Sunday, August 8, 2010

Top Five 5's

Hey everyone, once again welcome to the Top Five 5's! The newest bi-weekly feature here at JTCS. So, we're gonna do things just like always, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. Sounds simple enough right? So let's get into it. And just to make this simple I'm assigning everyone who sends in their picks a color. So this is the color guideline:

Jason Todd
Paul C.

Top Five Characters you want back from the Dead

Ted Kord
Garth (Tempest)
Vic Sage (The Question)
Owen Mercer

The Question
Ben Reilly

Ares (Marvel)
Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders)
Lian Harper

Madame Fatal
Blue Beetle (Ted)
Ben Reilly
Karate Kid
Tempest (Garth)

Jean Grey (that's right, I'm THAT guy!)
Captain Boomerang II (Owen Mercer)
Ted Kord

The Question
Sue Dibny
Ralph Dibny
Black Mask

Top Five Characters with Untapped Potential

Connor Queen (Hawke)

Sub-Mariner (should have his own series again!)
Blink (bring her into the main Marvel universe already!)
Willie Lumpkin
Batman (very obscure character I doubt anyone else has heard of...he should at least get his own miniseries, in my opinion)

Connor Hawke
Miss Martian

Madame Fatal
Matter Eater Lad
Tempest (Garth)
Jimmy Olsen
Terra Man

Bart Allen
Max Lord

Static Shock
Captain Atom
Donna Troy

Top Five One-Shots

DC Universe: Last Will and Testament
Faces of Evil: Deathstroke
Detective Comics #826 (Slayride)
Joker's Asylum: Killer Croc
Batman Annual 25 (That counts right?)

Hmm, I can't really think of any off the top of my head. Other than Punisher: The Tyger, which was awesome.

I can't do this one, as I don't have many, if at all, and haven't read many. 
Latest I read was Namora, which was good, but can't make a Top Five from one 

Batman: Holy Terror
Batman: The Killing Joke
Superman: Speeding Bullets
Batman: Gotham By Gaslight
Preacher: Cassidy, Blood and Whiskey

The Death of Captain Marvel
DC Universe: Last Will and Testament
Uncanny X-Men and The New Teen Titans
Punisher: The End
Captain America: Who Will Wield The Shield

The Killing Joke
Titans: Villains For Hire
Brightest Day: The Atom
Joker's Asylum: Harley Quinn
Tales From Wonderland: Cheshire Cat

Top Five Worst Comic Series

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne
Batman and Robin
Oracle: The Cure (Talk about a misleading title..)
All Star Batman and Robin

It would be easy enough to just list a bunch of Rob Liefeld books, because honestly I'm sure all the worst comics series are by him, but I'll just stick to things I've actually read.
Captain America (1996 series by Liefeld)
Sabretooth: Mary Shelley Overdrive (awful, just awful.)
Secret Wars
X-Men/Fantastic Four

All-Star Batman and Robin (in a so bad it's good sort of way)
Anything written by Kathryn Immonen
Countdown to Final Crisis (excluding the Piper/Trickster bit)
Secret Invasion
The Dark Knight Strikes Again 

Spider-Man: Chapter One
Amazons Attack

Brightest Day (Damn already? lol)
X-Men Legacy
Batman & Robin
Uncanny X-Men

Spider-Man: Black Cat
Wonder Woman: Land of The Dead
Brightest Day 1-6 Lol
Batman & Robin
The Return of Bruce Wayne

Top Five Male/Female Team-ups

Green Arrow & Black Canary
Nightwing & Batgirl
Spider-Man & Black Cat
Nightwing & Huntress
Batman & Catwoman

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones
Hawkeye and Mockingbird
Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel
Spider-Man and Firestar (Amazing Friends!)
Superman and Wonder Woman

Batman (Bruce Wayne) & Red Hood (Jason Todd) - the bit in Under the Hood where 
they work together again = win
Batman & Superman
Green Arrow & Green Lantern
Green Hornet & Kato
Spider-Man & Human Torch
(I should've cleared up that I meant Male and Female, coed teams. Haha.)

Hawkman and Hawkgirl
Vision and Scarlet Witch
Aquaman and Mera
Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl
Knight and Squire

Superman/Wonder Woman
Cyclops/Jean Grey
Green Arrow/Black Canary

Batgirl/Red Robin (Steph & Tim)
Black Canary/Green Arrow
Harley Quinn/The Joker

Category Winners

Top Character Revived from Death: Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)
Top Character with Untapped Potential: Static/Ravager/Aquagirl/Connor Hawke
Top One-Shot: DC Universe: Last Will and Testament/ Batman: The Killing Joke
Top Worst Comic Series: Batman and Robin
Top Male/Female Team-Up: Green Arrow and Black Canary

This week we had for the first time ever, we have a four way draw in a category. Static, Ravager, Aquagirl and Connor Hawke each had two votes each so with no clear cut winner they all won that category. Another tie took place as both Last Will and Testament and The Killing Joke each had two votes a piece, giving them a co-win in that category. Ted Kord winning didn't surprise me, I'm still holding out that he may be on his way back from the dead, even part of my thinks he'll be the new White Lantern entity but I wouldn't hold my breath. Batman and Robin being worst series doesn't surprise me, because while some people love everything about it, there are a fair share who hate everything in the series, much like myself. And Green Arrow and Black Canary being the most voted team didn't surprise me much, although I was shocked to see there weren't many Robin and Batgirl votes.

I wanna thank everyone for voting, I'll be back this week with another edition of Ratings and Rantings, also don't forget to vote on the new poll, and the results from last week's poll are below. Until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd.

Last week's poll question asked "Which story would you like to see become an animated film?"

Last Place
with 0% - Green Lantern: Rebirth, no votes? I blame Sinestro.
Second Place with 21.4% - Tie between Superman: Last Son and Green Arrow: Year One
Winner with 57.1%  Batman: Hush gets the win, I'd pay to see that.


  1. Aaah! I forgot about Aquagirl for untapped potential!

    Also, I feel lonely in my love of Batman and Robin now. :(

  2. Ah Paul your vote would've given her the edge! Well a fourway tie isn't that bad.

    Aww haha, I've tried but I just can't get into that series, I hated what Grant did with Jason, and Pyg and Pink Flamingo bore me. Weird thing is I loved the first two issues in the arc where we find out who Oberon is but that issue where we do was awful.

  3. I enjoyed the first issue of Batman and Robin, so you're not completely alone Paul. Then again, I'm pretty much a Morrison whore so the fact that I would like it isn't really all that surprising.

  4. Lol @ Morrison Whore, I like MoFo for Morrison Follower, not that you're in a cult or anything :P

    So how do you guys feel about Batman Inc.?

  5. Morrison Whore=hilarious!!!

    "Brightest Day (Damn already? lol)" HA! Yes already! :D

    Man, as I was going through the lists, I saw a whole slew of things I wanted to change! After every category, I was like, "Whoops, I forgot all about him/her/it!" I only did current series in the worst series category, or else that horrid Oracle: The Cure and Secret Invasion would have made my list for sure! Forgetting Connor Hawke and Gravity(although he's being written pretty well in Young Allies)for Untapped Potential was a gaff, as was not adding Tempest and Lian to the Return from the dead category... Anyway, great stuff as always JT(and everybody else), I'll def be looking forward to the next Top Five(and I'll try not to be late next time!).

  6. Lol I was shocked you had that up there after seven issues! And yeah, I guess I should start being more clear on things like that.

    The four way tie shocked me, and I almost used Connor as the example instead of Rose but I felt like I'd be subliminally making him win, ya know? And don't worry X, EVERYONE sent their picks Saturday, I bluffed and said some people did so everyone would be more urgent haha.

  7. You were really shocked, JT? With how much I've been whining about Brightest Day and DC's current direction, you can't have been THAT surprised! Now watch, I'll love the next couple of issues and have to retract everything I've said!

    I'm surprised that Ravager didn't win, especially since you did mention her actually. Going in, I was sure she'd get the win.

    "I bluffed and said some people did so everyone would be more urgent" Well that shows that at least everybody is paying attention to your posts, since it looks like everybody added their picks.

  8. Haha when you put it that way I guess it shouldn't have surprised me :P

    Same here, I figured she'd have been the shoe in with that example.

    Yeah, I'm an evil genius X, emphasis on EVIL Bwahaha

  9. Gravity is in Young Allies? MUST BUY!!!!

    Seriously, though, I love Gravity. For anyone unfamiliar with him, his origin is collected in Gravity: Big-City Superhero, which is only $7.99! It's one of my absolute favorite things released by a major comics publisher in the last ten years.

    I don't know a whole lot about Batman Inc., but the concept sounds interesting. I like that just because Bruce Wayne is back, they're not kicking Dick out of the mantle. In fact, it sounds a lot like what they've done with Steve Rogers now that he's back from the dead.

  10. I'd actually never heard of Gravity before today, you think you could sell me on him Marc, like why he's worth reading about and such?

    I agree, I'm kinda wary since Grant is so hit or miss with me but at least some other guys like Fabian have a chance to write for their title characters.

  11. What I like about Gravity is that the way his social life is built up in that origin story is very similar to the social structure of the Spider-Man universe. Aside from just being a superhero, Gravity is a college student who's trying to balance his grades, his love life, and his ongoing superheroics at the same time. The trade is self-contained in that it gives you his start as a superhero and resolves everything really neatly, but in a way that leaves things open for future stories.

    Oh, and sorry if I started rambling's really late and I have no idea why I'm still awake, lol.

  12. Oh you're fine dude, I'm still up to so I know what ya mean. He sounds interesting enough, feel like giving me a rundown of his powers?

  13. Writing that comment last night must have taken the last of my energy, because I fell asleep right afterward! Anyway, Gravity's power is actually that he can manipulate gravity! So he can basically fly, or use his powers to knock people through walls, etc...McKeever comes up with some cool uses for his powers throughout the story.

    Oh and if we both happen to be up late at some point again, feel free to let me know and we can go on AIM and chat or something.

  14. That sounds pretty awesome to be honest, and the possibities sound endless. I'll check him out, and probably the new Young Allies series since he's in it too.

    Sounds cool to me dude, I'm pretty much always up late, Night Owl is what they call me. But yeah, just let me know or shoot me an email since I get those instantly and I'm never on AIM, but I can hop on there if ya let me know. My Aim name is KevinKavalier

  15. Yeah I don't use AIM anymore either, but I wouldn't mind going on for a little while to chat. I'll send ya an email tonight if I'm not up to anything else.

  16. Alright dude, sounds cool, feel free to hit me up and I'll sign on.

  17. I'm on AIM right screen name is Dief89. Anyone else who wants to chat (X-Man? Falisha? Kello?), feel free to send me a message, I'll be up for a while yet.

  18. Hey, in case you don't know Marc, Young Allies is written by Sean McKeever, so you know Gravity is in good hands. He also popped up in an issue of the Heroic Age mini-series where he was debating hanging up the tights for good. It was also by McKeever and was a good read. BTW, once I sign off tonight, I'll be reading Young Allies #3, as it's on the very top of my pile.

    I actually never bothered to dl/use AIM... Pros/cons?

  19. It's cool X, nothing special but Marc and I have been chatting on it for about an hour now.

  20. Chatting about me I'd imagine? Man, what an egomaniac I am! :D

  21. You WISH! Lol actually you did come up for a brief moment, as id Falisha and some other bloggers but nothing bad. Just how awesome you guys are, which is slightly less awesome than me.

  22. You should join us next time X, it was fun. I'd do it again tonight, but I'm pretty wiped out and I'm going to bed soon. Nearly getting kicked out of professional baseball games is hard work!

    And wow, I didn't realize McKeever was writing Young Allies!! (Sean McKeever wrote the original Gravity miniseries, for those unfamiliar.) Really can't wait to read that now.

  23. Hey with school ending(for a week and a half...)maybe I will join you guys next time. But I've got to ask if nobody else will, what does, "Nearly getting kicked out of professional baseball games is hard work!" mean? 'Cause I'm dying to know!

    Yup, he wrote the Gravity story that sets up Young Allies, and he's also doing that series. I can't say I've been overwhelmed by this first storyline, but it sure is nice to see Gravity prowling the Marvel U again. With you being a Gravity fan too, Marc, I'd definitely be interested to hear what you think of Gravity's current direction after you read these issues.

  24. Awesome dude, that'd be pretty fun. I'll answer until Marc clarifies, he said he was going to a Brewers game, has awesome second row seats and was gonna heckle the opposing team. I'm waiting to know how it went.

    I forgot to grab those issues today, damn... I'll write it down for next week.

  25. I did indeed go to the Brewers game and, along with my friends, spent the first four innings heckling the opposing team (the Diamondbacks). It was harmless stuff really, no bad language...just things like "Don't even bother warming up, sit down" or "How much did you pay them to let you on the team?"

    But some old people near us told security that we were shouting obcenities and things "too vile to repeat," so security pulled us out of our seats and nearly threw us out. So we bit our tongues for the rest of the game, until the ninth inning, when we let loose again. Good times.

  26. Haha, that's awesome. I love that the language was apparently "too vile to repeat." I wonder why those old people just lied on you guys, then again they probably assumed you guys were cursing at them by heckling.

  27. I think it's because old, rich people are inherently mean and hate fun.

  28. Haha, in that case you better warn your buddy now.

  29. Jeez, I hope they never head to Da Bronx to catch a Yankees game... I've heard stuff at the Stadium as a kid that to this day I don't know what it meant... All I did know was that it was meant as an insult! :D

  30. See X, when you say stuff like that now I REALLY wanna know what was said. :P

  31. Yeah, I've seen some crazy stuff at baseball games. And I've seen people get kicked out for acting like drunken idiots and what not, but never for something as innocuous as calling an opposing player "Nancy Drew" (the back of his jersey said Drew, lol).

  32. Yeah, the drunken idiots who ruin the game for other people should def get tossed, but what's wrong with a little good natured heckling? But I say that as a New Yorker, and our idea of heckling is WAY different then other people's ideas of heckling I'd bet! :P

    Ha, I figured that would get your attention JT! I've heard cursing in English, Spanish, what I think was Russian(although I'm not sure, but I think those guys were Russian), and some other language that I couldn't identify to this day at the Stadium! I mean back when I was like 6 I understood the English words, but it took me a few years later to figure out what some of those other words meant.

    But my all-time favorite sports environment would have to be a Rangers-Islanders hockey game. The crowd is just SO passionate that it's hard not to get really caught up in the madness. I mean I went once to a game at the Nassau Colosseum(the Islanders arena), and it was probably 50-50 Rangers/Islander fans('cause the Islanders suck, but I digress), and I've got to tell you, I was ready to start decking Islander fans, and I've never been in a fight in my life! That was an awesome experience.

    Before I die I'd like to get to a Yankee-Red Sox game, any Super Bowl, another Rangers-Islanders game, as well as the Texas-Oklahoma and Ohio State-Michigan College Football games. Those seem like the best sports environments I've ever seen.

  33. Man haha, that's pretty wild. I think Russian people give he most passionate yelling because their language already sounds so intense. As for you wanting to punch someone, I can't even picture you wanting to fight.

    We should DEFINITELY go to a Ohio/Michigan Sate game, I haven't been to one either and I wanna go, the crowds are CRAZY hype.

  34. That is SO true about Russian! That language just sounds angry! Even "nyet" sounds way more forceful then "no". It's like you just want to YELL nyet out!

    That'd be awesome! I'm a huge college football fan, so yeah, that's one of those games that always seem big, even if one of those teams isn't really at the top of their game that season.

  35. You have some weird control over me because I did that, no questions asked after you I read that. But yeah that is one forceful language, as is German.

    Definitely dude, haha start saving up because we should definitely hit one up in the near future. Hell, everyone should come, the more the merry.

  36. See! I just did it again too! It's one of those words that needs to be shouted! Yeah, you're right about German too. I know a touch of German from my mom, but all she really remembered was how to curse in German, so yeah, that's about the extent of my German. I could go to Germany and say, "yes", "no" and some profanity, but that's about it. On a side note, I will never go to Germany! :P

    It really would be awesome if we could get like all of our little clique to get together for something like that.

  37. Haha I don't blame you, then again you can probably get away with a lot of stuff by just using yes, no and curse words in Germany, or anywhere for that matter. Funny thing about German is if it's smoking sweetly it can sound hot, but yelled it can sound very scary.

    Yeah, I'd love for us all to just meet up and hang out somewhere, that'd be great.

  38. "you can probably get away with a lot of stuff by just using yes, no and curse words" HA, I guess that's probably true! Of course I sure wouldn't be helping the way people look at my fellow Americans if I went over to Germany and acted like that!

    When you become the next GEOFF Johns, you know, a world famous comic writer, then you can gather us all together. :D

  39. Haha, they'd accept it. "That American is so rude, are they all that rude?! No, no, he's not an American silly, he is a New Yorker!" :P

    Haha, I'll try buddy, maybe I can bring back Ralph and Sue Dibny, Ted Kord, and Firestorm's Table Salt girlfriend as well!

  40. HA! That's all, just say it's a New York thing! Everybody the world over must know how rude we New Yawkers are! :D

    HA!!! Then there'd be like NO dead characters left! It'd be like, if you were created prior to 1965 then you can NEVER die!!!

  41. Exactly, I'm waiting for you guys to become your own country then we can have the New York Yankees vs. The New York Yawkers! :P

    Lol speaking of time periods, I had NO idea Steph Brown has been around since 1992, she's almost as old as me!

  42. HA! That's like up in Canada, where the French speaking provinces(led by Quebec)are always threatening to secede and become their own country. I could SO see NYC do something like that!

    Yeah man, she was in TONS of the early Robin comics I've read recently.

  43. I love that you just compared one of the meanest, grittiest cities in the world to a bunch of Canadians. No offense to our Neighbors to the north :P But I could see that too haha

    I figured she has to be, that's insane. I find it funny that Tim Drake is older than me. Oh commons and your weird way of aging people. Is she the same lovable Steph?

  44. Dude, I'd NEVER compare NYC to Canada! That'd be like comparing a Rolls-Royce to a broken down Pinto! :D It's just that I could see NYC following Quebec's example. But comparing the two?! HA!!! :P

    She's pretty close to the current Steph actually. Pretty similar attitude and all. Oh, since you don't seem too aware of Steph's early career, did you know that she was pregnant once?

  45. Lmao. The fact you just compared a CITY, not even the STATE of New York and said it's superior to the entire COUNTRY of Canada. I have no words now haha. :P

    Yep, and a Mr. Alvin Draper took her to the classes? Oh yeah X, I may not know as much as you but I do my research :P I wonder if the kid thing will ever come up.

  46. HA!!!!! You just made my night JT! Yes, it's true, the CITY of New York is WAY greater then the COUNTRY of Canada! I mean come on, NYC has the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Times Square, Ellis Island, Madison Square Garden, Wall Street, two baseball teams(including the Yankees!), two hockey teams, a basketball team, two football teams(although they are out of state...), and countless landmarks. Canada has... um, snow and hockey? So yeah, no contest! :P

    Ah yes, you know much my student. :D I often wonder the same thing about the kid actually. The only thing is that he or she would only be about 3 years old tops, so it's not like they could add much to the story. A future type story with Steph meeting the kid could be money though.

  47. Lol the fact you counted snow and Hockey is hilarious. How about some of Canada's greatest Exports like Wolverine, Edge and Christian, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, um... Pam Anderson? Lol

    Haha @ your student, I'm a student of the game and thou art Triple H! :P And good point, I forgot how comic aging is weird, man, I gotta say a future story would be awesome. Or A Toddler Titans with her kid, Catwoman's kid and the returning Lian to lead them! Lol, that would be awful...

  48. Oh yeah, I forgot about Wolvie! So Canada has snow, hockey, Wolverine, a few really good pro wrestlers(and some okay ones)and Pam Anderson. I STILL say NYC wins THAT particular debate! :P

    "thou art Triple H!"=Awesomeness!

    Hey, if Marvel can put out a Franklin Richards: Boy Genius comic, why can't DC do a Toddler Titans series? Of course Lian wouldn't be the leader, a mysteriously de-aged Saint Barry Allen, Our Lord and Savior, God of the Speed Force and The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread(man am I BEATING that into the ground tonight!)would be the leader!

  49. Yeah lol, they can't even claim Deadpool anymore. I wanna know who made that decision. So are you saying Spider-Man > Wolverine? :P

    Haha, I don't care what anyone says, Trips should've played Thor, that dude was BORN to play Thor.

    LMAO, I didn't expect that at all in this thread, that was great. The magical de-aging of Saint Barry Allen, Our Lord and Savior, God of the Speed Force and The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread and the man who ran for 27 years just to lead the Toddler Titans is INSTANTLY gonna be a best seller.