Monday, January 4, 2010

Just Updating You Guys

Hey guys, Jason Todd here with a quick post. It's not really comic related or anything, just me stopping by to say thanks again to everyone who follows me, and my sporadic posts. I'm gonna do more including some comic reviews this week, I'll probably have a review up on my thoughts of JLA/Avengers as well as a few other things if I can pull myself from my PS3 long enough to read. Just bought Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands plus I still play the hell outta Uncharted 2. Anyone on PSN feel free to add ReelJokerJeff.

I do want to say, since this is my blog and I promote everyone else's blog I may as well promote my own comedy Duo called Reel Jokers, you can see us on Youtube at www.Youtube.Com/ReelJokers for our off brand comedy, if you don't laugh that's fine but I'm relatively sure you will. And I felt like making this comic related so here's a video I edited to the recently released Superman Batman: Public Enemies and one of my favorite songs, Hero.

And Lastly I wanna welcome and thank both Kello and Marc for following my blog, you guys are awesome and it makes me feel good to have five followers after only a month so thanks again.

- Jason Todd


  1. Can't wait to read the next review. Give me something else to look forward to this week. :D

  2. Thanks again Marc, so you gonna start that comic review site?

  3. Next week, I hope! Depends what my work schedule is like, but it should be soon.