Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, it's a little late in the week but it's that time once again for your weekly dose of comic content comments, Ratings and Rantings! This week we've only got six comics to run through, but being ever the optimist, I'm hoping they'll be mostly enjoyable. Also, next week is the return of the Top Five 5, so next week's Ratings and Rantings (Hopefully up by Thursday or Friday) will include the categories for the upcoming Top Five. So enough future planning, let's jump right in with the lovely ladies of Gotham, in Gotham City Sirens #17!

Gotham City Sirens #17

This issue starts off with Selina telling Bruce she loves him while they wear fancy rich people gowns and suits, and it turns out this is a hallucination and she's been dragged under the ground by something. Meanwhile the remaining Sirens, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy, have teamed up with Talia Al Ghul and Zatanna, or as I call them, The Bruce Wayne Little-Black-Book club. The four women go after Catwoman, and as Harley and Ivy wonder why someone would want to kidnap Selina, alia and Zee exchange looks, showing that they at least know. They continue on after Selina and encounter the assassin known as Shrike. He mentions that he's in on the Catwoman kidnapping because he also wants to know "his" identity, and when he finds out Harley and Ivy don't know what he's talking about, he plans on telling them and Zatanna tries to silence him, but her magic won't work on him for some reason. Shrike tells them that Batman's identity will soon be discovered. Shrike brings the fight to the ladies, and Ivy and Zatanna take him on as Harley and Talia continue to go after Catwoman. Back in Catwoman's very weird hallucination, she runs everywhere with Bruce trying to escape some rock and fire monsters until they eventually kill him, and she yells out "Bruce!", just as Talia and Harley run in to see Catwoman knocked out in front of Senpai. (Whoever that is.) He then disappears for some random ass reason, as Catwoman is helped up by Harley. Later on a rooftop, Zatanna tells Talia they didn't appear to have stolen Bruce's identity and asks Talia who Senpai is. Talia says he's her Grandfather Sensai's greatest student and he wants revenge because apparently Bruce killed her Grandfather. When did this happen? Someone wanna fill me in on that info? Talia then says the safeguards se gave Selina wasn't good enough and they have to wipe Bruce from Selina's memory as the issue ends. Man this was bad. This comic was SO bad. "Oh no, someone kidnapped Catwoman, whose super capable of kicking major butt by herself, let's send four women that have barely interacted to save her. Oh, let's have Shrike beat up on Ivy AND Zee. Oh, and then the reveal of the mastermind won;t be someone like Deathstroke or Two-Face or Scarecrow or someone capable but Senpai, whoever HE is. Oh, and let's wipe Bruce from Selina's memory, because that's Talia's decision, we shouldn't see what Bruce thinks about it at all." Anyway, I'm done reading this crap. I figured taking Harley (who I love, but she's not even written like herself), Ivy (who can be a great Huntress type character for this team) and Catwoman as the leader would be great, but I've been pretty underwhelmed since the series debuted so I'm done with it. No more Sirens for me, if ya see me list it as something I'm picking up, remind me of this review. Because I'm done with the Sirens until they get a damn good writer. I'll give this a 3/10.

Harley: What do you know that we don't?
Talia: Oh, Harley... what you don't know staggers the imagination. If I was to start talking right now, we'd all die of old age before I finished.

Batman Beyond #6 of 6

The final issue of what may be the second best Mini-Series to come out of DC Comics this year, so I'm hoping it ends strong as well. Things get underway with Terry trying to go after the newest Hush, with Bruce telling him to stay back and reminding the current Batman that Hush almost killed him. Terry asks who will stop Hush is he doesn't, and Bruce looks towards a Batman suit, before being told that time is over for him by someone in the shadows, then Dick Grayson steps forward. Dick jumps right into the swing of things with a plan and goes for the Batman equipment. Terry says he's up for the fight and Grayson says he will be joining him. Bruce asks if Grayson needs a uniform as Grayson walks away with Batman. Grayson and Terry head toward the epicenter to catch up with Hush, and are joined by Catwoman as well after she hitches a ride with the current and former Dark Knight. They formulate a plan to try to subdue Hush and get ready to spring it into action. Back at Cadmus labs we see Amanda Waller as she's approached by Detective Nathan Bullock, he says they have warrants due to the allegations by Nora Reid. Amanda quickly pulls out some incriminating evidence of her own. Bullock says that shows she was expecting them, and incriminates herself. Waller denies it and sends the Detective/possible descendant of Harvey Bullock. We then see Hush, underground with his explosives, wondering if he actually has killed Batman and if that's why he's yet to show up. He goes to press the detonator when it's knocked out of his hand by a Batarang. Hush is shocked to be face to face with Dick Grayson, and Grayson shocks he still has it, but it's quickly knocked out of him by one of the big robotic Bat-Wraith. Grayson isn't alone for long with Batman and Catwoman appear to help him attack Hush. The three heroes take on Hush and his Bat-Wraiths as Bruce tries to override Hush's controls from the Batcave. Bruce successfully disables the robots and Grayson and Catwoman neutralize Hush's missiles. Hush tries to get rid of Batman but Batman mistakenly pushes him in front of a Bat-Wraith that explodes. Ah Hush, sucks for you buddy. Catwoman leaves after the fight, and Bruce pretty much bares his soul to Grayson, but Grayson leaves without saying a word, which was interesting to see how they've switched roles. The issue ends soon after with Terry in the Batcave with Bruce, discussing the future of Batman. This series started off really strong, but the final two or three issues were kinda slow. I didn't get into this like I did with the earlier issues, and it was just average. While I commend Adam Beechen for not making Hush be someone obvious, like my namesake, I couldn't really get into who Hush was because I don't think Hush's identity has that type of anger and jealousy. This would have been a better fit for Jason, but I'm glad it wasn't because he doesn't need to be a villain ALL the time, he shouldn't be one at all, but he would've fit perfectly here. Anyway, I'll give this issue a 6/10.

Bruce Wayne: This is my life, Terry. It doesn't have to be yours. You have family, friends... choices. If you wanted to give up being Batman, I'd understand.

Action Comics #895

Lex Luthor's hunt for the Black power source has led him to running into Mr. Mind, Deathstroke, Gorilla Grodd, Death, and now Vandal Savage. This issue of Action Comics starts in 1358 with Vandal Savage . He somehow prophesies something will happen with Vandal due to a certain man, and that man is Lex Luthor. He even has a picture of him. I'm not even gonna question who could predict to a tee what Lex will look like, over six-hundred years before he's born. Anyway, Vandal waits, century by century he encounters Lex Luthor. He even shows his daughter, Scandal Savage, a picture of Lex in the late 20th century, before continuing on his plan of killing Aquaman. Vandal later converses with Lex in a panel that happened in Flash #124 (shout out to Wally West!) and invites Lex to visit him in Czech, which Lex turns down with his holier than thou attitude. They then converse again, during Salvation Run (which I reviewed) and Lex suggests the two work together. Once again Vandal invites Lex to visit him when they return to Earth, so he can fulfill his prophecy of course, and Lex turns him down. Meanwhile, Lex wakes up from a dream and figures out to unleash the power of the Black Lantern spheres they have to change all ten, and so far he's already changed two. Let me guess, one is in Czech, right? Anyway, Lex says that four of the spheres are in space, the location of two others is problematic, and the final two should be easy to reach. Lex then finds his #2, and tells him to get a satellite ready so they can change the spheres that are in space. And of course we find out that Vandal Savage knows where two of the spheres are. Vandal then gets tired of waiting and confronts Luthor himself, he tells Lex that he's implanted bombs all over Luthorcorp and wants to know the location of the other spheres or he'll blow up Lex's building. The issue ends soon after with Lex summoning a little help to deal with Vandal, from a certain team of six. This was a surprising ending, I'm wondering how Vandal will deal with this team's interruption. As for the issue, it was fine but a bit slow. Nothing pivotal happened though, I'll give it a 6.5/10.

Lex: I don't associate with "Super-Villains" unless it's to lead them.

Deadpool #29

THE RETURN OF DOCTOR BONG!!!!!! Oh yeah, the greatest Deadpool villain ever in only his second appearance. Things start off with Deadpool sitting between the Secret Avengers and their clones, all tied up. Deadpool starts with the obvious question and asks why there are two of them. We quickly find out that Deadpool's old shrink, Doctor Bong, has been making clones to have them steal from the government to fund his experiments, and that even the guys in the ski-masks about two issues back were clones. Also, all of Doc Bong's clones have regenerative powers. Deadpool then asks the other Steve Rogers what he has to say, and he says the first Steve was telling the truth, except that the first Steve is the clone, not him. Deadpool uses his genius reasoning to figure out which one is a clone and which one isn't (I can't do it justice by typing it.) and blows the clone to smithereens. DP unties Moon Knight and Black Widow, but not before asking Black Widow if she liked being bound and gagged, to which she replies she did a little, making Deadpool's heart melt. Moon Knight complains about Deadpool coming with them but Steve notes how Deadpool didn't read Bong's brief, and still managed to regain himself after the explosion, and subdue two teams of Secret Avangers, so he's more than capable of accompanying them. Take THAT Moon Knight... you Spoiler wanna-be! Yeah, I said it. Anyway, Deadpool and the Secret Avangers move out, but not before making a quick stop for the Merc with a Mouth. We don't see what DP gets but Steve says there's no room for it in the car. Deadpool says Black Widow can sit on his lap, and ever a gentleman, Steve says No... and begrudgingly says he'll sit on Deadpool's lap. That made me laugh so hard.... Captain America, in a tiny car, sitting on Deadpool's lap. Red Skull would LOVE this. Back with Doctor Bong at his new hideout, he has his men load his trucks with his weapons and experiments. He then has all of his masked clones put on Deadpool costumes, which shows how genius the Good Doctor is. When they arrive at Doctor Bong's base, the numerous Deadpool's attack Deadpool and the Secret Avengers, and of course, DP pulls the old switcheroo, and gets close enough to Doctor Bong to make Bong think he's one of his clones. While trying to escape with one of his clones (actually the real Deadpool), Black Widow snipes one of Bong's tires, and he drives off the edge of a highway, causing a huge explosion and killing Bong, or so the heroes think, until he resurfaces unharmed. We soon find out that Deadpool saved Bong, per Steve's request. The issue ends soon after, and had me laughing until I cried. I loved this issue, it had Deadpool evolve more as a hero, classic Deadpool humor, and more Doctor Bong! Deadpool is quickly becoming one of the highlights of my comic reading due to it's consistent humor, I can't wait for the next issue, and I can't wait for the return of Doctor Bong! I'll give this issue a solid 9/10, and recommend this and the last two issues to anyone and everyone, it's just a fun read.

Deadpool: *after slicing off Doctor Bong's hand* As a matter of fact, This guy's never gonna hit the bong again.

Justice League: Generation Lost #14

Gen Lost gets underway with Captain Atom, once again thrust into the future. Captain Atom doesn't have time to figure things out as he's quickly attacked by a gigantic OMAC, and he can't fight back until his body can metastasize the energy (absorb it?), but he's soon saved by a futuristic Batman, and a female Shazam that looks better than Billy Batson ever did. They recognize Cap due to the old Bat-computer files, and let Cap know he's been gone for one hundred and twelve years. We even see a futuristic Power Girl, with a black costume and the House of El symbol over where her cleavage usually is. She informs Cap. Atom of the changes in time and introduces him to the new Justice League. The new league consists of Batman (Damian Wayne...even though he's like 130), The Creeper who's now part cyborg, Shazam (Sahar Shaheen), Blue Scarab (a descendant of Blue Beetle), Plastic Man (a clone...who would clone Eel?), Red Hood (Thomas Grayson?), Black Canary (Descendant of Hawk and Dove) and Martian Manhunter (Old as hell.) We find out that Superman is on the other side of the universe fighting the Green Lantern War, by fighting the Green Lanterns, to keep them from invading Earth. Yep, Superman can beat ALL the Green Lanterns, so remember that. And it's verified that Damian is 131 and uses the Lazarus Pits... so that crazy little bastard can use them and be fine, but Jason goes in once and is "crazy" now? Alrighty then. Cap. Atom continues to try to get info from Kara about what set all of these things in motion as the JLA "boom tubes" into the still running base of the deceased Max Lord. As she explains, the base is flooded with airborne pathogens that turns Red Hood, Black Canary, and Blue Scarab into OMAC's. Kara tries to fight them but the OMAC's blast her with Kryptonite rays. Atom has to watch on, but his power finally kicks in and he joins the fray. He feels himself being thrown back into the time stream and desperately asks Kara what it was that set the future into motion. After a lot of yelling and prodding he finds out what sat everything underway, the person inconspicuous by their absence, Wonder Woman, was killed by Max Lord and that caused the Amazons to rise against humanity. The issue ends with Captain Atom being thrown back into the stream, wondering what he can do to make the future a better tomorrow. This was another great issue, and I'm really becoming a big fan of Captain Atom. I loved seeing the future team, even if it did include Damian :-P, I'll give this issue a 9/10.

Captain Atom: Was it all Max Lord? If I go back and kill him... will it stop?

Amazing Spider-Man #649

This issue of ASM starts off with us seeing the Hobgoblin in South America, taking assassination jobs to make money. After finding out that Osborn is in jail, he decides to head back to America to be top Goblin. We're then caught up to him joining with Kingpin, and getting a test target to make sure he has what it takes for what Kingpin wants done. Hobgoblin goes to get some supplies by stealing them from one of Norman Osborn's weapons cache. After poking around Osborn's man weapons, Hobgoblin finds a cup of freshly brewed coffee and demands whoever is there come out. He finds Phil Ulrich, who was there to steal some Goblin stuff to impress some girl he likes. Riveting. Hobgoblin decides to kill the former Green Goblin but Phil hits Kingsley with his Sonic Scream (sounds less odd when it's for Black Canary), Phil then picks up the Hobgoblins sword and decapitates Kingsley! Where the hell did THAT come from?! Only like nine pages in too...  From there we go over to Brooklyn and we see Norah undercover, trying to find out info about the Goblin loving White Supremacists. They find out and are about to attack the feisty reporter when she's saved by Spider-Man and Black Cat! We find out that Cat and Spidey will be teaming up for a while, in hopes that Spidey's Avengers cred will rub off on Black Cat. After dealing with the gang members and Black Cat giving Norah a quick interview, Spidey heads home to his high-priced hotel room. He changes from his work clothes to his casual clothes and soon after his girlfriend, Carlie Cooper arrives. Spidey, being the pig he is, has left all the chemicals he uses to make web fluid on the table, and also his Spider-Man glove on the floor by the door, but luckily Carlie doesn't see the glove and doesn't thoroughly question the chemicals due to getting a call on her cell from the Police Captain. Pete wakes up the next day to a bunch of knocking on his door as Aunt May rushes in and tells him to shave and shower so he won't be late for work. She then accompanies him to work on the subway while bragging about him to other people. And people wonder why Peter is a glorified baby at this age. A great part was seeing a flashback from an old issue of Spider-Man, complete with the older art of Peter quitting school and getting a job after Uncle Ben's death. We then see Mayor J. Jonah meeting with Steve Rogers. He even asks Steve if he'd like an autograph. Man... I love Jameson. Steve is there to request that Spidey gets the key to the city after saving the day last time, and Jameson hates that idea, but he gives into pressure after Steve and Jameson's son, John agree that Spidey should get to shine. We then see Mac Gargan being watched over and he's in a ton of pain since losing the Symbiote. Mach-5, a.k.a. the former Beetle, tells them that if he doesn't have his suit or the Symbiote to keep him alive, Mac Gargan will die. Back with Peter, he is introduced to his lab and work co-workers, and uses the whole day trying to come up with ideas but doesn't come up with any. His drought of a brainstorm is soon interrupted by the Hobgoblin, and Spidey springs into action and the issue ends soon after. This was a great issue, a little slow at times but definitely interesting. Especially the stuff with Kingsley and the Hobgoblin. Once again I'd say if you aren't reading ASM you should be, because it's getting better every month. I'll give this issue an 8/10.

Peter: *after Aunt May says she'll pick Peter's clothes* Stay out of my closet!
Aunt May: Oh, Dear. It's the pornography, isn't it?
Peter: Yes! It's porn!  MOUNTAINS OF PORN!
Aunt May: I'll be outside.

Well that's all for this week from me guys, hopefully due to my work schedule the Ratings and Rantings will appear more mid week instead of weekends now. Below are the results from last weeks poll and be sure to vote on this weeks newest poll. Until Next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd!

Last week's poll asked "Which Series is in most need of Cancellation?"

Last Place with 9.1% - Outsiders, Batman's team lives another day.
Third Place with 18.2% - Azrael, I'm shocked this isn't printed on toilet paper.
Second Place with 27.3% - Titans, Deathstroke's team is wearing out their welcome.
Winner with 45.5% -  Teen Titans, New Squad and Writer and should STILL be cancelled. Sad.

Next Week on Ratings and Rantings

Brightest Day #15, Batman 80-Page Giant 2010, and Shadowland #5.


  1. THREE books next week, JT?! What gives??? :P

    I had to skip most of these books since I either haven't gotten my copy yet(Sirens, Action), haven't read 'em(Gen Lost)or plan on picking them up down the road(Batman Beyond, Amazing Spidey). BUT that means I CAN talk about Deadpool! I actually typed up my review earlier today and I'll probably be posting it come Monday. We were pretty close score-wise although I liked this issue even MORE than you did, believe it or not! Your recommendation of the past three issues of DP are SOOO right on! This past storyline was just hilarious!

    As for the poll this week, this is gonna be the FIRST time ever that I'm gonna take a pass on voting. Why? Because I am still boycotting all things Young Justice(the cartoon that is!).

  2. Haha yeah, I deserve a break! :P

    Man Deadpool was SO awesome, I contemplated giving it a ten but for some reason I only gave it a 9. Must've been sleepy. Anyway, I loved this, Deadpool plays off of the Secret Avengers. And Doctor Bong... that guy is wonderful.

    Falisha and I watched the first episode last night and we loved it dude. Besides, that Grayson/West stuff would've not even been obvious if I hadn't told ya, lol.

  3. Ok, first off, whoever voted for Wonder Girl aka the itch-bay Cassie, I'll find you and hunt you down! lol. I voted for Static. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Super Boy AND Static would be one hell of a team. X, lol, dude you seriously need to give it a chance. It was awesome. At least give it a chance for me!! Your soulmate!

    JT!!! Nice reviewing this week sir. I know you've had a busy with with spending ti with me and the fam and working but glad to see you had enough energy to read and review this week. Appreciate it so much!

    I'm sad to see GCS didn't do so high.That's another series that's up and down on the rating scale. Nice to see Zatanna and Talia made an appearance.

    Also sad to see Batman and Beyond's last issue kind of flopped for you as well. I know how much you enjoyed this series.

    I am really glad Gen lost got a high rating. That series is just so awesome. Can't wait to read this issue.

  4. If you deserve a break, what about me?!? :D

    HA! You don't know how many times I'll read a comic the prior night, wake up the next day to do the review and wonder why I gave the comic the score I did! But a 10 for Deadpool would have def been fair... :P

    Check out Lisha trying to make me watch that show! I just can't... I can't accept a team with Superboy and the wrong Robin and Kid Flash. And yes, JT, if not for you, I never would have even known about that switch, meaning I probably would have watched! :P

  5. Thanks for all the kind words babe :D I'm... very surprised Blue Beetle has so many votes, I expected him to not get any. And X won't watch cause he's a lame-o! :P

    Yeah, I can't wait til tomorrow so I can get my few days off/ As for Sirens, I really wish it was better because it has so much potential. I wish they'd take Gail off Secret Six and put her on Sirens.

    Gen Lost is pretty darn good, and as X will love, Jamie barely talks, hell he wasn't even IN this weeks issue.

    I'm assuming you gave DP a 10 eh X? Ah well, You ARE an easy grader :P And you should just watch it X, hell I was wrong and it IS Wally and Tim Drake. I promise :D Lol

  6. "I'm assuming you gave DP a 10 eh X? Ah well, You ARE an easy grader" HA!!! I guess I had that coming, didn't I? I'd love to count up all of your perfect scores from this past year and compare them to mine... I wonder how close we'd be then!

    I was actually planning on starting Gen Lost today at school, but the end of the year crush is upon me, so I don't think I'll be able to read 'em any time soon. I could be wrong, but those issue might be waiting a bit longer.

    "And you should just watch it X, hell I was wrong and it IS Wally and Tim Drake. I promise" *shakes head* Oh JT... You can't trick me that easily! Nope, I'll happily watch the Avengers and completely ignore YJ. Sorry!

  7. Lol Yours would be higher cause you review more comics than me :P I WIN!!!!! Lol

    Aww come on X! Dude You gotta read em! Cha'mon man, do it for me, for Falisha and for AMERICA!!!! And that Catwoman girl from your school. Do it for her.

    You'd like it X, I'm telling you. Just give it a chance, you can even REVIEW it! Lol, that appeals to you right?

  8. But YOUR percentage of 10's would be higher, so I'D win!!! :D

    Hmm... How can I not do it for America? :D I really do have a boatload of work(I only have TEN days left!), but I'll make every effort to read those books, and then do a Best of the Rest post about them all... For America!

    Well, I DO like the idea of watching and reviewing it, but I suspect that the review would be so negative that the review would be pointless. I just wouldn't be able to stand the wrong Robin and Kid Flash running around. I'd complain the whole time!

  9. I disagree. I HIGHLY doubt I've given more tens in a year than you have in like 3 years. Also, don't touch that joke, lol.

    God Bless America, thank you X-Man for being a Real American. Someone call up Hulk Hogan and have him let you use that theme song.

    So how's that any different from you reviewing the Return of Bruce Wayne, Brightest Day, or anything by Geoff Johns? :P

  10. Hey JT, sorry for the belatedness of this comment, it's been a hell of a week. Well, hell of a month really! But I did get a chance to finally read this post and was entertained as always. I can't wait to read this issue of subscription officially starts with 650, but I'll definitely be going to the store to get 649 since I loved the previous issue. I was already spoiled on what happened in the issue before I read this post, so I didn't skip your I can't wait to see this Hobgoblin scene for myself.

    And I haven't even read a full comic book featuring Dr. Bong, but I'm pretty sure I love him already. I need to go check that out! I should have a lot of time starting in mid-December to get some comic book reading and reviewing done, and I can't wait!!! :)

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'd win in the perfect score department, guys...both by number and percentage. :D

  11. No prob at all Marc. Man, ASM is gonna have everyone reading it, but it's so good. Especially the Hobgoblin stuff, that was just great. Last thing I ever expected when I opened up that issue.

    Haha, Doc Bong is so great. I know Deadpool has a TON of comics but If I ever had to recommend one I'd go wioth the Main title, from the Skrull fight to the Hawkeye feud to Doc Bong it's been amazing.

    Haha, I don't know Marc, we may have a hell of a triple threat between the three of our blogs!

  12. The Hobgoblin thing is definitely not what I ever would have expected either, especially given how much they hyped up his return. It actually sounds pretty funny. And it's not like anyone was using the character for anything over the last couple decades, anyway...

    And I've got another Deadpool Classic trade on the way, so there will be more Deadpool in my immediate future, one way or another! Review of that hopefully sometime in January. (Hard to imagine that's really only a month away!)

  13. Right? I don't think we even saw Kingsley without his mask for more than two pages, haha. Ah well, sucks for him eh?

    X just mentioned that Bong isn't new, so don't be surprised if ya see the Good Doctor pop up in that Deadpool Classic Trade. ANd man, it IS next month... way to make me feel like I wasted a year Marc. :P

  14. Weird, I thought Doc Bong was a new character too since I hadn't heard of him before. Turns out he first appeared in an issue of Howard the Duck, which I actually have since it's collected in the Howard the Duck Omnibus. And it looks like he appeared early on in the first Deadpool ongoing series too, so it looks like I'll be seeing him either in this volume of Deadpool Classic or the next. Nice.

    Oh, and they've already got a fifth Deadpool Classic up on Amazon. Marvel is really pumping these out!