Saturday, November 6, 2010

My 100th Post featuring The Top Five 5!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Jason Todd's Comic Spot for my 100th post. I wanna thank all my readers, the commenters and non-commenters, the followers and the readers that just come back every once in a while, and the readers that have followed from the first post all the way to this one. It's because of you guys I continue to blog and I enjoy doing it. I love seeing what you guys think, whether you agree or disagree and why, and this has made comics an even bigger part of my life, so I thank you for that.

A lot of people ask me things about my blog, and instead of saying a bunch of things in one big boring post, I figured I'd cut them up into a nice Q&A of my frequently asked questions. If anyone has any other questions that I don't answer here, feel free to ask them in the comments.

Q: Why is your screen name Jason Todd?
A: I'm a big Jason Todd fan, but that's not why I chose the screen name. Back when Batman Arkham Asylum was going to come out I joined the message boards as Jason Todd. After being there for a while a buddy from the boards by the name of Amputechture came up with the idea of us starting a comic review blog. Long story short, Batmania Reviews was born, and after a great three months, closed due to lack of posts. Also, Poison Quinn a.k.a. Falisha did posts there as well, so I'd recommend checking it out if you're ever bored.

Q: What made you start JTCS?
A: X-Man75. Simple as that, I stumbled onto his blog while googling Nightwing comics trying to find some good arcs. Since X, like the OCD-freak he is, reviewed the entire Nightwing run, i found his blog and started reading for a while. I eventually commented and we quickly became like brothers. When Batmania came up, X convinced me to give blogging another go almost a year ago, and now here I am with my 100th post. So X helped me start it, and great commenters like Falisha, Kello, Marc, Paul, Benicio, Landry Walker, and even Nagash and Jozeph have helped keep this comic blog afloat.
Q: What are some of your more memorable posts?
A: I'd say... the Mad Hatter review only due to the surprise reply by Landry. The huge post on Jason Todd because it was the longest post I've ever done. The review of Deadpool: Suicide Kings since it really reignited my fandom for Deadpool. Of course the Animated Film reviews and the Green Blogger Corps. Also reviewing Spider-Man Noir, because since that Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions game came out, whenever people look up Spider-Man Noir they find my blog.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite Reviews?
A: Favorite would probably be What I Learned From Blackest Night/Cry For Justice because they were so fun due to the absurdity of things when spelled out. I can guarantee there will be one for Brightest Day. Least favorite would be Wonder Woman: Hiketeia, which is one of my least favorite comics ever.

But that's all I really wanted to say guys, once again thanks for helping me get to 100 posts, I appreciate you guys reading my half-assed reviews, and I'll continue to type them as loing as you guys are willing to read them. So, one more time, Thanks. Now, enough of that mushy stuff, it's time for the Top Five 5! We're gonna do things just like always, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. So let's get into it. And just to remind everyone, here's the color guideline:

Jason Todd

Top Five Mutants

Gambit (due to Cartoons)


Wolverine…remember when he was only in X-Men titles?

Nate Grey

Namor (since I guess Marvel is intent on him being a mutant now...)

Top Five Memories/Posts/Favorite Things about Jason Todd's Comic Spot

The Mad Hatter Review
Reviewing The Red Hood Animated Film
Green Blogger Corps
The First Ever Top Five
Can Jason Todd Regain Glory post

Your first post, I remember how excited you were about it.
Meeting X and the crew through your blog. :)
The invention of Top 5.
The Posting of Green Blogger Corps, lol, best story ever.
Celebrating of your 100th post!!! Woo congrats!!!

I originally thought Jason Todd was a personality made up by X-Man because they were so similar (No joke. Like in Fight Club). (Lmao... that would explain SO much.)
That I got quoted at the top of the page. I enjoy that every time I visit. Thanks!
Two letters: N/A. He doesn’t just review the material, he determines whether it has the right to exist within the realm of things that can be reviewed.
Top 5’s!
The amazingness of the Green Blogger Corps one-shot. Poozers.

The Infamous Mad Hatter post
The Return of Bruce Wayne #2 review
The sweet logo
Seeing my comments :P
Umm, everything? Can I just say that? (I would've accepted your sixth choice X, but you wanted to be nice, haha.)

JT watching Batman: Under the Red Hood approximately 500 times and then telling us about it :D
The Green Blogger Corps
JT getting more into Marvel with Wolverine: Enemy of the State and The Adamantium Men
The "Mad Hatter" Incident
And, more generally, just getting to know JT and all of the other fine bloggers who post here over the last year, which has been fantastic! (Awww that's nice. And I watched Red Hood THREE times :P)

Top Five Batman Villains

The Joker
Harley Quinn
Black Mask (Roman)

Two Face

Penguin (Screw all y’all!) (PLEASE tell us why Kello.)
Does Roxy Rocket count? (Yes...yes she does)

Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul

Top Five Speedsters in Order of Most Favorite to Least

Bart Allen
Wally West
Jay Garrick

Bart Allen
Wally West
Barry Allen (All hail St. Barry Allen)
Jay Garrick (He's soooo old!)

Wally West
Barry Allen
Jay Garrick
Reverse Flash
Bart Allen

Bart Allen
Wally West
Inertia/Kid Zoom

Barry Allen
Jay Garrick
Wally West
Bart Allen
Quicksilver :D

Top Five Comic Characters You'd Punch in the Face if you could

Tony Stark
Damian Wayne (I know he's a kid)
Beast Boy
Norman "Gobby" Osborn
Hush for what he did to Catwoman

Green Arrow
Damian Wayne
Lex Luthor
Grant Morrison
Booster Gold. Lol.(BLASPHEMY!!! Lol)

Norman Osborn
Batman (Just to say I did) (That's an excellent choice...)

Jimmy Olsen
Saint Barry Allen (yeah I know, blasphemy!)
Plastic Man (sorry, Kello!)
Wasp (hey, it worked for Pym!) (Lmao...)

I would use all five punches on just one character -- Gambit! (And I'd probably kick him too.) (Marc wins, Flawless Victory.)

Category Winners
Most Favorite Mutant(s): Wolverine and Magneto
Top JTCS Memory: The Green Blogger Corps
Most Favorite Batman Villain: The Joker
Most Favorite Speedster: Bart Allen
Character(s) most deserving a punch to the face: Norman Osborn and Damian Wayne

So, I'm not shocked at all Wolvie won but I was shocked to see more Magneto votes than I expected. Glad he could shake things up a bit. I'm also glad you guys liked the Green Blogger Corps so much, I promise I'll do a part two one day... I just need some inspiration.  The Joker winning as the favorite Batman Villain was pretty obvious, I should've excluded him in hindsight. I was surprised that Bart was the first Speedster picked on three outta five lists with Wally and Barry each getting one top vote. And lastly Damian Wayne and Stormin' Norman deserve a punch in the face. Maybe it's time to market them as attack dummies? So that's it for my 100th post, thanks for reading and being apart of this big post, you guys are the best. Don't forget to vote on the newest poll as well. So that's it for me, until next time I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off.


  1. Bravo, JT! Bravo! First off, let me officially say congrats on #100. Keep going and you'll eventually get to #1,500, kid! :P

    As for the Top 5, this really good. Prob one of my favorites actually. First off, dude, Juggernaut is NOT a mutant! Is it scummy of me to call you on that on your epic 100th post? Yes. Do I care? No. Kello's comment on me and JT being one and the same had me rolling... I wouldn't make up another identity just to agree with myself... But that IS a good idea... I might have to think about that... :P

    I figured you'd accept my sixth choice JT. But being a gentleman, I didn't think it was appropriate. :P I'm gonna need to have words with certain people about certain choices they made. Hint: I don't mean you and Lisha, JT... Great stuff all around. Now take a bow, JT. You've earned it!

  2. Thanks haha, as for 1,500 I'm not gonna hold my breath :P

    As for Jugs, screw you! It's my post I say he's a mutant :P But yeah, I'll admit ya caught me slipping there. I was cracking up when I read Kello's comment only because I wonder who else suspected that we were one person.

    Haha, I wanna know what these choices are X, speak up! Call them out on the epic 100th post!

  3. Wow JT, 100 posts! Only 1400 more and you'll be close to X-Man's numbers! I kid, I kid. No one will ever catch up to him.

    Congrats, friend. You got to 100 on your terms, always putting up quality reviews full of humor and thoughtfulness. Plus you've made a great place for comic fans to get together and chat about our passion. I look forward to your new posts every week.

    As far as the Top 5s, what a doozy. As you and I chatted about earlier, it was hard to choose who to punch. I really wanted to punch out all the biggest baddies I could think of, including Galactus, the Anti-Monitor, Nekron, etc., but I also really wanted the chance to just punch Superman in his square kryptonian jaw. Tough calls all around.

    And the Penguin...I really like his concept. As a quirky mobster villain with a bird gimmick, he makes for a quintessential "comic book" styled character. I don't see him as a credible threat to Batman, but as an annoying thorn in his side/slimy gangster, I like him. I actually did like the way Tony Daniel used the Penguin in his first Batman arc, if you need an example of what I mean. That may be the only thing I liked from that arc....

    As far as Green Blogger Corps, I say don't ever write another one, because then its greatness can only grow over time. It's like Star Wars, they didn't need to go back and make the prequels, and the world would have been just as entertained.

    X- don't apologize for wanting to punch Plas, he probably has it coming.

  4. This comment was longer than all 100 of my posts :P Haha, I kid, thanks for the comment Kello. I really appreciate all the kind words and the fact you enjoy my offbeat shenanigans.

    I'd hate punching Supes in the face just because I feel like he'd smile at you the whole time, especially when you break your hand on his chin.

    Hm.... If I never do another then that will definitely be my de facto reason why buddy.

  5. Congrats again on 100 posts, JT! I'm glad you've been posting here for almost a year and that you're just as excited about it as ever. Your enthusiasm is what brings me back every week!

    Thanks for the little history lesson on the blog too, I didn't know some of the earlier stuff. It's always fun to find out why we do what we do and what makes us keep on doing it.

  6. Thanks Marc, I appreciate it buddy. Glad my enthusiasm shows as well, I just love having somewhere to talk with other people who love comics about how great comics are.

    I know what ya mean, hell I'd be interested in everyone's back stories and what made them start up a blog or get them into comics.

  7. Aww geez!! I swear I'm always late. :( I apologize I wasn't commenting on the day of celebration. But, congrats on 100 posts.

    It's been a fun time here on JT's Comic Spot. I enjoyed reading the top fives, I was a little shocked at some of the picks as well.

    Can't wait for another 100 posts! Congrats bay. :)