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Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, it's that time of the week again for the best weekly dose of comic content comics! We've still got a lot of comics but because my shop didn't have Daken or Booster Gold (what the hell guys?!) I swapped it out for Superman #703. But we've still got a huge week ahead of us, with a little more Shadowland, another taste of Generation Lost, and of course we see how Bruce Wayne deals with the changes during his absence in The Road Home one-shots. So with so much on our plate for today, I guess we should just jump right in and kick things off with Shadowland.

Shadowland #4

This issue of Shadowland starts off with Elektra attacking some of Daredevil's Hand minions after finding a secret passageway that only Daredevil and the minions know about. The art looks amazing by the way, I don't recall if I mentioned it but Elektra especially looks life-like and beautifully drawn. Our Lady in Red quickly disposes of the minions before opening the secret passageway letting in our heroes, including Spider-Man, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Punisher and Wolverine for some reason, who looks about three feet tall. Wolverine says he has business with The Hand and wants to put Matt out of his misery, but Luke and Danny are hesitant because Matt is still their friend somewhere in there. From there we have a quick check in with Lady Bullseye and Kingpin, whose talking very cryptically about the old and new, and how things are about to change. Back with our heroes, they work out a plan to strike, and Elektra tells them that Matt also has White Tiger, Typhoid Mary, and to their surprise he hopes to resurrect Bullseye. The heros, oops make that Heroes (Inside jokes, haha.) quickly come to the realization that they may have to kill Daredevil or else risk dying themselves. Next we see a beautifully drawn page where Bullseye is about to be resurrected, and we see Elektra's sai protrude through the front of his mask panel by panel. Daredevil instantly erupts with anger and sends his guard after Elektra, Cage and the rest of the heroes but quickly realizes their a distraction for Punisher who uses a stun grenade on Daredevil. While Daredevil wonders why they uses a stun grenade, he quickly finds out when he's impaled in the chest by all six of Wolverine's claws. Wolverine is shocked Dardevil pulls his claws out of him and throws the Canucklehead across the room into a giant pillar. Punisher tries to shoot at Daredevil but can't hit the Man Without Fear, and his gun is soon blown up by Typhoid Mary. She doesn't have time to celebrate though because Spider-Man webs her up and subdues her. From there Spidey and Daredevil clash, but thanks to his Spider Sense, Spidey is able to subdue Daredevil long enough for his fellow heroes to hold him down while Elektra tries to reason with him. The issue ends soon after, and continues to keep me reading and wondering what will happen next. This was the second to last issue of Shadowland and I'm still enjoying it. Shadowland has been great so far, and I can only imagine how the story will end. As for this issue, it was great but things feel a little rushed, It's like Elektra just turned sides so quickly, it seemed kinda pointless to have her join DD so late, at least if she joined in the first issue it'd seem like she tried to gain his loyalty. But for what it was, this issue was great, I'll give this issue a 9/10 rating.

Elektra: If it was as simple as that, I would have cut his throat the moment he took me into his trust.

Green Lantern #58

This month's issue of the longest running current DC Series about a Green wearing Superhero kicks off at a Montana State Prison. We quickly find out a giant red bull apparently attacked the prison, as if it was looking for someone. The workers say that they cleared out the prisoners but can't put out the fire, but they soon find out from Atrocitus himself, accompanied with Sinestro, that it's not fire but it's actually Rage. Apparently the Red Lantern entity is scavenging around looking for a host. When Atrocitus senses the Rage surrounding the bus of prisoners, and the Rage towards them from the families of the people they've killed, Atrocitus takes it upon himself to breathe fire on them and incinerate the entire bus of prisoners. From there we see Hal Jordan and Star Sapphire Carol Ferris, as Carol prepares to become Queen of the Star Sapphires. Hal tries to talk her out of it, citing how Parallax destroyed his life, which he has back and is perfectly fine so that's kind of a bad example. Hal causes a construct to push back the entity from Carol, but she scolds him about it. When the entity takes a shine to Carol, he asks if she has a new boyfriend, before she replies that he has a girlfriend and makes a construct of Hal's girlfriend, Cowgirl. (For the record she looks oddly like Marvel's Outlaw.) Carol says she has to help the Star Sapphires, and when Hal asks when she's coming home she replies with the line he used to give her, "When my job is done." From there we go to Livonia, Michigan (Woooo Michigan!!!!), they even named a few streets so it seems more realistic. Kudos to you Geoff Johns, you are a hometown boy. Anyway, we see that a 14-year-old girl named Nicole Morrison is missing, and her book bag was found in a dumpster a week later. We see that she's been kidnapped, and her kidnapper tries to get her to eat, even mentioning he's taken girls before. Nicole tells the man she forgives her, because she was always taught to forgive those who do wrong, she then says she hopes he'll forgive her. She gets free and throws the soup he was trying to feed her in his face before running but he catches her. Before he can do anything, the Blue Lantern Entity tells her all will be well before jumping into her body. We then jump over to Larfleeze, he's sad because he doesn't have his Lantern and he can't make his constructs, as his ring is only at 74%, and he's used to it being much much higher. He's interrupted by Abraham Pointe, the guy who The Predator inhabited in the last issue, he's tied up and Larfleeze appears to be watching him until Hal returns. Abraham tells Larfleeze he saw inside of him when he was The Predator, and knows Larfleeze was taken from his family, and also that Larfleeze isn't his real name, and this of course ticks Larfleeze off. Larfleeze attacks the young man, telling him not to utter or even whisper his name. Hal Jordan soon appears and knocks Larfleeze off of Abraham. Hal and Larfleeze have a really nice short discussion that I can't do justice, but it was very interesting. The two are interrupted by a message from Saint Walker who announces Adara has chosen. Next we jump over to Salaak on Oa, he's curious as to why Hal Jordan hasn't logged any arrests or confrontations since after the Blackest Night ended, and he suspects Hal doesn't want the Guardians to know what he's been up to. From there we see Saint Walker, Larfleeze and Hal Jordan going to see Adara. Hal thinks that her taking the body of a kid is a bad thing, Saint Walker is ecstatic, and Larfleeze just wants his precious Lantern returned. When they confront Adara, she replies her name is Nicole, and that there is an empty feeling in Larfleeze. She fills him with hope by telling him his parents are still alive and they still miss him. Adara/Nicole wants to fill Hal with hope but he says he's all filled up, and he wants her to leave the young woman's body. She replies that she knows Hal is full of hope, but he's afraid to. Before we can find out why, she's interrupted and the issue ends. I won't say who interrupts her but I will say that a certain X-Man75 is NOT gonna like it. As for me, I thought this comic was perfect. We followed Larfleeze, Hal, Carol, Sinestro, Atrocitus and the Blue Lanterns, all in one issue and they all pretty much furthered storylines like a great comic should, I'll give this issue a solid 10/10.

Hal Jordan: Dammit, Larfleeze, You work with me, you don't cross the line.
Larfleeze: Cross the line, Green Lantern? You're working with Me. Sinestro. Atrocitus. And not your Green Lanterns. So who's crossing what line?

The Road Home: Red Robin

The Road Home for those that don't know is supposed to show us how everyone reacts to Bruce Wayne being back, also how Bruce reacts to the changes in his absence. This week I'll be reviewing three of these, and starting off with Tim Drake's, since as you all know he was the only one that believed Bruce was not truly dead. So how will Tim react to his return? How will Bruce react now that Tim is no longer Robin and is now Red Robin? Let's find out now shall we? During the Road Home issues we see words from a white casebook, which are pretty much Bruce's thoughts. He mentions how he has to observe how people have changed in his absence and if they'll work toward or against the new plans and outlook he has after his long return home. Meanwhile, we discover that Red Robin is currently in Amsterdam trying to protect a Mayor from an "assassination tournament." Tim seems to have a plan with an ally, but his plan is thrown for a loop when former member of the League of Assassins and new ally of Tim Drake, Pru a.k.a. Prudence shows up. We see courtesy of the case book that Red Robin was supposed to soften up the super-powered attackers and Bruce would intervene, and he does with a new costume which confuses me and proves I should've read The Road Home: Batman and Robin first. Bruce uses his new super suit that apparently can tap into the speed force and teleport (what?!) to capture the bad guys then disappear. Tim is seemingly confused at Bruce's actions and states he feels like a student again, before taking Prudence somewhere where he and her can talk alone. Pru and Red Robin talk about the assassinations and how more will happen, and she agrees to help him, but also sends a text message to someone telling them she's with Red Robin before leaving with Tim. Next we see Vicki Vale confront Alfred, asking to see Bruce Wayne, and claiming she knew someone was impersonating Bruce. She then laid out all her cards on the table, knowing Bruce is Batman, someone's impersonating Bruce, that Dick was Robin and is now Batman and that Dick placed a Bat-shaped tracer on her bag. She's shocked when Alfred admits she's right and tells her they feared Bruce was dead and couldn't let Batman's legacy die with him. Alfred explains everything, even that Bruce was lost in time, and manages to switch the tracker Vicki had with another one. Once he's done that Alfred says that Vale has no proof and he'll deny everything, she says she'll take the tracker to her tech guy and he tells her she should, meanwhile she's unaware he's switched them. We soon see that the plan was for Bruce to "save" the villains so they welcome him in, which they did, they then send him to try to kill Red Robin. When everyone is in position, Bruce attacks Tim. Bruce says they planned to put on a show but he instead intends to test Tim and himself, and attacks Tim full-on. From there we see how well Tim and Bruce know each other as their able to pretty much read each other's body language to determine what to do to make the fight come off real and not staged. After taking out everyone with the help of Prudence, she tells Red Robin she'll continue to help him and the mystery man. When the Mystery Man asks why she's helping, she replies "Because." before taking off. Back at a hotel room Tim mentions he'll be heading back to Gotham while Bruce will be going to check on the Outsiders. Bruce warns Tim about trusting Prudence but Tim tells him to relax and he trusts her. We then cut over to Pru and see she's still checking in with Ra's, and after describing the Mystery Man, Ra's figured out that it's Bruce, and the "Detective" has returned. This was a fine issue, I expected more stuff between Tim and Bruce talking and less action but this was a nice way for Bruce to check up on Tim, I just wish we had more substance and conversation between Bruce and the guy that believed he wasn't dead when no one else did. I'll give this issue a 7.5/10.

Bruce: So my task with Tim is one I have to work hard for myself as well: never to forget you have allies in this war, that you need those allies and friends... and to try, just a little bit, to enjoy those ties a little more, because their so fragile.

Superman #703
Superman's "Grounded" storyline continues in this issue and I don't know what to think. I loved issue 701 but hated 702, so this will act as the rubber match so to speak. The issue kicks off with Big Blue holding a stalker up in the air and making him promise to never stalk the woman or go back to her job ever again. Superman holds the guy up in the air for over thirty minutes by his ankles until the lesson sinks in. Once he lets the guy down he tells him to keep saying he'll never go back for an hour and he'll know if he stops. That's a great use of your powers Superman, scaring the hell out of stalkers while someone, somewhere is probably drowning. Oh well, call Aquaman right? Anyway, Superman walks away and is confronted by Batman. Bats says something funny so we know it's Dick Grayson right off the bat, no pun intended. Superman says he's aware Batman has been following him due to all of the sonic signatures he's often surrounded by, and Batman says they need to talk so they go somewhere more quiet. Batman tells Superman that he thinks he's having a emotional Breakdown after losing Krypton twice and that he should stop before somebody gets hurt, which causes Superman to reply by saying he expected that after seeing how out of touch Dick and Bruce became over the years. Superman asks how often they talk to an average guy while their hiding in shadows or on rooftops, and Dick replies that their problems are bigger and more dangerous than an average guy. Superman replies that both Dick and Bruce's parents were killed by normal people, and if someone was looking out for the average guy then they could've had a life. Dick replies that it would've been better for them, but not all the people they've saved over the years, which is a great point. The conversation ends with Dick giving what may not just be a Line of The Week but maybe a "Line of the Year", which you can read below. From there, Superman finds out that debris from New Krypton has landed on earth, so he goes to investigate. We see a teacher looking at the artifact that her students brought her, but when she looks through it and looks at Superman she becomes possessed or something for some reason. While Superman looks for the debris, our Teacher hits on some guy at a bar and touches his hand with a glowing white light. The angry redneck bar dweller (best way to describe him.) walks up to Supes, punches him in the face and knocks him across the city. Supes flies back and grabs the man trying to take him into space to knock him unconscious (one of his go-to-moves) but the super-powered Jeff Foxworthy elbows him in the chest. When Superman see's the man flying, he decides not to hold back, and they have a big destructive fight that a man on a Reporter's salary can not afford to fix. Afterward when the invulnerability has worn off of the opponent and he calms down, someone reminds Superman that he just destroyed everything. Superman fixes everything but people who are interviewed are upset because they've lost family heirlooms and photographs and stuff like that. One of the main people upset at Superman is the teacher that somehow was possessed, and we see that Batman is watching the newscast. This issue was interesting, It wasn't perfect but the conversation between Batman and Superman was phenomenal. Definitely loved that, it was some of the best writing for those two I've seen in a while, not counting Winnick's in Superman/Batman #76. Anyway, this issue was fine, nothing amazing besides the Bats/Supes convo though, I'll give it a 7/10.

Batman: The world of suburban streets, and neighborhood diners, and front porches... That isn't our world Superman. Not anymore. We can't live there. Not just because it endangers us, but because it puts them at risk. All of them. The isolation we endure is the price we pay for what we do. We can't go home again. Because when we walk into our world... we walk out of theirs. Forever.

Green Lantern - Emerald Warrior #3

Emerald Warrior kicks off where it ended last month with Guy being all wrapped up by a Red Lantern, so he can't get the Red Lantern Rage purged from his body. When she doesn't back up willingly, Guy, Arisia and Kilowog blast her off of the Emerald Warrior. The three take on the Red Lantern while the elephant Blue Lantern dude just watches. He does note that for some reason the Green Lantern's rings aren't super-charging around him like they should, which I also noticed before he said it. When the three Green Lanterns are getting nowhere the Blue Lantern just grabs the Red Lantern by the throat. When Guy asks him to purge her he replies that it would kill her, but he can strengthen her vocal cords so she can talk since he's just been muttering "G-Guy Gardner B-Blue" and etc. She yells out that Guy shouldn't be cleansed because he'll need the power of Red and Green to fight back. When they ask what they will be fighting, they discover it will be powerful forces gathering in the unknown sector. Man, do these guys ever get to take a break? From there we cut over to the former Ion, Sodam Yat who awakes from his slumber ready to attack Mongul when he realizes he's surrounded by thousands of civilians that have apparently saved him. He soon finds out he's on his home planet of Daxam, and in a church dedicated to him. He discovers that when he fell out of the sun that the inhabitants of Daxam lost their powers, and that people are hunting him to throw him back into the sun so they can get their powers back, and the search is being led by Sodam's Father. From there we see the threat that the Red Lantern spoke of, and how he maintains his powers and some other stuff that bored me. It just came off very forced and mystical and for us to not know much about the characters or their goals It's hard to connect and care. Back with Guy he talks about how someone is trying to take the Corps down from the inside and they've been draining the battery, which explains why the batteries don't skyrocket near a Blue Lantern. After deliberation Guy decides to have the Red Lantern tag along, as well as keep his Red Lantern infection. The gang heads off to Daxam is search of Sodam Yat, and the issue ends soon after. Well this issue was okay but I found myself not caring much. The fight seemed kinda bland, I mean it was three on one. The villains don't really draw me in, and I was hoping Sodam's return would be a little more interesting. Long story short I don't think I can justify buying this comic every month when I buy so many other good comics. Looks like I'll be bidding Emerald Warrior adieu. I'll give this issue a 5/10.

Guy Gardner: If Sodam's not dead and he's the drain... then I'm going to have to kill him.

Justice League Generation Lost #11
This issue of Gen Lost starts with a group of young men ad women fighting some huge robotic centaurs. We soon find out that these are fake thoughts being shot into the Metal Men but Maxwell Lord and Professor Ivo. We then catch up to current times with the JLI being attacked by the Metla Men, obviously as a result of Max Lord. We see that from the Metal Men's perspective that Fire, Ice and Rocket Red look like the bad guys and to each other the Metal Men look like normal humans. When the Metal Men attack the JLI members fight back to defend themselves, and when they try to retreat, our heroes are met with resistance by Ivo. Ivo causes the Metal Men to all unite into one giant robot. On the other end of the world, Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Captain Atom and Skeets are trying to check in with Fire, Ice and Red but can't get an answer. When our gang stumbles on a bunch of OMAC parts, which Booster points out is weird because OMAC's take over humans, they don't start as spare pieces. When Booster has Skeets check the place for fingerprints they find that the only prints there are Professor Ivo's, who created the super powerful android known as Amazo. Back with Fire, Ice and Rocket Red, they attack the Metal Man (patent pending) with everything they have but can't put a dent in the big guy. Fire tells Ice to focus on Mercury's part and try to freeze him before taking a HUGE head on punch that smashes her into the ground. Ice takes the offensive and attacks the Metal Man while Rocket Red checks on Fire, who is stunned but pretty much fine. The two go to see Ice to see that something, maybe her rage at the machine for attacking Bea has changed her into something new as the issue ends. This was a great issue, I've never been a fan of the Metal Men but they were used fine here, and humanized which works for them. I'm definitely wondering how they'll explain Ice's transformation in the next issue. But this was a solid, well written issue. I'll give it an 8/10.

Max Lord: ... And I just live to make peopler happy.
Prof. Ivo: They're not actually people.
Max Lord: And they're not actually happy. So no need to split hairs.

The Road Home: Batgirl

This issue of Road Home follows the current Batgirl and former Spoiler as well as the fourth Robin, Stephanie Brown. We start off with a quick look into the past with Batman and Robin confronting Spoiler, and Batman telling her to go home, an order she disobeys. We see from Bruce Wayne's notes that Steph has always been a variable he can barely control. We then jump forward to present day and see Batgirl at the Waynetech research facility as a Masked Man (Bruce) is setting off alarms. She attacks the Masked Man who fights back to test her, and even compares her to Dick in the sense of her always cracking wise during a fight. When the Masked Man uses his heat vision, then uses his Green Lantern-like powers, there's a funny moment where Batgirl is shocked and thinks she's fighting Amazo. When the Masked Man disappears from the fight we jump over to seeing Stephanie and Babs Gordon discussing the prior events. They mention how Batman and Robin took on the Masked Man earlier in the week, alluding to their one-shot. Babs also mentions she may get the Birds of prey on the case, possibly alluding to the Oracle one-shot. Babs then says she wonders why the Masked Man took it easy on Batgirl, and Steph begrudgingly agrees. Steph then gets excited about teaming up with the Birds of Prey before Oracle makes her promise to sit this one out. Steph promises, even throwing in some good ol' fashioned "Scouts Honor", too bad she had her fingers crossed. With the help of Wendy "Proxy" Harris, Stephanie (not dressed as Batgirl) stumbles onto the secret Lair of the Mystery Man. She also discovers from Proxy that he stole a gun from Waynetech. Steph looks around and soon finds a map of crime alley, and starts to connect the dots. We then see another flashback, with Steph as Robin and Bruce as Batman as she mentions that Bruce never gave her a fair shot. Steph's trip down memory lane is quickly ended when she's ambushed by a group of attackers and Bruce watches on while invisible. Steph takes care of the goons before running off while Bruce watches her fight and compliments her style to himself. Batgirl quickly realizes that the Mystery man is planning on shooting someone (Commissioner Gordon?) in Crime Alley with the gun he's stolen and figures out a way to track him down. When she confronts him she points out that he's obviously testing her, as he has super speed and invisibility so why would he resort to using long range weapons like laser beams?  The Mystery Man unmasks himself as Bruce Wayne, and goes to compliment Stephanie but before he can she slaps the taste out of his mouth. Yes, you read that right. Stephanie SLAPPED Bruce Wayne. Oh man that was awesome, and it got even better when she's so shocked at what she did she just runs away and says "I'm glad you aren't dead." We then jump over to see Vicki Vale confronting Oracle, and suggesting that she and Dick Grayson were Batgirl and Robin. Oracle denies every claim but manages to use her tech-wizardry to clone all of Vale's data to her phone. Later on we see Batgirl on a rooftop, she knows Bruce is there even though he's invisible so he shows himself and they discuss the "Slap heard round the world!!!" Steph then discusses how much she's changed, and the dialogue here was so perfectly written by Bryan Q. Miller that I'm just gonna say, buy this comic, BUY THIS COMIC. After the great conversation between Bruce and Stephanie, we see Bruce talking with Alfred about Stephanie, his upcoming reveal to Babs Gordon, and going to see Selina and what she's been doing with the Gotham City Sirens. We even got a little information on the former Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, which made me very happy. This was an amazing issue and the best of The Road Home one-shots so far. I'll give this one a solid 10/10 rating.

Bruce: Who knows, maybe there's room for hope in Gotham, after all.

The Road Home - Batman and Robin

This issue starts off like the other Road Home one-shots in the sense that our heroes are taking on some villains to serve as a test by Bruce a.ka. The Mystery Man. While we see Bruce watch over Batman and Robin as they chase after one escaping villain, we see their also being watched by Vicki Vale, and she wants to know what caused Batman and Robin to become what they are. We see Vicki wants to know the back story to help her be seen as a more serious journalist, instead of just throwing names out there she wants interviews to accompany them. Vicki walks over to her couch and grabs the tracking device Dick planted on her bag in Batman #703, and speaks into it saying she knows Bruce can hear her and if he doesn't talk to her by noon the next day then the truth will make the final edition by sundown. Her message is overheard by Alfred who looks upset by the news. Back with the Dynamic Duo have found the escaped villain, Killshot, and we find out that Dick let him escape so they could track him. When Dick drops in for the attack on the gang members, as we see Bruce comment on how effortlessly Dick has accepted the Cowl and the role of Batman. He also commends Dick's skills in getting Damian to follow along with him as Robin. Before Batman and Robin can catch Killshot, Bruce intervenes, because Killshot being captured would jeopardize his plans. Next we see Vicki Vale, wearing a dress she must've stolen from Power Girl, out meeting with Bruce Wayne, obviously Hush. He denies being Batman but then plants a kiss on Vicki Vale, he then hits on Vicki and ivites her over to put the Batman stuff to bed, as well as other things. Vicki soon realizes that's not Bruce, because he seems like a real jerk, and not the fake jerk Bruce comes across as. Next we catch up with Batman and Robin who have gotten ahead of Killshot and caught him, as a testament to their skills. Next we see Bruce at a new hideout, and we find out he's talking to Red Robin, Tim Drake. We see the Mystery Man discuss his plans and unmask as Bruce Wayne, meaning this one should've been read first, and much like X-Man75 says, this should've had some type of numbering on it. Other than that this was another solid issue, I ofund it better than the Red Robin (since I was less confused) but not as good as Batgirl, but that was great. This was just a solid way to kick-start Bruce's return. I'll give it an 8/10.

Hush: Now I have to go, but let's meet for dinner at the manor, say... next Tuesday? We'll put this whole Batman nonsense to bed... and maybe some other things as well...

Titans #28

This episode of Titans starts off with Ryan Choi's girlfriend all sad because she hasn't seen Ryan in a while. She STILL doesn't know he's dead. It's been like five issues and no one knows that Ryan Choi is dead? Are you KIDDING me?! When a light turns on in the house across from hers, which happens to belong to Ryan, she runs over to see The Atom and hugs him, but is disappointed when she realizes it's not Ryan, but Ray Palmer. They talk about how Ryan has been gone for weeks, (WEEKS!!!!) and how Ray is the first hero to come check it out. We then cut over to Arkham Asylum and see the arrival of the Titans. We see a guard is working with Deathstroke, allowing the Titans to sneak in and get their target. While they follow Deathstroke, Roy tells Jade they should attack Slade, and pretty much sounds like an idiot, then she points out that ONCE AGAIN Roy is high. We then see Ink thinking about how he hates helping Deathstroke, and how he should be redeeming his son, but instead is helping Deathstroke hunt people down. Ink looks sad before wondering what he's become. Meanwhile Osiris talks to the crooked guard and finds out he's accepting the money so he can get out of Arkham before he dies like so many other Arkham guards have. Osiris decides he has to kill the guard, either cause Deathstroke told him or because of the whole Isis thing, but the guard says if Osiris steps towards him he'll press a button releasing all the inmates. Osiris attacks him anyway, killing the poor bastard but he presses the button right before and releases the Arkham Inmates. The inmates step out and for some reason Zsasz already has a knife, Firefly has a torch and Mr. Freeze has a Freeze Gun, because apparently no one takes that stuff away in the Asylum.... As the Titans take on those villains and a few others, Osiris is attacked by Killer Croc who he mistakes as Sobek, which is pretty clever. Meanwhile Deathstroke has run into MAd Hatter for some reason, then goes to help Allegra Garcia (?) but before Deathstroke can reach her Batman drops in through the window above as the issue ends. Well this issue was really a bust, a lot of things annoyed me like people emerging from their cells with weapons, no one looking for Ryan after many weeks and etc. The best part was the actual ending, I'll give this comic a 4/10.

Batman: You're not touching this girl, Deathstroke.
Deathstroke: Then we've got a problem... because I'm not leaving without her.

Well that's all for me this time guys, I'll be back this weekend with a new poll and the results from last week. As always, comments are appreciated and loved. So until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd!

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  1. Great reviews dude. I gotta say, Titans sounds pretty bad. I don't believe no one's noticed Ryan's missing yet! At least Ray is the one who's started looking, that's pretty cool.

    I'm looking forward to your Carnage review next week. I hate Carnage, but I love Spidey and Iron Man, who are supposed to be turning up in the book, so I'm in two minds whether to check it out or not.

  2. Thanks for dropping by Paul, and glad ya enjoyed the reviews buddy. Titans is odd, It has potential but all it plays is the Roy on drugs card, Jade and Roy having sex, and no one trusting Deathstroke.

    Yeah, I'm wondering what'll happen because from what I've read the new Carnage is a woman as well, and we know what happens when women meet Tony Stark! But seriously, I can't wait to see how that starts off, I'm hoping the hype is well-deserved.

  3. I'm looking forward to these Bruce Wayne issues, especially the Batgirl one-shot. I'm wondering if the Oracle one will be any good.

    That Titans book sounds terrible. With the number of people who actually read Ryan's book when it was coming out, it's not a surprise that even his fellow heros wouldn't notice he's missing.

  4. Yeah, I'm hoping the Oracle one is pretty good, plus I believe Gail may be writing it but I'm not 100% sure.

    It's just....yeah, I can't really say anything else about it that I haven't already. Lol @ that point you made about Ryan.

  5. Once again, nice reviewing Mr. JT. :) I know it was definitely some work since I was on the phone with you while you reviewed, so kudos to you!!!

    Also glad to see some better scores this week. Once I get a chance to get to my comic book pile, I'll definitely be looking forward to reading the "Road Home" issues and Gen Lost. I so have a comic crush on Rocket Red. Lol.

    Once again nice job. :) Can't wait for next week especially: Brightest Day #12, The Road Home: Catwoman, The Road Home: Commissioner Gordon, DCU Halloween Special 2010, Power Girl #17, Carnage #1 and Kick-Ass 2 #1. I know how much you like Carnage so I can't wait to see how it turned out. :)

  6. Thanks Babe :D I'm hoping everyone else enjoys some of the comics as much as I did, especially that Batgirl comic because it was so damn good.

    You're looking forward to almost everything aren't ya! :P I hope their awesome as well :)

  7. You're welcome. Lol. And yes I am. I always look forward to most the things you review since we read a majority of the same things. It's just a matter of getting to them on time. Lol. I told you, it needs to be 30 hour days. Lol.

  8. Lol I'd just sleep for like 15 then. As for your crush on Rocket Red, I don't mind if you don't mind my crush on Peej :P Lol

  9. :| I take it back I don't have a crush on Rocket Red.

  10. Lmao alrighty, no crushes :P Haha

  11. Ugh why her!? Rather it be Rogue lol.

  12. Lol I'm just messing with you :P First name that popped into my head, besides we all know X-Man is marrying Power Girl. ;-)

  13. Lol, that seriously hurt some feelings lmao. Women are sensitive geez!

  14. Lol awww, My poor lady. If it makes you feel any better, you can blame Kello :)

  15. I don't know lol, but when he reads this he'll chuckle to himself.

  16. Hilarious. I instigated an argument without doing a thing...

  17. I liked your first comment more :P And you KNOW you love Power Girl, and pushed your influence on me. How DARE you Kello?! :D

  18. Lmao. Kello, you're off the hook this time. JT tried to get you in trouble because HE has the hots for Powergirl! Lol.

  19. What the?!? I'm not even gonna TRY to make sense of those comments guys... There was something about X-Man and Power Girl, but after that it all lost me.

    Anywho, since I actually read MOST of the books you reviewed, I can comment!! Huzzah!!! First off, was this the first time we both gave the same comic a perfect score? With all of the 10's you throw around I doubt it :P but I can't think of another occurrence. I think we were pretty much on the same wavelength with the Road Home books, and you were SO right about the art in Shadowland... Shame on me for not mentioning it. Especially the scene with Elektra that you mentioned. The art, the colors, everything there was REALLY sweet.

    I'm not going to get too down on Emerald Warriors just yet, I'll reserve judgment until I actually see what happens with Guy and Sodam and down the road with that bad guy with the telepathic powers. Oh, and do you think that the robed figure could possibly be Scar? I'm starting to wonder...

    So ten books for you next week, JT? That probably means I'll be getting another 15+... *sigh* Oh and before I go, I did catch the "heros" reference. Cute JT. Very cute. :P

  20. Yeah I tried to turn it back to comics and you guys before anyone got lost, but alas I failed.

    Lmao with the tens I throw around. You are such an ass, lol. I'm glad you agreed about that Shadowland art, it was amazingly good. I gotta go back and see who did that art because I'm definitely a fan.

    Is that was his deal is? I was so damn bored when I read that I could barely comprehend. I'm curious about Sodam and Guy but I don't know if I wanna keep reading it, maybe you could convince me to give it another chance since I'll probably drop Titans after the next issue. And that could be Scar, I wouldn't mind it actually and it would kinda make sense, but I wanna see how they explain her getting Rainbow Blasted.

    Yeah, ten at least. And glad ya caught that, I caught your Villains line over at your blog, it was somewhat cute but not very. :P

  21. I just came by to see if anyone had responded to my comment from yesterday...only to realize that my comment from yesterday must not have been posted! Haha, stupid Blogger...

    Anyway, I can't remember what I wrote originally, but great reviews JT. With only two perfect scores, sounds like it must have been a pretty bad week! (Haha, just kidding...)

    So is Hush posing as Bruce Wayne now or something? I'm confused. And I feel like Batman's quote from Superman #703 is one of the clearest markers of the difference between Marvel and DC that I've ever seen.

    Oh, and I hope to see all you heros online tonight. :)

  22. Haha, blame it on blogger eh? maybe you just bookmarked it like a certain other guy does. ;-)

    Haha, yeah this week sucked, I'm waiting for next week when I drop 11 perfect scores on ten comics.

    Yep, Hush has surgery like two years ago so he looks like Bruce Wayne now, and like 6 months after Bruce disappeared he somehow broke out of the Batcave and is masquerading as Bruce now.

    And yeah, I couldn't agree more, seems like Marvel is the exact opposite of that statement. And I can't speak for the other heros but I'll be there.

  23. Finally made it to "The Road Home:Batgirl" and "Generation Lost Issue 11" and as for Batgirl, I loved it. If you'd be so kindly as to venture over to X's review to see all that I said, I'd greatly appreciate it. Lol.

    As for Generation Lost, fantastic issue. I'm loving Fire Ice and Red Rocket with each issue. And the end dealing with Ice, been a while since a comic has had me eager for more.

    Great reviewing on those two issues sir. :)

  24. I suppose I can, even though that long haired S.O.B. gets enough hits at his blog!!! :P

    I really love that team, I don't mind Blue Beetle since he never talks but considering I'm such a big Booster fan, I like the Fire and Ice friendship and Cap Atom is awesome. Plus Rocket Red is one of my favorite things about the comic, well him and Max. Glad you enjoyed it :D And thanks for the kind words babe. :-)