Friday, September 17, 2010

Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, time for your weekly dosage of Ratings and Rantings! JT here, welcoming you back to my Red Hood for another volume of my comic content comments. Yes, I am pretty awesome aren't I? Before we start off I wanna thank everyone who did for participating in the Top 5 Five, I always have fun seeing what my readers and fellow bloggers thing about certain things. Anyway, we've only got a few comics this week so we're gonna kick things off with DC's Brightest Day.

Brightest Day #10

Things start off in this week's Brightest Day with Ronnie and Jason as Firestorm, being asked by the Professor to transmute a football into a globe for a test he's running. Jason knows how to do it but can't because Ronnie doesn't know because he doesn't know the molecular structure of plastic. Prof. Stein mentions that the Firestorm Matrix was drawn to Ronnie and Jason and they're going through a metamorphosis and will be more powerful than ever but very unstable. Firestorm removes his glove and finds that his whole arm is made of fire, then Ronnie starts freaking out and telling Jason to split with him. Prof. Stein tells the boys they can't argue or they'll upset the matrix, which is basically a piece of the Big Bang and started the universe, making them the most dangerous person in the universe. From there we see Aquaman and Mera, Aquaman is obviously a little upset at being the last to know about Mera's people, her original goal and the kid he's looking for. He tells Mera he'll find the kid by himself, and he needs some time alone. We then cut over to Jackson, he and his dad are going to a cottage. Jackson's dad gives him a chest that a woman gave him and his wife fifteen years ago and then tells Jackson that he's not their son, much to Jackson's surprise.We see the woman, who clearly looks like Mera, and that she rose from the sea and gave Jackson to his adoptive parents, saying his true parents weren't fit to raise them. For the record, since Blackest Night, Falisha and I have been discussing how we think Mera and Black Manta had a kid, so I would assume we're right. Anyway, Jackson's dad continues saying the woman said Jackson would save the world from a battle between land and sea, and that one day she'd come back for him. They knew they couldn't give him up because they loved him so they ran away from the sea, hence them living in Arizona. Jackson asks if Jackson even his real name, and who he is and if it's all locked away in the chest. Jackson's dad says the woman said only Jackson could open it, meanwhile while they talk if you look in the mirror on the car you can see Black Manta's glowing red eyes. When Jackson's arm starts glowing, Manta steps up and says his powers have been activated because he's being tracked, by him. Manta shoots a Scorpion-like "Get Over Here!" string with an arrow and snatching the chest away. They jump into the car and Jackson's dad drives them towards the water, Jackson says it's suicide and Jackson's father replies "Not for you.", he then tells Jackson to tell Jackson's mother he loves her. Manta follows them in the water but Jackson strikes back with a huge water blast while he holds his dad in his arm. When Jackson and his Dad finally get to land, Mera's sister, Siren, shows up and assists Manta. When Jackson tells them to get away from his father, Manta replies with the line of the issue (see below), before shooting an arrow at Jackson's father's face, which is then caught by Aquaman. Back with The Firestorm boys, Prof. Stein tells them that every time they argue they risk causing another Big Bang, and there's a one in a million, maybe even one in a thousand chance, and it would destroy everything except the two of them...and the newest part of the Firestorm duo...well trio. The ending of this issue was so kick ass I'm tempted to post a picture of it but I'll stay with my non-spoiler ways. This issue was amazing. Instead of jumping around and giving us five stories we got two very well written stories, a ton of new info on Jackson as well as the inclusion of the Aquaman storyline, and a big revelation for the Firestorm crew. The stuff with Jackson was amazingly well done, and I already feel attached to the character more than other characters that have been around longer. This is definitely the best issue of Brightest Day in my opinion, I'll give it a 9/10 rating. It was great but it didn't have that special something to make it a solid ten.

Jackson: Stay away! Leave my dad alone!
Black Manta: He is NOT your father. He is nothing but another man I've killed.

Batman Beyond #4 of 6

We start things off in Neo-Gotham with Hush and choking the futuristic Catwoman. He proclaims that Gotham will always need a Batman but it doesn't need anyone like Catwoman or anyone else, and they should be dead, no asylum's or jails. Starting to think I know who this Hush is, I've narrowed it down to two people and we're only one page in. Hush continues to talk trash until Batman shows up to help Catwoman, but we find out that it's actually a robot sent by Bruce. Hush continues to talk trash, now at Bruce, who's robot jams in the middle of an attack. But we see Catwoman spring into action, who can apparently clone herself into nine people, hence the Cat name. From there we see Batman Beyond talking to Richard Grayson, who like I mentioned last issue has a patch on one eye. He tells Richard he wasn't sent by Bruce and they aren't on the same page right now. Grayson tells him he's learning faster than he did by blowing Bruce off. While they talk we find out that Grayson is now teaching acrobatics, when Terry asks why Dick didn't keep a memento, Dick replies he kept one, and shows Terry a tattered and bloody Nightwing costume. Back with Batman-robot and Catwomen, Hush takes care of Catwoman until Bruce finally gets the robot back on track and attacks Hush. Hush quickly dissects the robot with ease, knowing how Bruce thinks before Bruce causes the robot to self destruct before Hush can take it away and study it. We then see a Nightwing flashback telling us how the suit got shredded, and also dropped a hint that mentioned that Widening Gyre may be canon since it was mentioned in this issue. The flashback was very dark, and showed us how distant Batman could be, and made a ton of sense in the way Bruce is written in the Batman Beyond series, both comics and the cartoon. Anyway, Dick tells Terry the only people Bruce ever loved were his parents and he doesn't care about anyone else. From there we see Hush holding something he's stolen from the failed Batman robot saying he can use it. Next we see Terry try to lure Hush in by pretending to be Mad Stan, whoever the hell that is. Hush comes but not before telling Batman that's the worst disguise he's ever seen. The two hold nothing back and fight, and Hush says as much as he loves being called Hush, there's no reason to hide anymore. He presumably kills Batman Beyond, then unmasks himself as someone I did NOT see coming. I won't ruin it but if you want to know who just highlight here ---> Dick Grayson!!! Anyway, that surprise caught me off guard, and this was a nice issue but it wasn't up to par with the others, nothing really amazed me besides the Dick Grayson story and the reveal of Hush. Also the reveal didn't make sense but maybe they'll explain it better next issue. I'd give this issue a 6.5/10.

Hush: A robot...nice... Finally found a sidekick who wouldn't talk back...

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #2

The Guy Gardner focused comic known as Emerald Warriors starts off with Guy in the Hall of Lanterns looking up Hal, John, Kyle and himself. He talks about how in the history of Earth, and the universe, he's one of the four earthlings chosen to ever wear a Green power ring. Guy wonders what everyone will think of him after he does what he's setting out to do, and he hopes Hal, John and Kyle will understand. From there we see Arisia, she's awaken by Sodam Yat. They talk as Sodam slowly starts to burn, before his skin melts off and he blames Arisia for letting him burn in the sun of Daxam. She tells Sodam she knows she can save her as he sets her on fire and her skin explodes off of her bones...yes, that just happened. Arisia wakes up from an obvious dream and yells out Sodam's name. She says that she knows Sodam is out there and she will save him. Next we jump over to the Kilowog, not to be confused with my buddy the Poozer, Kellowog. A new Lantern rookie tells Kilowog how disappointed he is that he won't get to learn from the tough but fair S.O.B. that he's heard so much about. The eager recruit is soon told off by Kilowog, and basically told to pay attention or die, which is of course due to Kilowog just going through the events of Blackest Night. Some stuff happens with a guy with three eyes and Snakes coming out of his mouth.. it confused the hell out of me and I don't really know how to explain it to you guys so I'll just move on. Anyway, Gardner is about to leave for the Unknown Sectors when he's joined by Kilowog and Arisia who convinced the Guardians to let them tag along. On the way, Arisia asks Guy if they can make a pit stop at Daxam, he figures so she can go looking for Sodam. He says they'll make that their second stop, and says the first is the Blue Lantern planet, Odym. When Kilowog asks why, they argue until Guy admits that he's been having some residual effects due to his Red Lantern ring so he's going to the Blue Lanterns to get help since they can help purge the effects. The ending of this issue came outta nowhere, and instead of making me want to read the next issue it just left me annoyed since I doubt this is a big hindrance. I mean, if you read the comic, just look at the nonchalant look on the Blue Lantern's face. Anyway, this comic severely dropped in quality from the last one, the first issue had action and set the ground for things, this one didn't do much in terms of entertaining me. I'll give it a 5/10.

Arisia: He's not dead, Guy!
Guy: That a gut feeling or a fact-- cause the file I read was pretty clear that Sodam's--
Arisia: It's a gut feeling, and if it were Ice or Kyle we were talking about, would you even be asking me that question?!?

Deadpool #27

We kick things off with our villain-turned-Anti hero-Trying-to-turn-hero in a small town known as Littlefork, Wisconsin. (Shout out to Marc!) Deadpool's upset because the convenience store owner won't take his Gold as a form of payment for his Burrito. Deadpool argues with the guy, then unwittingly becomes apart of a robbery, that's run by a bunch of other guys with masks and guns. Deadpool's burrito causes the distraction, and irritation he needs to start filling the robbers with lead. The Crimson Comedian soon finds out that the robbers can also regenerate, much like himself. Deadpool jams a grenade in one of the guys' mouth and uses the distraction to find the shop keeper that wouldn't take his gold. Deadpool gets outwitted again, then the Regenerating Robbers show up and another fight scene happens offscreen until Deadpool stops it since their getting nowere. The head robber tells Deadpool his team are after the owner's weapon cache and that the guy is a terrorist and their patriots. The Owner says he's not a terrorist and he got the weapons from the CIA to sell in his country but would rather sell them in America.... sound rather Terrorist-y to me. Before Deadpool can get the facts straight, Steve Rogers (former Captain America), Black Widow and Moon Knight (really?!) show up, and Steve proclaims that Deadpool, the robbers and the owners are ALL terrorists. Upon realizing that Steve isn't dead, DP goes to give the former Cap a hug and gets punched in the face for his troubles. The sad part was seeing a flashback of Deadpool as a kid, who was a huge Captain America fan, saying he wants to be just like Cap when he grows up, only to have his dreams shot down by his jerk-ass dad. Steve, Widow and Moon Knight take care of everyone before going after the owner who has a huge power suit and proclaims he IS a terrorist...then gets shot in the middle of the head by Deadpool who says he knew it the whole time. Deadpool checks on our heroes, and surprisingly gets an invitation to the team bu none-other than Steve Rogers. The issue ends before we really get an answer and that's it... I try not to spoil anything but that's the whole issue.. so if I ruined it for ya, I apologize. Anyway, this was a cool issue, I'm wondering what the deal is with Steve asking DP to join, I don't think it's genuine. It was a cool issue though, nothing amazing, but solid. I'd give this issue a 7/10 rating.

Deadpool: Holy Crap you're an Arab living in America and you're a terrorist?! That's so disappointingly stereotypical and racist!

Birds of Prey #5

Beautiful cover, I love when characters look real like Alex Ross draws them, so seeing Lady Blackhawk and Huntress look like avid cosplayers is pretty cool. The issue starts off with Oracle, Savant and Creote on top of the bridge where Savant tried to commit suicide. Oracle promises to help Savant and he finally becomes aware that Creote loves him in a great scene between those two. From there Oracle checks in with Black Canary who tells her she has White Canary but needs to get to Bangkok fast, courtesy of Zinda "Lady Blackhawk" Blake. Huntress chimes in that Zinda is hurt and her and Hawk are going to the hospital. When Huntress asks what to do with Penguin, Oracle says let him go because they have no evidence or proof and their the outlaws now because of attacking the cops. Huntress says she's fine with that and puts the bolt of her crossbow right in Penguin's face, threatening to kill him, but Oracle promises to ruin his life her way, before Huntress grudgingly agrees and drops Penguin before walking away. After that Black Canary announces she has to quit the team and won't be coming back, well that was fast. A confused Oracle tells Creote to take them to Kord Tower, while wondering to herself what would Batman do? White Canary tells Black Canary if she comes with them her friends and Sin will be safe, but she can never return. Black Canary agrees and gets in the car with White Canary leaving Gotham behind. From there we see Huntress, clearly upset that Dinah left the team, dispatching of some thugs trying to rob a woman. Huntress acts tough before admitting to herself wherever Dinah's going, she's going too. Back with Oracle, she's moved her base of operations to Kord Towers, of the late great Blue Beetle Ted Kord. She tells Savant and Creote she wants to bring them in as her Bodyguard and Tech/Data Expert. We then see White and Black Canary getting on a plane, which has been White Canary's plan all along as they head to Bangkok looking for Shiva. Next up we cut over to Hawk and Dove...wait, his Brother Dove?! Ah, Hawk's dreaming, after a meaningful talk with his brother, Hawk wakes up in the hospital while Dove (the female one) sits next to him. In another room Zinda wakes up as Helena sits next to her, and in true Zinda fashion she requests eight beers. When she hears about Canary quitting the team she hops up from her bed and says "I don't remember giving her permission to quit. Let's go get that dizzy blonde." Haha, man I love this team. Next we see Dinah and Helena in Bangkok, they get into a cab and are ambushed. Our two Birds fight back but come upon a huge twist by the end of the issue. I really liked this issue, I'm wondering what will happen with Creote and Savant now that their back with the Birds, as well as Hawk and Dove and Zinda and Helena. I really like everyone in this team so that explains why I love this comic, but the art was odd in this issue. In some scenes everything looks really good, in other scenes they look really generic and if they didn't name characters I wouldn't know who the characters are. All in all this was a great issue for a great series so far, I'd give it a 9/10 rating.

Black Canary: Guess there's no point in leaving the cuffs on...
White Canary: If I want them off I'll remove them myself.

Well this was a pretty quick week everyone. Only five comics this week and pretty average for the most part. I'll be back this weekend with the poll results as well as a new one, if I can come up with a topic. As always ideas are appreciated, and until next time I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man JT!

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Batman: Streets of Gotham #16, Flash #5, Green Lantern Corps #52, JL Generation Lost #11, Power Girl #16, Superman/Batman #76, and Titans #27.


  1. LOL, I've never heard of Littlefork, but thanks for the shout-out anyway! Haha, that was so random it made my day...

    Wait, so Cap asked Deadapool to join the Avengers? That could be fun for maybe a two or three-issue stint, though probably not much longer than that. Speaking of Deadpool though, I've been reading the second Deadpool Classic trade and it's really good. I definitely recommend!

    Oh and I don't know if you saw this on X's blog, but I actually bought comics this week! Haven't read 'em yet though...I'll try and do that before I talk to you guys this weekend.

  2. Haha, I figured you MAY have being a Wisconsonian? I don't know haha.

    Yep, he asked Deadpool to join the Avengers, well the Secret Avengers anyway. I'm glad to hear you recommend the second Deadpool Classic, I may have to pick it up when I get some extra cash now. You're gonna review it right?

    Really? I'm gonna pop over there and see what ya picked up.

  3. Yeah, I'll definitely be reviewing it, probably in a couple weeks since I'm not sure when I'm going to have time to read the second half yet. Gotta get that Gambit Classic review out of the way first, haha.

    Oh, and it's "Wisconsinite," or so I'm told. I'm actually more from Illinois than Wisconsin, which is good because it means I don't have an annoying Wisconsin accent or a bizarre love of cheese or anything like that.

  4. Sweet, I'll be on the lookout for it. Not the Gambit though :P But yeah, I'm sure you ripping it will be well worth the price of admission.

    Really? I guess that does sound better than what I said. X laughed when I told him we're called Michiganders...yes.. like ducks. And the only person who loves cheese more than Wisconsinite's is probably Steve Urkel.

  5. The Gambit review will be funny, I think. I still haven't decided if I'm posting it today or next week.

    And even aside from cheese, Urkel is probably into a lot of weird things, if you know what I mean.

  6. I'll be awaiting whenever ya do post it, if it doesn't go up today what's gonna be lucky number 25?

    Haha... I don't think I even wanna know.

  7. I worked on the timeline at my blog a lot today (feel free to check it out, it's totally up-to-date from 1998 through 2003!), so since my Gambit review is mostly already done, I'm just gonna post that in a little while rather than trying to write another entire review before it's officially Saturday...wouldn't want to break my perfect Friday streak!

    Oh and the comics I got the other day were Captain America: Patriot, Deadpool, a few Thor comics, and Shadowland: Ghost Rider. I'll let you guys know I think of 'em!

  8. Well, I'm not gonna touch the BD review since we already went over that over at my blog, so moving on... I didn't highlight to see who Hush was in that BB mini since you've already sold me on it and I didn't want to ruin the surprise. Oh, and your review of Emerald Warriors made me move that down a few places in my comic pile! :P Other then that I had to skip the DP and BOP reviews, although the score for BOP did leave me eagerly awaiting my issue!

  9. Marc - Awesome, glad the timeline isn't getting neglected. I'll check it out after I go read the Gambit review. I definitely wanna know what you think of Patriot and the Deadpool comic, oh and Ghost Rider since I didn't grab that issue.

    X - Haha, I'm gonna go see your reply to that after this. I'm glad you're picking up Batman Beyond, I'm wondering how you'll like it since you're kinda new to the concept. You should like BOP, it's definitely gonna leave you awaiting the next issue.

  10. As always, great reviews! I also dug the Brightest Day revelations. I'm not sure how they would play out on a regular basis, but they work for this mini-series.

    The Irredeemable Shag

  11. As I'm sure you will be happy to hear, JT, I just restarted Netflix and the first movie I ordered was Batman: Under the Red Hood. :)

  12. Shag - Sorry for the late reply buddy, I could've sworn I posted the last one, guess it didn't go through. I agree though, I really can't wait to see what happens next with our Firestorm boys and how this will affect everyone else.

    Marc - Awesome, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Don't forget to try to get Spectacular Spider-man and Batman Beyond as well.

  13. Will do. I kind of want to get that big new Batman Beyond set whenever it comes out...we'll see how much it ends up costing though!