Friday, April 29, 2011

Just Ratings, No Rantings

Hey Todd Squad, Jason Todd here with more of those comic reviews you crave oh-so-much. This week we've got a nice haul of comics, more than I expected but first I want to mention Free Comic Boom Month.

For the last few years, a very nice comic fan has started Free Comic Boom Month, so if you email him and let him know some of your favorite comics, he'll mail you a comic he thinks you may enjoy from his personal stash for free, which is really awesome. So feel free to check out his FCBM post as well as his blog by clicking here

So, I had a nice post typed up that I finished last night with reviews of everything except Amazing Spider-Man which I didn't pick up due to it being a FF comic (Isn't there already one of those?) and Morning Glories #9 since I let Lisha borrow it. So I woke up today before work and decided I'd post and suddenly my net craps out on me.. so I figure I'll post it from my phone, and I do but it leads to only posting the first two or three paragraphs. Needless to say that pissed me off, and after completing the post last night I copied over the copy I saved in Word, probably because I'm an idiot. Anyway, I'm very upset that this happened since I wasted my time typing up and completing a review, plus I'm upset you guys don't get to read it, that's what makes me the most angry. So, to make it up to you guys, next week I'll be posting 5 Reasons why you should read Invincible, What I Learned from Brightest Day, AND Ratings and Rantings featuring Morning Glories #9, Batman Beyond #5, and Deadpool Annual #1 which continues the Identity Wars story arc. See, I love the Todd Squad, Three posts in one week is a lot for my lazy ass, so enjoy it guys! Anyway some quick review scores that I recall

Action Comics #900 - N/A, horrible ending to one of the best Luthor stories ever. I couldn't even finish it as I only planned on reviewing the main story. See more on it here at Paul C's blog.

Emerald Warriors #9 - Great ending, very well writing and another good issue in War of the Green Lanterns, got a 7/10 Rating.

Brightest Day #24- Plain stupid, I'll speak on it more next week in my Brightest Day post but read about it here at X's blog. I gave it a 1/10 because it's finally over.

Venom #2 - Another great issue in what is making Flash Thompson become my favorite Venom besides Eddie Brock, I gave this a 9/10.

JL Generation Lost #24 - Great ending which will be spawning it's own JLI series which I love, I gave this a 8/10 rating.

Deadpool #36 - Amazing issue, great appearances from the Deadpool cast and just overall fun and funny, I gave this a 9.5/10.

So, that's it guys. As for the poll results of which GL you think is gonna lose their ring, John Stewart came in first place, Guy Gardner in second, Kyle in third (my pick) and lastly Hal Jordan. But that's all for me guys, I'm gonna go drown my sorrows in some Faygo Cola and get these posts ready for next week until next time, Stay Classy Todd Squad!


  1. I am SO sorry your post didn't post right. We gotta get you to start backing up these great posts you do. I know you work hard on em, because well you're usually super quiet when we're on the phone. Lol.

    But I'm pleased to see the score for Gen Lost. I really need to read it lol. Oh and remind me to give you Morning Glories back, I have FAR too much stuff to catch up on. Besides I want to make sure you review it, you know how forgetful I am at returning things, lol.

    Looking forward to all the posts next week. Will that be a new record?

    Oh and I like "Stay classy" you should close out with that every post.

    And as for this week's POLL, I f**king hated it!!!


  2. Yeah, the worse part is If my net hadn't screwed up or I'd just waited the post would've been up and done, but yeah, it sucks.

    Yep three posts in one week is a new record I believe, so yeah, I'll be pretty bizzay, especially on that BD post, that'll be a LONG post. And if you like Stay Classy, then it's here to stay babe.

  3. Aww. You're so sweet.

    And we'll figure out some way to make sure you have a back up :)

  4. "Stay classy?" ME?!? Did you forget who you were dealing with here, JT?! :P

    Huh, I was wondering what happened to today's R&R since it was on my dashboard when I signed in, but kept sending me to a non-existent page. Say it with me, JT, "Damned Interwebs!"

    My favorite part of the post was when you openly linked to me in it. In my humble opinion, you should link to me in all of your posts, while talking about how amazingly awesome I am... Yeah, I think that would work out well for the both of us! :P

    Other than that, I think we BOTH know what I picked in this week's poll... "I Loved it!"......... In Bizarro World!!! And I gotta ask, why did you pick those utterly random pictures for the poll?! For some strange reason, they made me laugh... They were just so out of the blue! I mean Riddler wasn't even IN BD! :D Oddly enough, that made my night. See, it doesn't take much.

  5. Yeah, I forgot you being classy is like Cheshire NOT banging the first guy she see's, impossible I says. And yes, those damned interwebs screwed me over.

    Lol I'll link to you more, but only when using the phrases dumbass and "Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!" <--- That was in a comic btw, It made Line of the issue but I don't remember which comic.

    Lol the pics were just for me being goody, smiling for LOVED it, Meh face for it was okay and a pissed off Supes for HATED IT!!!! Haha

  6. Wow, where'd the venom towards Cheshire come from?! Crazy...

    I take offence at the dumbass comment. The "Stupid, stupid, stupid" comment? Not so much.

    But Riddler for "Loved it"?! It just seemed so out there! I mean how'd you even find that pic? Did you search, "smiling DC characters" or something? Or did you specifically remember that pic of Riddler and were like, "One day I HAVE to use that pic of Happy Riddler!"

  7. Oh man, I mean "offense"... :/

  8. Sorry to hear about the internet troubles, JT. I'm glad you were at least able to get the ratings up though, and it amuses me to no end to see another N/A rating...DC sure has been getting a lot of those lately. Also looking forward to all the upcoming posts this week!

  9. I'm not sure about everyone else...but I AM FUCKING EXCITED FOR THE NEW JLI SERIES! With the utter success of JL:GL, it was only a matter of time.

  10. X - Lol well it's TRUE, I could've said Roy but CHeshire's name popped up first. And that Stupis, Stupid, Stupid was in Deadpool, I think Weasel said it. And yes, lol I literally googled DC characters smiling, angry and etc.

    Marc - Glad you're looking forward to the upcoming posts, and yeah, you know how DC is...

    Caz - I couldn't agree more, that series is gonna be awesome if the right people (Winick) do it.

  11. Ah, I think I vaguely remember Weasel saying that... Maybe. Then again, maybe I don't... *shrugs*

    HA! Did you literally google, "Smiling DC characters"? You put WAY too much time into this, my friend! :D

  12. Yeah, I recalled because he was like Deadpool is gonna do something bad to me, and then DP was like Hey weasel, come here so I can do something bad to you.

    Lol hey, I CARE about my blog! And I post once a week, I have free time :P