Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Welcome to Jason Todd's Comic Spot

 Did you think that Batmania was going to be the last blog I ever did? Well That pic on the right should sum it all up for you.

Hey everyone, the one and only Jason Todd here, you may remember me from Batmania or the Batman Arkham Asylum Forums, if not, you probably don't remember me at all. Anywho, After taking some time off from reviewing comics and a little encouragement from X-Man of , so definitely check that out.

So I was gonna wait until New Years to start this little piece of heaven but I was too anxious, so I started it early. One of the first pieces I'm gonna post within the next few days, when I get around to it is going to be a piece on Jason Todd, his return, how it was basically squandered after having a ton of momentum and what they can do to return him to justice.

So I've imported some of my posts from Batmania for anyone who wants to read any of my past works, I did notice I gave out alot of 8 outta 10 ratings so I need to grade harsher or something. Well anyway Thanks for stopping by, feel free to become a subscriber because follower sounds like I'm leading a cult. And feel free to comment because I'm a very talkative guy.

- Jason Todd


  1. Thanks for the plug Jason! Good luck on the new blog, you know I'll be here whenever you've got something new to check out.

    You're "a very talkative guy"? Nah... ;)

  2. No problem at all dude, feel free to plug my site anytime. Lol and yeah, we both know I'm far from Talkative. Like Kane when he first debuted.