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Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, the incomparable Jason Todd here with another edition of Ratings and Rantings! Welcome to my Red Hood once again, and I have a few quick announcements for the my Todd Squad. First things first, sorry for not updating the polls, I've decided I'm going to start updating them weekly with my R&R posts that way everyone can come read and vote. Secondly, I'd like to announce the winner of the X vs. JT Poll is no one, we tied at 50% each and the poll had an astonishing 34 votes! Because of my screw up the voting was supposed to end at 11:59 Wednesday Night but I made it go a day later by mistake. But I stopped counting votes after 12:00 because I said it would end Wednesday. I'm happy with a tie but I'm MORE happy with 34 votes. Thanks guys. So, that said, let's get to the reviewing.

Power Girl #13

We're starting things off with our Busty Bombshell Power Girl today, the series has been taken over by Judd Winick, one of my favorite writers, so I'm interested in seeing how he writes former JLI'er, Karen Starr. The artwork is nice, but it's not my style, I think the faces need more definition and everything seems glazed over and too light. I love that this was basically the first issue of Justice League Generation Lost but from PG's perspective. No wonder she went off on Booster the way she did in that issue. Little things in this issue, like mentioning that PG doesn't have pierced ears because she can't due to having Kryptonian skin comes off pretty good. The explanation of PG remembering made sense, which I really liked as well. IF she does remember that is. I enjoyed the comic a lot, it wasn't anything perfect but it was a nice read and I'm looking forward to the next issue and seeing how this ties in with Generation Lost. I'll give this issue of PG an 8/10 rating.

Power Girl about Booster: He's an idiot! A Testosterone-laced media whore who couldn't stay on mission even if it was crawling up his leg and--
Batman: Power Girl seems upset.
Mister Terrific: Very astute. I see why you're called the Master Detective.

Detective Comics #866

Detective Comics is honoring Batman #700 by having a story about Dick Grayson as Robin and his Batman persona as well. The cover is by Dustin Nguyen who works on Streets of Gotham, and it looks awesome. It starts with Batman taking on some thugs, but when the floor falls from under him he lands on a medallion which prompts a Flashback (with old-timey art even!!!) of Batman and The Boy Wonder going after The Joker who stole the same Medallion, and also happened to be the first time Dick went on patrol with Batman. The story comes off a little cheesy but is still enjoyable. The idea of Joker stealing things just to steal them makes sense because that seems like something he'd do, just because that's the way his mind works. Especially in the older Joker appearances. The story really catches up near the end. I loved the ending because I was hoping Dick would beat the clock. This was a really well written story which I thoroughly enjoyed and it gets a 9/10 rating from me.

The Joker: Picasso, Monet, Vang Gogh... Sounds like a Law firm...

Green Lantern Corps #49

Jebus Christ this art is gorgeous! I wish EVERY comic had artwork like this... beautiful. John Stewart and Boodikka start our comic investigating the recent happenings on Grenda. He talks about her past before she became a "robot-like being" by joining the Alpha Lanterns, even mentioning her fling with Lobo. (I'll miss Sheriff Lobo Marge!..Sorry, Simpsons moment.) They discuss why John didn't join as well, which is a very interesting moment between the two. Kyle dreaming about Jade, then waking up and yelling her name... not good buddy. Besides you got a hottie in Soranik... and Hell hath no fury like the scorn of Sinestro's daughter. From there, Kyle, Ganthet and Soranik team up to go after John Stewart. This comic was a very good read, kept up with the pace of the last comic and gave us a villain this issue. I love reading about the Lanterns who aren't Hal Jordan because they can contribute just as much and the upcoming Love Triangle I'm assuming with Kyle, Soranik and Jade should be fun too. I'll give it a 8/10 rating as well.

John Stewart: You used to enjoy stuff like this Boodikka, back when you had a personality. 

The Joker's Asylum: Killer Croc

This time the Joker regales us with a tale of Killer Croc. The man who eats other men, that must be... um enjoyable? Anywho this is titled Beauty and The Beast. I was gonna make fun of Joker reusing that title but he beat me to it, so he wins THIS round. Damn this starts off good, with Killer Croc doing something extremely graphic to get loose from his shackles. I bet Aaron Cash loved that one! I thought I could predict where this was going but that curveball was a nice touch. The idea of Killer Croc wearing a suit is hilarious to me... I mean he's a big Crocodile looking man in a suit! Croc doesn't talk for most of this story, yet his presence is always felt. He's the kind of guy who doesn't need to talk, and him not talking makes him more interesting because you're waiting for him to. the ending, and the words finally spoken by Croc were fantastic. This is a great story, that humanizes a killer, a man who's eaten people. This was an amazing read and definitely the best Joker's Asylum story I've read. I'd recommend this to anyone and everyone. Perfect score, 10/10 rating.

The Joker: Heeheehee! The doctor--Hoohoohoo--looked me in the eyes--Haahaahaa! And asked ME for help!

Batman: Streets of Gotham #13

One more issue before we get back to the guy known as the Anti-Bruce Wayne, Hush. But first we've got the second part to The Carpenter story. I gave part one an 8/10 so let's see how well this one does. Carpenter lays a Smackdown that would even make The Rock cringe on the hired help of the horribly named Director, who's named "The Director." (See told ya...) Afterwards she continues to work so The Director won't know she expects the upcoming betrayal he was dumb enough to leave out and sitting around in plain view. Pretty soon The Director hatches his plan to bring The Dark Knight to the big screen as the Carpenter watches on. This was a pretty good story as well. I'm sure everyone scoffed at a story about The Carpenter but man, this was a good read. I could see her as a valuable member of a team, hell are the Gotham City Sirens hiring? I really walked away from this with a newfound respect for the character. I loved her small two issue story and I'd read more if I had the chance, I'll give this a 8.5/10 rating.

The Carpenter to Batman: Really? A Bat Logo as a buckle? REALLY?

Wolverine Origins #49

This is the fallout from the recent Wolverine/Daken/Romulus Triple Threat feud. The last issue of Dark Wolverine was more of a transitional issue than anything so I'm assuming this one will be as well, but I may be mistaken. Let's find out shall we? Logan talks about how Life usually begins and ends in the same place and how he's starting over this time with a life he controls, considering how Romulus has pretty much made him his puppet and controlled his life with the marionette strings of power he wielded. Yeah, I'm clever, don't act surprised! Anyway, The furball known as Wolverine encounters Nick Fury. They drink and talk, and Nick reminds Wolverine that it's his birthday. Then we see some stuff I won't ruin for you guys but it surprised the hell outta me. The rest of this comic takes a trippy turn at best but it stays interesting for the most part, never knowing who will show up next.  The ending caught me by surprise and definitely hooked me in, just to see how they'll explain what happened. This comic flew by, and I don't know if that's good or bad but I really enjoyed it. It was a basic comic though and nothing happened until the end so I'll give it a 7.5/10, I'm looking forward to the next issue though.

Wolverine: RRROMULUSSSS.... (I loved this because I can picture Logan snarling while saying it.)

Justice League: Rise and Fall of Arsenal #04

The finale to The Rise and Fall of Arsenal. They've got a lot to cover in this issue so let's get to it. The Lian Flashback was awesome, I loved seeing her dressed like Roy, that was adorable. And I mean that in the most manly way possible... I'll be the first to admit... The Lian zombie shit... not classy, and not cool at all. At All. And I mean that. Anyway, I figured this would be a predictable Ollie vs. Roy fight so I'm glad they made a good reason to have the two meet up. Why did Ollie have his costume in his cell? Especially if he doesn't have his mask, and he's been in jail for a few days at least since Roy's already visited him once. I loved Ollie admitting that Roy is better than him in a fight and making Roy look formidable. The ending.... I won't lie, it shocked me. Roy has officially become the new Jason Todd, well at least his hair is already Red. Oh and by the way, looks like one of my poll choices a few weeks ago was actually right... ;-) Anyway, I expected Salvation for Roy... 5/10 rating. I'm shocked I'm giving it that because the Lian stuff should REALLY bring it down even more.

Oliver Queen: Listen to me Roy, I know you're hurting. And I know I failed you before! I wasn't there for you. But I'm here now. Don't do this.

JL Generation Lost #4

This issue starts off with the one and only Max Lord. Turns out Aquaman and Firestorm aren't the only Brightest Day Rebirth members having problems with their powers. We then jump over to the team Formerly known as the JLI, taking on the Red Rocket Brigade. Or so they thought, turns out the Red Rocket Brigade is fighting the original Rocket Red. Confusing right? After careful deliberation, Booster, Ice, Cap. Atom and the (not-so-true) Blue Beetle decide to jump into the fray and help the civilians. I love Booster asking Skeets where the power cells were on the villains then zapping them. And I know Fire isn't technically naked but man, she REALLY pushes the line, especially in a mainstream DC Comic. The appearance by Batman was a pleasant surprise, I hope we see him more in the series, and I'm sure we will. The realization of why the JLI have met up together with Rocket Red being discovered by Booster was kind of surprising but it does make sense, as Max would like to play games. The ending of this issue left me with a lot of questions that I can't wait to see answered. I'm also predicting that PG will meet up with the Former JLI members, but the question is when? I'll give this issue an 8.5/10, just because it was good but not great.

Rocket Red: And here--I--The Rocket Red! This is the Justice League International. All ve need is Green Lantern to fall from sky and ve will complete!

Superman/Batman #73

Superman/Batman #73 picks up where the last issue left off, Lois Lane is tied to a stake and there looks to be a witch-burning of sorts, by a cult that believes that she betrayed Superman by marrying an earthling like Clark Kent. (Wow... really?) Surprisingly Lois saves herself, I guess years of playing Damsel in Distress has it's perks. Not long after that, The Caped Crusader shows up to the party to help Lois out. Meanwhile, Lex Luthor is trying to turn a planet against Superman, because after saving the planet they blamed Big Blue for property damage or something. Anyway Lex tries to use his accomplishments and hate for Superman to become the hero of the inhabitants of "Lexor" as he calls it. The fact there's an article on Lois desk she saved that says "Red-Blue Blur gets a name" let's me know someone is a Smallville fan, and I really liked that little inclusion. The rest of this comic is cool, nothing special but a nice read nonetheless. I'll give it a 6/10, no reason to go out of your way to get it or anything but you wouldn't be disappointed if you did.

Cult Leader: If the great Superman is mad at us for attempting to punish the harlot Lois Lane, must we still destroy her? (The word Harlot should make a comeback...)

Green Arrow #1

This is it, for those who don't know, after killing Prometheus, Oliver Queen was found out to be the vigilante known as The Green Arrow. He was later banned from ever showing his face, or um... mask I guess in Star City again. So, there, all caught up. The first issue of Green Arrow begins with a girl running from thugs and she runs right past the Police Station, so either they have some crappy police or there's a reason she didn't go there. She runs into a forest and is saved by the Green Arrow, who shoots a guys nose ring off. Man that was awesome. We soon find out why the woman ran into the forest instead of the police station, what she thinks of Green Arrow, and a very good explanation of why he still wears his mask. The rest of this comic was very well done, there's a lot of text, but as someone who doesn't mind reading I really enjoyed it. I thought this first issue as well as the surprise appearance were done well and I hope the trend continues. I think Ollie living in a forest like where he honed his skills has a lot to offer, and here's hoping it stays this good if not better. 8.5/10 for this debut issue of Green Arrow.

Green Arrow: *when asked about wearing his mask* Because this is who I really am, now. It's the only thing left.

Well everyone, that's it for this weeks Ratings and Rantings. Before I go I want to link anyone who hasn't seen it to the clip of the upcoming Under The Red Hood animated film featuring Jensen Ackles as Red Hood and Bruce Greenwood as Batman, both I feel did an excellent job. So that will be right under this paragraph. Also under that will be the results of last weeks Weekly Poll. So don't forget to vote on the new poll as well. Until next time, I'm your Friendly Neighborhood Blogger-Man, signing off.

-Jason Todd

Last Week's Poll Question was: What would you like to see more of at

Last Place with 9.1% - More articles like "Can Jason Todd Regain Glory?"
Tied for Second Place with 18.2% - More Green Blogger Corps and More "What I Learned From"
Winner with 54.5% - More Animated Movie reviews! So I'll do more of those starting soon. Thanks for voting everyone.

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  2. I think I hate Ted Koppel! No, I find him informative and witty. Goodnight.

    I've been quite pleased with JL: Geneartion Lost(even though I despise the writers and most of the characters), so it's cool to get some more perspective from Power Girl's side.

    Green Arrow...what the heck happened to that character? I really think since his whole "marriage" storyline they have had no idea what to do with Ollie.

  3. Lol it took me like three seconds to place that then I immediately remembered it.

    Really? Who do you dislike from Gen Lost and why do you despise the writers?

    I agree, my whole thing is, I like Ollie, I like Dinah, and it's been shown you can marry two characters (Clark and Lois) and not have them break up just because. The other thing is the first like... 16 issues of their series was fantastic then it just dropped and they split them up just because. They were married for like.. a year and a half our time and that translates to what, maybe six months in DC time? I just don't get it sometimes...

  4. As always, I have enjoyed reading your reviews once again! And I'm extra-glad to see your post this week...with X-Man on semi-vacation this past week (and possibly for the near future as well) it's been kind of a dry spell for us the last few days.

    I'll be honest, I would never have expected any of those Joker's Asylum comics to be as good as the Killer Croc one apparently was. I've never read much with the character, but that sounds interesting!

    As far as Green Arrow goes, I take it you're not as upset with the direction they've taken the character anymore? Because it seems like you enjoyed this first issue of the new series well enough. Hopefully they don't do what Marvel did after Spider-Man unmasked and basically undo the entire thing a year later.

  5. Thanks for the super kind words Marc, means a lot, especially knowing I may be filling X's shoes so to speak, like ya mentioned.

    I'll agree with you there Marc, since the review, which I actually started yesterday and posted today, I've read the Two-Face, Poison Ivy and Penguin stories from the last Joker's Asylum run and those were all good, I'd probably give them all 8's or 9's to be honest. But the Killer Croc one really surprised me, it starts so gruesome but the ending is amazingly good. Blew me away and I didn't expect that.

    Yeah, I hated Ollie losing everything but I like this new series because it takes more after the Robin Hood mentality of the character, living in the forest, and literally taking from the rich and giving to the poor, which he does in this issue. I still wish everyone didn't know who he was, Roy has his arm and Lian wasn't dead of course but I did enjoy the first issue of the series.

    Yeah I was thinking that as well, as long as Ollie doesn't give Dinah to the devil I think we're good. :P But I've been reading Spiderman as well lately, I jumped in at the last arc and it's been really good. I think after the current arc ends I may start reviewing it on here, or just review the current arc when it's finished.

  6. Nice, you know I'd love to see some Spidey reviews. Pretty soon they're going to be doing an arc that revisits the One More Day stuff and will supposedly "answer all our questions" about it (honestly, my only question is why we can't just move on...) so I'm not sure how that will be. I think it's going to have art by Paolo Rivera though, and he's amazing, so I'll be giving it a look. Plus I'm locked into getting the issues since I'm subscribed to Amazing Spider-Man anyway, haha.

    Hopefully no one will have to fill X's shoes for the long-term, but I'll certainly miss hearing his thoughts on such a regular basis. I've been trying to think of some other things I could do at my blog to maybe have two posts a week to fill the void a bit. And hopefully we'll be seeing a review of an animated movie from you sometime soon as well!

  7. Lol @ your only question. Yeah I know you're a big Spidey fan too, so I figured you'd like to read those. By the way, the current Grim Hunt storyline has been great and it's only two issues in. So is Amazing Spider-Man the only comic you get that's not a trade or are you still getting other monthly titles as well?

    I agree there, hell if it weren't for X I wouldn't even have started this blog so hopefully he bounces back soon. You know Marc I was gonna review something this weekend but Falisha's brother's Open house is tomorrow but I may do something Sunday or Monday. I'd love if you did two reviews but considering how informative and in-depth your reviews are I can see why you'd only want to do one, or hell only have the time to do one.

  8. Great review once again sir. Definitely looks like I have some good reading a head of me. Lol...make a chick go broke trying to keep up lol.

  9. Lol you could always borrow my issues :P But thanks :D Glad you enjoyed it. I'm sure you'll like reading PG too.

  10. Yep, Amazing Spider-Man is the only comic I get in issue form...even though I'm way behind on it, haha! I've been buying it as it comes out for almost 200 issues, and I have probably another 150 issues aside from that. I've been buying it for so long and I love the character so much that I doubt I'll ever stop buying it. It's also the only comic I've ever really had a collector mentality day, I'd like to have every issue. That's be a really long time from now though, lol.

    I think if I do a second post each week it'll probably be something along the lines of my solicitations post I did last week...something that doesn't require as much reading, research, and thought as the reviews. Or perhaps shorter reviews of some kind, I don't know. I'm sure I can figure something out.

    Also, congrats to Falisha's brother! I'm assuming he's graduating from either high school or college?

  11. Man, that's a lot of issues of ASM. Hell you're halfway there though haha. So did you collect the other Spidey stuff like Marvel Knights Spider-Man and etc. or just ASM?

    I like the idea of that, anytime there's something else to read I'll be sure to drop through. Gonna go read your Doom Patrol post after this actually.

    I'll be sure to tell her to tell him for ya dude. Yeah he's graduated from high school earlier this month.

  12. I have just about every Spider-Man appearance from 2001 to 2008, so yeah, I have complete runs of Marvel Knights Spider-Man, Sensational Spider-Man (vol. 2), Spectacular Spider-Man (vol. 2), Spider-Man Unlimited (vol. 3), and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. Plus I have tons of issues of the first Spectacular Spider-Man series, Web of Spider-Man, and (adjectiveless) Spider-Man. Basically, I have a whole hell of a lot of Spidey comics, lol.

    I'd say in a couple years for sure I should have about half of Amazing Spider-Man. But at that point it'll get way harder and way more expensive. I do have some good ones already (like ASM 252, the first appearance of the black costume, which routinely goes for a few hundred dollars), but I don't have anything published before ASM 166 (March 1977).

    Anyway, enough of my rambling! Hope you enjoy that Doom Patrol review, and be sure to check out the comments too because we talked a little about Grant Morrison's run on the book.

    And congratulations to Falisha's brother again. I'm sure it'll just mean TONS to him, coming from some guy on the internet he's never met, lol!

  13. Aww he says "Thanks Marc!" :) You're such a sweetheart. :)

  14. Lol the "You're such a sweetheart" was from me. Lol.

  15. Man it's safe to say you're the biggest Spidey fan I know Marc. Now we've just gotta get you to sit down and watch Spectacular Spider-Man and your mission will be complete. :D

    Nice! How much did issue 252 run you? Or did you luck into a good deal or something?

    My nets been crappy, which Comcast just blamed on my modem when I called them but I'm going to read now, promise haha. Already had the window up.

    Lol that should mean the MOST to him! I mean a sister or a cousin is expected to give congrats but a random dude on the internet?! That's HUGE! Lol

  16. Haha, well I'm glad you were able to give him the message, even if he probably thinks I'm some insane person. :)

    I was able to get ASM 252 for a mere $20 at my local comic shop about five years ago. That was pretty much all the disposable income I had at the time, but I'm definitely glad I bought it. That era of Spider-Man is actually one of my favorites, with ASM 252-259 being some of the best issues in the series in my opinion. They were collected, along with some issues in the 300s, into a trade called Spider-Man: The Birth of Venom a few years ago.

    And you're right, I do need to watch the Spectacular Spider-Man TV show. I actually saw it at the library the other day, but I didn't get it because I already had the maximum number of DVDs checked out, haha. I'm probably going again tomorrow, so I'll see if they still have it.

  17. JT- I've hated Keith Giffen on everything he has written except for the original Justice League and his part in 52. My complaint is that his voice comes through too much in anything he writes, and all the characters sound the same. Generation Lost suffers the same fate to a lesser degree.

    And Winick has been very hit-or-miss. When I first came back to comics his Red Hood stuff was probably the second thing I read (because I could NOT believe Jason Todd had come back. And then I found out about Winter Soldier and almost died), and I thought it was pretty good. But his Outsiders stuff, his Superman/ Shazam, and especially Trials of Shazam made me weep for the medium of comics. I will gladly admit that his Dick Grayson Batman arc was great, and a pleasant surprise. But whenever I see his name on a comic, I cringe.

    And the characters in Generation Lost have just never been too compelling (except when you put them together, of course!). Ice is adorable, I'll give her that.

    I would also love to see some Spidey reviews! I read spoilers for the week's current issue, and it sounds awesome. I'm thinking of getting OMIT when it comes out, but those 3.99 price tags for what could be seriously bad issues give me pause.

    I used to be the world's 2nd biggest Spidey fan (with Marc obviously being the first) and I collected so much Spidey related junk that I filled my lifetime quota and got sick of the character. Plus, the day I realized that I'm now older in real life than Peter Parker is in the comics, a part of me died.

    Wow, I'm going to stop now. Haha, this comment was so long that I should just take it and make it a post on Hello Kello.

  18. I'm loving the comments so thanks a lot guys, really appreciate it.

    Marc - I doubt he thinks that haha, he knows anyone I know has gotta be pretty cool :P And man, what a find! You only spent 20 bucks on it... I'm so jealous now lol. I have a trade called Spider-Man vs. Venom that I need to get around to reading, any chance you have that? If not you probably have the single issues, I think it's written by Todd McFarlane but I can check when I get home.

    Yeah dude, I'd definitely recommend checking it out next time ya go, I was a HUGE fan of the 90's series, the voice acting was phenomenal and I was weary about watching Spectacular but the writing is SO good. They take stories you've seen before and change them so you never know whats coming, and the back stories they do for guys like Eddie Brock, Rhino, Electro and Shocker are fantastic. It's definitely one of my favorite cartoons ever.

    Kello - I love how long that comment was, and I did enjoy reading it, and I like Giffen, mainly his work on Booster Gold. But as you know I'm a big Booster fan, probably rivaling my fandom for Jason Todd. Outside of that and Generation Lost I haven't read much by him though.

    Judd Winick on the other fan I'm actually a huge fan of. I loved his work on Green Arrow/Black Canary, his work with Jason Todd of course, and his work on Generation lost so far. I even started reading Power Girl only because he writes it, although I do like the character. X was just talking up the Outsiders comic to me saying how good Winick's writing was but now you've got me a little nervous to check it out Lol.

    Then it's settled, Spidey will debut soon. Probably a full review on all four Grim Hunt issues once their out. I was also thinking about getting OMIT just to see how they answer some of these questions but I agree that price is a little steep for something that may leave a bad taste in your mouth after reading it. And I was also a huge Spider-Man fan, although not as much as you guys. Hell Spidey got me into the Superhero loving game and Venom was probably my favorite Hero/Villain/Anti-Hero for about four or five years up until I started reading DC Comics.

  19. I just got the first Grim Hunt issue in the mail. I might skip the issues I haven't read yet (just for now) and start reading this one, because it looks pretty good.

    Funny you should mention the Spider-Man vs. Venom trade, although the explanation for why is a bit complicated and it'll take me a minute, lol. Okay, so ASM 252-259 was originally collected into a trade called Spider-Man: Saga of the Alien Costume. This was like the late 80s/early 90s. Later, some issues from the late 200s and early 300s with art by Todd McFarlane were collected in the Spider-Man vs. Venom trade.

    Both of those trades are now out of print, but the contents of both (plus two or three other random issues) are in Spider-Man: The Birth of Venom. So if you got that you'd be duplicating what's in the Spider-Man vs. Venom trade, but it's the only way to read ASM 252-259 at a reasonable price these days.

  20. I wouldn't blame you Marc. The ending really shocked me but I still liked it, I think this along with Shed were two of my favorite arcs. I just liked Shed because of the Lizard being more than just a big reptile.

    I honestly didn't know that Marc, about both of those Trades being out of print or the Birth of Venom Trade. So I guess I lucked out with getting the Spider-Man vs. Venom trade?

    I've been meaning to read it for ever but it's still on my dresser along with a ton of other stuff. I'm actually reading through the first Birds of Prey series (thank you eBay), I haven't gotten to the Gail Simone issues though, but as a fan of Chuck Dixon and his work with Nightwing and Robin Year One, I can't say I'm complaining.

  21. That movie (Red Hood) is going to be amazing

  22. I couldn't agree more Jozeph. I'm looking forward to that so much.

  23. Yeah, you did get lucky with the Spider-Man vs. Venom trade. I'm guessing you must have found it in person at a comic shop or something, because new copies are hard to find online. And it was on Wizard Magazine's list of the top 100 graphic novels a few years ago, so that's another solid recommendation for it!

    A few years ago there was an absolutely excellent Lizard story in Spectacular Spider-Man #11-13. It was collected in Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 3: Here There Be Monsters, which has those three issues plus #14, which was an amazing issue with fully painted art by Paolo Rivera. God, I'm making myself want to read those issues right now just thinking about it! But anyway, just thought I'd recommend that story since you liked the recent Lizard arc in ASM.

  24. Wow, I actually got it on a video game trading site. I trade stuff on there like Games, Movies, Books and such and I traded a dude Batman Thrillkillers, Batman Hush Returns (man that was bad) and Avengers Disassembled for Spider0Man vs. Venom, Young Justice All Grown Up, and Robin: A Hero Reborn.

    I'll check it out Marc, sounds like it must've been pretty good, plus I like reading about The Lizard for some reason. I'll see if my buddy has that trade (He's a big Spidey Fan too) and if not I'll grab it on Wednesday.

  25. Hey JT, what up? Things are sure jumping around here! Looks like you got a pretty good haul of books here. I actually grabbed the Killer Croc comic today(after how high you've been on most of this mini-series), and after seeing your 10 for it, I'm def looking forward to reading that. Since I'm already so late to the party, I'm just going to say good post, and duck out!

  26. Thanks for the comment X. Glad to see ya pop up for a minute dude. Yeah hopefully you enjoy that Croc comic as much as I did. I thought it was really well done, probably the best so far.