Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wolverine: The Adamantium Men Review

Hey Todd Squad, Jason Todd here welcoming you back, once again, to my Red Hood. There's some new things I wanna mention before I get into today's review, Wolverine: The Adamantium Men. First I wanna welcome by newest followers (I still hate calling you guys that... I'm not exactly leading you anywhere...) So instead I wanna welcome my newest members of the Todd Squad. I appreciate you guys coming to my blog, and it's nice to know that this blog is only seven months old but I still have people checking it out, so thanks again. Secondly, it's that time again so be sure to vote on the new poll on the right-hand side and I'll also have the results of the last poll at the bottom of the review. And lastly, I'll be reviewing and reading this comic at the same time, so I may say things then they may contradict others when I get further in reading, so that's why, I don't have split personalities or anything. So, enough Jabber-jawing (I love that phrase), let's get to it!

Wolverine: The Adamantium Men collects Wolverine: Weapon X issues 1-5, for anyone who's curious. This story starts with a back story on where the beginning takes place and even mentions there's catfish parasites that, and I quote, "swim up into your naughty bits." And that's all I needed to hear to never wanna go swimming anywhere that isn't chlorine filled pool. From there we see a well planned massacre by a bunch of men who's faces are hidden in the shadows, one even shown to have green glowing claws. From there we jump to some hoodlums causing trouble on a train/subway, too bad for them the Canucklehead is there, one chopped up arm and gun shoved up an ass later, all is calm and Wolvie has saved the day. From there he learns from Maverick that someone has bought up the old Weapon X info, and even knows how to make adamantium. Meanwhile the woman Wolverine saved on the train/subway named Garner (didn't catch her first name or they didn't say it), is looking up info on Wolverine, trying to find out who he is and where he came from for an article but is hitting dead ends.

Wolverine eventually draws the guys out which leads to a fight where he can scout them out, turns out their healing factor has nanites and they have energy claws, which according to Wolverine is like being killed by him when he's stabbed, and he doesn't like being on the receiving end. Wolverine is out matched so he runs into the forest, I'd assume to pick them off like the predator he is. Looks like I was right as he manages to take out most of them, and kidnap one to learn answers. The dude escapes but Wolverine has planted a tracking device behind the dude's eyeball. (I don't even wanna know how...) Ms. Garner eventually gets in trouble looking into Wolverine's past but is helped by Maverick, a friend of Wolverine and a former Weapon X testee as well. As Wolverine tracks the escaped hostage, he eventually comes upon a tree, in it is a knife stuck through the tracking device, and hanging from it is his eye. That would've freaked me the hell out, but not Logan! Not James Howlett baby! I loved the big fight scene and in the middle a school bus goes by so they stop and take the fight away from the kids, great moment showing that even though their killers they still don't wanna inflect that on the children.

The fight scenes near the end of this comic are amazing, hell seeing Wolverine grab a Gas pump and light it on fire with sparks from his claws was epic. And the way they talk in between fights, actual conversations, not just insulting lines made it even more enjoyable. I'll allow you to read for yourself how the story ends but I loved the lead up to it. The guy asking Wolverine how that book ends was great as well, showing he knew there was a chance he'd never get to finish it. This comic was amazing, like most of the Wolverine Comics I've been recommended it almost got a perfect score but the stuff with Garner bored me, it seemed out of place and I wish it'd been Maverick instead just because at least he's interesting to read. That aside I REALLY enjoyed this read and I'll give it a 8.5/10. I recommend it to any Wolverine fan or anyone who likes a good story.

Now, it's time for the weekly poll results, the question asked was "Which Teen Titan alum deserves their own Solo Series?"

Last Place with 0% - Cyborg, Ah well... at least you're still around...

Third Place with 18.2% - Ravager, Better stick to the Co-Features Rose.
Second Place with 27.3% - Static, Pretty shocking eh? (They can't all be funny...)
Winner with 54.5% - Arsenal Rises with a win, let's get him a series now, written by someone good...

That's it for me everyone, thanks for reading, feel free to comment because they keep me smiling and all that other great stuff. :P I'll be back later this week reviewing the weekly comics I stated in the last Ratings and Rantings, so until then, You've just been Gobsmacked!

-Jason Todd


  1. Nice review, JT...glad you weren't disappointed! I thought everything about this comic was great, and I think Jason Aaron and Ron Garney both keep getting better as time goes on.

    I voted for animated film reviews in the poll, because I've enjoyed the ones you've done so far. I always learn a lot from them too, since I don't usually read about those movies in advance.

  2. Thanks Marc, nice recommendation to you. I enjoyed it a lot but maybe because I was used to all the action in Get Mystique and Enemy of The State so the stuff with Garner just slowed it down too much to me.

    Thanks for voting dude, I wouldn't mind doing more of those too. I couldn't think of what to do for a poll so I figured, why not do something blog related. Hell there's a nice chunk of Animated films coming out and a lot I haven't reviewed yet.

  3. Good to hear you enjoyed this one JT. Chalk another win up to me and Marc! :P We were def simpatico here, because the only negative thing I had to say about this story was the stuff with the reporter. It just didn't fit...

    And as for the vote, I think we ALL know what I picked...

  4. Yea X, the way you guys recommend it, maybe you two should write a Wolvie comic! Just leave the reporters out of it.

    Lmao... Lemme guess, where's Sinestr-X?

  5. Good review Mr. JT. As always it seems X and Marc recommend some good reads. :)

    You're easily turning me into a big Wolverine fan by the few comics you've reviewed. lol. :) Nice work.

  6. Thanks babe :D I always thought Wolvie was overrated (he is somewhat) but luckily the comics recommended to me have been good ones, but I'm sure he has a load of crap out there I've been lucky enough to avoid.

  7. There are indeed quite a lot of crappy Wolverine comics. I'll be reviewing one soon that isn't quite crap, but it's not very good either, so...stay tuned I guess, haha.

    And yeah, polls are a great way of soliciting feedback on your blog from your... "followers." :)

  8. Lol I'll be on the look out then dude, and I'll make sure to stay away from reading that comic, I don't want Wolvie's reputation tarnished in my eyes haha.

    I think you mean, Todd Squad :P

  9. I chose something completely different, which totally messes with your tie as well :P
    I'm just a fan of digressions and random huge amounts of talk about random stuff, looking at stupid little details etc.

    I don't think anything will turn me into a Wolvie fan...

  10. I think you just don't like being Guy Gardner... :P

    That's what I thought as well until I read those comics. I'm not a HUGE Wolvie fan or anything but I really enjoyed those.