Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top Five 5

Hey everyone, once again welcome to the Top Five 5's! My favorite, and only bi-weekly feature here at JTCS. So, of course we're gonna do things just like always, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. So let's get into it. And just to remind everyone, here's the color guideline:

Jason Todd
Paul C.

Top Five People that should never be on the same team

Bruce Wayne
The Joker
Saint Barry Allen and anybody
Wolverine and Sabretooth
Red Robin and Robin(Damian)
Deadpool and Spider-Man(they'd NEVER stop talking!!!)
Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi...

Can't think of anyone! I love superhero team-ups so much!


Beast Boy
Power Girl
Wonder Girl
Booster Gold

Top Five Comic Fights you wish would happen

Batman (Bruce) vs. Deathstroke
Deadpool vs. Daken
Arsenal vs. Dick Grayson
Black Canary vs. Huntress
Jason Todd vs. Bucky Barnes
The Beyonder vs Saint Barry :D
Spider-Man vs Batman(Dick Grayson)
She-Hulk vs Wonder Woman
Hawkeye vs Green Arrow(Oliver Queen)
Captain America(Bucky Barnes) vs Captain America(Steve Rogers)
New Earth Legion vs. Reboot Legion vs. Threeboot Legion
Legion of Superheroes vs. X-Men
Lex Luthor vs. Doctor Doom
Doctor Who vs. anyone in the DC Universe
Doctor Who vs. anyone in the Marvel Universe

Invaders/ JSA
Batman vs. Batman
Steve Rogers vs. Buck Cap
Murmur vs. Mr. Zsasz
Power Girl vs. Psylocke (in a discussion about which has the more confusing origin)

Power Girl vs. Supergirl
Aquaman vs. Black Manta (now that Aquaman is back)
Superboy vs. Aqualad
Ravager vs. Huntress
Wonder Woman vs. Big Barda (I am LOVING those last two picks especially.)

Top Five Characters you wish had Ongoing Comics

Jason Todd
Cassandra Cain
Captain Marvel (Freeman)
Bart Allen
Wally West

Wally West
Bart Allen
The Young Avengers...

Madam Fatal
Brother Power the Geek
Wally West
The Reboot Legion wandering the multiverse looking for other lost survivors

Sinestro Corps
Wally West
Captain Marvel
Spectre (Crispus Allen)
Kid Flash

Maxwell Lord
Fire and Ice
Captain Atom

Top Five Lamest Comic Characters

Mad Hatter
The Ventriloquist (Arnold Wesker)
Blue Beetle

Mad Hatter
Humpty Dumpty
Puppet Master
Nightwatch (Marvel's Spawn rip-off!)
Any Liefeld X-Force character
Any Youngblood character
Any DC 'Bloodlines' character

Prometheus (after his first appearance)
Pretty much all of the Legion of Superheroes (sorry JT, I’m lazy today)

Beast Boy
Blue Beetle
Wonder Girl
Mad Hatter

Top Five Hero and Villain Team Ups you wish would happen (Ex. Batman & Joker)

Batman (Bruce) and The Joker
Batman (Bruce) and Deathstroke
Batman (Dick) and Deathstroke
Superman and Lex Luthor
Deadpool and Daken

Can I say Red Hood(Jason Todd) and Joker? Meh, I'm gonna say it anyway!
Steve Rogers/Red Skull
Deadpool/Two-Face(Because it would be HILARIOUS!)
Bart Allen/Inertia (I'd mark so hard for that!)
Cyclops/Mr. Sinister
Batman/Lex Luthor
Reed Richards/Lex Luthor
Fantastic Four/Fatal Five
Batman/Norman Osborn

Kid Flash and the Reverse Flash
Power Girl and the male Dr. Light
Batgirl and Penguin
Superboy and Lex Luthor
Night Nurse and Dr. Death

Batman and The Joker
WW and  Max Lord
Black Canary and Lady Shiva
Superman and Lex
Huntress and Cheshire

Category Winners

Top Member that would cause problems - Deadpool
Top Fight People want to see - Bucky Barnes vs. Steve Rogers
Top Requested Ongoing Comic - Wally West
Top Lame Comic Character - Mad Hatter
Top Hero and Villain Team-Up - Batman & The Joker/Superman & Lex Luthor

Hey everyone, thanks for participating in the last Top Five 5 of 2010, you've all made history! Well, not really, but it was fun right? As for the results, I'm not surprised that Deadpool woul be one of the most dysfunctional members of almost any group. I, much like you guys, really would like to see more Bucky vs. Steve Rogers, I saw a tad in the Winter Soldier storyline, which was amazing. Wally continues to get support for an Ongoing, nothing says he can't have one, there's like five Batman series between the two Batmen alone. Mad Hatter gets the win for lamest comic character, Now THAT'S good hat! Or should I say good hate? And lastly, a huge team up between Bats and Joker which is coming next month written by Brian Azzarrello with art by Jim Lee should keep us busy until we hopefully get another Superman/Lex Luthor team-up. But that's it for me guys and gals, be sure to vote for this week's newest poll and I'll be back later this week with more Ratings and Rantings but until then I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off.

Last week's poll asked "Which Comic Character had the best year?"

Last place with 0% - Captain America, he couldn't be shielded from defeat.
Third Place with 11.1% - Spider-Man, The Web-Slinger pulls in at third place.
Second Place with 38.9% - Deadpool, The Merc with a Mouth is bumped off from Numero Uno.
Winner with 50.00% - Dick Grayson, The First Robin and Second Batman gets first place.


  1. "Now THAT'S good hat!" Okay, I'll admit it, I cracked UP when I read that... THAT was TOO funny... *sigh* I really hate the Mad Hatter...

    Oh, and before I go any further, how can ANYBODY but Roy win this week's poll?! He got depressed, went kind of crazy, became a junkie again, lost 25+ years of character development AND is working on a team of super-villains!! There's NOBODY who's had a worse year than THAT!

    I was REALLY close to picking Daken/Deadpool in the top 5 fights category, but I kind of remember them fighting before, and I just wanted to pick battles that hadn't happened before. But if I could go back, I prob WOULD pick them.

    Anyway, I learned two things from this week's post... The first is that I get the feeling you'd REALLY enjoy a Batman/Deathstroke team-up, JT... I don't know why I think that, but I do. :P Number two is that we all almost unanimously want Wally West to get a series again... Are you listening, DC?!

    Oh, and before I go, I'd also mark out for a Bart/Inertia team-up! That(or the death of Saint Barry)would be the ONLY thing that would get me to buy a Flash comic!

  2. Lmao I figured you'd appreciate that, and I just couldn't resist.

    Haha, I voted for Roy. I figured him and Wally would be the front runners, but I agree completely. Let's not forget he lost his daughter and his arm as well.

    Yeah, they fought for maybe two pages in that Wolverine Origins storyline, but they haven't had a full-fledged battle yet to my knowledge.

    I started to put (Are you listening, DC?!) And yeah, I'd LOVE a Deathstroke Batman team up, whether it's Dick or Bruce it'd be interesting as hell.

    Haha you want Barry dead already? Ah well, sucks for him. I do hope Inertia returns soon though, man I need to read Flash: Fastest Man Alive again.

  3. That was a very interesting Top 5, actually one of my favorites of Top 5's. I wish I could make all our dreams come true with the "Top Five Characters you wish had Ongoing Comics" category, I think we all would be happy campers. Lol.

  4. Thanks for putting this up JT! I laughed at the Hat reference too.

    The categories that gave me the most trouble were lamest characters and Villain/Hero team-up. I like Paul's pick for a Reed Richards/ Lex Luthor team-up, as well as the FF/Fatal Five. I was trying to think of some good match ups for the FF and came up blank.

    So JT, when did you become a Fan of Freddy Freeman?

  5. Thanks for the comments guys and gal :) I also wish we could all make those ongoings happen, especially JASON TODD, Woooooo, even if Kello doesn't like him. :P

    Glad ya enjoyed that hat reference as well Kello, I didn't know if you'd stop playing Resident Evil long enough to notice it ;) How's that going for ya anyway buddy?

    Yeah, I really liked everyone's team-ups, and a Lex/Reed team up would be very interesting, so Kudos to Paul for that one.

    Around the time he became Cap Marvel actually, he seems like a nice update to Billy Batson's plain vanilla lifestyle, plus If anything good came outta Cry for Justice, it was seeing him and Supergirl together... even though it wasn't him I guess...

  6. I was gonna add the loss of Roy's daughter/arm too, but I think that happened last year, so I didn't want to add that. But yes, those losses also add to Roy's horrendous year...

    Ah. I knew Daken and Deadpool crossed paths in Origins, but it's been a while since I read 'em, so I'll defer to your memory for this one.

    I'd actually prefer a Dick/Deathstroke team-up over a Bruce/Deathstroke one. Bruce and Deathstroke would be pretty cool, but Slade and Dick have a rich history.

    And I wanted Saint Barry dead the MOMENT he returned! Once I saw his damn face I knew what that meant for poor Wally, and boy was I right! And yes, we REALLY need an Inertia return... You know, maybe I'll pull all of the Inertia appearances I have and do some retro-reviews for them.

    BTW, I also like Freddy Freeman over that plain Billy Batson. That Judd Winick mini was what sold me on Freddy actually.

  7. I believe, it happened in January, but I could be wrong.

    I literally just read that arc again on Thursday. It's one of my favorites actually, especially one of my favorite arcs with Deadpool.

    That's the exact reason I voted for Dick and Deathstroke, but since we've gotten a taste of it from when he was training Rose, I wouldn't mind more, but Slade and Bruce would be cool too.

    That'd be awesome, I'm all for more Inertia so those reviews would put a smile on my awesome face.

    Whats the name of the mini X? I'll pick it up Wednesday. Judd and Freeman is all I needed to hear.

  8. Well, either way, that just adds to the UBER-sucky year Roy had...

    Cool. With my almost endless number of unread comics/trades, I never have the time to reread my older stuff... That's something that could use a reread though.

    But for Inertia, I WOULD reread those Impulse, Teen Titans and Fastest Man Alive comics over again!

    It was called Trials of Shazam! went 12 issues and was written by Judd. I'm actually shocked you haven't read it!

  9. Haha, well maybe that's why he's winning. Maybe he can end the year with an uber-important win here at JTCS! Lol

    You're damn right it could! I'm rereading Identity Crisis now actually. And Flash: Fastest Man Alive after I finish that up, then some more stuff at work when I'm not busy.

    I still love how DP was so jealous of Wolverine because he's accepted by the X-Men, still has his looks and everything, and DP lost all that and still wasn't accepted by the X-Men. I love when we get to see inside DP and get his true feelings sometimes.

    I can't wait to reread Fastest man Alive just to see more Inertia and Griffin. Griff was pretty fun to me.

    I'll have read it come this weekend! Oh yeah! Thanks buddy.

  10. I thought Trials of Shazam was terrible. But then again I was always partial to Billy. I didn't like the way they changed up the Shazam family at the end of Infinite Crisis, especially when Captain Marvel hadn't had a fair shake in such a long while.

    I just reread some old Fastest Man alive issues, and it's an interesting little run. Ever since they made Barry the source of the speed force, it's kind of fun to revisit the old stories where they say the speed force is something else.

  11. By the way JT, I pretty much beat Resident Evil the other day, so I haven't played it since. I must continue my search for a ps1 game that's worth a replay or two.

  12. HA! Well a win here at JTCS is better than nothing... I guess... :P

    Well, first I'll have to actually pull out all of those comics... That's a half-days work right there! :D I think it all depends on how crazy I go at the cb shop tomorrow. If I don't find/buy THAT many trades, I should have the time to pull out those Inertia/Bart comix... But that is a BIG if!

    You know, rereading Fastest Man Alive would probably be kind of bittersweet... It was cool to see Bart get the Flash spotlight(even if it was only for 1 short year...), but having to reread his death would definitely suck.

    Ah, see, unlike Kello, I can't stand Whitebread Batson, so Judd's take and the elevation of Freddy was a breath of fresh air. But for a more hardcore Shazam! fan, that maxi-series was probably torturous!

  13. 4 of Falisha's 5 Lamest Characters actually made me sad....

  14. Having grown up with Perez's Teen Titans, I will always have a soft sport for Beast Boy, Raven, and Wonder Girl. Always liked Blue Beetle.

    DO what you will with Mad Hatter.

  15. Ah, I think she meant Cassie as Wonder Girl instead of Donna Troy, if that makes a difference. I'm not a fan of the current Beetle but I am a big Ted Kord fan.