Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 The Year of Hal Jordan

Happy New Years everyone, I know I'm late with this but eh, I'm sure you guys understand. Between the Holidays, Video games and Comics my blog took a big hit but I'm back with a vengeance. So the first post about 2010 here at JTCS is going to be about Hal Jordan, who was without a doubt the MVP of 2009. In a year that saw the returns of Barry Allen, Connor Kent and Bart Allen, and The dawn of a new Batman nothing compares to the year that Hal Jordan, winner of X-Man's Comic Blog 2009 Hero of The Year award. And just when I thought Hal couldn't get any more awesome, It's been announced that in the upcoming Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, he'll be voiced by Nolan North, better known for voicing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted games.

So thanks to Geoff Johns (winner of the Spike TV Scream Award winner and the more prestigious X-Man's Comic Blog for Best Writer) taking over writing duties for Green Lantern it's been one of the best ongoing series in recent memory. I recently read The Sinestro Corps Wars. which had Sinestro start his Lantern Corp to attack the Green Lantern Corps and some of his Corp. Members are a who's who off Villainy including The Anti-Monitor, Cyborg-Superman, and even the always entertaining Superboy-turned-Man Prime, The Sinestro Corps, known for instilling fear into people even tried to recruit The Dark Knight and The Scarecrow.While I'd love to see Scarecrow wielding a Sinestro ring, It seems like it won't be anytime soon. I loved this storyline so much, especially the fact that Sinestro did all of this just to get the Green Lanterns to have the Guardians to allow the Green Lanterns to use Lethal Force, whereas the Green Lanterns couldn't kill first now they can. This may not seem like much but now people may fear the Green Lanterns...could that be Sinestro's plan?

After reading the awesome HIGHLY recommended Sinestro Corps Wars. I moved on to the much shorter but still as awesome Rage of The Red Lanterns. Man this was an awesome arc, The Red Lanterns that are powered by Rage decide to kidnap and subsequently kill Sinestro and The Green Lantern Corps have also sentence Sinestro to death, but it's been prophesied that he will be a big player and without him the Blackest Night will be unstoppable so a conflicted Hal Jordan goes to save him, without giving away too much we eventually see Hal become a Red Lantern AND a Blue Lantern.

Then finally in 2009 we saw the dawn of The Blackest Night which saw Hal team with his Lantern allies, John Stweart, Guy Gardner, and Kyle Rayner as well as team with enemies like Sinestro and Atrocitus. Hal even has to fight friends like Martian Manhunter and Superman. Hal and the Green Lanterns have been at the forefront of the DC Universe and is leading the way into 2010 as well. Blackest Night is currently one of the biggest Crossovers of all time drawing in so many characters and it's inevitable that Hal Jordan stands tall at it's conclusion. Hal has quickly gone from just another hero to one of my favorites and the sky's the limit for this Green Lantern as long as Geoff Johns is kicking out great story's for the Emerald Champion that is Hal "Highball" Jordan.

This is normally where I'd end the article but with 2010 here I figure I'll do things a little differently, Firstly I wanna say thanks to everyone's that read my blog for the short month it's been up, I love your comments and constructive criticism. If anyone has any article Idea's or anything please comment and let me know because I'm running on empty at the moment, Lol, and I'm curious as to what you guys will say. Secondly I wanna let everyone know that my girlfriend Falisha recently restarted her blog, she's a Graphic Designer and a hell of an artist and if you check her out I'm sure you won't be disappointed, her blog is , she actually painted the Joker picture you see up there on the left. And Lastly I just wanna say thanks again for taking the time to read what I typed because I truly appreciate it. Happy New Year to all, hope 2010 is a great one for everyone!


  1. Yeah, a new post on JTCS! First off, my favorite part of the post was your continued plugging of my blog! ;) Seriously though, thanks for the kind words. More prestigious then the Spike TV awards? Cool!

    Enough about me though, on to the post. Glad to see you give a whole post to Hal, as you so astutely pointed out, he def deserved it after the year he's had. Man, I was SO bummed when Scarecrow didn't get the Sinestro Corps ring! He seemed like such a perfect character to join the Sinestro Corps. Maybe it's for the best though, because you know he wouldn't have obeyed a single order from Sinestro, and that he would have dedicated all of his time to attacking Batman and terrorizing Gotham. It still would have been cool though...

    Article ideas? Jeez, I have enough trouble coming up with ideas on my own blog! Hmm, maybe you could review a video game, or do a couple of straight up comic reviews, I know I'd be interested in reading that. If all else fails, just wing it! Sometimes I'll just sit in front of my computer and wait until something(anything!)pops into my mind, and then type it out. You never know, you might stumble upon greatness that way!

    Oh, and before I cease my babbling, I have to say, your girlfriend is one hell of an artist! When I first looked at her Joker picture I thought it was an image of the Joker from a TV set! After I read it was a painting, I did a double take! That's some awesome work!

  2. Lol Yeah I'm so clever I used one post to plus TWO Blogs...See that's that Highschool Education with a little Latin working for me lol. But yeah, I figure an award from an avid comic fan means more than an award from Spike TV which doesn't even have any comic-like shows or hell I've never even heard a comic book mentioned on that channel.

    Yeah, I'm hoping some day they at least go back to it, I mean you'd think eventually someone else in the Sinestro corps would die and their ring would seek out Scarecrow but oh well, One can definitely imagine.

    I may take your review a video game offer, I'm wary to review any weekly comics because I don't wanna spoil anything for one of my two avid commenters, and I don't wanna just babble on and feel like I'm wasting time talking about nothing either.

    Thanks, I'm sure she'll appreciate the comment. She does alot of stuff, she water colored me a pic of Harley and Joker, I'll get that up on the blog soon enough, and a bunch of other stuff, and she's drawn pictures of Ravager and Nightwing. So considering I can barely draw stick people I'm in awe when she draws the most simple things lol.

  3. Aww thanks for the comments on my art. I so think I'm horrible BUT, 2 people sayin its good gives me hope that my work really may be good.

    Speaking of that nightwing pic, lol I'm going to finish it this week. Possibly work on a collage of batman: the animated series characters from this book i picked up from the library. :D Which I have to take a visit possibly Monday. lol. I have to ravage through the kids section for DC/Marvel books lol. They always hogging all the good stuff. lol brats.

    Oh and X-Man your blog is now being followed by me. :D

  4. Awesome, I love that Nightwing pic so far, I'm also interested in that Ravager pic as well hint hint ;) But sounds cool. Also I helped get X another follower so yeah...not bad for a month old blog lol.

  5. Lol the ravager is on hiatus....iono what to do with that lol. I'll think of something.

  6. Lol Well I'll be waiting for it, sweet. :)

  7. I wouldn't worry about potentially spoiling anything for anybody by doing a few reviews Jason. I'd definitely read whatever you decide to post, if not right away, then eventually. By this point in my life, I've become really good at avoiding any potential spoilers! Video games, comics, whatever you decide to write about, bring it on!

    I've got to say, from what I've seen of your work Falisha Ann, I think you're a great artist! I may not be able to draw my way out of a paper bag, but I know when something looks good, and from what I've seen here and over at your blog(which I'm now a follower of!), your work looks really good to me.

  8. Lol awesome, now that I know that maybe we can ecpect alot more posts :P I'll throw a spoiler warning up if I think I'll ruin anything for you like I did in the Jason Todd Article.

    You know how those artist types are X, never think their any good ;-) but nah really, I agree I think her art is really awesome, I wish I could draw half as well as that.

  9. lol...Well thank you x, that means a lot coming from you, and you as well J.

    And yes, be expecting more posts. :D I like this blogging thing it's therapeutic. :D

    And bay you can draw.,.....just gotta practice like I did lol may take a couple years to get the hang of it but you can do it! Also...X I'll be sure to play catch up on your blog. I've heard great things about it. And thanks for following. :D