyborg-Superman and Mongol push their heinous crimes into action. See, I could SO be one of those guys who hype stuff on movies and commercials... Anyway this picks up with our boy Booster having to make the decision to keep the time stream the way it is or try to save the people of Coast City. We've seen Booster go against the time stream before (Barbara Gordon and Ted Kord come to mind) and it's never worked out well. So while our hero faces these choices we also see Michelle, Booster's sister trying to get her boyfriend out of the city. This issue was very well written. It showed how much of a strain is on Booster to sit back and let things happen and have innocent people die when the true hero in him wants nothing more to save them. The ending was a surprise and I definitely didn't see it coming. Now I'm wondering what's next for our Golden boy. But this was a great way to wrap up the arc, nothing special but a fun read. I'll give it a 8/10.

Mongul's henchman: We have identified the attacker as Booster Gold, Lord Mongul.
Mongul: Puny whelp. Too bad Doomsday didn't kill him when he had the chance.

Green Arrow #31

So, this takes place after the events of Cry for Justice and JLA: Rise and Fall or whatever the title of that was. Firstly I just wanna say damn this art was horrendous. This would be SO much better if the art was by the Booster Gold team or the guys from GLC or something, but this was just horrible. Some of it looks like it was done by kids... everyone looks blotchy and whatnot. Anyway, I loved the fact that Barry told Ollie he didn't like him like that would hurt his feelings. Anyone think this as the start of the Barry Allen, Hal Jordan, Oliver Queen love triangle? The conversation between Ollie and Conner was very powerful and well written, as was most of the comic so props go to JT Krul. I don't wanna sound like a jerk but the art REALLY hurt this comic in my eyes. If the art was good I'd give this a 9 or something but it brought it down in my eyes. I was all set to give this a 7 until I saw the last page. It freaking BLEW ME AWAY! Raised my rating a whole number grade. I'm sure some people will agree or disagree but I gotta give this a 8/10.

Green Arrow: Super speed is kind of useless if I know EXACTLY where you are going, Barry.

Batman #697

And now, THE MAIN EVENT! The thing you have all been waiting for, Batman 697 aka Jason Todd's amazing Rant...Of... HATRED!!!! Woooo! So we all know Tony Daniel has been writing Batman lately. And we also know a certain Black Mask has recently returned to take Gotham by storm. But who could this evil do-er be? We found out and needless to say i was not surprised. Why? Because there's a good chance most people had figured it out a while ago. I can say that X-Man75 and I figured it out a month ago if not longer. Anyway we're greeted to this comic with some stupid too often done conversation between the mask and the mask wearer. Now he suddenly feels regret even though a year ago he was talking to the mask during BFTC and seemed downright giddy to jump right into causing trouble. What consisted was the stupidest waste of time ever as we saw Batman chase him for the WHOLE comic. I mean you've already announced what's going to happen by saying he'll be unmasked on the cover of the comic. Why make me wait over twenty pages just to find out who it is, then that's it. No explanation of WHY he's Black Mask. No remorse, no master plan. Just because apparently?  Really Tony Daniel? Really? Is that the BEST you can do? Then just when things I think to myself "Things can't get any dumber.", Tony Daniel says, "You bet your ass I can make things dumber!" So then Kitrina Falcone who has no background other than the tiny amount we know since she was just created like eight issues is apparently going to be Catgirl. I'm truly sorry if I spoiled that but she's been wearing Cat ears since November and you can almost spell Kitty in her name so If you didn't see THAT coming I don't know what to say. Man this comic pissed me off SO much. The ONLY good thing about it is the splash page with the Network. 1/10...are you really surprised? Maybe I'm just mean or my standards are too high but I HATED this.

Line of The Issue: The End.

Alrighty, so I'm done ranting. I almost didn't review Batman but hopefully some one took some joy in my ranting. Anyway I enjoyed my comics for the most part this week and I'll be back with some more reviews after more comics drop this week. I'll probably read and review Green Lantern Rebirth/ Can you believe I've not read that yet? Yeah neither can I but I got it over the weekend so expect that later this week, after the review a few. JTCS Spoiler alert, I'll be reviewing Deadpool 21, Streets of Gotham 10, Rise of Arsenal 1/4, and Green Lantern 52. Also don't forget the new weekly poll on the right-hand side. Until next time, you've been gobsmacked!

- Jason Todd

Edit: For those curious of the results of the last poll.

Which former Teen Titan would you like to see get their own comic?
Bart "Kid Flash" Allen

Rose "Ravager" Wilson

Roy "Arsenal" Harper

Vic "Cyborg" Stone


  1. After quickly scrolling through the body of your post to see the scores, I have to say that it looks like a pretty good pull for you this week JT... Well, except for Batman... Personally, I can't wait to read batman, just so I can check out what you said about it! I love critical reviews of stuff!

    I personally like Ratings and Rantings, and since I'm me, I think you should change the title to that. Unless Falisha tells you not to, then you def shouldn't!

    You know what you should do JT? When you switch polls, you should post the final tally somewhere... I know I'm kind of curious as to what the final vote was, and how much Bart won by! As for this week's poll, I've got to say I'm pretty surprised that out of 5 votes, Hush only has ONE(as of right now)!!! Mr. Freeze and Clayface over Hush? Really?!?

    Jeez, with all of the back issues I've been reading lately, I REALLY should try to do a Best of the Rest column...

  2. Lol @ since I'm me, I think you should change it. So you actually come back and read my reviews after you read the comics you get? Well that's just plain awesome.

    Good point, I should have done that. Actually I may still be able to go back and get the final results. I'll check after I post this reply. As for the poll hell it conflicted me. I had to think for like 20 minutes before I picked and I figured Clayface would make a more interesting battle of everyone listed. I'm kinda shocked Hush only has one vote though, I'm assuming you picked him X.

    Yeha when i wrote this I'm like X hasn't done a BotR in a while, hence me throwing that line in.

  3. First, X, lol, You are something else sir. I wouldn't dare go against something he wanted to do, only if it was for the worst. lol. You did make me laugh sir, so thanks. :D I like Ratings and Rantings, has a certain kick to it when you say it.

    And as for the poll, I ALMOST voted for Hush, but since I played the first Arkham game I had to think about the possibility of a whole level being dedicated to a boss. So Mr. Freeze it was for me. :D

    Now on to the good stuff. Once again fantastic review a few babe. Although I read the reviews before I read the comics I still enjoy reading and always look forward to reading the comics so we can compare and contrast our views.

    One thing I can say is you have me VERY interested in Arsenal or Red Arrow whatever his name is. Lol. I'm too curious for my own good.

    Green Arrow: Super speed is kind of useless if I know EXACTLY where you are going, Barry.<---That was classic. Ollie can be such jerk sometimes. Lol.

  4. That's two votes, so unless Kello, Marc and Nagash all oppose I think I've got a new name. Even if they do, I still have a new name :P Ratings and Rantings it is.

    I'd love a Mr. Freeze level, just the idea of Batman walking through it, shivering, seeing the breath in front of him seems like an awesome visual for a game.

    Thanks for the fine compliments babe, glad you enjoyed it and glad I got ya hyped about Arsenal. And yeah, Ollie's quite the jerk lol.

  5. Freeze. He's the one whose level could be done the best, like how Poison Ivy's affected the terrain... Clayface would be my second choice.
    Personally, for the sequel, I think we should get some alt costumes and two player stuff going on - say Batman alt costumes like Red Hood ;), and some two player things with Robin. Would be pretty cool.

    Good idea, though surely it sounds better as Rants and Ratings? Or at least Rantings and Ratings?
    Just sounds better ta me is all :D

    I did not enjoy the latest Green Arrow. Cover was good. Inside artwork was atrocious. I don't really get why they're turning him into such a jerk about this, and it does seem it's going to be a storyline that is just gonna make me go ARGH.
    Grumble grumble

    The only good thing about Batman was the art. The Catgirl costume was alright, though the pink was out of place... And who was that in the Network bit on the far right? Ragman?
    I mean, there's Katana, Batgirl, Wildcat, Man-Bat (?), Batman, Robin, Huntress, Red Robin, and the mystery man.
    The reveal page was horrible art, and the reveal doesn't make sense. Why is he Black Mask? Why did the bullets tip him off? What was the motivation?
    And every single damn writer keeps on doing the I'm not Bruce, but I am Dick Grayson, BATMAN. Urgh, we get it. You're Batman. For now...

  6. I'd be fine with a Freeze board, like you guys said it would make for a great level along with the fight. I don;t know how I wanna do the rant/rating thing but I apparently have alot of options lol.

    I thought the story was really good and the ending did catch me off guard but the art was so bad. I definitely agree about that.

    I believe that was Ragman. Exactly, the bullet thing made no sense and they gave us NO explanation at all and that pissed me off. And yeah they need to stop that I'm not Bruce Wayne crap. He's been Batman for like a year already.

  7. "So you actually come back and read my reviews after you read the comics you get?" Of course I do! I've got to come back and see if we were on the same page with our thought process JT!

    I get what you guys are all saying about Freeze(and Clayface)providing a better level, but come on, it's HUSH we're talking about! He's like 50 times more interesting then any of those other characters! Hell, give Hush a good voice actor and I could see him being a reoccuring threat like Scarecrow was in the first game. I know I'd be smiling from ear to ear the first time he calls Bats Bruce in the game.

    Oh, and I TOTALLY agree about adding some two player stuff in. I'm pretty sure we were talking about that way back when JT. Robin(and that would be Tim Drake)NEEDS to be in the next game...

  8. And for that you win the "You Da Man" award X. Why? Cause You da man!

    I'd love for Hush to be in it but if we get Hush I want him as a Main or second tier villain and it looks like that'll be Two-Face and possibly Black Mask. Hell I'd love him to be in Arkham 3.

    Yeah we did discuss that, I'd love for Tim to be in it but I'm lobbying for Nightwing myself. Imagine him with his escrima sticks laying the Smackdown.

  9. Tony S Daniel's Batman. It makes less sense than a Grant Morrisson story!
    Since when were Ragman (and Man-Bat) part of the Batman's group of associates?
    Gah. The entire storyline was just, well, shit... Unfortunately that is the best way to describe it.

    Hush would be a pretty boring character to fight. Good story wise, but all he's got is two pistols. And they can't do the creepy hospital level, as that's already been done.

    Robin with collapsable staff, Nightwing with escrima, Red Hood with knives, explosives and guns, maybe chuck Red Robin in there as well?

  10. Well I've seen Man-Bat hanging out lately helping but Ragman I have no explanation whatsoever for... And yeah I agree with that four letter word you used to sum up this storyline completely.

    That's the main reason I picked Clayface, his fight could vary, hell you could even have him have different stages then a HUGE fight where he gains a bunch of clay or something and is giant. But Hush just has two guns, you you said. Kinda makes me wary of the two-face fight.

    Man I'd LOVE that. That'd be the reason I bought it, not even taking the story into account.

  11. I still think Hush could have an awesome secondary story in Arkham 2, simply thanks to his long relationship with Bats/Bruce. You could always have Bruce somewhat conflicted to have to fight his old friend... As a matter of fact, if not in Arkham 2, why not have Hush be the main guy in Arkham 3(like JT said)and have the story follow closely to the original Hush storyline, with a few parts from the Heart of Hush storyline as well. You could have Catwoman, a possible romance with Bats, and the game could climax with Hush capturing her, with Bats having to rescue her from Hush's hospital from the Heart of Hush story. That was you could have all of those creepy minions running around the hallways of that dilapidated hospital.

    And yes, old school Nightwing would make the game not only a must buy, but maybe one of the best CB games ever! Hey, while we're talking video games, I was wondering if you picked up(or are planning on picking up)God of War 3, JT? I hadn't played the first two games, but from all the reviews I've seen, I'm tempted to try to reduce my CB spending and save up for that game.

  12. I'd love that X. Especially with the dynamic of having to save Catwoman. That would be pretty sweet if I say so myself. I'd love if they alluded to him being in 3 by mentioning him in 2, like they did with Two-Face.

    Actually nah X, I played the first two and liked them alot but GOW3 isn't really big on my list surprisingly. Hell I've still been playing a lot of Dragon Age Origins. (Great game, you should check it out) If possible I'd pick up the God of War Collections so you can play 1 & 2 and kinda get a heads up for the story.

  13. So what can you tell me about Dragon Age JT? It's an RPG, right? If you can sell me on it by midnight tonight, I might buy it since Gamestop has a 20% off sale going on until midnight tonight.

  14. Sweet, I like a challenge. Basically it's an RPG, but your choices reflect in the game, kind of in the vein of most Bioware games, like Xbox 360's Mass Effect. It's extremely fun and the characters are very well written and you go on quests and try to recruit guys.

    There's 6 different backstory's so when you make your character you have 6 potential stories to fuel your reason for playing the game. Also there's VERY high replayability, my first play through lasted somewhere around 40 Hours and I've only beaten it with one of the 6 backgrounds. So you can only imagine how much more there is to do.

    I think you'd enjoy it dude. Plus it won RPG game of the year and has a 87% rating at So.. have I sold ya? Lol

  15. Since this conversation, I wanna draw a Batman movie/Arkham Asylum esq Jason Todd as Red Hood. I've got the idea, now jus need ta get drawing ;)

  16. Ooh, let me know when ya post it up dude, I'm definitely interested in seeing that.

  17. It's now up in all it's horrible lineart glory :D