Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Change of Plans

Hey everyone. Jason here, after dropping the news yesterday that my namesake was getting a six issue story written by Judd Winick (who's also taking over the Power Girl series at issue 13) I figured I'd be back with my weekly review a few right? Wrong because I only bought four comics, well five new releases yesterday. Batman 697, Green Lantern Corps 47, Booster Gold 30, Green Arrow 31 and Titans 23. I was gonna blog about them but Batman sucked SO bad I'd rather not discuss it. I did like Titans and GLC but I never got around to reading Green Arrow and Booster yet. So instead I'll review those this weekend, probably Sunday or so, and Saturday in honor of the upcoming TPB I'll review Deadpool: Suicide Kings. So be sure to be on the look out for those.

Also that poll over there ------>

Ends on Saturday so expect a new one on Sunday, although I don't know about what yet but I'll come up with something. But that's all from me for today, just wanted to keep you guys updated. Thanks for reading.

- Jason Todd


  1. All of you KNOW Ravager deserves her own comic. lol....whoever voted for Bart, will be hunted! lol. JK.

    Can't wait for the reviews. :D

  2. Lol I know I voted for Bart as did X, the rest remain shrouded in mystery and enigma. Unless they tell us :D And Thanks, glad you're looking forward to them.

  3. Wow, there seems to be a lot of hate for that issue of Batman. Now I kinda want to read your thoughts on it...besides, I think your bad reviews are always the funniest. lol

  4. Lol you know what, I'll review it Marc. Just for you dude. My eyes kinda hurt because of a lack of sleep as well but I'll throw that into my weekend review with Titans, Green Arrow & Booster Gold.

  5. Wow, that Batman comic must have been TERRIBLE! In a warped sort of way, I'm looking forward to reading it just to see how bad it is!

    Check out all of the votes you've gotten on that poll so far! Tres impressive. It makes me want to steal the idea for my own blog! :-)

  6. Haha, Roy's quite unpopular, eh? Plus, I suppose he's already getting one?
    Anywho, I don't know much about Ravager, so she deserves one the most

    BTW, I'm not sure what to think of GA. I don't like the direction they're taking him. Killing Prometheus I could understand. Attacking his friends (and wife). Well, he's gotta stop doing that... And the art was terrible. Only good bit of art was the front cover

  7. X, It was... I don't even know what to say about it dude. I just hated it. I could see you giving it a five or so but I'm gonna rip it to SHREDS in my review lol. As for the poll feel free, I've stolen...Um.. borrowed many of your ideas.

    Nagash, I would definitely read a Ravager comic. I didn't even know who she was until I started reading Teen Titans and now she's one of my favorite DC Female characters. And I'm pretty sure X didn't read Cry for Justice 7 yet so I'm hoping he doesn't read your spoiler.

  8. If you rip that comic to shreds, I'll most definitely be looking forward to it(once I get my copy of course!). I love reading really critical reviews. They're always so much more fun to read(and I feel more fun to write as well), then the cookie-cutter, "This comic was good. I liked it. The end." type of review. Let it all out JT!!! Go crazy!

    Oh and I'm still thinking about *Ahem* "borrowing" the poll idea... I could always dig out those character match-ups we did a while back... And see if I'd still win. :p

  9. I agree with ya, and rest assured I'm going all out on that comic. I... I won't even comment, I'll save my energy for the review haha.

    I'm sure I would, But whatever :P Lol go for it dude, my ideas are your ideas... as long as you name drop my site. :P Lol

  10. Oops. Hope I didn't spoil anything for you. Don't read it ;)

    I still don't know much about her, but her history sounds interesting and could lead to many great stories. Therefore, proper spinoff time :D

  11. Yeah she's a very good character. Not your typical female character, she's very... headstrong. I love her character though. You're making me wanna go re-read some of my Ravager comics.

  12. Mwahaha - that was my evil plan all along. To make you reread your Ravager comics. Mwahahaha :D

    What own comics did she have?

  13. Lol, um she has a co-feature on current Titans comics. I just meant reading the arcs where she was in the Teen Titans, also her appearances in Nightwing and the Terror Titans mini.

  14. Yeah, that's the only bit I knew about - didn't think she had had a proper series...

  15. Yeah she's yet to really get one yet. I wouldn't be surprised if she popped up in Slade's Titans even though she hates him.

  16. As the 'bad guy' in Slade's Titans?

  17. Well not the "Bad guy" I could see her teaming up with Slade if he's on the up and up.

  18. Somehow I see Slade as the shadowed leader, heard not seen, while Tattooed Man being the public face. Least, that's how I think they'll do it. So yeah, maybe Ravager would be in it for a second or two, find out Slade's in charge and then, cue hilarity? So to speak

  19. I could see that. I'm wondering who else will join Slade's band of misfits.

  20. Hmmm, maybe they're setting up Arsenal/Red Arrow/whatever he's going by, or possibly Green Arrow by the way he's been acting.

    Batgirl (Cassandra) has bad history with Slade, right? Maybe Damian then for the Batclan member, they could possibly but the new Aquaman in (as he's only interested in under the sea, and maybe is fed up of humans trashing it and wants them all dead? He's someone I don't care about and would let them bring back the proper, one and only, Arthur Curry ;)).
    Possibly Miss Martian as well, the White Martian Titans of Tomorrow side?

  21. I'd love either of them to join, although I believe Cheshire is joining and I can't see her getting along with Roy.

    I doubt Dick would ever let Damian go with Slade after all they've been through. Maybe Black Manta could join. I think only villains will join.

  22. Ah, didn't know about Cheshire. I think they're doing something with Roy/Cheshire in one of the Rise of Arsenal issues. I think...

    Doubtful. But Dick vs Slade. Guess who wins... And Damian has the perfect mentality for being a 'bad' Titan, just it doesn't seem like he would ally with Slade unless he tricked him somehow. But then when Bruce comes back it's gonna be grumpy and grumpier in Batman & Robin...

  23. Yeah they are, she's on the cover of Issue 2.

    I could see Damien being tricked because Slade is pretty damn smart but as shawn in the last Batman and Robin, Damien is pretty loyal to Dick, he even sided with him over Talia.

  24. And it could well not be the usual "You let him kill my baby", as no-one really knows how Cheshire feels about Lian, right?

    Exactly. If he were tricked, and was then shown the truce, it'd be a berserker rage that gets easily slapped down because Slade is well, Slade. He's not getting beaten by some 12 year old kid, and it would make my day to see him getting slammed like that ;)

  25. You may be right there. Only time will tell on that one but I'm looking forward to it.

    Lol as long as Grant isn't writing it. Because if Morrison writes it Damien will be Slade's Equal IF not Superior. But I couid see your idea working out too.

  26. Yep. Though there's more dread than anything there ;)

    Urgh, it's highly doubtful Grant would. He's doing Return of Bruce Wayne and Multiversity (at some point), so it seems he'll be pretty busy for that. I hope

  27. It's gonna be hard looking forward to those now since I know Grant is writing them I'm sure there's a world where Damian rules with an Iron fist.

  28. Well, Damian won't be in Return really. Well, he shouldn't be, what with it focusing of Bruce being Batman in all those different eras

  29. Oh I know, I meant in Multiversity.

  30. Oh gawd, that's just gonna be horrible. It really is. Let decent writers write these tales. Ones who've written Elseworlds/alt realities/etc that have been decent, like Mark Millar and Red Son, for a start...
    Maybe use the ideas from Countdown (and Arena)/52, there were some good uns there...

  31. Man I agree with ya, Mark Millar would be awesome. Hell call in Jeph Loeb, Geoff Johns, and some more people who know how to write interesting stories instead of Crazy Ass Grant. I hated countdown but there were some good ideas. I loved the whole thing with The Jester or whatever his name was and Owlman, Talon, Three face.

  32. Add Andy Diggle, Peter Tomasi, Judd Winik and Bryan Millar and you got yourself an awesome set of writers.

    You mean the Jokester?
    Countdown was a bit of a mess, but then the editors constantly screwed it up in regards to Final Crisis.
    Almost wrote Final Countdown there. Hah. Awesome song though, and I've seen it live by them. Oh so very awesome :D

  33. Exactly, fantastic crew of writers there.

    Yeah that's it. His name was Jester in that Crisis on Two Earths movie. Ah you're lucky. It's the Finaaaal Countdowwwwwn! If I knew how to type out the melody and I had infinite time to waste I so would right now... oh what the hell

    Da na na na, da na na na naaaa, da na na na, da na na na na na naaaah, na naaa na naaa na na na na na naaaaaah, da na naaaa!

  34. Mind you, we've pretty much listed all the brilliant writers at DC atm there. Except Paul Dini. Can't believe I forgot about him...

    Ah, that explains it. I still haven't seen that :( stupid having to import it from somewhere grumbles. Oh yes, it was awesome. But you're lucky about living in America. Comics/films when they should be out, and Flogging Molly gigs.

    Do do do DOOOOOOO!

  35. I can't believe we forgot him either. You know he's writing the new Zatanna series?

    So how long does it take for you guys to get movies and whatnot when they come out here? I always assumed it was the same day.

  36. Awaitwhat? And there were cries of a) AWESOME and b) FINALLY. She really deserves her own series, and by Paul? Sweeeeeet :)

    Oh, it varies. Sometimes a week or two, sometimes it's months. No joke. Especially when it comes to DVDs. We still haven't had First Flight released over here. Actually, don't think we had Final Frontier here (I imported that). Got Wonder Woman though.
    About the only thing we get earlier than you guys is Doctor Who, for obvious reasons. And 2000AD, but I don't read that, so it doesn't matter :D

  37. Yep they announced it this week at the DCU Blog. Here's the article. Drops in May with Birds of Prey and I believe Return of Bruce Wayne and the Red Hood stuff if I'm not mistaken.

    Damn really? You guys STILL don't have first flight? That sucks. I think that came out in November. What about Public Enemies?

  38. Looks like it's got a pretty damn good artist behind it too. I'm sure to pick that up, along with def Red Hood and Return. Prob will go for Birds too, if we're getting Dinah back to being a strong kickass woman, that shall be good.

    I don't think we have that either. Nope, just Amazon'd it. No Public Enemies. Tis a really annoying thing about living here

  39. Yeah, a hot ass kicking Dinah is just what the world needs again. So I can't wait until that drops. May should be a big month for DC.

    Man that sucks. Have you always lived in the UK?

  40. It really will be. Mind you, they still a mint off me. Unlike Marvel, who get almost nothing...

    Yep, all my life. Only other place I'd wanna live is Canada, but I really don't feel like moving countries

  41. Yeah I've noticed. DC is really pulling out the big guns with all those comics, and Brightest Day.

    I can't even imagine moving from one country to another. Seems like it'd be somewhat confusing and a bit of a culture shock. Just outta curiosity, it's 7:52 as I post this, what time is it there?

  42. They really are. While Marvel have got, er, Bendis, and er?... I don't know who else.

    It would be pretty weird, and I've got far too much stuff anyway ;)
    Midnight :D

  43. Daniel Way? Lol I only know him because of Deadpool & Wolverine Origins.

    You'd have to charter a plane just for ya comics :P And wow, so we have a four hour time gap. How's life in the future? :P

  44. I've never heard of him before, so not a massive heavy hitter then ;)

    Of course, cause you're backwards, and you're near the East Coast, it's only four hours...
    Amazing. We have flying cars and all that. Well, when I say flying I mean cars getting pushed along the motorway by a lorry. Which isn't the same thing at all.

  45. Yeah, I think he only writes for those two comics.

    Ahh flying cars?! Man I can't WAIT until four hours until now. Even if they are pused by a lorry whatever that is. I don't think we have those in America. :P

  46. Which would explain alot. He's akin to Bryan Millar then - obscure but awesome?

    Three and a half now ;)
    Lorry = truck (I think). You know, a semi-cab? With huge long trailer thing. And someone managed to get their car pushed along by one of those at high speeds (motorway speeds, which is probably 100kmh or similar).

  47. That's the best way to put it, yeah. He's Marvel's Bryan Millar. Would we count Mark Millar as a Marvel guy since he's written alot for them?

    Ah got ya. You Brits and your funny words :P But that sounds kinda scary haha, don't know if I want one of Those flying cars.

  48. I suppose, though he's done alot of creator owned stuff, and Red Son for DC, but yeah, he is mostly a Marvel guy.

    Hey! We came up with language, our word is law in this matter ;)
    They're pretty scary, but there's been no fatalities as of yet...

  49. Speaking of that I wonder if Yost will go back to Marvel now after his Red Robin travesty.

    Lol you guys did, but we took it and made it awesome and whatnot :P And yeah you say there's no fatalities now, but six hours from now in the distant future, who knows.

  50. Just don't touch Runaways or Pixie. You've already done both, don't go back there
    *Crosses all his fingers, toes, arms, legs and everything else*

    I think you mean shite :P
    I won't find out until 10 or so hours into the future though. I feel like going to bed shortly. I mean, it is 2am...

  51. With my luck he'll go write Deadpool and ruin him just when I'm starting to read all of his comics.

    Lol, if the definition for shite is Super awesome and amazingly great then yes, I mean shite.

    I don't blame you good sir. Got any plans for tomorrow?

  52. But he can't kill of Deadpool, so that's one positive right there ;)

    Tut tut tut. Your powers will not work here

    Food shopping >.< shop closed at 7 today. Was not impressed. Thought they closed at 8. Grumble grumble
    How bout you, save for waiting for these flying cars?

  53. Lol true but that means I would just have a purgatory of Yost's writing. Deadpool would try to kill himself at that point.

    My powers work everywhere, because I am American and we believe that we rule the world. Well I don't but I'm sure most do.

    Well no plans for me, as a wrestling fan I plan on watching WrestleMania but that's about it on my schedule.

  54. I wonder what Yost would see on Pixie's dust?

    God damn you Americans and your world spanning obesity. You're infecting us all! Except me, mwahaha :D

    Fair dos. Not a fan of wrestling myself, but then I can't stand watching any sport...

  55. You mean he's not already on it?

    Lol I honestly don't know how to reply to that. One point for The U.K.

    The fact you even called it a sport makes you even more awesome in my book of awesomeness.

  56. Pixie's dust can only be happy thoughts, and he keeps on killing people, so obviously not ;)

    What can I say? We're small yet have had the largest spanning Empire of the world (I think). My history isn't up to scratch, and it's 3am...

    Well it's an event more akin to gymnastics or dancing than football or basketball, so I suppose athletic event is more appropriate, but I was lazy ;)

  57. Maybe he's on LSD or crack or something then.

    If you guys are SO awesome... then how come... you only have TWO initials while we have THREE? What what? Oh yeah. That's my big comeback. Time to celebrate.

    Now you go down a page in my I'd say it's more like a movie than anything, predetermined but still capable of getting hurt when filmed.

  58. That sounds about right... Just like Grant, but nowhere near as bad

    Wait, what? What are you babbling about. My name in initials is WAJY. No joke.

    More like a soap opera crossed with physical exercise then :P

  59. Agreed once again. It's like you're reading my mind.

    I mean USA and U.K. but that's just me saying random stuff to confuse you, aka the George Bush method. And how do you have four initials?

    I'm fine with that. You can go up half a page in the previously mentioned book.

  60. Did I forget to mention I'm a latent semi-psychic who occasionally gets glimpses of what people are wearing.
    You are wearing pink heart underpants with a white bow.

    Ohhhhh, yes, that old tried and tested method. What an idiot he was. I just do. Three names and a surname. How many names do YOU have?

    Wooo! Man, you must be completely shredding this book by constantly crossing out and rewriting my name there, eh?

  61. You did forget to tell me that and sadly you lose because those are in the wash. Bwahahahah!

    Yeah I'll never understand how that dude became president... And I have Three names. First, Middle and Last. My initials are JLT, so it works when people shorten the Jason Todd to JT on my blog.

    Yeah, it's even harder considering the book is laminated. You wouldn't believe how hard I have to force the pen down to write and cross stuff out.

  62. Curses. That must've been the future vision of you in a flying car then!

    Idiocy brainwashing rays?
    Change that to a B and you've got a BLT. Mmmmm, bacon...
    But that's pretty funny - coincidence or design?

    Probably tears through the laminate, right?

  63. Of course it was, it was powered by my powerful brain, which is why it stopped every thirty seconds.

    BLT's minus the Tom-ay-to of course, I don't care for them. And actually it's 100% coincidence. I didn't even realize until X called me JT one day, and other people already call me that.

    Yeah, but luckily I have a laminate pen so when I write instead of ink, very tightly wound plastic comes out.

  64. I thought I was just waiting for the video to buffer!

    Tomatoes are good. Much better than stinky old lettuce...
    That's pretty funny, though my blog abbreviates to HICR and yours is JTCS. Nope, both nonsensical...

    Coloured or non coloured plastic?

  65. Or maybe that's what I wanted you to think so I could surprise you when I took off at the SPEED OF LIGHT!!! Bwahahahaha

    Lettuce > Tomatoes. If you have a ton of lettuce you can make salad, if you have a ton of tomatoes you can only make ketchup.

    I love how ever comic blog has to have the word comic in it.

    Both, it;s like one of those multi-ink pens.

  66. The speed of light is nothing compared to the speed of anti-light. Or, no, wait, light beats anti-light of course. Hmmmm, guess I'll have to form a gravitic pulse anomaly to slow down time enough to warp into solid form and curbstomp it to the ground.

    If you have a ton of tomatoes I'll have eaten them in about 10 minutes. Especially if they were baby/plum. They make awesome snack food. And finger bites. And damn it, I'm out of tomatoes again.

    Well, if we didn't, who knows what riff raff and spambot we'd attract?

    Of, the cool ones that can do red, green, blue and black?

  67. Hm... you do that. And while you're doing that I'll be zooming around the world at the speed of life, kicking dudes in the groin and laughing before they even realize what happened.

    I've never heard of someone eating tomatoes like they were apples.

    Good point, all types of stupid quizzes and pervy spambots!

    Exactly like those. I have one pen like that and it has like ten colors.

  68. Speed of life? Well, that's a new one...

    I don't eat tomatoes as if they were apples. That would be silly. More like biscuits.
    I eat only one apple a day. Duh :P

    Aren't those people trying to jump on your quiz bandwagon?

    Like Indigo-1?

  69. Lmao meant speed of light, good catch.

    Lol okay then, wait how many biscuits do you eat per day :P

    Lol do you mean like X-Man and Kello?

    EXACTLY like Indigo-1, except it's not a huge staff. Her's looks like Raficki's in the lion king.

  70. I am Will, Master of Typos!

    None. Not a big fan of biscuits...

    Possibly. I don't know, have they started quizs?

    What you want is a PenCane. It's like a SwordCane, but, you know, a pen...

  71. Wouldn't that mean you make the MOST typos?

    Really?! Why not, biscuits rule...

    Nah but they've both mentioned stealing the idea alot. it mightier than the swordcane?

  72. I have a spell checker, so mine are unseeable ;)

    Eh, I dunno. Just not a huge fan. Prefer apples. Go figure...

    Thieving hobbitses

    Of course not. "Aha, I have a pen" *swish* "Oh. I'm running now"

  73. Pretty sure that's not a word :P

    Apples are awesome, as are biscuits, and If I had to pick I'd pick an apple, only because no one walks down the street pulling biscuits outta their pockets and chomping away at them.

    Exactly, and here I am all awesome like the elf with the bow, and they wanna be theiving hobbitses. You tell em Golem.

    I...don't know what that quotes from :(

  74. I make em up as I leave and vanish

    Well, no, because they nibble on them anyway...

    I'm the human druid with the bow actually :P

    Me. Just then. :P

  75. I've made a word to, its Sqiugy and it means "JT is better than Nagash." ;)

    Nah, we chomp at biscuits because nibbling is for babies and mice.

    Boooo I wanna be Legola's or whatever his name is.

    Lol ah, Quotations always make me think it's from something else for some weird reason.

  76. Sounds too much like Squidgy, which is the sound your belly makes when it tries to be better than me :P

    Nibble/chomp, similar actions just varying amounts of food inputting into your mouth. Same thing then...

    Legolas? Poncy elves.

    Well, I can see why, but this was just because I was playing two separate individuals :P

  77. Lol you win this round sir, you win THIS round.

    Nah big difference. You Brits wouldn't get it :P

    Lol isn't that his name or something?

    Ah got ya. Now I get it, he'll I would've ran too.

  78. So, what is the score atm? At least 1 all...

    I dunno. I'm not very British when it comes to food. It's much more OMNOMNOMNOM for me ;)

    His name is Legolas. All Elves are poncy. Ergo, their names are all poncy elf.

    Exactly. I do have a character with a swordcane anyway. He's a pretty good character to write. Wears cowboy boots too. I have a couple of characters who do actually. They're cool boots :D