Monday, August 30, 2010

Top Five 5

Hey everyone, once again welcome to the Top Five 5's! My favorite, and only bi-weekly feature here at JTCS. So, of course we're gonna do things just like always, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. So let's get into it. And just to remind everyone, here's the color guideline:

Jason Todd
Paul C.

Top Five Marvel/DC Team-Ups You'd like to see

Spider-man and Nightwing
Daredevil and Batman
Batman and Captain America
Jason Todd and Bucky Barnes
Deadpool and Booster Gold (It'd be hilarious)

Legion of Superheroes/X-Men
More Superman/Spider-Man
Batman/Howard The Duck
More JLA/Avengers (the Busiek/Perez mini series was awesome!)
Teen Titans/Young Avengers

Nightwing (Dick Grayson)/Spiderman
Hawkeye/Green Arrow
Dr. Doom/Lex Luthor
Vril Dox and ANY Marvel Character!

Venom/Lobo (Interesting, I'd read that.)
Black Cat/Catwoman
She-Hulk/Wonder Woman
Deadpool/Zatanna (I can see her using magic blowing his mind, lol.)

Spider-Man/Booster Gold (Someone make this NOW!)
Captain America/Batman

Top Five Marvel vs. DC Fights you'd like to see

Green Arrow vs. Hawkeye
Batman vs. Captain America
Deathstroke vs. Daredevil
Bullseye vs. Nightwing
Elektra & Daredevil vs. Green Arrow &Black Canary

Legion of Superheroes vs. X-Men (Timber Wolf vs. Wolverine would be so cool)
JSA vs. Invaders
Lex Luthor vs. Dr. Doom
Aquaman vs. Namor (Just so Aquaman can kick his ass again)
Superman vs. Sentry

Batman vs. Daken
Iron Man vs. Lex Luthor
Galactus vs. SAINT Barry Allen :P
Bucky vs. Dick Grayson
Hawkeye & Mockingbird vs. Green Arrow and Black Canary

Black Widow vs. Black Canary
She-Hulk vs. Power Girl
Wolverine vs. Green Arrow
Mr. Fantastic vs. Elongated Man
X-Men vs. JLA

Daredevil vs. Two-Face
Superman vs. Hulk
Batman vs. Thor
Fantastic Four vs. Green Lantern
Spider-Man vs. Joker

Top 5 Comic Characters who you wish had a TV Show, Cartoon or Movie

Booster Gold
The Flash (Wally West)
Birds of Prey (better than that old show they had)
Titans (Nightwing, Arsenal and some Teen Titans like Superboy, Robin, Kid Flash)
Green Arrow and Black Canary

Concrete (should be a TV series)
Legion of Superheroes (should be a movie!)
Howard the Duck (should be a movie, but a good one this time)
She Hulk (TV Series, Ally McBeal/Boston Legal with Superheroes)
Aquaman (movie!!!)

Daken (on HBO naturally!)
Capt. America
The Classic Avengers
Birds of Prey

Wonder Woman (Cartoon/Movie)
Birds of Prey (Movie/Cartoon)
Green Arrow (Movie)
Deadpool (Cartoon)
Booster Gold (Cartoon)

Spider-Man (Wish he had a live-action series that didn't suck!)
Wolverine (TV Series starring Hugh Jackman)
Booster Gold
Ambush Bug
Haunted Tank

Top 5 Most Overrated Characters

Superman (by some people, I still like him though)
Silver Surfer
Wolverine (See Superman)
The Hulk
Damian Wayne

The New Gods

Damian Wayne

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)
Lex Luthor
Green Arrow

Top 5 Five Characters you'd like to put on a team together

Jason Todd
(The New Outsiders)

Brother Power the Geek
Captain Strong
Joe Potato
(The Forgotten Heroes!)

Kid Flash

Power Girl
Black Widow

Captain America
Iron Man

Category Winners

Top Marvel/DC Team-Up - Batman & Captain America and Nightwing & Spider-Man
Top Marvel vs. DC - N/A
Top Comic Character who needs a show etc. - Booster Gold and Birds of Prey
Most Overrated - Hulk, Superman and Damian Wayne
Most Used Character on Teams - Huntress

Well I've gotta say, these were some damn good picks you guys. I'd love to see most if not all of these things happen, especially Bucky vs. Dick or Jason. The top Marvel vs. DC fight was kinda hard to find an average on so I didn't have that one. I've also been clamoring for some Booster Gold in media for a while now, so with the Golden One appearing on Smallville this season, hopefully it leads to bigger things. Superman and Damian are both overrated in their own ways so I can see how they tied for that category, and Huntress is the MVP as the most recruited member, so maybe she should get a little more page time in Birds of Prey. Thanks everyone for participating, feel free to discuss everyone's picks below in the comments and what you like or dislike about them! And I'll be back later this week with Ratings and Rantings. Until then I'm your friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man, JT!

Edit: The Poll results and a new poll will be posted along with the next Ratings and Rantings.


  1. This has been THE best Top 5 so far. So many possibilities. And I love seeing how your followers think! including myself. Lol. And the Top 5 as a definitely interesting. It's like boys vs girls. Lol.

    Definitely enjoyed doing this top 5. :)

  2. Well thanks Ms. Falisha Ann :) Glad you're enjoying the Top 5 Five's so much. I'd have my team vs. Your Team anyday, I'd even substitute Tim Drake for Huntress :P

    Oh, if anyone wants to submit categories for a future edition, feel free to do so.

  3. Man, we were really seeing eye to eye with a lot of these categories, JT! Oh, and I just wanted to add that Hulk was also tied for tops in most overrated. The only reason I mention that little fact is because I hate Hulk! :P

  4. Right? I found it funny we both wanted to see Bucky vs. a Robin. I think everyone had some pretty awesome picks, that's why I love these Top 5's.

    And thanks X, gonna edit it now.

  5. Good choices, people. On the subject of Robin vs. Bucky, you know what else would be interesting? Female Robin from Dark Knight Returns vs. female Bucky from the Heroes Reborn Universe! Haha, I just think it's so funny that both DC and Marvel ended up creating girl versions of their two most popular sidekick characters.

    I don't hate the Hulk, but I don't think he's been used very well for a long time. I'd like to see something like the Bruce Jones run again, which was good until they basically pulled a "One More Day" at the end of it and claimed the whole thing had been a dream or something.

    Oh and by the way, I'm doing two reviews this week! I posted one today, and the other will be posted on Friday as usual.

  6. I had no idea there was a female Bucky! Now I've gotta look this up, but that is pretty funny how DC and Marvel kinda mirror each other in a lot of ways.

    How do you get away with saying everything's a dream without pissing off a TON of people?

    Don't you shill your blog here Marc!!!! :P Kidding, I'll go check out today's review right after I finish watching this episode of Supernatural.

  7. They recently brought the female Bucky into the main universe in her own miniseries, although who knows if it was any good. Maybe X has read it?

    That's the thing, they DIDN'T get away with it, haha. There are a lot of people still upset over the whole thing, just like there are a lot of people still angry over OMD.

    Haha! Well I just thought I'd let you know in case you were only in the habit of checking on Fridays, which would make sense.

  8. I saw that when I just google'd her, that sounds dirty, and yeah, Hopefully X or someone can give us a recommendation.

    Haha, Man I'd hate to have to take the blame for one of those. Then again I'd be pissed if I was told the money on the last 50 issues I just spent was worthless since it was a dream.

    Lol I'm just pulling your short legs bro :P (God that chat was fun), and thanks for letting me know dude. Looks like you and Kello got new posts up.

  9. You're not far off in saying 50 issues, since Jones' run went approximately from Hulk #30-80. That's eight or nine trades' worth of stories, gone just because someone at Marvel decided they didn't like them anymore!

    I'll be looking forward to our next chat. And Kello's post was a pleasant surprise since we hadn't heard anything from him in a little while.

  10. Oh Man! Imagine if you liked the first trade, bought the next seven, then talked to someone and their like, oh, those issues were just dreams. I'd hate that.

    Same here, that was great. Definitely one of the highlights of my week. Yeah, And I'm glad Kello decided not to delete HK, so we can go back and read stuff and etc.

  11. Well, since you guys are curious, I guess I should dish on the female Bucky, shouldn't I? :P First off, I never really liked the character, but I pretty much hated everything about the Counter Earth stuff, so there's that. She actually crossed over to the mainstream Marvel U in the entirely forgettable Onslaught Returns(or maybe it was Onslaught Reborn... I don't remember, thus the whole "forgettable" line), and wound up taking up the Nomad name soon thereafter. I didn't read the Nomad mini, 'cause like I said, the character never really did much for me. FYI, she's currently a member of the Young Allies team(with Gravity!).

    Man, I didn't know about that Hulk stuff with Bruce Jones! I remember he was the writer who got shafted by DC when they decided not to kill off Dick Grayson, thus screwing up his plans for making Nightwing a Jason Todd series. Huh, he really hasn't had good experiences in the world of comics!

  12. Another reason for me to check out Young Allies: to solve the mystery of what the deal with this chick is! Oh, and that crappy miniseries was called Onslaught Reborn.

    Jones tends to keep out of the more popular superhero books now, probably because he's tired of having the rug pulled out from under him. Lately he's been writing Checkmate and a few years ago he did Deadman, two series I would imagine he has pretty free reign on.