Friday, August 26, 2011

Ratings and Rantings

Hey Todd Squad, Jason Todd here with a your weekly collection of comic content comments. First things first, I saw that next week I'm only picking up two books, so I'm bumping Kick Ass 2 #3 and Superman Beyond #0 to next week so I at least have four books. Also,  this just so happens to be the final week of the DCU being the way we know it, because this Wednesday, Flashpoint ends and the DCU Changes. Babs becomes Batgirl again, Roy regains an arm, Dick loses the cowl, Superman loses his marriage and many more changes, so with this as the final week of the DCU until it's retconned or something, let;s take a look at the final DCU Comics in this timeline, starting off with the final issue of Gotham City Sirens!

Gotham City Sirens #26

We start things off with Harley and Ivy attacking Catwoman, who immediately goes on the offensive. Batman shows up and tells Gordon to let the girls fight this out for ten minutes, as it's between them and surprisingly Gordon allows it. Selina holds her own until she finds out it's hammer time, courtesy of Harley. Once they have Selina down, Ivy says Selina shouldn't be surprised since she betrayed two women that saved her, but Catwoman laughs and says she's the one who saved them. She basically says that Batman was pulling the strings and got them all together with a master plan that maybe they'd do good in Gotham. Harley says what Selina's saying makes sense but Ivy still thinks she's lying. Catwoman then says she basically kept then out of Arkham until they forced her hand, and that she helped them because she thinks their both better than that and can do more for Gotham outside of Arkham. Once finding out Batman was pulling the strings, Poison Ivy gets upset and starts destroying buildings and such, demanding Batman come face her. Bats shows up but Catwoman buys Harley and Ivy some time to escape, as the two go their own ways, setting up for their new roles in the DCnU. The issue ends soon after with Catwoman getting ready to take on Bats to give her friends a head start. Well this was... something. The ending just came off weird for me here, it wasn't bad and I'm sure it was rushed due to the situation DC has but it felt forced and odd, I just couldn't enjoy it like I wanted to, so I'll give it a 6/10.

Catwoman: I kept you free. Until you forced me to put you in Arkham.

Teen Titans #100

We start this issue with the Teen Titans and the former Teen Titans taking on Superboy Prime and his Terror Titans. After a few are taken care of like Indigo, Sun Girl and the Zookeeper, Cassie attacks Prime. While those two duke it out, Kid Flash grabs Inertia and runs around trying to kill him until he's stopped by Raven. This story was so rushed it shouldn't have even been done. Plus the fact that's not the real Inertia bothers me endlessly. Anyway, we cut over to Superboy taking on the clones, when he tells Ravager to go grab the box from his room we saw a few issues ago, and she grabs it to find a sharp piece of Kryptonite. She stabs one of the Superboy clones with it, then gives it to Robin who looks joyed to kill a Kryptonian with a piece of Kryptonite. After getting rid of everyone else, all of the Titans attack Prime at once, because, it's not like he killed a bunch of Titans and Outsiders and was stronger than Superman. Once he's been defeated, Conner decides there's only one place that can hold Prime, and he and Supergirl put Prime in the source wall, his own personal hell. Well, that's a let down, Prime was an A-Lister now he's beaten by a bunch of Teenagers. Afterwards, we see Conner and Ravager talking, and he tells her if he goes crazy he needs someone like her to put him down, and she has her feelings hurt because she thinks Conner see's her only as a murderer. Aww, poor murderous Rose. The issue ends soon after with Raven and Beast Boy kissing and the Teen Titans posing, well alright. This was a big let down in my opinion, as Prime was amde to look like a chump. Superboy beat up the Teen Titans by himself, there's no way four Superboy clones plus Prime AND a team of equally matched Titans should've been destroyed so easily. I'd give this issue a 3/10 rating.

Robin: You have no idea what cutting loose is, Red Robin. But I'd like to see that.

Batman: Gates of Gotham #5

We start things off with Batman taking it to The Architect, Dillon May. Meanwhile, under Kane bridge, Black Bat and Robin are trying to disarm the bomb that was planted there by The Architect. With a plan forged by Cassandra, she and Damian detonate the bombs safely away from the bridge, keeping everyone safe. After the bridge is safe, Batman subdued the Architect and explains that the Gates went made from the suit, and extended use caused extreme decompression sickness which pretty much drove the Gates insane. After proving this, Batman asks how long Dillon has been in the suit, which enrages Dillon causing him to break free of Batman's bind. He dives at Batman but Bats removes Dillon's Helmet before cracking him across the face with it. We later see Dick checking in with Bruce via satellite, and explaining "Dillon May" was an alias and the Architect was actually Zachary Gate. Bruce commends Dick on his work and says with enough time he'll be an even better Batman than Bruce. The issue ends soon after with Bruce announcing he's coming home to see Dick and Damian soon and to have a talk, and a quick flashback shows Nicolas Gate being sent to Arkham with Alan Wayne still trying to help his former friend. Well... another rushed issue, it was fine but the Dillon May reveal was pretty obvious, hell X-Man75 pointed it out like three issues ago. I'd give this issue a 6.5/10.

Bruce: I never doubted it Dick. Given enough time I'm sure you'd make an even better Batman than me.

Batman: Arkham City #5

The final issue of the comic mini that bridged the gap between Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City. We start things off with Batman finding more info on Hugo Strange, and we also see the biggest damn Robin I've ever seen in my life. I swear this Robin looks like Captain Atom in a Robin costume. Batman realizes he can't go after Hugo since he's hiding in plain sight, so he decides to confront him as Billionaire Bruce Wayne instead. At a press conference, Bruce makes it known that four years ago Hugo Strange vanished from Arkham Asylum, and now he's supposed to be in charge of Arkham City. But Huge plays it like a politician and says inept doctors made mistakes, but more importantly why does a rich playboy care about a Doctor he's never met? Bruce quickly replies that he doesn't think the criminals of Arkham City will stay in Arkham City for very long, especially with Strange in charge of things. Hugo stands by his guns and says that Arkham City has no weaknesses, and unless Wayne wants to expose any secrets, he has nothing else to say to him. After Arkham City opens, Zsasz is allowed to escape only to be caught, as to kill any fears of the people of Gotham. As the issue comes to a close we see Catwoman, as well as many villains in their new environments, carving a niche in Gotham and Arkham City, including Two-Face, Penguin, Poison Ivy, The Riddler, Harley Quinn and of course The Joker, as Strange thinks to himself how he's aware that Batman and Bruce Wayne are one in the same and how he's eagerly awaiting his return to Arkham City. Now this was a fun issue, it really set the tone for the game, which I can't wait to play. The art was great, especially for Poison Ivy and Two Face, and the story was simple but well written, I'll give this an 8/10.

Hugo Strange: I eagerly await your return to Arkham City.

Deadpool #42

We start things off with Deadpool arguing with Death, as she calls him lazy and says she's leaving him. Deadpool doesn't care that Death is leaving him, as he's content sitting around and being "disabled." Turns out Deadpool is dreaming, as the Foolkiller stands over him shouting for Deadpool to wake up and fight him. After not getting a reply Foolkiller knocks Deadpool down and reaches for his mask, when Pool reaches up and grabs Foolkiller by the neck. We then see Deadpool's dream and how he's changed and wants to find his dear old Death again, and how that's pretty much revitalized Deadpool to his old self as he wakes up and beats the hell out of Foolkiller and the rest of the inmates, until DP gets distracted which allows the Foolkiller to hit him with a stun baton, which leads to a dogpile on Deadpool. We then find out that Foolkiller is in love with Doc Whitby, and that's why he's jealous and angry of Deadpool. Also, she signed off on FK's parole, and he doesn't want to leave, so he plans on killing Deadpool and getting a permanent stay. Deadpool has a plan, and we later see that he and The Foolkiller switched masks and FK stays in place of Deadpool while the Merc with a Mouth is a free man. Actually, I was reading this comic and reviewed as I read, and guessed that before finishing because it was obvious, and I was right, because I'm obviously "The Man". The issue ends soon after with Deadpool leaving dressed as the Foolkiller, but not before Doctor Whitby tells Wade she loves him and now that he's free they can be together, as Deadpool realizes he's now the object of affection but someone who's crazy, and not crazy sexy, but scary ugly. Well this was a fine issue as well, nothing amazing but it was far from bad, albeit predictable. I'd give this issue a 7/10.

Deadpool: I'm killin' everyone!

And that's it for this week's Ratings and Rantings everyone. This was a pretty lackluster week, and not the best way for the current DCU to end but what can you do, this was clearly a rushed plan. But next week should be interesting as we finally get a look at the DCnU. That's it for me though, I'll see you guys next week, until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood blogger-man, Jason Todd, signing off!

Last week's weekly poll asked "Which Comic Movie did you like more/or want to see more if you haven't seen any?"

Last place with 8.3% - Green Lantern, It's DC's Blackest Night so far...
Second place with 25.0% - Tie between Thor and Captain America, maybe Avengers will do better?
Winner with 41.7% - X-Men: First Class, I almost voted for this as well, man this was a great movie.

Next Week on Ratings and Rantings

Justice League of America #1, Amazing Spider-Man #668, Superman Beyond #0 and Kick-Ass 2 #3


  1. Not that it REALLY matters...but the actual title for the new Justice League series is...well, "Justice League" not "Justice League of America." Just so there's no confusion...

  2. Ok, this is really interesting, is not the same, but at least they are still here Right?

  3. Caz - Hey, I looked it up and you're right, it doesn't matter! :P Kidding, but yeah I didn't even realize so thanks for the info.

    Alien - Thanks for the link dude, that's cool that the JSA will be back, especially with the lovely Nicola Scott doing the artwork, and now I'm all curious about Ted Kord again.

  4. I finally finished my pile o' books this week(Gates #5 was at the bottom of the pile), so I can finally stop by and read everything!!! This was an odd week where it seems you scored everything lower than I did... Usually I'm the guy giving out low scores! What gives?!

    Let's see... I can't argue with your score for Sirens, it DID seem rushed, although I think I liked the ambiguous ending more than you did, and I can see that I DEFINITELY liked TT #100 more! I was okay with Prime and his team losing because the Teen Titans had him REALLY outnumbered once they went on their clone murdering spree. Granted, Prime once took on like the entire GLC, as well as TWO Supermen and almost won, but for some reason him losing here didn't really bug me... I don't know, I must have been in a really good mood this week or something.

    The review for Gates #5 made me laugh out loud because of the backhanded compliment you gave me... You were like, "That ending was so obvious EVEN X saw it coming!!" Thanks JT... I guess... :/

    As for Arkham, did they explain anything about how/when Bruce took a Robin into the fold? I don't recall any mention of a Robin in the first game(although maybe they did and I just forgot), so was it like, "Hey, here's Robin! The sidekick I had but never bothered to mention!" And as for DP, I think we gave that comic around the same score... I'm not sure, I typed up the review earlier today while I was waiting for my power to come back on. But that 7 seems about what I'd have given it...

    Finally, you know what I picked for the poll. I'm not even going to flip through either comic come Wednesday, I could seriously care less about either one.

  5. Thanks for the comment Broski. That was the MAIN thing that annoyed me about Titans. Like you said, Prime took on the GLC and TWO Supermen and still whooped ass, and for him to get owned by the Teen Titans featuring Blue Beetle, Speedy and Bombshell just irked me.

    Haha, I didn't say EVEN X, I was thinking it though... :P And nope, Robin was just there. But to DC's defense I guess, they were doing digital downloads to bridge each issue as well and they did have one with Robin which I recall them mentioning on IGN so they may have touched upon it on that. And yeah, I know your vote for the poll, I'm not shocked at all.

    So I'm assuming that's weather related that the power went out, everything alright over there dude?

  6. Hey, now that I'm done with Gates, I really didn't have a reason to avoid your blog... :P The Prime thing SHOULD have annoyed the hell out of me, but like I said, it didn't... Go figure. Maybe with the reboot on the horizon I'm trying to be extra nice to the comics that are ending... Well, except for Bats Inc #8... That comic really sucked! :P Even if you don't read my review, you HAVE to click on the page I posted and read it... It was nearly unexplainable!

    "I didn't say EVEN X, I was thinking it though" I figured as much... Ah, okay. So they maybe/possibly DID mention Robin prior to this issue. Still, it's got to be weird if you only follow the game and/or the comics to suddenly see a MASSIVE Robin there with no real explanation.

    Yeah. We didn't even get hit with the brunt of that hurricane, and we STILL lost power TWICE! The first time they got the power back on in like 10 minutes, the second time it took about an hour, but all things considered, that wasn't that long a delay. I had charged up my laptop prior to losing power(I kind of expected it with how windy/rainy/crazy it was), so the power outages did lead to me finishing up this week's books/reviews early, so that's good. But yeah, all in all, no big trouble here, we did lose a tree on the outskirts of the property that I'll have to chop up with the chainsaw tomorrow, but other than that? No major damage, no flooding, only a brief power outage, nothing serious, so no complaints from me.

  7. I literally JUST read that review before I saw you replied, and the face they brought back Jezebel from the dead just makes no fucking sense to me at all... so yeah.

    Dude... that Robin was freaking HUGE. I mean, imagine John Cena in a Robin costume and there you go, I mean he looked bigger than Bruce!

    X is a lumberjack and he's okay! :P But nah, I am glad to hear you guys came out unscathed, I was wondering due to Irene coming to visit ya and check out ya comic collection.

  8. JT. Dude... It was just bizarre!! The story was like pure Grant Morrison at his craziest(I mean that scan I posted sums up that issue perfectly), and the Jezebel Jet thing came out of nowhere! Bruce and Babs were talking at the end of the issue and Bruce is like, "She's come back from the grave..." and Babs is all, "I'll tell everybody that Jezebel Jet is back." That was the first time she was mentioned in like forever, so I have no clue where the hell that came from...

    "I mean, imagine John Cena in a Robin costume and there you go" See, now I'm gonna have to search out a picture of this Robin, because that just sounds horrifying! Robin towering over Bruce seems both terribly wrong, yet hilarious.

    Pfft. She knew better then to try to see my comic collection! I have a chainsaw and I'd go at her Terry Funk style if she got to close to my books! I actually spent some time reordering my comics today, clearing space for the reboot and all. I put a few series I don't expect to read anytime soon(the Ollie Green Arrow comics, the Hal Green Lantern stuff, GLC, Emerald Warriors, Gen Lost, which I never read!) in a big box and put 'em in the closet... I'm not sure why I mentioned that, but there it is! I must be bored! :P

  9. Last I recall seeing her was like.... I don't know, Batman RIP? I remember Talia and her Man Bats took her down or something.

    Sit tight I'll shoot you an email of the pic. I'm sure I can find it online or something.

    Haha, Chainsaw Charlie! I'm marking out over that reference, especially since I started watching SD from 2000 and Foley just became Cactus Jack again for the RR Street Fight. I'm also shocked you still havem't read Gen Lost, and never will.

  10. Yep, that's what I was thinking as well. I'm pretty sure it was during RIP. And then nothing, and now suddenly, she's back... Out of the blue, RIGHT before the reboot! Oh that wacky DC... :P

    Cool. I shall be waiting(somewhat) patiently.

    HA! I'm so glad you got that reference. The RR street fight and the next PPV(No Way Out I believe) had two of the best matches I think HHH ever put on. Foley and HHH just clicked PERFECTLY those two months. Speaking of wrestling, I was at the comic shop for like 2 hours on Wednesday after I found out the owner used to be a HUGE wrestling fan. He stopped watching the WWE around the same time I did, but still follows the Japanese wrestling scene. We were actually talking about the Cactus Jack character, which is what made me remember that.

  11. Oh, and as for Gen Lost... Yeah. I know I SHOULD read it, but I just kept putting it off, and now with the reboot, I just have no reason to start reading it...

  12. Yeah... so, there's that to look forward to I guess. I just wanna know why they wasted all this time with Solstice and the new Aqualad when neither seem to be in the reboot.

    Done and done.

    Agreed, I saw them both live too and they still hold up today as great matches. Even the little nod to Rock/Foley when HHH handcuffs him and Rock brings a cop out there to undo the handcuffs. I loved that. And the HIAC was one of the best. That's pretty awesome, I wanna get into Japanese wrestling, I know a few like KENTA, Kobayshi and such via ROH but yeah.

    Speaking of which, I've been watching this awesome thing with Colt Cabana called 5 dollar wrestling, where he and this comedian do commentary over this HORRIBLE wrestling promotion. I mean, it's SO bad, one dude completely missed a top rope senton and he was made to do it over while the other guy stood there and waited, then lost. Also, one match they didn't have a ref and the two wrestlers were COUNTING THEIR OWN PINS. And this is in front of a crowd. Granted its like fifteen people or less but still, and the commentary makes it even better. If you're interested I can link ya two a three minute laugh fest of a match.

  13. The lack of Aqualad is really mind-boggling... I mean he was like the ONLY okay thing to come out of Brightest Day! Solstice I could care less about anyway, since she was like Anti-Raven or something, but the lack of the new Aqualad is weird, especially since he's in the cartoon...

    Thank you very much sir.

    I agree completely about that HitC being one of the best. That one might actually be my favorite ever, and watching it live at the time, you HONESTLY didn't know who was going to win. Usually when somebody puts their career on the line it's really obvious who's gonna win, but going into that match, with Foley wanting to main event a Wrestlemania for the first time, and Big Show being the #1 contender at Mania, Foley EASILY could have won that match, which made his defeat all the more epic. And that Street Fight? At the Garden? Awesome all the way around. That match made HHH into a main eventer, hands down.

    Send 'em my way! Since I have no new books to read and was planning on reading back issues anyway, I definitely have the time to check that out, especially if it's as funny as you say.

  14. Agreed, it seems weird they'd spend all that time getting him over then bury his push...

    No problemo.

    Dude, I just KNEW Foley was coming away with the win, and I was like, five months into wrestling at that time so that was like the greatest thing I'd ever seen. And that bump, and the look on HHH's face when Foley broke the cell, like he regretted what he did was just excellent. Although Rock was the #1 contender I believe, he beat Show for that spot at NWO right? Agreed, that street fight made him a legit main eventer and the HIAC cemented that, winning at Mania was just icing on the cake.

    Will do, matter of fact I'll send you that and a really good match I watched with Colt Cabana and Claudio Castagnoli.

  15. Yeah. That's one of the many reasons I get the feeling this reboot isn't that well thought out... I seriously wonder when the powers-that-be at DC decided to go forward with the reboot. You'd think it had been in the works for years, but I get the feeling this is a hotshot move that was barely planned at all.

    I THINK it was actually the opposite, although it's been YEARS since I saw that PPV... I think Rock won the Rumble, and then inexplicably lost to Show at NWO thanks to Shane. Show having the #1 contendership was another reason I thought Foley was gonna come away with the title, because who the hell would want to see a heel Big Show face a heel HHH in the main event at Mania?! Besides Vince of course...

    Sweet. I'll be waiting on 'em.

  16. According to Didio, which may be more talking out of his ass, he claims that after reading Flashpoint and Justice League, "we'll know everything about the DCnU."

    Yep, just checked and you're right. Good memory dude. And yeah, I can see how Foley would've been the obvious choice, although I doubt Show vs. Foley and Mania wouldve been a big draw haha.

    Done and done

  17. Now see, how the hell is that even possible!? You're gonna tell me that TWO comic books(one set in an alternate dimension and one set in the past) are going to set the stage for FIFTY-TWO new series as well as well over 100 characters?! That Didio should have been a lawyer or something, because he has a masterful way of lying!

    It's weird the things that'll stick with you... I can't remember what the hell I gave Deadpool as a score and I JUST read it/typed up a draft of the review a few hours ago, but I could remember that entire storyline from like 11 years back... Go figure. And I totally agree. Foley/Show would have been an AWFUL Mania main event, especially since they did that match the prior year I think(with a special ref stipulation on the line or something). I guess they also could have run an HHH/Rock program and come away with a really solid match as the co-main event, but with Show/Foley, how would you even book that? Foley wins and then retires? Show wins and then hotshots the belt to Rock on Raw setting up a Rock/HHH program for the title? That would kind of suck because you'd have to have Show AND HHH win at Mania as heels... I guess you could have Foley win and then retire, at which point you could throw HHH/Rock/Show into a triple threat for the gold, which could wind up leading into a Rock/HHH program... I don't really like any of those ideas... Then again, I hated the original idea of ending Mania that year with a heel on top...

    Sweet. I shall watch those tonight and get back to you tomorrow.

  18. Lmao, you do know that Didio is french for "the art of talking out of one's ass" right?

    Haha I know what you mean. And yeah, I was just thinking about that ref thing when you mentioned it. I believe it may have been at Survivor Series when Austin got hit by the car right? I liked having Trips go over at Mania, in hindsight he needed it more. I mean his only defenses since beating Big Show with the help of DX (and Show never got his rematch) were two matches with Foley who was on his way out and a win over Rikishi.So he kinda needed that, plus he was such a good heel that it made you want him to lose, especially to Rock but anyone, even Rikishi or Test.

    Lmao, they just showed a commercial for Wrestlemania 2000. It looks so blocky compared to SVR 2011 or WWE12. Like Gumby or something.

    Cool, lemme know what ya think.

  19. for ones that cant wait here is a exclusive preview from batgirl 1

  20. Thanks for the link Alien, looks pretty interesting. And clearly Babs has been in a wheelchair since she alludes to having crazy upper body strength now. Looks interesting to say the least.

  21. "you do know that Didio is french for "the art of talking out of one's ass" right?" Huh, I had no idea! Well, now it all makes perfect sense! :P

    I keep thinking that the ref thing happened at the Mania before the one Trips winning one. Wasn't Foley supposed to ref the Rock/Austin match or something like that? I can see your point about HHH going over at Mania, but idk, call me a traditionalist, but at Mania, I think you should send the fans home happy, have the face win the big one, and then start all new programs the following month. See, I feel they should have did HHH/Rock at Mania, with Rock having won the Rumble, and HHH coming off two strong wins over Foley, and having Rock go over to end the show. Instead I think, and I could be wrong, Rock beat HHH the following month(at Backlash?) and took the gold there. THAT should have been the Wrestlemania match. If memory serves me right, that was a really good match too, as Trips was on his game BIG TIME back then and was busting out awesome matches with pretty much everybody.

    Well, it may look AWFUL compared to today's games, but if No Mercy was EVER released as a DL game for the PSN or Nintendo Store, I'd buy it so fast everybody's head would spin! Man did I love the ability to customize like EVERYTHING in that game!

  22. Doesn't it though?! Lol

    I checked and you're right dude, it was at Mania. In my defense I wasn't watching yet so anything before September 1999 I saw on DVD and it kinda blends together. I definitely see what you mean about Trips, but I think seeing as it was the attitude era and Trips was on top, him winning at Mania seemed the least obvious. You'd think with him having a 25% chance, one guy being The Rock, one being Foley who hadn't won a match pretty much in their feud, and one being a gigantic, in shape, Big Show, Trips probably seemed least likely to walk outta mania with the strap. And was Backlash the one with the last man standing match or was that the one where Austin came back, I can't remember.

    Don't get me wrong dude, I definitely say No Mercy was the best wrestling game ever. Biggest freaking roster ever with hidden characters, a branching storypath for EVERY SINGLE TITLE, man... that game was excellent.

  23. Check me out! I'm on a roll here! :P Well, if I'm right, Vince Russo was still booking the E at the time, so I'm sure he was like, "Let's SWERVE the fans and have the heel walk out with the gold!" But yeah, Rock HAD to be the most logical choice to win there... And I still say he probably should have, especially since they put the starp on him the next month! I think it was the one where Austin came back, but some of those Rock/HHH matches blend together since they had so many over the years.

    That game was just amazing. I miss playing it...

  24. Yeah, I can't recall if Taker came back at Backlash or Fully Loaded because I know for a fact Austin was at one and he was at the other. Who knows... they did wrestle ALL summer.

    You're making me wanna go grab mine out the basement and give it a play.

  25. I THINK it was Austin... Wasn't that the match where Shane was the UBER-screwy special ref and wouldn't count Rock's pins? I keep thinking Austin came out, cleared Shane/Vince and the rest, and then Earl Hebner(who I think was fired or something) came out to count the pin due to Linda... But again, that's from memories from like 11 years ago, so I don't know how accurate that is!

    Dude, if I had that game and a N64, I'd STILL be playing it! :P

  26. You're right, because Rock won the belt I believe... and he lost it in the Ironman match when Taker came back due to being DQ'd.

    I just downloaded Here Come the Pain for my PS2, I wanna play that awesome storyline again.

  27. YES! That's it exactly! I remember that Iron Man match with Taker-ference. That Iron Man match had SO many awesome spots in it... Trips pinning Rock TWICE from one pedigree, Trips battering Rock with a chair to get DQ'd and then pinning Rock right after to get the point back, that was probably the best Iron Man match ever. I always found HArt/HBK to be insanely boring. The HHH/Rock one OWNED the Hart/HBK one imo.

    That was probably the second greatest wrestling game I've ever played actually... That game was definitely the high point of the Smackdown series I'd say.

  28. You're making me wanna watch that again. I'd say that probably was the best Ironman match, especially since the only other ones I can think of are Brock/Angle, HBK/Bret, and maybe like three more? I did love the Ultimate Submission match with Benoit and Angle though. But yeah, I enjoyed the Hart/HBK match but it was overrated and insane that they went an hour with no pins, yet I've seen them each lose matches on RAW in like seven minutes...

    I'd agree there, that's why I'm excited for WWE 12 because a lot of people have been calling it the HCTP killer, I mean even just fans of games like ourselves that have played it, not just reviewers.

    Oh, speaking of Wrestling, do yourself a favor and stay up top date with the CM Punk/Nash/HHH stuff, because it's been DAMN good, I mean, best stuff in years good.

  29. Mmm, I'd forgotten about the Brock/Angle one, but I'd still throw my support behind the HHH/Rock one. And yeah, Hart/HBK wasn't BAD, it just dragged for me at times. I mean, the no score and overtime aspect made it pretty cool, but it also made the meat of the match pretty pointless, especially since there really wasn't any spectacular/iconic spots taking place that would have me going back to watch it again.

    Well, WWE 12 won't be a first day pick-up for me(I don't think...), but I'm sure it'll be one for you, so I'll def be peppering you with questions about it when the time comes... Questions you'd BEST answer! :P

    I'm just really wary of a feud between ANYBODY and two members of the Clique... I can't help but think this can't work out well for Punk or the heat he'd managed to build up...

  30. I'm trying to think of some more... I think there was HBK/HHH. Also, since we mentioned best Iron Man and best HIAC, what's the best Last Man Standing match in your opinion?

    I'll think about answering them, if I feel ever so inclined. :P

    All I'm gonna say is go watch the clips on youtube, you are clearly missing out on one of the better feuds of the year, just when you think you know what to expect it swerves you again.

  31. Hmm..... I'm gonna see if I surprise you and I'm gonna go with HHH/Jericho from back in 2000(I forget the PPV). I THINK it was after Jericho's phantom title win over Trips, but I remember that match being AWESOME, with Trips BARELY beating Jericho, back before Jericho was HHH's official bitch for life. Y tu?

    Oh, you'll answer them...

    IDK. Maybe I will later on in the week, but like I said, I just don't see Punk coming out of THAT feud with any sort of momentum/heat. Nash/Punk seems like a TERRIBLE clash of styles, and HHH would never put Punk over strong. Like I said before though, X=pessimist, JT=optimist! :D

  32. Haha that's actually the LMS match I was thinking of... I think it may have been Fully Loaded... because Rock would've had to be in the main event with Benoit, Kane and Taker I believe..


    Well... only time will tell. I'd think HHH is at the point he realized Punk can do more than he can for the business in the ring and he'd put him over. I hope he's not that short-sighted.

  33. Seriously?! HA!! I didn't think you'd even remember that one! Damn it! :P Yeah, that was one hell of an awesome match. I think there was also a pretty good HHH/HBK LMS match but I'm blanking on the specifics...

    Or else! :P

    Let's hope he doesn't take that whole, "I'm a legend!" thing and have it go to his head. Seriously though, I just can't see how Punk beating HHH in a hard-fought match REALLY helps him... Yeah, Trips is a however many time champion and all, but he's also not an active wrestler anymore. What SHOULD happen is Punk goes out there and annihilates Trips in under 10 minutes. What WILL happen is they have a hard fought match where one of them(I honestly can't say who) wins after a 25 minute war. With the heat he had coming out of the Cena matches, you'd think Punk would be a) the champion, with Cena chasing, or b) would be on a rampage beating the hell out of people in order to get his belt back. In closing I guess HHH PROBABLY will put Punk over, but I bet he won't put him over strong...

  34. Bro I literally asked that question because I thought you'd forget about that epic match. Also, I really enjoyed the HBK/HHH HIAC, as well as HHH and Jericho and HHH/Batista. Oh, and both 3 stages of hell with Trips and Austin/Michaels were fucking classic matches.

    Awww shit... It just got real. Lol

    I don't know... the last time we saw trips he did take Taker to the limit and maybe that's what Punk needs is a big hard fought win, because both of his wins over Cena weren't clean. There was either a small distraction he captilzed on or Cena's foot was on the rope. Whether he beats Trips clean or not would still help Punk and put him over as a Main event guy more than a match with Nash. And if he loses via Nash, he still gets that babyface sympathy Rock would have back in the day. Plus, let us not forget Trips has put over Shelton, Batista, Cena, and Sheamus clean on more than one occasion and only two of those four were as over as Punk is.

  35. That time period from like 1996-2003-ish I remember REALLY well. The HHH/Austin 3 stages match was INSANELY great, and I loved the HHH/Batista Cell match. I was never a big fan of the HHH/Jericho Cell match, mainly because I was a huge Jerichoholic at the time and was sick of him being HHH's bitch for life!

    Oh, it's BEEN real! :D

    I guess I see your line of logic here, JT. Punk IS missing that BIG name victory on his resume. The only thing is that this is gonna be a Trips who hasn't wrestled in months, so common sense says he SHOULD lose to Punk. And with Punk being the heel here(I guess?), he'll probably have to win through some sort of cheating, which won't really help him much in the eyes of the marks. Now if he beat Trips CLEAN, with no cheating/outside interference, that would be a nice feather in his cap, but anything else has to be seen as a failure, to me at least.

  36. Haha, man, Jericho was always my favorite, moreso than Rock and everyone else. Also, one of the greatest things ever about the year 2000 was the reign of King Kurt and his run as Euro-Continental Champion. That's still one of the greatest things they've done.

    Hmm... all I have to say to that is. Hoooo train! Lol, I don't know why but I find it hilarious he had a train of ho's. Not a bus... not a boat... but a train.

    To be honest, I see Punk losing here ONLY because it's the beginning of the feud. He doesn't need that momentum now as much as he would post feud when he gets his rematch with Del Rio. So you turn HHH heel with the whole Nash thing have Punk overcome the boss, then when that finishes around Survivor Series with Team Punk vs. Team HHH, you move Punk on to Del Rio and Cena on to a filler feud with HHH I guess or something Rumble based to keep his attention until he gets his feud with Rocky.

  37. I love Jericho and all, but nobody can ever top the Rock in my book. Yeah, Kurt's 2000 was pretty amazing, he just kept climbing the card, getting more entertaining, and getting better and better in the ring until he was one of the best.

    HA!!! Why WAS it a train exactly... I mean a car? Sure, okay. Even a bus. But a train?! The hell is that?! What is it, 1930 or something and your hoes had to travel by train or something?

    Hmm, but then you're doing the whole, "Rebel vs evil boss" storyline again... That's been beaten into the ground like crazy since the late 90's. I guess you could turn HHH because he's always been a better heel and all, but then he's just another in a long line of evil authority figures. Maybe that's what's bugging me about the idea of this feud. The most logical thing to do is a Trips heel turn/make him Vince 2.0, and that's so played out...

  38. Now don't get me wrong, I'll always be a Rock fan but Jericho was always my main man, during their feud I rooted for Y2J all the way. Cause the Ayatollah of Rock And Rollah was one BAD MAMA JAMMA! :P

    Lol exactly! That's one thing I can't stop thinking about when I see Godfather now. Also, it's amazing how much hype Tazz had before his debut and how sucky his career got in the WWE. Also, Too Cool was so damn over...

    True, but that's all it's been if you think about it. Since the beginning it was Punk rebelling against the system and the boss, whether it's Vince, Johnny Ace, Trips, or Cena as a product of "the system" that's all it is, is an updated version. The only difference is, Punk's not watered down like Cena was for the Cena/Bischoff shit they did, so Punk can give it that Austin feel bit with a different spin on it.

  39. HA! I can definitely understand that. They'd be like 1a and 1b for me, but Rock would have to be 1a. There's a reason he's the MOST Electrifying Man in Sport's Entertainment. With a name like The Great One, how could you pick anybody over him? :D

    Tazz came in and gave Kurt his first loss, no? He was CRAZY over when he came in. But then injuries and feuds with announcers ended his WWE career before it ever got started... And the were! The pop the frigging WORM would get was just crazy... Although I'd say it was Scotty and Rikishi who were the over ones... BC was kind of like the Billy Gunn of the team. You'd have the partner who could pop the crowd(Road Dogg or Scotty), and then the OTHER partner.

    Oh, Punk definitely seems to be giving it more of an Austin feel, but the problem is they've gone down this road SO damn many times before... If only they hadn't had random wrestler A vs evil boss figure for like two years or so, this would have felt fresher, instead it just seems like they're trying to recreate the Vince/Austin magic... AGAIN!

  40. Maybe because the Great One isn't the best there is at what he does. Haha, yep, Jericho indeed stole Wolverine's catchphrase during his last WWE run. :P

    Well they didn't count that because the Tazzmission is an illegal choke apparently, in terms of pinfalls and legal submissions they didnt say his streak was ended until Rock pinned him on RAW. And that's a good point, he was just there pretty much getting a pop from his partner, I guess the same could be said about Matt, whereas Edge and Christian or the Dudleyz had equal pops and heat during their tag runs.

    True, I definitely agree with that, but eh, it's working. So as long as that's what happens I'm happy, just keep giving us great segments, matches, and give us Punk/Austin as well as Rock/Cena and maybe even Edge vs. Christian (as they seem to be planting seeds..)at Mania and I'll be a happy S.O.B. Those three matches alone wold make it one of the top three Manias, regardless of the undercard.

  41. No shit!? I had NO idea! That's actually pretty awesome!

    I think that was more Kurt's excuse for the loss. Since Tazz was still using the Tazzmission to defeat people after the fact, it had to be considered a legal hold or the refs would DQ Tazz for using it. But yeah, I do remember Kurt going off about how that was an illegal choke and thus he was still undefeated. But I'd still say that Tazz beat Kurt first, unless I'm forgetting a segment where Kurt actually got somebody in power to reverse the decision the next night or something. Great points all around there, JT. Jeff was always the way more over Hardy(and apparently the saner one too! Who the HELL would have thunk THAT?!) who could pop the crowd, while E&C were pretty equal as a team, and the Dudleyz had several spots that could pop the crowd that either Dudley could use.

    Yeah, I think the bottom line is that's what's important. If YOU are enjoying it, then they're doing their job. I mean I'm going off recaps and "news" stories and stuff so it's not like I can say, "No, those segments suck!", because I'm not actually watching! :P Here's hoping they DO manage to get Punk into that upper echelon with this storyline, because the E could probably use somebody other than Orton and Cena as their two main players.

  42. Yep, he started saying it all the time. "I am the best in the world at what I do." Yep, Jericho's the man.

    Meh, As far as I'm concerned Tazz was a cheater, a delinquent and a sore loser. Yep, that's me practicing for my run as a heel commentator. :P And they kept saying he hadn't been pinned or submitted for weeks after that until Rock finally pinned him. Then he started his reign of Euro-Continental champ soon after. And thanks man, I'm also shocked that Jeff is the saner Hardy. Speaking of Hardys and E&C, you know who was HIGHLY underused? Rhyno. Besides his feud with Jericho he never really did much in the WWE, but he could go, plus he and Benoit had a pretty good tag chemistry.

    Shit...l not probably, definitely. Hell I hope they push Punk, ADR, Miz, Sheamus, Bryan, Morrison, R Truth, and even Mark Henry who's been a EXCELLENT heel lately so we can get some new matches and a new feel other than Cena/Orton wins all day everyday.

    Speaking of Morrison, he dumped Melina over the phone on Sunday. Lol, thought you'd wanna know so you can get on that. :P

  43. HA! JT: Heel announcer of the future... I like it! :P Were they really calling Kurt undefeated still after the Rumble? That just seems so weird to me because like I said, Tazz kept using the move to seemingly defeat people... I mean if it WAS an illegal choke, shouldn't the ref count to five and then DQ him? Strange... I'd agree with that. I always liked Rhyno. He was a solid mid-card heel/IC-US title contender/champ in my eyes. But then I'm a sucker for most of the ECW guys, so there's that too! :P

    The sad thing is that they WILL push all of those guys, but only for like 3 months, and then they get shuffled back down the card. It's like they're afraid to commit to anybody long enough for them to REALLY get over. Maybe it's because of Jeff Hardy flaking out on them when they gave him the god-push. Maybe that has Vince gun-shy and only willing to keep his proven draws at the top of the card for extended amounts of time.

    HA! That made me laugh really hard for some reason... Morrison is such a little bitch! So he let's Melina bang Batista and who knows who else, and then doesn't even have the balls to break up with her face-to-face? That guy is epic...

  44. You know it, I can't be worse than Lawler is now. And yep, it kept going until about a month before NWO when Rock pinned him on Raw. But yep, he had it "removed from the history books", and speaking from that I just passed when Jericho beat HHH for the belt on Raw and it was erased from the books, that pop was CRAZY. And yeah, Rhyno was definitely a solid upper-midcard guy. I'm sure he'd still be great in the WWE now, he could put over guys like Sheamus in brawling matches or give guys like Morrison and Kofi that win that makes them seem tough, kinda like his stuff with Jericho.

    Yeah, I kinda see their point with guys like Lashley, Lesnar, Hardy and such but at the same time if these guys show their committed and aren't fucking around, push them and test the waters.

    Yep, that's him. Guess he figures it's easier to dump her now that they aren't traveling together due to her release. Oh, and they lived together too.

  45. Ain't THAT the truth! Nobody could be a worse "heel"(and I use that term loosely) announcer than the King has become. He lost to Rock in Pittsburgh I think? Right? I remember that Raw to this day! That pop was INSANE!!! And that count was pretty fast too! :P Sadly though, that match pretty much marked the LAST time Jericho ever came close to beating HHH again. Trips must have heard that pop and been like, "Oh shit, I've got to bury this guy!!" :P Totally agreed. Like the role a guy like Kane SHOULD have right now. A solid hand in the ring, who can give somebody a rub by letting them go over him, although Rhyno would obviously be having better matches than the current Kane.

    Yep. It started with Brock, but I think when Lashley left that REALLY stunned Vince. That seems to be about the last time anybody got that god-push. Hardy was just mega over with the fans, they gave him the ball and he ran with it. We should be talking about him in the same breath as Cena and Orton, but well, you know. After Hardy though, Vince really seemed to get super gun-shy. I guess I can understand Vince's mindset... Do you want to stick with Orton, who is over with most of the crowd and grew up in the company pretty much, or do you want to try to permanently elevate somebody like Punk, who hasn't been around as long as the Cenas, Ortons and Takers of the world? Unfortunately, those above listed guys seemed to have screwed it up for everybody else.

  46. Haha I believe so. Man it's crazy to look back at Angle then and see the guy that would put on COUNTLESS five-star matches with Benoit, HBK and Taker. And sadly the thing with HHH/Y2J is probably true :P If HHH hadn't torn his quad, Jericho would probably have never had that awesome feud with Rock and become the first ever Undisputed champion. Exactly, Kane is hard to take seriously when someone gets a credible win cause he's damaged by his multiple turns and falling then pushes then falling then pushes, whereas a guy like Rhyno was so big and solid he always looks like a credible bad ass.

    Exactly, guys like Lesnar, Lashley and Jeff really ruined it for the guys of today, but in a time where HBK is retired, Trips and Taker are pretty much retired, Show and Kane are past their prime and Edge is retired, you gotta pull the trigger on guys like Morrison and Kofi.

  47. It's really sad watching what Kurt did to his career... I actually read a quote somewhere where Kurt said that he was pissed that he wasn't amongst the top 5 wrestlers in WWF/E history... Maybe if he would have stuck around and not flaked out he WOULD be, but come on, he wasn't even around a decade, how could he possibly see himself as one of the 5 GOATs? Just think about how differently things would be right now if Kurt had never left... You'd have to think he'd be ruling Smackdown, feuding with guys like Orton, Rey and Christian... Yeah, Kurt is a sad case...

    That is an awesome point on Jericho... You'd HAVE to think it would have been Rock/Austin/HHH battling over the unification if Trips would have been healthy. I mean Jericho was the FORTH most important person in the Wrestlemania feud with Trips behind Trips, Steph and Steph's dog! Of course, the greatest what if of all is if HHH's quad wouldn't have snapped, what role would he have played in the Invasion angle? Would he have led the WCW/ECW losers with Steph on their side? Would Austin still have defected and HHH and Rock would have led the WWE guys? Would they have gone in a totally different direction since they had an additional main event guy to use? How would the Two Man Power Trip angle have ended? Naturally there's no way I could imagine WCW ever succeeding under Vince's watch, but it'd be interesting to see what role Trips would have had.

    And yet they haven't pulled that trigger yet... That's what makes me think they're never going to. I think it'll take something like Cena or Orton retiring or suddenly quitting for them to finally create a new PERMANENT main event player. From everything I hear, the Miz SHOULD be that break-out star, but they just won't push him over the top... In a way I think they're happy to do the old Hogan route, but in fast-motion... Build up the current threat of the month(Miz, Punk, ADR, Christian, whoever), push them to the main event, but have them always lose in the long run, at which time you start the cycle all over again. So instead of having TWO top-level faces/heel per show, you have ONE top guy per show and a bunch of lesser looking, interchangeable guys.

  48. Yep, I saw he apologized for that but I still think he should'ver never left. Imagine the matches he'd put on with guys like Kofi, Morrison, Evan Bourne, Punk, Christian, Orton, and ESPECIALLY Swagger! I would LOVE to have seen him and Swagger interact in a mentor/mentee role. And Kurt wasn't shy about putting guys over either.

    I still think about stuff like that, how would it have played out if he wasn't injured, same with Benoit because he and Jericho both had big summers. Benoit was main eventing with Jericho and Austin.

    Sad but true, it looks as if their FINALLY seeing Punk for what he is, from what I here MITB sold an extra 60% over last year and that was the ppv he first faced Cena at over the last few months, so that shows the guy can make some money, so they'd be stupid not to, and if it's one thing Vince is good at, it's realizing who makes money.

  49. Yeah man. If Kurt would have stayed, I'd easily see him in the top 10 at least. And exactly! Kurt's the perfect kind of guy to put in the ring with younger guys to both gauge their talent level as well as teach them the right way to wrestle. And Swagger was MADE to be Kurt's apprentice! Do an angle(heh heh) with Kurt taking Swagger under his wing, Swagger outshining Kurt in a Rumble match or something, and then have Kurt(or even Swagger) turn on him and boom, instant red-hot upper mid-card/main event feud. Yup, Kurt was one of those guys who could go on a losing streak and still be seen as legit due to his accomplishments.

    Agreed again. But then the entire Invasion angle is one of those massive what if's... What if Vince would have brought out the contracts of top WCW guys like Goldberg, Flair, Rey or Hogan/Nash/Hall for the initial Invasion? What if they hadn't aired that HORRIBLE Booker T/Buff Bagwell match live on Raw as the first WWE/WCW contest and aired something like Helms/Kidman instead? What if they would have kept ECW separate from WCW and used the ECW guys as legit wild cards? What if the WWE guys had been more willing to put over the WCW talent(I'm looking right at YOU, Taker!)? You have to seriously wonder if some of those ideas would have changed the course of the Invasion angle or if it was simply damned from the beginning.

    It'd be nice if the E finally did realized that Punk WAS a major star with crossover appeal that they could push, it's just too early to tell... I mean last year they had that white-hot Nexus angle that we were talking about back then, I remember seeing clips of it(sent by you, no doubt!), and they wound up dropping the ball big time with that too. When Punk goes over Trips strong and is pushed as a face on par with Cena on Raw, THEN I'll believe that Vince figured out that Punk is the man who should have the keys to the kingdom. Until then though, I can't help but be dubious...

  50. That angle thing made me giggle haha, and that feud would work perfectly too, Swagger would gain so much and I'm sure Kurt would love someone that can keep up with him, because besides Joe and AJ I don't know if a lot of TNA guys can. "Yup, Kurt was one of those guys who could go on a losing streak and still be seen as legit due to his accomplishments." And there's not a lot of those, other than guys like Kurt, Jericho and Michaels.

    Dude, I listened to Colt Cabana's podcast today (HIGHLY recommended, he talks to Indy guys, current stars like Punk, Samoa Joe, Beth Phoenix, Zach Ryder, released people like Armando Estrada, Domino of Deuce and Domino, X-Pac, and they're always interesting imo.) But he had Hurricane Helms on there and he mentioned the WCW on RAW thing and that match, and it was very damn interesting to hear what he had to say about that, and how they were gonna debut him against Chavo to get the crowd used to them, but after the Booker/Bagwell match they sped up everything and just threw him in there to drop the belt to Kidman.

    This is all true, but the weird thing is, WWE may not have realized it but they've pushed Punk harder than damn near anyone else in the last few years. Hell, he's only been on tv since what, 2006? In five years he's won a combined 5 Heavyweight championships, he's wrestled Mysterio and Orton at Mania, he's a two time MITB winner, he had that huge feud with Hardy, he's led TWO stables and he's a former IC and Tagteam champion. Nice amount of credentials in five years, no?

  51. It's really too bad with Kurt. I mean at this stage of his career there's so much he could have been doing to help the E stars of the future instead of wasting away in TNA...

    I'll never forget that Booker/Bagwell match... I mean I was just blown away at how awful it was. Here's WCW's big chance to show the E fans(myself included since I'd never watched WCW since I was like 10 trs old by that point) what they could do and it was like an extended resthold... That match went a LONG way in destroying WCW. Yeah, I remember Helms/Kidman. I think it was on the Smackdown after that awful Booker/Bagwell match. Chavo/Helms, Kidman/Helms or Kidman/Chavo/Helms would have been a MUCH better choice than resting all of your hopes on Buff Fucking Bagwell! Ugh...

    Wow, he's really done a lot... It's odd though, because even with all of those credentials, he's not in that rarefied Cena/Orton territory, and he SHOULD be! I guess the problem is that his first real title win was killed dead by the way he was portrayed(he didn't even get to LOSE the belt!!), and Hardy feud SHOULD have really elevated him for good, and yet when he dropped the belt that last time he went back to languishing in the midcard. I'd have to think that the marks don't see him as that REAL main event threat yet because of some of that questionable booking. Hell, if I'm correct, he didn't beat Cena clean EITHER match he defeated him in, right?

  52. Yep, now he's getting DUI's and saying he was framed for them... so yeah.

    I read that Buff was supposed to just lay there during the stomping of Booker by Angle and Austin but he hopped and started stomping Booker, and you could tell by how awkwardly Kurt and Steve maneuvered around him that he wasn't supposed to be there. Yeah, imagine if they'd done a cruiser match with a ton of fast paced action instead of that match.

    True, he did lose the belt via Orton, and although he didn't win the feud this year, I loved that Punk used that as a reason for a feud, it made sense and it shows how well of a thinker he is since it was apparently his idea to use that as his "motivation" for attacking Orton earlier this year. And of course he didn't beat Cena clean, haha does Cena EVER lose clean? Come on now X! He got as clean as he's gonna by pinning him after a distraction and pinning him with his foot on the ropes, although when Cena beat Punk on Raw like 2 weeks ago Cena won by distraction from Nash, which I guess is a good thing for Punk as opposed to a clean win by Cena that soon.

  53. Wait, please tell me that you're joking there... How can you be FRAMED for a DUI!? Like, did somebody tie him down, force him to drink, strap him in the car and then somehow control the car via remote control?!? I mean come on, own up to your own mistakes...

    Why do you think Buff was gone so quickly? He sucked! And he seemed to have this bizarre notion that he was a WAY bigger draw then he was... Huh, to be honest with you, I'm kind of surprised he's not in TNA fighting for the title...

    HA!!! I'm sorry, JT... What the hell was I thinking... There's a reason they call him Super-Cena! He doesn't lose clean! I love that the cleanest win you can possibly get over Cena is via a distraction or by Cena being pinned while he's half out of the ring! That's awesome...

  54. Question: Wait, please tell me that you're joking there... How can you be FRAMED for a DUI!?

    Answer: reports that Kurt Angle believes he's been framed in connection with his arrest Sunday morning on charges of driving under the influence.

    Kurt Angle's attorney Frank Smith tells TMZ his client was asked to submit to a breathalyzer test and passed. "We understand Kurt will be entering a plea of not guilty in response to any infractions and/or offenses," he adds.

    Sources close to the 2012 Olympic hopeful say the "cops are just trying to make an example of him."

    Dude... I read that he faked an injury, and his MOM called the WWE Offices and complained that her son needed more time off to heal. Lmao, I died laughing at that.

    Yep, there you go. Super Cena never loses clean, hell I don't even remember him losing clean to Orton in recent memory. Oh, and it was announced Punk/HHH will be no dq and if HHH loses he has to resign as COO. Oh, and he fired Nash on RAW. Oh, and I'm sure Punk will lose due to interference but since this looks like the beginning of a feud it makes sense.

  55. Ahh Kurt Angle... First off, I love that you framed that in a Q&A format. I've got to remember to rip that one off some day... Anyway, back to Kurt. So he WASN'T swerving in and out of traffic, he DIDN'T fail the breathalyzer, and this is all happening because some cops in Virginia, of all places, are making an example out of him? Did I get that all correct? All I have to say to that is simply this... The HELL?!?! It just makes NO sense!! What the hell did he do to the cops in Virginia that would make then be all, "Hey Bubba, is that there KURT ANGLE's car? Let's go git his ass!!" I mean seriously? Why? Kurt seems to be one of those sad cases where he's never in the wrong, and it's always somebody else's fault. My brother is the EXACT same way, so yeah...

    I remember hearing that same story! Supposedly he was/is a huge mama's boy, which is why they did the thing with his mom in WCW, as a rib on him. Yeah, Buff was never the stuff, and everybody had enough.

    Since you're the guy to ask with the current product, when WAS the last time you can recall Cena losing clean, with no shenanigans, no interferences, no funny business at all? So if Punk loses there's no repercussion, but if HHH loses he loses his job? Ah-huh... Idk... I really hate the idea of Punk losing no matter HOW it happens... I mean 12 guys could come out and mug him ala Taker against Yokozuna, and I'd STILL think Punk needs the win. That's kind of the crux of the issue, isn't it? Storyline or no, Punk NEEDS this win to stay relevant, doesn't he? I mean if he jobs to HHH here, and then beats him down the road(say at Survivor Series just for the sake of argument), there's a good chance his heat will be long gone by the time he does get the win(if he does), which means he gets the privilege of staying in the midcard. Yipee! The same thing pretty much happened to Goldberg when he first came in to the E. Everybody figured he'd come in and win the title first shot he had, instead I think he lost an Elimination Chamber match against Trips before getting the win back later, by which time his heat was dead, and he just kind of hung around until he left. I'd give PUNK the win, maybe due to Vince-interference, and let HHH feud with Vince or some other figurehead(Nash?) and get Punk away from him ASAP. Sure Punk gets the cheap win, but I guess that's the best that can happen from the sound of things.

    Oh, and I have to say, I can't believe that it's 2011 and Triple H and Kevin Nash are involved in one of the top feuds in the E... That's just mind-boggling to me...

  56. Haha it needed to be done. And the line "Hey Bubba, is that there KURT ANGLE's car? Let's go git his ass!!" is one of the best things ever. Especially your spelling of git! God that ruled, and you comparing your brother to an Olympic gold medalist is just sad on Kurt's part for welcoming that comparison.

    "Yeah, Buff was never the stuff, and everybody had enough." Check you out rapping, who are you, John Cena? Pre Super-Cena, Post Jobber-Cena.

    God.... The last time I remember Cena losing clean? I... legitimately don't. I'll google it. Apparently he's lost tables matches clean to Orton and Sheamus but the last pin was vs. Orton at HIAC in yeah. Example of that, the co-main event was HIAC Taker vs. Punk for the World title... so yeah. Yeah, but I think if he has a great match, kicks outta the pedigree, and legitimately has to be screwed over in order to lose then it helps him. Rock lost most of the time if I'm not mistaken, but it was the way he lost that kept him strong, and Punk's the most over guy on the roster not named Cena or Orton right now.

    "Oh, and I have to say, I can't believe that it's 2011 and Triple H and Kevin Nash are involved in one of the top feuds in the E... That's just mind-boggling to me..." Amen brother! And Mania looks to have Rock vs. Cena, maybe Punk vs. Austin and apparently Foley may have a match.