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Ratings and Rantings featuring Morning Glories #14

Hey Todd Squad, it's time once again for your favorite weekly comic content comments, Ratings and Rantings! We've got a pretty big post ahead of us with a whopping 10 books?! So needless to say these reviews will be much more abbreviated than my usual reviews. So let's jump into the swing of things and get to it, as we start things off with Catwoman #3, and keep in mind that for the rest of this month, books still may be dropped if I don't feel confident in them after the third issue, so hopefully nothing else is added to the chopping block.

Catwoman #3

After seeing a quick flashback of her friendship with Lola, we open to see Catwoman tied to a chair being yelled at by a pissed off mobster by the name of Bone. He tells her she made a mistake by stealing from him and leaves as he tells his guys to work her over then dump the bodies. Catwoman quickly escapes and makes the goons tell her where Bone is, and she makes her way over to meet him. Catwoman then takes Bone to a secluded place, pulls out a bat and beats him to pebbles before preparing to kick him off of a room, until Batman shows up and stops her, or so it seems. As Bats and Catwoman kiss, she knocks Bone off the roof with her whip, causing Bats to save him while Selina escapes. The issue ends soon after, as Selina is burning evidence of her friendship and links to Lola in her apartment and crying over Lola's body as the GCPD shows up. Okay, I really liked this issue, we got to see a darker side of Catwoman, and let's not forget Catwoman did kill Black Mask in the former DCU so she does have a dark side, so I really enjoyed that, I also enjoyed that she can't make things easy for her and Bats so she did what she had to do to escape. A lot of people have been mixed on this comic but I love it, and I love what one of my favorite writers, Judd Winick, is doing with Catwoman. Also, the art by Guillem March has been great, and as a guy who doesn't mention artwork unless it's bad, that shows you how much I enjoy March's work. I'll give this issue an 8.5/10 rating.

Batman: Listen to me... Don't do it. Killing him... that's not who you are.
Catwoman: You don't know who I am. Anymore than I know who you are.

Nightwing #3

We kick things off at the funeral of Mr. Haly, the former owner of Haly's circus before handing it over to Dick Grayson on his deathbed. Needless to say this decision doesn't sit well with some people, especially Haly's son, who makes a spectacle at the funeral. After the funeral, Dick talks with Raya and learns their former friend, Zane, that worked for the circus is now living in Chicago and handling contracts for killers. Nightwing then heads to Chicago and questions Zane but suddenly Nightwing falls to his knees seeing a bunch of visions where he's failed. He manages to escape but runs into a vision of his parents falling and dives to save them but doesn't make it in time. During these hallucinations, Zane pistol whips Nightwing around before Nightwing figures out a way to cause feedback to the transmitters Zane is using to subdue Nightwing and turn it back on Zane. He asks him who hired Saiko but he says he doesn't know, if he did he'd kill them himself. Nightwing advises Zane to take up a new profession before leaving Chicago and heading to Pennsylvania to tell Raya that Mr. Haly gave him the circus and he's staying with it until they figure out who killed Haly and why they did it. The issue comes to a close as we see Haly's son talking about killing Dick with none other than Saiko! This was an alright issue, the stuff with Zane seemed like filler, and it wasn't bad by any means, but I couldn't get fully invested. I'll give this issue a 6.5/10 rating but it's safe for now.

Mr. Haly: Hey, you know I'm always looking out for you, kiddo...

Batman #3

Things start off with a flashback to Alan Wayne saying that people are after him and their nests are all around the city, which I'd assume means The Owl people they mentioned in issue #2. Back in the present we see Batman interrogating a criminal before being attacked by The Whisper gang and taking them down in a really cool way that I wouldn't be able to explain if I tried. Well I could, but I choose not to so maybe you'll go enjoy the coolness for yourself. Anyway, after discussing The Talon and the Owls with Alfred, Bruce discovers that his great, great, Grandfather had senility and was obsessed with owls. Bruce then goes to talk to Lincoln about the Owls and the myths before hearing something that sends him looking for answers. Batman then investigates the Wayne Tower and finds that on the thirteenth floor The Talon had a nest of his own, which was a genius idea by Snyder. The issue ends as Batman goes to numerous Wayne buildings, each housing a nest for The Owls, when suddenly he mistakenly trips a wire that causes the entire floor to explode as The Talon looks on. Man, Snyder knows how to tell a story, everything flowed well, the stuff about the Owls and the nests was perfect, there was nothing I didn't enjoy about this issue, I have to give this a solid 10/10 rating.

Batman: About the owl nests.
Alfred: What about them? Sir?
Batman: They're in our homes.

Justice League #3

We start things off with a stunningly drawn Wonder Woman (props to Jim Lee) walking around looking for a Harpy that was reportedly attacking while various news outlets talk about how this Wonder Woman causes so much collateral damage and how she believes in Zeus and Gods and whatnot. While looking, Wonder Woman has Ice Cream with a little girl that seems to look up to the Amazon. Suddenly, a portal opens and out comes a bunch of Parademons, which excites Diana because she gets to fight. We also see the Parademons pop up in Detroit (where Vic Stone is) and take Doctor Ivo and in Metropolis, where Superman, Batman, Flash and Green Lantern take them on. As they fight the Parademons, Superman notices they aren't killing anyone but they are taking people, when Wonder Woman shows up to join the fight. We also see Vic's dad using the equipment from Star Labs to save his son, thus turning him into Cyborg. Suddenly a giant beam hits the sea and causes something to emerge, and while this happens a Parademon lands in front of Wonder Woman as Aquaman steps out of the water and asks who's in charge, before voting for himself as this issue ends. Man, that was a great way to introduce Aquaman, and I'm really enjoying this comic. I like the new origin for Cyborg, I like how Wonder Woman was ready for a fight but still carefree like she used to be, and I love how she's drawn by Jim Lee, I'll give this issue a 9/10 rating.

Wonder Woman: Hm. Ice cream is wonderful. You should be very proud of this achievement!
Ice Cream Man: Um... Thanks.

Supergirl #3

We start things off with Kal-El telling Kara about Krypton and all the things she's missed, but Kara doesn't believe him and flies off. Superman knows she can still hear him so he tells her that she's not ready for this world and her powers make her a danger to everyone around her, but he can't go after her since someone is in trouble and needs his help. Kara goes back to find her pod but finds a hologram of a man who says he has it and basically lures Kara to him by having her follow an orb that leads her to a space station. While in the station, the man, Mr. Tycho, puts Supergirl through a bunch of tests while studying the Kryptonian Native. Kara eventually topples the tests and finds her way to the pod she arrived in when she suddenly drops to the ground, having come in contact with Kryptonite, which apparently fueled her pod. The issue ends as Tycho stands over a fallen Supergirl and vows to take care of her, and states he only has her best interests in mind while flashing an evil grin. This was a fine issue, nothing amazing but still a perfectly acceptable comic as my good buddy X would say, I'll give this issue of Supergirl a 7/10 rating.

Supergirl: But there's something in his voice. Like he can only ever tell the truth. (Very different Superman from the one in Justice League then...)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #3

Things kick off with The Outlaws going after The All Caste, but first they have to give up their most cherished memories to the Protector known as S'aru, someone that's apparently four millenia old but looks like Aang The Avatar. Upon giving up their cherished memories, they enter a room that would make M.C. Escher dizzy. As they follow on the trail of the clan known as The Unwritten, we see the Protector looking at our crews memories, including Kori killing a slaver that was nice to her, Roy taking a beating from Killer Croc and trying to use Crock to kill him but getting a pep talk from him (boy was that odd...) and lastly, Jason's memory which involves him being too sick to go out on patrol, and surprisingly Bruce stays home with him and watches TV with a sick Jason. I liked that, it shows that deep down Jason does still care about Bruce and Bruce clearly cared about Jason. Meanwhile, The Outlaws run into a gigantic green monster that eats Starfire while Jason and Roy fight a futile battle, that is until Starfire fries her way out of the beasts stomach and escapes with Jason and Roy, as Jason grabs the clue that will lead him to the Unwritten, a snow globe that says Colorado. Upon leaving the chamber, S'aru returns the memories to Roy and Starfire, but Jason walks off and tells him to keep it as the issue ends. This issue was weird, some of it I thought was odd like Croc giving a pep talk, but the new background with Ollie and Roy I liked, the weird morals of Starfire adds more to her, and the stuff with Jason's memory involving Bruce and him not wanting it back made perfect sense for his character. I'll give this issue an 8/10 rating as well.

Arsenal: He's so gonna shoot that kid. You watch. (I swear I was thinking the same thing...)

Venom #9

We start things off with Venom desperately looking for Betty, all the while thinking about how his father's death hadn't set in yet and how he didn't want to be the one to have to tell his mother and sister. While searching Venom runs into a nut job in an impenetrable tank that's been robbing banks and running over people with no regard for anyone's safety. Venom tries to stop the tank but he can't, nor does he have time to save a woman and her son who are run over by the tank in front of his eyes. He snaps and the suit takes over and follows the tank to it's hideout and when the criminal steps out Venom attacks and bites the villains head off and spots it out before walking away. Later, Betty arrives home and Flash asks if she turned like he did, or so he claims, into a spider, but Betty says she locked herself into a utility closet and was safe until it was over. She then asks if Flash has told he mom but he says he can't do it. As he sits with Betty he mentions he never got to read his Dad's letter, but she says he had her take down a copy and the one Flash got was a cleaned up version, so she reads him the original draft of his father's not as Flash lies his head in Betty's lap and this issue comes to a close. Alright, I'll say it, Venom is the best series since Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl run, each issue is great in it's own way and I love seeing Flash's scales of good and evil weighed in front of us. Rick Remender has done a remarkable job with Flash and making him my favorite Venom, a title which Eddie Brock held for quite a while. I'll give this issue a 9.5/10 rating.

Venom: BBEGG UUSSS..... (I love Venom, especially when his dialogue is like that.)

Deadpool #46

After surviving an airplane being crashed near him, Deadpool goes to get some Chimichangas and runs into Evil Deadpool. This of course leads to Deadpool running over Evil Deadpool with a garbage truck which doesn't work because Evil Deadpool somehow is in the passenger seat afterwards. What then ensues is so much hilarity that explaining it would besmirch all the work Dan Way has put into it, so I'll simply recommend you read it. Anyway, The hilarity comes to an end soon after, as does the issue, when Evil Deadpool leaves and Deadpool is confronted by Captain America! God I love funny comics, and that's what this was. This comic made me laugh all the way through and seeing Cap deal with two Deadpool's will be even more fun, I'll give this issue an 8/10 rating.

Deadpool: Dude! This was my all-time favorite place to go for chimichangas!
Evil Deadpool: Heh. Mine, too.
Deadpool: Then why'd you blow it up?!
Evil Deadpool: I dunno... just seemed like the evil thing to do. I guess.

Amazing Spider-Man #674

We start things off seeing someone fall from the sky wearing wings and we later see that the police force thinks it's related to people trying to jump and be like Spidey after Spider Island, except Carlie doesn't believe that. From there we see Spider-Man found by the Anti-Spider patrol unit, and he's found over a dead body, so they shoot first and ask questions later as Spidey escapes. We also see Kingpin has bought the blueprints to the Spider-Jammers from a mole in Horizon Labs, to which he can use to repel or contain Spider-Man. From there we see a bunch of people with wings flying around and robbing houses, obviously working for The Vulture....or Icarus. And after running into a wall on both fronts, Peter and Carlie decide to call a truce after their recent break up and work together on the case of the robberies and dying teens in wings. The issue ends soon after as we see The Teens in wings delivering the stuff they stole to the Vulture. Well... this issue of Spidey was a bit odd for me, it was good but I expected more and the Vulture reveal is obvious when you see the cover. But I guess this was a transitioning issue so I'll give it that, and this this issue a 7/10 rating.
The Vulture: I'm not getting any younger. (Ha! I get it...)

Morning Glories #14

We start things off with a weird flashback where a woman is watching someone she loves be tortured by having a ton of heavy rocks placed on a board that lays on him, saying all they need is her to speak for him to be released. We then cut over to seeing Ms. Hodge run into a room where she's met by Gribbs and Ms. Daramount. They discuss the Woodrun, all the while the sisters, Daramount and Hodge, take shots at one another. From there we cut over to Zoe going to her lock and the lock has been broken open, she opens the locker to see a "In Loving Memory" picture of the same girl she killed, and looks around wondering who knows that Zoe's the one that did it. We then see her walk off and bump into Hunter like in the last issue, but now it's from her point of view instead of his. After being told off by Hunter, Zoe goes to the restroom and sits in a stall, as two girls come in and talk about her, unknowing that Zoe's there. After hearing them insult her, and claim she "blew" or "stabbed" her way through the application process to get into the school. A crying Zoe wipes her face and storms out, alerting the girls of her presence before going to Ms. Hodge's office, but finding no one in there. After quickly cutting back to the flashback where the woman says she'll tell them whatever they want to know if they don't kill her...husband I'm guessing, we cut back to the present and we see Zoe walk up to Hunter during the Woodrun. She ignores the fact it was him who told her off and says they should be friends because she can help him out, and mentions being told off earlier by some asshole. Hm... I wonder what she's planning... Anyway, she quickly tells us as she hints that being a "highly wanted woman" there are advantages, like being able to flirt with a jock to have them beat up someone that pisses her off, so she advises Hunter that they should be friends, and friends often help out friends by cleaning up after them and doing their homework. Before Hunter can get away from his new best frenemy, he, Zoe and Jun are teamed up for the Woodrun. Hunter wants to escape during the Woodrun but Jun and Zoe don't plan on it, and Zoe wants to win, and says they'll her her because "That's what fucking friends are for." While we see the gang participating, we see the woman from earlier explaining what we see to her captors, and when she says everything went dark, it suddenly becomes night for the gang, but Zoe brushes it off as an eclipse, and doesn't want to go back, nor does she when it rains. We then see Miss Daramount freaking out, wondering where her sister is, obvious aware that Hodge has something to do with this. Daramount is then confronted by Gribbs who says she needs to go tell the Headmaster that she has lost all the children at the school! Wow... that was... a hell of an ending. Now I'm wondering where the kids are and how they'll return, as well as where Casey and Hodge are. I'll give this book a 9/10, only because I had so many questions about the flashbacks and got no answers, but Zoe was BAD ASS, her and Ike may be my favorites.

Zoe: Who wants to shake a hand with that much semen residue on it, right? (Lmao, BURN!)

And that's it for me everyone. You can't really do a condensed review for Morning Glories, hence the length but I doubt anyone minds. But I'm outta here, feel free to comment and I'll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible, and be sure to vote on the weekly poll that finally makes it's return! So until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off!

Next Week on Ratings and Rantings

Teen Titans #3, Invincible #85, and Kick-Ass 2 #5


  1. "We've got a pretty big post ahead of us with a whopping 10 books" *Yawn* Wake me when you hit 20 books, JT. :P You getting THREE books next week made me laugh for some reason though.

    As promised, the great and powerful X is here to grace your blog with his infinite wisdom. As such, I'll give ya a quick rundown of what I thought of each of the books you reviews! You ready? Alright, here we go! Didn't read, agreed 100%, didn't read yet, BOOOO!!!, didn't read yet, you are SUCH a mark, agreed 1,000%, we already spoke about how wrong you were here, acceptable(you made up for the score with the quote) and agreed. So there ya go, now you know exactly what I thought of all of your reviews. :P

    What, you STILL expect more? *sigh* fine... I LOVED Zoe in MG #14... You know I'm a huge mark for Ike, but goddamn was she ON this issue! Nightwing we were simpatico, I can't blame you for the score you gave Red Hood because I do the same thing with New Mutants, so you know, me saying something leads to a pot/kettle situation... I didn't get around to reading SG. Some goof kept me from being able to read that comic last night... ;-) Venom ruled the school. Period. As for Deadpool, I still think you underscored it, but I totally understand your reasoning. Finally, you break my heart just a little more every time you give a Johns comic anything over a 5... You hurt me man.

    For the poll, I went with I want to do both but haven't done neither, which IS true. I do want to say I like the little comments you added to a few of those lines of the issue. It gives it a bit more of a JT flavor to things, which is always good. Alrighty, now that I have commented as promised I'll go and take care of my TWENTY reviews you big whiner! :D

  2. Thanks for the comment, assclown. :P And 1 books is plenty when you do it in one post and don't take the pansy way out of stretching it over a week. :P

    You calling me a mark cracked me up. Anyway, Zoe and Ike are THE best characters in MG as far as I'm concerned, Nightwing is close to being dropped if he just follows the circus everywhere, and good, glad I can be honest and still hurt you, two birds, uno stones.

    I'd definitely recommend the show and the books, but I doubt you'll ever watch the show. And thanks, glad someone likes my random ass comments. Meh, twenty reviews over a week, BOOOO, real men review ten books in one sitting!

  3. HA! See, and then you wonder why I don't comment... Such hostility! :P "the pansy way out"?! You bastard! >:P

    Hey, I could have called you “the Virgil” so yeah. Anyway, you ARE a mark for Jason! We all know it! I'll readily admit to being a mark for Nate, so it's not REALLY a slight or anything. Agreed 100% on Zoe and Ike. To be honest though, I've always liked Ike, but Zoe has really grown on me as of late, especially this issue. With NW, I can't say I blame you. To be honest with you, I am SO not looking forward to the next issue that I honestly feel like just sticking it in the rack at the shop when I get it from the pull box... That's how much I don't want to read it. Hell, I may just bust out the Brightest Day Rules scoring system for it! :P

    I'd def keep the random comments in there, JT. I like it, and let's face facts here, that's really the only thing that matters. :D

  4. Lmao, you know that was an awesome insult.

    Good points all around, and since he's my namesake I'll admit I'm a Jason mark. And yeah, Zoe's been awesome for a while in my opinion, the way she always throws such awesome insults. And I wouldn't mind Brightest Day rules, those are always funny.

    Haha, I'll keep them but I doubt you're the only thing that matters, if I were to number my commenters, you'd definitely be number "B", and yes, I know what I said. Lol

  5. Don't mean to be a nag, but the link on your page still hasn't changed for me.

    Also, I really liked Justice League and Batman this week. Im honestly loving all of the series I'm picking up right now. Thinking about dropping Action and/or Teen Titans, though.

  6. I still have some reserves with Justice League
    It botters me that I feel like Im reading a Teen Titans book, I known that are young versions, but to me they seems to be teens more than youngs. So I was just fine with the last two issues.
    but with this? not so good
    I totally disliked wonder woman here...
    And the only thing that put a smile in my face was Aquaman´s last line. so sad to say I will be sticking with this series just for that.

    And I totally agree with you in catwoman, there are a lot of people complaining about this version of her. But i love this version she is overconfident, inpulsive, and selfdestructive she is a thief and that profession brings her a lot of problems to his life and I'm okay with that.

    RHO and NW are still in my pull list only cuz Jason, Roy, and Dick are in those books.

  7. If you want Brightest Day Rules, JT, you've got it! Provided I remember to do it...

    Eh, I'm fine with being number B... It could have been worse, I could have been letter 2. :P

    "RHO and NW are still in my pull list only cuz Jason, Roy, and Dick are in those books." That's the exact same with me. If not for those three characters, I'd have dropped both series by now.

  8. Caz - My mistake, what's the link again? I tried clicking your profile but it's private or something. And what aren't you enjoying about Teen Titans?

    Alien - I enjoyed Wonder Woman here, but that's just me. She seemed more like a free spirit like someone who is new to our world and way of living would be. And you summed Catwoman up perfectly in my opinion. As for Nightwing, I agree 100% and I think I have a higher tolerance for Hood and the Outlaws because of Jason and Roy.

    X - I'll be waiting, unless it's already up, then I shan't. And nah, Letter 2 > Number B, any day of the week.

  9. ..Yes Wonder Woman, was fine, but I don't know exactly why, I prefer to one from Azzarelo, maybe if she was more condescending to men (taking in count that yes is fresh to the world) I would like her more. But that is just me. I would liked to see her answering Hal Jordan comment ( when he says Dibs).

    And for NW and RHO aren't intolerable to me, but if I read a book with my favorite characters I expect them to be awesome, maybe I'm putting to much expectations. The story is fine, but if there is any other character I wouldn't be reading it.

  10. The only reason I think Hal's still living is that Diana doesn't understand the concept of dibs...

    I'd agree with that completely. Morseo Nightwing than RHO because I seem to be the only person enjoying that book, but like you said, if it focused on Guy Gardner and Plastic Man instead of Hood and Roy or something I wouldn't touch that book with a stick.

  11. "because I seem to be the only person enjoying that book" HA! I'm sure that's not true, JT... I can think of one person who LOVES it and the way the characters therein are being depicted. I'll leave it up to you to figure out what the hell I'm getting at. ;)

  12. Since I'm sure it's not your favorite female blogger not named Lisha, lol, I'll guess it's Scott Lobdell for 200?

  13. HA!!! The scary thing is that you're actually right, but not necessarily in the way you might think! :D You rule, JT!!

  14. Lmao, in that case I definitely know :P Lol you're crazy dude.

  15. HA!! *sigh*... That's awesome that we can talk THAT vaguely and STILL know what the other is speaking of...

    Anyway, how psyched are you for tomorrow? And don't be all, "Vas iz dis 'tomorrow'?" I'm half tempted to shoot out to Gamestop after hitting the comic shop on Wednesday, although I doubt they'll be any left in stock.

  16. Lol right? It's oddly awesome, and awesomely odd...or something.

    Lmao...why am I Russian in your little fantasy world? And I'm super amped, gonna pick it up with a buddy like I mentioned and lay the smacketh down. And I'm sure they'll probably have some copies left come Wednesday. Speaking of which, I just saw a video I thought you'd enjoy, I'll email it to ya.

  17. I'd happily go with either of those. :P

    Why not? :P

    Idk, mi amigo... I mean it's NOT like it's that long a drive from the comic shop to the mall(about 5 extra mins), it's just the money... I'll have a better idea when I check to see what I'm snagging at the comic shop this week... Maybe I can manipulate somebody into picking me up a copy. :D Sweet, I'll be a-waiting.

  18. Meh, I have been known to spreckin ze russian or something of that nature.

    Lol who are you gonna manipulate? X-Girl? The kid with the stick from the street corner?

  19. HA!!! That's German, you tool! :D Sprechin sie Deutsch(or something like that...) means do you know German(or something like that).

    Def X-Girl. It's worth a shot, although it's a LONGshot. Kid with a stick... Why I tell you anything I have NO idea... :D

  20. Shit, I knew it, and I guessed. It was one of those... sheist koff! :P

    Lmao because I am a great friend :P And really, I feel like she would be a longshot, you may be better off sending her with some games to trade in.

  21. Hey, watch yo mouth, sucka! :D

    IDK... She might be game. I mean a) I'm a bum right now, b) she's not, and c) I'm lovable. I know she'd play it, she does every year. I'll broach the subject tomorrow, that way even if I get a no, I can judge what kind of a no it is... Is it a "No, but it's not a terrible idea..." where I'd have some hope, or a "NO!" where I know I'm screwed. We shall see.

  22. Lol my mistake esse.

    Lol @ I'm lovable. Oh, it's 47 bucks at Target this week dude... I found out way too late but that could help you out.