Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Color Corps. Come to Detroit!!!

Jason Todd here, not with a a comic review or anything, just an update. Anyone who's anyone knows about the Blackest Night storyline that's taking DC Comics by storm. So about a week ago I decided I was gonna start  collecting the Color Corp rings. I'd always had an interest in them but after reading X's comments on how awesome they were and how they're not crappy plastic I decided to act upon my collector's instinct.

So I mentioned to my Girlfriend Falisha a.k.a. Poison Quinn of Batmania that I was going to start collecting the rings. A few days later she ran into a huge comic fan in one of her art classes who was wearing a Green Lantern Corp ring. first thought is GL Ring + Art Class = Kyle Rayner? But sadly it's not him. Anyway she told me that the GL Ring he had looks pretty awesome as well so I REALLY wanted to get the collection. So in her spare time today she hit up the Comic Book shop by her and purchased me all 8 Rings for an early Christmas present. Now isn't that awesome, lol. And being the art nerd my girl is she even assembled them in ROYGBIV order, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet and Black last. So thanks to my girl I'm ready for the impending Invasion of the Black Lanterns....and If I can't beat em, I'll throw on my Black ring and join em.

So, now that I've updated my two followers so that was in the story lol, Expect my Jason Todd post within the next week, depending on when I get around to typing it up and when I stop reading Grimm Fairy Tales. Anyway thanks for reading guys.

- Jason Todd


  1. Awww. You know I love making you happy and I know it was something you really really wanted and of course being the nerd and sweet woman I am. It was a must. :) Glad you like em bay. :D Now you HAVE to protect me from the Black lanterns...or there will be consequences. :-p lol ^_^

  2. Lol I will gladly protect you from the Black Lanterns with my amazing Will Power and um...Rage power.

  3. Wow, now that's an awesome girlfriend! It's cool that you have all of the corps rings, but I've gotta ask, are you really going to wear the Star Sapphire ring, or the Indigo one for that matter? Man, I've GOT to get me a Black Lantern ring!!!

  4. Yeah she rules, and nah lol I already told her she can have the Indigo and Star Sapphire rings. I'll just be rocking the other six! ^_^

  5. Thanks Matt, I didn't know anyone else who read X-Man's blog checked mine out so thanks for that as well.