Saturday, January 9, 2010

JLA: Earth 2 Review

So before I jump into this review just letting you guys know that tomorrow I should be posting another review on either JLA/Avengers or Salvation Run depending on which one I decide to read. Both have their strong suits and i'm leaning towards JLA/Avengers but only time will tell. Anyway let's get into today's review, JLA: Earth 2 written by Grant Morrison with artwork by Frank Quitely. I decided to check this out after hearing about the upcoming Justice Leage: Crisis on Two Earths animated film based on JLA: Earth 2.

So basically, JLA Earth 2 is a story about how there's an alternate earth where things are very different from the earth we've come to know and love. Whereas our heroes like Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have become beloved Icon's, in this alternate earth our heroes are villains, and villains are subsequently heroes. So the story begins with Alexander Luthor from the Anti-Matter Universe comes to our earth looking for the heroes. This "Lex" is very different from our Lex Luthor and this shows by him giving a ton of money to one of Lex's employee's and telling her to take a nice vacation. Anyway Alexander eventually contacts the JLA and asks them for help on his earth against the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. The Crime Syndicate consists of evil doppelgangers of the JLA Superman/Ultraman, Wonder Woman/Superwoman, Batman/Owlman, Green Lantern/Power Ring, and The Flash/Johnny Quick. Although they never show up apparently Aquaman and Martian Manhunter's evil twins are Barracuda and White Martian.

The differences between these evil twins are very different yet similar to our originals. Ultraman is actually a human who is upgraded with a Superhuman body when it space and is actually an earthling at birth. Now he uses his powers to kill people who stand up against him, looking over the city, listening to conversations and blasting up risers with his heat vision. Superwoman is actually Lois Lane who loves to physically and emotionally abuse Jimmy Olsen, also she dates, hates and cheats on Ultraman with Owlman. Owlman is not Bruce but Thomas Wayne Jr. turns out that fateful night Martha and Bruce Wayne were killed instead of Martha and Thomas. Thomas Sr. becomes the police commissioner and Gordon is actually a crime boss. Owlman lashes out against the police and everyone else as a villainous murderer. Johnny Quick uses synthetic speed to run quickly which he injects into his veins, so in other words he's a Junkie and last but not least Power Ring is your typical big stupid jock.

So...going into this comic I had high expectations, but I'm not one of Grant Morrison's biggest fan's. Some of his stories are good but others are AWFUL to me. This was an awful one. I hated everything about this comic.Everyone has tiny scrunched up faces, things weren't explained thoroughly. I had to look up a synopsis to make sure I understood it. I'm not lying when I say this comic put me to sleep. I literally took a nap after, no joke. It was SO boring, the big one on one fights never happened between the CSA and the JLA and the book ended on such a horrible note it made me wanna forget ever reading it. I mean maybe I'm just in the minority but I truly hope the Animated movie is nothing like this awful awful comic. It's definitely one of the worst comics it's ever been my misfortune to read.

Final Rating: All in all I'd rate this a 0 but because I like some of the differences in character's like Earth 2's Flash being a Junkie and  Gordon being a crime lord I guess I could at least give it a little more of a push. So I give JLA: Earth 2 a solid 1/10. If you think I'm being harsh I would say go read it but I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Avoid this comic at all costs!!!

- Jason Todd


  1. Wow, you really disliked this book! I actually like it quite a bit, but I'm also a Morrison nut. Some people enjoy his mainstream work, some enjoy his really wacky stuff...and some actually enjoy both but don't want to see them mixed together. I'm someone who likes to see it all thrown together, and Earth 2 definitely falls into that category. It's not the sort of thing you should read if you're looking for a straightforward superhero story...or, at least, a "modern" superhero story. It's more of a throwback to some of DC's stranger Silver Age stories. I love those old books, though, which certainly enhanced my enjoyment of this book. Hopefully you'll enjoy the next book you read more!

  2. You know, I gotta agree with you, it's more of a mixture of the two and not a modern-ish hero story and I'd be fine with that. I just hated the fact that we never had a big face off. Like when you see evil duplicates you picture Supes vs. Ultraman or Bats vs. Owlman or hell switching because they can't fight themselves because they know all their moves or are too evenly matches but we never even got that. I haven't been this let down since I read Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (check the archives) and waited and waited for the big Wonder Woman vs. Batman face off and it lasted like two pages.

  3. Ha, maybe you didn't like the comic, but your review was a blast to read! What more can be said about Grant? He's the ultimate hit or miss writer IMO. Some of his work is among my favorite comics of all-time(New X-Men, Marvel Boy), while I absolutely hate some of his other works(Final Crisis, Batman). Since I tend not to like Grant's DC work, I think I'll add this to my "avoid" list, which is too bad, because the premise sounds so good... Oh well.

    I'll be looking forward to both those reviews JT, I've read both those minis, and I'm pretty interested to see what you thought of them.

  4. Yeah Grant's the same way with me, as if Frank Miller. Both are either really good or really bad to me depending on the comic. This one was not a good comic for me but I'm hoping the animated movie does it some justice, plus it has James Woods as Owlman and the guy who voices Nathan Drake from Uncharted as Green Lantern so it's looking good.

    Awesome, glad to know I have you guys looking forward to reviews, inspires me to do them and not play Modern Warfare 2 and Borderlands all day tomorrow.

  5. Great article J! I am not a huge fan of Morrison myself,which is sad to say. I really enjoyed reading Batman: Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul and Batman R.I.P., but when you read the synopsis for this book to me, it sounded even better.

    Sad to see it wasn't that good of a read. Considering we both like the same comics and what not, I was ready to read it next. lol, I'll pass on this one. This JLA story sounds like it is almost as disappointing as Wonder Woman's Blackest Night issue 2. ugh, I won't go there lol, should return it and ask for a refund lol.

    Buuuut anywho enough of my ranting. Nice article bay. Can't wait to read the next one. Hope it's a good read for you. :)

  6. Thanks for the comment :) I forgot he wrote Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul. That was freaking fantastic yet this was just horrible. I don't know...Grant clearly has his on and off days. Glad everyone's looking forward to the next article, should be up later today. JLA/Avengers or Salvation Run? Only time will tell Bwa-hahaha!

  7. Lol. I already know which one you're doing. I know you that well enough to guess right. :) bwa-hahahaha-ha-ha-he!