Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just Ratings, No Rantings?

Hey everyone, it's that time of the week again for the best weekly dose of comic content comics! This week's R&R is my last one before I start my job, so in other words, if the Ratings and Rantings get pushed to the weekend in the upcoming weeks, you'll know why. But I'll try my best to make it a Weds-Fri. posting.

Anyway, that was my lead in for the post. From there I spent about a good hour and a half reading and reviewing these comics, which I enjoyed for the most part. When I finished I added my pics and everything, only for blogger to tell me that I wasn't logged in. When I logged it in refreshed my page and now my entire review is gone. Needless to say that upset me since I wanted to give you guys a nice read, as I always try to whenever you stop by JTCS. But after that, It's kinda hard to even want to do it over again. So instead of calling it a bust I'm gonna give you the scores, go get my stuff for work tomorrow ready, and hope you all understand how frustrated I am about this, especially since I was done. So my scores for the following comics were:

Batman And Robin #16 - 3/10
Brightest Day #13 - 5/10
Amazing Spider-Man #647 - 10/10
Red Hood Lost Days #6 - 10/10

I would explain why but I'm pretty pissed at Blogger, and myself for making such a rookie mistake, but what can you do? But thanks for reading as always, and comments are appreciated, and mandatory. Nah, I'm kidding...or am I? Also, for this weekends massive post 100, you guys voted for another Top Five 5, which is interesting since half the people that participate didn't vote for that. I love that since it's less work for me! As for you mystery voters, join in on the fun and send your picks in too! But, as always, please try to send your picks in as soon as possible to so we can make sure they make this weekends post. I'd say try to have everything in by Saturday night, since that's when the post will go up. The topics are below, so until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off.

Top Five Mutants
Top Five Memories/Posts/Favorite Things about Jason Todd's Comic Spot
Top Five Batman Villains
Top Five Speedsters in Order of Most Favorite to Least
Top Five Comic Characters You'd Punch in the Face if you could

Next Time on Ratings and Rantings

Batgirl #15, Birds of Prey #6, Booster Gold #38, JL Gen Lost #13, Red Robin #17, Titans #29, Amazing Spider-Man 648


  1. Well first off, I'm sorry blogger was such a bitch and messed up your posting. I'm glad you enjoyed Red Hood along with Spider man.

    I will be looking forward to next week as always annnnd I'll have my top five for you asap. :)

    Once again sorry love.

  2. Well thanks :) I was just really annoyed because I put in a nice chunk of time that I could've been doing other things and now the reviews are just gone in cybserspace, but ah well. Ya live and ya learn I guess.

    I'll be awaiting your top five as well babe, thanks again.

  3. Oh man, you should see how many people are scandalized by the whole Jason/Talia thing.

    I just hope it was good for them both ;D

    In other news, I'm so sad this mini is done. Petition for Jason Todd ongoing??!

  4. Haha, I saw over at your Tumblr. It did reinforce my Jason is Damian's dad theory, although stupid age had to ruin that... but whatever.

    I also hate that it ended, especially since that was such a great ending issue. I'd definitely sign an Jason ongoing petition. Hell if ya find one hit me up and I'll link it on my blog.

  5. Sorry to hear about the blog, glad to hear about the job.

    Brightest Day beat out Batman and Robin? Ouch.

    I recently decided to give Spidey another chance, so it's cool that you gave the newest issues one of your famous 10/10's. I just got my copy of ASM 646 this week, and I immediately went and ordered #647. I'm glad to see Brand New Day is ending, and I look forward to the title twice a month. I take it you're sticking with the "Big Time" arc as well?

    I'll send you my top 5's, but as usual, I need some time to ponder the possibilities. Is Plastic Man a mutant? Captain Marvel? Hmmmm....

  6. Thanks Kello. And yeah, Batman and Robin was pretty bleh, there was a good ending though, well.. before the press conference anyway.

    Haha, my famous 10/10's, well I guess that is one way to look at them eh? And yeah, I'll be sticking around with the Big Time arc, it has me very curious, especially with the ending of this issue. Oh, and one thing I couldn't mention due to the blog trouble, I am now a HUGE fan of Overdrive.

    Alrighty dude, I'll be waiting. I'll probably post it before the Sat Chat just so you have a deadline.

  7. Sorry to hear about Blogger eating your reviews, buddy...don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

    And although the Top 5 won for your 100th post, I'd love it you ended up doing a 101st post talking about your blogging experience, perhaps what got you interested in blogging and why you keep doing it...whatever you want, really! It's just always nice to hear from fellow bloggers on special occasions like these, and I'm sure some of your newer followers would appreciate it as well.

  8. Thanks Marc, and ya kinda read my mind, I was gonna add that post to my Top five, probably below it so anyone that felt like listening to my blogging history and whatnot could. Might even throw in a few FAQ's like why I go by Jason Todd.

  9. So Blogger ate your work... SUUUURE it did buddy... SUUUUURE... :D Seriously though, that def sucks. Happened to me too a few months(years?)back once. That's why I always type up my reviews on Word and then Cut and Paste it to Blogger. I just dodn't trust Blogger anymore.

    I have to say, I'm kind of surprised about the score you gave to B&R considering how much you enjoyed the last issue! What happened?! I don't plan on reading BD until later(hopefully MUCH later)and we were pretty close on the Red Hood score. That issue was sure good...

    I'm also kind of surprised that another Top 5 won out. I def didn't expect that. I'll try to get my picks in by tomorrow night since I plan on putting up a slew of reviews tomorrow.

    "and comments are appreciated, and mandatory" Well, at least you're honest about it. :D

    Good luck on the work front buddy!

  10. Haha, I think I recall you mentioning that once too X. I used to type mine up in Word but I hated trying to find my font here and change it back so I said screw it. I know I'll damn sure copy everything from now on.

    B&R was pretty lame, it had more Barbatos stuff but I liked the near ending which is where most of the rating came from. Then they added a press conference at the end which dropped the score down to a three because it seemed VERY stupid.

    I really expected the typing up something about my bloggers to win, so Top Five surprised the hell outta me. So like Marc said, I'll just combine the posts, and yeah, Mandatory comments seem to work out. :P Thanks dude, heading to work now.

  11. I've got a two hour break between classes, so I figured I'd get back to ya now. Yeah man, copying is def the way to go! Hell, if I post a longish comment like the one last night, I'll copy that too, because you don't know how many times I used to type up this long post and then blogger would eat it, which would lead me to just type something lame up like, "Good post!"

    Well, the only good thing I can say about B&R is that at least I know I'll be able to type a great rant about it! :D

    When ya get home, feel free to e-mail me to let me know how your day went. I'm def curious to hear how everything went.

  12. Haha, so THAT's why you always put that? :P But nah, I definitely get ya. I still can't believe I wasn't logged in, I must've opened that window for the blog, got logged out then voila... I don't know. I'll save from now on though.

    Yes, and I can't wait to reply to it, haha.

    Will do buddy, will do.

  13. I do the same thing as X... I type up everything in Word, then copy it over to Blogger. I usually have to change some formatting things, but it's not really a big deal since I only post once a week. Speaking of which, there probably won't be a new review this week, but I'll have something else pretty cool to share instead. Also, I don't know if people are going online tonight, but I'm working until midnight so won't be on until a bit after that. I'll try to get in my Top 5 before going to work.

    Hope your new job went well, and let us know how it's panning out!

  14. Alrighty Marc, I'll be on the look out for your Top 5. And I'll be online tonight as well. As for the job it's cool, today was just orientation and training starts on Monday.

  15. Oh yeah, the post on Scans Daily of Red Hood Lost Days 6... I'm still pretty baffled by it all. :(

    What did you think about the scene? And the issue as a whole?

  16. I kinda saw the scene coming, since I've always predicted there was something between Jason and Talia, due to her anger at Bruce sometimes and his "hatred" of Bruce, if you can even call it that.

    I loved the issue, I thought it was a great way of ending it the way it had to since nothing could change, but seeing Jason go after Joker and everything was pretty fun. I still don't think Jason even wants to kill Joker, because he could've, many times. He says he wants Bruce to be there or to make Bruce do it but at the end of the day I think he realizes when he kills Joker he's pretty much gonna become Joker. If that makes sense anyway.