Sunday, September 26, 2010

Top Five 5!

Hey everyone, once again welcome to the Top Five 5's! My favorite, and only bi-weekly feature here at JTCS. So, of course we're gonna do things just like always, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. So let's get into it. And just to remind everyone, here's the color guideline:

Jason Todd

Paul C.

Top Five Characters you wanna see as Amalgams

Jason Todd & Winter Soldier Bucky
Wolverine & Deathstroke
Dick Grayson & Daken
Power Girl & Rogue
Huntress & Black Cat

(I'm gonna pick the ones I've done already that I'd most like to see actually happen.)
John Constantine/Howard the Duck
Matter Eater Lad/Punisher
New Warriors/Legion of Superheroes
Vril Dox/Doctor Doom
Madam Fatal/Sub-Mariner

Damian Wayne/Daken
Black Canary/Mockingbird
Wonder Woman/Jean Grey
Kid Flash/Speed

Black Canary/Storm
Capt. America/Capt. Marvel

The new amalgamated Fantastic Four!
Plastic Fantastic or Mr. Plastic- (Reed Richards + Plastic Man, aka Reed “Eel” O Brien, the wisecracking genius)
Geo-Torch- (Geo Force + Johnny Storm-Prince Brion Storm -Element based powers of earth and fire)
Invisible Princess– (Sue Storm + Terra from the Teen Titans -Princess Tara Storm, Geo-Torch’s sister and spy for Slade Castle, aka Deathstroke the Punisher)
Solomon Grimm- Solomon Grundy + the Thing (Dumb as a rock…and strong as one too!)
Black Doom- Black Adam + Doctor Doom- the dictator who gains the power of evil gods.

Iron Man/Superman
J. Jonah Jameson/Perry White
Wolverine/Green Arrow
Deadpool/Green Lantern
Gorilla Man/Gorilla Grodd (or is that too obvious?)

Top Five Characters you'd like to see turn evil/good

Gambit (Maybe he can be worth reading about then???)
Fantastic Four (I haven't read a story where they become evil yet)
Barry Allen (Return of Wally West!)
The Riddler (Turn him back good.)
Black Adam (Bring him back, make him good. I loved him in 52.)

Donna Troy (she could become an evil counterpart to Wonder Woman)
Katar Hol (he was sent to limbo and forgotten and now he's p*ssed off!)
Karate Kid (he was killed off twice and now he's p*ssed off! Also he's tougher than Batman!)
Linda Danvers/Matrix Supergirl (Would resent Kara Zor-El, who she would see as a pretender)
Superboy Prime (Superman wanted to redeem him in Legion of 3 Worlds, I'd like to see him succeed.)

Saint Barry Allen
Emma Frost (It's Time...)

Wonder Woman - Evil
Spider-Man - Evil
Wonder Girl (Cassie) - Evil
Storm - Evil
Joker - Good

Evil Batman
Good Catwoman
Evil Martian Manhunter
Totally Evil Namor
Evil Black Panther

Dr. Doom (wouldn't mind seeing him try to do good for a little while before returning to his evil ways)
Ben Reilly (I actually wouldn't mind if he came a bad guy!)
Daredevil (and by this I mean I'd like to see him really turn to the dark side...not just get possessed by a demon!)

Top Five Characters you'll never be a fan of

Damian Wayne (When written by Grant Morrison)
Knight and Squire
Jamie "Blue Beetle" Reyes
Beast Boy

Donna Troy

Damian Wayne
Saint Barry Allen

Wonder Girl (Cassie)
Beast Boy
Damian Wayne
Mr. Freeze

ummm…Jason Todd
Legion of Super Heroes
Raven (the one from Titans, not “That’s So Raven”)
Dr. Strange
Ghost Rider

Mr. Zsasz
And last but certainly not least...Gambit! oh, how I despise him...

Top Five Characters that need their own Series

Jason Todd
Firestorm (I'd read it.)
Captain Marvel (DC)
Wally West
Kid Flash

Brother Power, The Geek
Madam Fatal
The Legion of Substitute Heroes
Wally West
Captain Marvel (Shazam not Marv-Ell)

Jason Todd!

Capt. Atom
Aquaman (I know he's had one before but He needs a new one. Lol.)

Wally West
Sinestro / Sinsetro Corps
Captain Marvel (like Power of Shazam oh so many years back!)
Plastic Man
Kid Flash

Doctor Strange
Ghost Rider (stop cancelling it, Marvel!!)

Top Five Characters you'd assemble for an all Female Team

Big Barda
Black Canary

Power Girl
Wonder Woman
Mary Marvel

Wonder Woman
Jean Grey

Black Widow
Black Canary
Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)

White Queen - The Evil version from the 80’s.
Roxy Rocket
Enchantress (from Thor)
Lady Bullseye

Jessica Jones
Jean Grey
Night Nurse

Category Winners

Most Requested Amalgam: Batman/Daredevil
Most Wanted Turn to Evil/Good: Tie between Saint Barry Allen and Batman
Character You'll never be a fan of most: Damian Wayne
Character in Need of a series: Tie between Wally West and Captain Marvel
Most recruited Female Team Member: Tie Between Huntress, Black Canary, Jean Grey and Wonder Woman

Thanks everyone for voting, we had some great picks this week. I was surprised we had a winner in the Amalgam category since we had so many different ways of thinking, but I'd also like to see Batman and Daredevil meshed together, the Man with no Fear and the Man who instills fear? Get on that Paul! Haha. I figured we'd see Saint Barry win the turning evil award so he could fight Wally, but Batman turning evil surprised me, but I can't say I wouldn't enjoy that. Damian Wayne continues to win awards for not being liked here at JTCS, I don't mind Damian when written by Bryan Q. Miller, Paul Dini or Fabian Nicieza but for some reason he's super annoying under Grant's watch. I agree that Wally and Cap Marvel definitely need solo series, as much as I want a Jason one, I wouldn't mind seeing those two get series again. And the last Category had so many winners that their almost a team themselves, but Everyone had great pick for Hero and Villain teams.

Well that's all for this week everyone, below are the results for the last poll, and be sure to vote on the new poll on the right side of the page. I'll be back later this week with more Ratings and Rantings, until then, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd!

Last week's poll asked "Which is your Favorite Green Lantern?"

Last Place with 0% - John Stewart, even being on the JLA Cartoon didn't get him any votes.
Third Place with 18.2% - Guy Gardner, First he was Second to Hal, now Kyle!
Second Place with 27.3% - Kyle Rayner, The Top GL ten years ago is now Second Best.
Winner with 54.5% - Hal Jordan, Only he can kill a ton of GL's and come back as a hero.


  1. Interesting picks, people. Oh and for those of you who wanted to see Batman turn Batman: Venom! (And no, that's not an Amalgam book...)

  2. I should have voted for a Deadpool/Hitman amalgam! I can see how Paul has so many different ideas on his site, because it's fun to mix them together.

    These were really interesting categories and picks! A lot of the picks that were sent in were actually characters I considered, but didn't feel strongly enough towards to include, such as X-23 in the "never be a fan of" section. I'm also wondering when DC is going to get this Captain Marvel stuff in gear for us.

    Marc, your picks have me cracking up. I think that Gambit collection you reviewed may have scarred you for life...

    As far as the poll, I picked DD. Grayson seems driven by hope more than will. Deadpool seems like an Orange lantern, and Tim strikes me as a Green or Blue Lantern too, but not as clearly as DD. I don't think Daredevil hopes for things anymore (after all the dead or insane ex-girlfriends), he just doesn't know how to give up.

    Thanks again JT! I'm looking forward to the Top 5's more and more everytime you have them.

  3. Marc - I recall hearing about Venom, isn't that where Bats slapped Alfred or something when he was taking the Venom drug?

    Kello - I actually thought the same thing for the poll as you, but one could argue that Daredevil could be a Yellow Lantern because he instills a fair amount of fear, but as a man with no fear I guess he would be a good GL. I voted for Grayson, I'd say he's more Will powered, Tim would be Hope, Jason's Rage.

    I want a Captain Marvel comic so bad, I'm hoping it comes from the stuff with Osiris in Brightest Day, since they mentioned them. And Thanks Kello, I'm glad you guys like the Top Five 5 and love participating.

  4. I would wish for Gambit to die, but I'm afraid that would only make things worse. They'd intevitably turn it into a giant crossover event (House of Gambit?).

    And then they'd resurrect him in a 12-issue Gambit Reborn miniseries. :|

  5. Great post this week, JT(not that any of your other posts aren't, you know, great...). First off, what's with all the Captain Marvel love??? I've never really gotten what the big deal with him is all about. So he's a kid who says "Shazam!" and is super-powerful. He's always seemed like such a bore(except in Kingdom Come). Would someone PLEASE straighten me out with him. You know, do the whole, "Jeez X, he's awesome because..."

    I love how Kello went all out in the Amalgam category. Not only does he have the two characters, he has names and back stories! Nice work Kello!

    I don't know HOW I forgot to put Jamie Reyes and Beast Boy on my hate list... That's an epic oversight on my part. ESPECIALLY Jamie! And one last thing, I can see Marc and I will be having some words next week during our AIM chat... Picking Stryfe as a character he'd never be a fan of! For shame!! :P

    PS, Sadly I'd buy every issue of the House of Gambit x-over. I'd complain the whole time, but I would buy it...

  6. Stryfe is just such a one-note character...his whole schtick is that he's an evil version of Cable. But don't worry, I don't think of him on the same level as Gambit or anything! (That would be pretty difficult...) In fact, if I could do it all over again I'd probably replace him with Scrier or Rhino or Typhoid Mary.

  7. X - Thanks dude, and I don't know what it is about Captain Marvel, maybe it's that he's just a kid but he can stand toe to toe with Supes. Or the fact he kinda got screwed over by that wizard, haha. He just seems like a good read and a fun series that could also get serious when necessary. Plus more Cap Marvel means more Black Adam!

    Kello really did go all out, and I loved his picks, hell I'd pay to see Geo-Torch! And how X forgot Jamie I'll never know, I was positive he'd make your list.

  8. Great picks. I'd just like to second Marc's recommendation of Batman: Venom, it's one of my all time favourite Batman stories. It's one of those great stories where Batman sinks to a really, really low point but then comes back at the end and kicks ass. Plus, he fights a shark!

    Also, I'm gonna have to do a Batman/DD Amalgam now. :)

  9. He fights a shark?! But does he have his Bat-Shark-Repellent in his utility belt? God I hope someone gets that joke.

  10. No spray, just muscle and awesomeness. I do love that film though. "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!"