Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wolverine: Get Mystique Review

Hey everyone, Jason Todd here, once again welcoming you to my Red Hood. I need a nickname for you guys... Red Readers? Yeah I like that, if anyone has a better idea let me know. So anyway, this is another comic I'm reviewing from my recent Wolverine kick. After Enemy of the State (Review here), and reading the fantastic and HIGHLY recommended ongoing comics Wolverine Origins and Dark Wolverine (and I'm not even a big Wolverine fan) I've decided to review "Get Mystique", another comic recommended by fellow bloggers. Also, there's something weird at the bottom of this review, feel free to speculate. But for now, let's see if Wolverine can "Get Mystique." Hey, don't you judge my bad segue's!

This four issue story begins with our hero, the Canucklehead himself, facing a Mexican firing squad in 1921. He's blindfolded, side by side with the woman we know as Mystique. After some small talk, she notes that Wolverine doesn't seem worried, and must have an ace up his sleeve. Jump to present day, Big bad Wolverine pulls his claws out on some kid, grabs him by the collar and says "GET ME A WHOPPER!!!!"....nah I'm kidding, he asks where the hell Mystique is. Great opening to draw in the reader, right off the bat. Wolverine also manages to kill a woman for no reason, so... that's always fun I guess. We see that Wolverine's mission was encouraged by Cyclops as well, meaning Wolverine isn't the only one that wants Mystique dead. Holy hell... I did not see the swerve coming with the murdered woman, so I knew from then on this would be an interesting read. The first issue ends with Wolverine in a predicament he won't be able to talk himself out of, and left me extremely interested in the rest of the arc.

Wolverine gets shot a lot in his comics, because the guy is damn near unable to be killed, so reading the description of how it feels, the toll it takes on him and how much pain he's in was great. Bullets don't just bounce off of Logan like Superman, he takes them, feels them inside his body, grating against his bones (or metal skeleton?) and it's not an easy thing. The description is so good I actually felt bad for this killing machine known as Wolverine, so I commend the writing. Also the irony of him playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers was not lost on me.

This game of cat and mouse between Wolverine and the Blue Bombshell known as Mystique goes on for a while and claims many people's lives in the balance but it's always interesting. Usually stories with this much tale and definition need about six issues and this is accomplished in only four, which is pretty amazing. Another thing I loved was seeing Wolverine grow his skin back, that was so awesome to see, in each panel he slowly has more skin covering his muscles and blood, and it looks very well done, and doesn't come off as cheesy. The final fight and dialogue are well done and well delivered, it was almost like watching a movie at that point, because it draws you in.

As for what I thought, I won't lie, I loved this comic from beginning to end. The things I thought I didn't like were rectified mere pages later. I feel like I should stop getting recommendations because I never have anything bad to say because the stories are so good. My only complaint is I wish it had lasted longer. But, this was definitely a great four issue story, and I enjoyed it all. The ending was phenomenal, I could've gone without the face barfing but, I'll give Get Mystique a solid 10/10 rating.

Now that that's over and done with I'll be back (G.B.C.) with another Ratings and Rantings (G.B.C.) and hopefully it's a good one. Also, take (G.B.C.) note of the new poll on the side of the page, be sure (G.B.C.) to vote. And the results from last weeks poll is below. Until next time, (G.B.C.) You've just been Gobsmacked!

-Jason (G.B.C.) Todd

The results to last weeks poll, which asked "Which of the following was your favorite series?" are:

Last place with 0% - Titans: Villains for Hire - Guess killing off someone isn't a good way to start a series?
Third Place with 9.1% - JL Generation Lost - Shocking, I expected first or second, I liked it.
Second Place with 36.4% - Batman: Return of Bruce Wayne - I...have no comment haha.
Winner with 54.5% - Birds of Prey - The Birds fly in with a first place victory. Welcome back Ladies!... and Hawk.



  1. Great review JT! Seriously. Let's see, I loved the, "Wolverine also manages to kill a woman for no reason, so... that's always fun I guess" line, which was awesome, although Wolvie DID have a reason... Sort of... I guess... Anyway, I don't really remember the Wolverine losing his skin and stuff from this storyline, but that's prob because it happens SO damn much to the guy!!! I think the best(and worst at the same time)example of Wolvie being blown to smithereens was during his Civil War x-over issues... I can kind of/sort of recall Wolvie being completely and totally blown up... I mean, until there was nothing but a shiny skeleton left! I'll have to see if I can find that one and post a scan of it over at the blog for ya, 'cause if I'm remembering correctly, that was SO over the top, it was insane.

    JT, You're not the only one who's... shocked(shocked works I guess)by what came in second on your poll last week... Weird...

    As for the whole bizzare "G.B.C." thing, you've got me! :P Oh, and after some REALLY tough deliberation, I picked Dinah for this week's poll, but that was a TOUGH decision to make!

  2. Thanks dude, and yeah I'm like, alright, kill a woman with no remorse? Okay I guess...he is a hard ass so that make se..HOLY SWERVE!!! Lol caught me outta know where. And yeah X it was when he suicide bombed himself, and he was like...all red and mashed up like hamburger meat. Lol I wanna see this Skeleton Scan if ya get a chance after all the unpacking dude cause it sounds outrageous.

    Yeah I so expected Birds to win, with Titans or Gen Lost in that blew my mind.

    Yeah... I wish I knew what that G.B.C. stuff was about. Ah well... And I almost picked Dinah too, I swear I thought about it for like an hour after I posed the poll, both would be good shows/movies though but I went with my man Booster.

  3. Oh, and as for the Cyclops thing, that's just the way he is now. It's like Marvel said, "Forget EVERYTHING you thought you knew about Scott, he's the COMPLETE opposite now!" It started back when Grant was writing New X and Scott was running around on Jean with Emma. Since then, Scott's like 180 degrees different then he was back in the 90's and before.

    Yeah, I think we were both thinking the same way there. I figured Return would have finished third at best, but I guess not.

    Dude, if YOU don't know what all this GBC business is all about, then I don't know what to say! I guess we'll know soon enough though... Who knows, maybe by next weekend everything will figure itself out... :P You really could have made a GOOD arguement for any one of the four characters you posted. I was really hung up on Dinah, Booster and Kyle though. I didn't pick Booster because I figured his show would probably be TOO confusing for the casual/non-comic book fan. For the comic book fan though, a Booster Gold show that was true to Booster's recent persona would be pretty sweet...

  4. Yeah I'm Scott is supporting murder?! Also, if I have any gay/lesbian/bi readers, nothing against any of ya, no offense. But Cyclops' costume looks SO friggin gay. I HATE that costume, I like the look he had with the Blue and Yellow, like on the X-Men Animated Series. That costume that looks like a wet suit annoys me. And Emma's a bitch so why couldn't Scott be X?

    I guess people still like it, ah well, different strokes for different folks or however that line goes.

    Yeah, maybe next weekend we'll figure out this G.B.C. stuff, I hope so.

    Yeah, I figure different genre's for different people would be interesting. Like Kyle could have a straight up hero show. Dinah could have the same but it could appeal to girls/women and guys too if they included Ollie once in a while. PG could have a kind of raunchy show with innuendo like Stripperella, and Booster could be a hero show with comedy sprinkled in. Hell I'd like them all to happen honestly.

    And since no one answered in my last post, who could you see playing Booster, Dinah, PG or Kyle if they had movies? (Not just X, that's open for anyone to answer)

  5. I don't like Scott's current costume either... I never really got why he went back to covering his hair up... I def agree about the 90's look though. Maybe it's 'cause that's the Scott I grew up reading/watching, but when I think of Scott, THAT'S the costume I see. Meh, I guess what's good for the goose is good for the gander(man, we are FULL of weird old-time sayings tonight, aren't we??), so if Scott wants to be bitchy, go for it!

    Those explanations for all four shows works for me. I'd just hope that Booster retains SOME of his current intellect and doesn't revert back to his old, dumb jock ways. Oh, btw, during the hockey game last night I caught a commercial for Jonah Hex. We both know I'll never see it, but do you have any interest in it JT?

    There's NO way I can answer that last question since I have like zero knowledge of all things Hollywood(and yes, I'm VERY proud of that fact!). I'll just sit here slack-jawed and shrug my shoulders until somebody else answers that question...

  6. Same here, I picture him with the skintight blue, the yellow trunks and boots and the yellow visor. That other costume makes him look like a scuba diver. Lol @ the goose and gander line, man that was perfect. Yeah, he's quite the bitch himself.

    Yeah, I think he could come off good. He was on an episode of Justice League Unlimited and no one took his help because everyone thought he was a screw up. Hell Wonder Woman picked Plastic Man over him, when she already had Elongated Man! And It doesn't interest me X, Jonah Hex never has to be honest. The make up looks wonderful though. But the fact Megan Fox is in it, and I hate her, and I don't care for Jonah Hex means I won't be seeing it. I'd rather see Prince of Persia.

    Haha, I figured that was coming :P I could see Ashton Kutcher as Booster, I don't know who's Busty enough for PG though...maybe Tricia Helfer (pic below) as Canary, and uh... Orlando Bloom for Kyle?

  7. Nice review JT, glad you liked the comic! I really enjoyed the flashbacks establishing Wolvie's history with Mystique. Anyway, if you're still up for more Wolverine I'd recommend Wolverine Weapon X Vol. 1: The Adamantium Men, which is by the same creative team and which I know X-Man recently read and enjoyed.

    The Wolverine being reduced to a skeleton thing was way over the top, but it actually had a purpose. They wanted to show just how ludicrous Wolverine's ability to heal and to come back from the dead had become, and that led into a story where they basically established realistic limits on his healing factor and that if he ever died again, it would be permanent (I'll believe it when I see it, but hey, at least they tried).

    Oh, and sorry for my absence from your guys' blogs for the last few days...moving has been, uh...let's just go with "fun," and I'll assume you know what I really mean. :)

  8. Sounds good, I'll look into it and make sure it's not too expensive, X recommended Marvel boy to me as well so I'll probably pick that up.

    Ah, that makes sense. I, like you, doubt if he dies again he'll just die. If he does he'll just heal in his casket and bust out or they'll bring him back two years later like Cap.

    Ah you're fine dude, I think we all knew you and Kello would be a little disjointed after the moves. :)

  9. Adamantium Men should be coming out in trade soon, if it isn't out already. I think the hardcover was $20 or so, so the trade should be another $5 cheaper.

    Marvel Boy is really good, and as I mentioned the other day it's due for a re-read on my part, sometime soon. I'd recommend it over Adamantium Men if you have to choose.

    Oh, and I should mention that I'm not responsible for Return of Bruce Wayne's performance in that last poll...I actually forgot to vote. :\ So yeah, the mystery thickens!

  10. Oh sweet, if they have the trade i'll pick it up. Feel like giving my a synopsis? Or would that ruin the story?

    Got ya, If you guys are both recommending it, it must be good. Much like EOTS and Get Mystique.

    Lol weird...where did all these Return of Bruce Wayne fans come from?! Haha, and you vote for Canary today?

  11. Nope, I just voted now, and for Booster Gold actually. I think a direct-to-DVD animated movie could work out well for that character.

    The Adamantium Men is about a group of people that show up who have similar powers to Wolverine. To say more about the plot itself might be a bit too spoilery, but feel free to check out the review I wrote for the second issue last year:

    It doesn't spoil anything, but does make some comparisons to Get Mystique in terms of the art and how the story is told.

  12. Ah, same here, looks like it's a tight race between those two. I'd love to see that, especially if it's his 52 storyline with Supernova.

    Ah, I just read the review, looks pretty good. Nice review too by the way, but yeah I'm hyped to read it, hopefully they'll have it in. If not I can look for the issues, any idea what issues it collects?

  13. Issues 1 through 5. I haven't read the second story in the series (6 through 10, "Insane in the Brain") but I know X got it recently, so maybe he can enlighten us.

  14. Well X does have that second trade, but as you all know, X does tend to get lazy at times, and as such he STILL hasn't gotten to it! I'd promise to start reading it for next week's Flashback Friday, but what's the sense since we all know I'll probably forget what I promised as soon as I leave this page! :P

  15. Ya see, it took X three days to remember this place existed, so let's not expect much from X :P Lol

  16. Well what do ya want from me, I kept going to Jason Toss's Comic Spot instead! :P

  17. Lmmfao, You Are such an ass for that. Lmao you win...