Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ratings and Rantings

Hey Todd Squad, Jason Todd here with a big week for Ratings and Rantings. We've got seven hopefully awesome comics, including the first issue of Schism, the last issue of War of the Green Lanterns, the prelude to Spider-Island, one of the last issues of Stephanie Brown as Batgirl, and SO much more. So enough of this lead-in, let's get to the meat and potatoes of the post, the reviews!

Green Lantern #67

We start off with action as Hal, Kyle, John, Guy, and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps charge the Guardians that are possessed by the color corp entities. They quickly realize they have to get the entities to make an emotional contact so Hal heads to the Book of the Black to free Sinestro, Atrocitus and the rest. Kyle draws them escaping from the book in one of the pages and it happens because that's how the book works. Once their free, the respective rings go to each of the Corp Leaders but before they can put them on their overridden and the rings all go to Krona. Krona uses his power to knock Ganthet away and then tries to kill Hal. Hal mentions that Krona's rage is wrong because the Guardians made a mistake and everyone is flawed. Sinestro overhears Hal's speech and before Krona can kill Hal, Sinestro interjects and says that Hal would die for the Corps (he already has...) and Sinestro said he would as well. By standing up to Krona, Sinestro is deemed worthy of a Green Lantern Corp ring, which even shocks him, and he and Hal team up to blast Krona. Krona says he's defeated Hundreds on Lanterns and they aren't turning the tide, and Hal somehow inexplicably uses his ring to kill Krona, who has the power of six rings, but whatever. Atrocitus oversees the killing blow and yells that Atrocitus was his to kill, meanwhile I yell that he should put on some damn pants. When Krona explodes, because that's what happens when you die via ring apparently, the rings fly free to their owners. Interesting enough, Indigo-1 yells asking where Abin Sur is, and Larfleeze yells "Keep the orange one away from me." yet both seem unaware of their actions after they get their rings. After the fight is over, Sinestro is still wearing the GL ring, whereas his Sinestro ring has went to someone else. (Maybe the Weaponer can take over his Corps?) The Guardians note that no Ring should've been powerful enough to kill a Guardian, referring to Krona being killed by Hal, and also note that they will decide what to do with Sinestro and his new ring. The Guardians then determine that Hal Jordan is dangerous, he hid his actions before Krona's attack and killed a Guardian, and they dishonorably discharge him from the Corps and take his Green Lantern ring! The issue ends with Hal being transported from Oa to a random spot on Earth, saying "This isn't how it was supposed to end." I figured with the Sinestro news, that Hal would lose his ring but that was shocking... I wonder what happens now and how he gets it back. I'm also curious as to how Hal killed Krona and where Sinestro's ring went, I'll give this issue an 8.5/10.

Guardian: In the past, we may have considered Hal Jordan the greatest Green Lantern, but now... he is the most dangerous.

Deadpool #40

Things start with the Merc with a Mouth being locked in an asylum, screaming that he's not crazy. We then jump to seeing that his defense attorney is none-other than Jessica "She-Hulk" Walters, and she kept him out of "The Raft", a prison for criminals with super-powers, but since Deadpool is Super-Human, he doesn't fit the criteria, and therefore belongs in a normal asylum. We then see Deadpool apparently has a friend in a Dr. Whitby. Deadpool tries to break out and Whitby allows him to use her as a hostage, but when DP finds out he's in England, he's a bit shocked and manages to get shot in the face, which knocks him unconscious for thirteen minutes. Whitby gets upset, saying Deadpool isn't crazy, if anything he's a troubled man, and it's a wonder he can move or speak. When DP wakes up thirteen minutes later in a glass cell, he tries to break out of the room and fails. Meanwhile, we see Dr. Whitby making an inmate do a puzzle, the inmate is in for committing Mass Murder, and the puzzle she's making him do apparently is a puzzle version of a picture of his murdering spree. Interesting that she'd take that approach to make him feel bad about the murders, and he replies that he doesn't like the puzzles, as Whitby walks away with a smirk. She then walks over to Deadpool, and he tries to chat her up so she'll free him, but when she comments on his scars, Deadpool realizes he doesn't have on his costume, and starts to get upset and claims people are laughing at him. He gets enraged, but Whitby tells him that his cell is unlocked. Deadpool takes this time to leave his cell and apparently injures ten other inmates so bad they needed to be hospitalized. Whitby takes this time to try to psycho-analyze Deadpool before we then cut over to one of the guys DP attacked, who wants to get back to the asylum for revenge, as this issue ends. Well... I couldn't get into that issue, not enough laughs, very slow story, unnecessary She-Hulk appearance. So yeah, this wasn't the best issue of Deadpool I've read, I'll give this one a 4/10.

Deadpool: Hey, didja see it when I stabbed that dude with his own femur?

Batgirl #23

Things start off with the GCPD being ransacked by three of the five Order of the Scythe members. They manage to get back the suits of the two members Batgirl defeated recently. Batgirl, recently back from her trip to the U.K., finds out that her former unwanted sidekick, the Grey Ghost, has been killed in her absence. Batgirl then gets some info from Detective Nick Gage about his past as a Reaper. We find out that when he was a Reaper, a heist went wrong and it lead to his fiance getting killed. Gage then tells Batgirl that Grey Ghost's dying words were "find Batgirl" and gives her a recording he left for her, explaining the Scythe's plans. I can't help but feel Clancy was killed here because of the reboot, and had it not happened he would've been around much longer. When Batgirl finds out that the two former super-powered suits she took down are being broken out of prison, she heads there. After calling Batman and Robin, and finding out the Dynamic Duo and the Birds of Prey are all busy, so Batgirl decides to go in alone, against the five super-powered villains. Before she goes in, she tells Gage to give Babs Gordon a call, because although she'd never say it, she digs Detective Gage, as Batgirl drops into the prison as Gage looks confused. Batgirl takes a beating but finds out Order of the Scythe Suits are there to keep everyone busy and murder their client, so Batgirl yells out "SHAZAM!" Surprisingly this brings her allies, in the form of Supergirl. Stargirl, Bombshell and Miss Martian. Now that's a Teen Dream Team if I've ever seen one, just add Ravager. The Furious Female Heroines take it to the Reapers and quickly dispose of all of them. Supergirl mentions making this team-up a regular thing, that I hope alludes to a future comic, which I doubt. The second to last issue ends as Batgirl goes to find out who the "client" is, as we see it's none other than her father, the Cluemaster. Well that was a surprising swerve, I'm wondering how the final issue of Stephanie and Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl series will end, but it's going to be bitter sweet. This was a fine issue, but of course it seemed rushed for obvious reasons, I'll give this issue a 8/10.

Batgirl: SHAZAM!
Jabberwock: Wait... Guys, she isn't magic, right?

Red Robin #25

Tim Drake's getting raped, or that's how we start anyway. More and more like Dick Grayson each day, eh Timothy? Anyway, he's "saved" from being raped by the half-sister of Ra's Al Ghul, by Cassandra Cain. Cass manages to subdue both Promise and the younger Al Ghul. Cassandra then frees Tim and stabs him in the back with a sword that protrudes through his chest. Once his blood pours onto the floor, it's confirmed as his and a door opens, allowing Cass to be immortalized among the past Assassination Tournament winners. As Cass takes her place, a laser takes a shot at her but she's tacked out of the way by Tim, who faked his death with the help of Cassandra, a collapsible katana, and a blood pack that contained a pint of Tim's blood mixed with glycerin water. Pretty damn clever, Timmy. Tim talks to the mysterious man that's lived for centuries and apparently wanted him dead, and he asks where Tim see's himself in twenty years. We see images of his grave, a futuristic Batman in Red and Black, and Tim sitting at a Giant computer, which all seem viable. Tim claims he doesn't plan that far ahead, but the mysterious voice says Tim has likely just thought of three scenarios, but Tim will actually be by his side. Tim then realizes that the base their in is going to explode soon, so he and Cassandra high-tail it out of there as it explodes. After realizing he has no answers and a ton of questions, Tim tells Cassandra thanks for helping, and she asks if he'll help with Cricket, to which he replies that he will after tying up some loose ends. We then see Tam Fox slap the taste out of his mouth after finding out her father's death was a ruse constructed by him to help find a criminal. She says she fell in love with Red Robin because he was cool, but the man under the mask is just cold. We then see Red Robin and Black Bat get their asses handed to them by Cricket in Hong Kong, a ten-year-old kid who is fast enough to seem as if he has power from the Speed Force, and is one of the deadliest fighters on the planet. Tim uses the six weeks healing from his dislocated shoulder and jaw, and three broken ribs, courtesy of Cricket, by getting a new apartment with his own base, and of course, "assassinating Captain Boomerang"?! as this issue ends. This was another good issue, I like how the loose ends are tying up, but the Cricket ass-whooping didn't help him or Cass.. so that was weird to just throw in there. Anyway, the next issue of Red Robin is the last one, and we finally get to see Tim get revenge on the man that killed his father, so that alone should be worth the price of admission, I'll give this issue a 7/10.

Red Robin: He left Cass with something worse: the promise that he'd fight her "for real" next time. (Dayum, burn by Cricket!)

Green Lantern Corps #61

John Stewart, taking angry black man to a whole new level. (That's what they SHOULD'VE put on the cover.) We start off seeing thousands of Green Lantern rookies taking their rings off one by one and throwing them into a gigantic green hill of rings. One rookie thinks she deserves it, so she flies off with it. We see that her name is Qurina Vint, and she's the first person from her planet to be inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. She's a cop who got her ring during the Mogo fiasco, even though she was in the middle of a drug bust gone bad. Qurina flies off and finds John, who still feels bad about killing Mogo, and she says maybe he can relate since he's the only person who feels less welcome there than her. John agrees, and she explains how she was a cop on her planet and she feels she can do it on a cosmic scale. John tells her if she wants to prove her worth to veterans and such then she should report to basic training with Stel. She agrees but she gets a message on her ring that says she has an emergency in her sector, and since she's the only Lantern for that sector now, she goes to help, and John follows after her. When they arrive to the planet, they realize it's pretty much a civil war, so the first thing Qurina does is remove the weapons from both sides. That causes them to send airships for attacks instead, so John has Qurina keep everyone from killing with each other and heads to talk to the leaders of the two factions. Of course John solves everything and by the end of the mission, tells Qurina to remember that her ring isn't the only weapon she has, her brain should always be used just as much as the ring. The issue ends with Qurina saying she plans on attending Stel's training and she notes that she plans on telling anyone who will listen that John Stewart mourns what he did to Mogo more than anyone will ever know. Well this was a find issue, nothing happened of course, because it's the second to last issue before the reboot, but it was fine for what it was, I'd give it a 7/10.

John Stewart: When your only tool is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail. Don't ever forget that this weapon on your hand is only as good as the one between your ears.

Amazing Spider-Man #665

We kick things off with Peter Parker and his former-crush turned one of his best friends, Betty Brant, and how they always try to hang out the first Friday of each month for movie night. But in typical Spider-Man fashion, he has to break off the monthly movie date with Betty due to always being busy, between working at Horizon Labs, being a member of both the Avengers and the FF, and his original Spider-Man duties, he's pretty damn busy. Betty gets upset at Pete standing her up and says that she misses back when he was a struggling photographer, which upsets Peter since Betty has been on him for years to make something of himself, so he kind of snaps on her and hangs up. Betty's boyfriend, Flash Thompson (secretly Agent Venom), then comes to check on her before he leaves for a secret Venom assignment. He promises her he'll take her to see her movie when she comes back, but sadly it's only going to be playing today, (it was in theaters for ever but Pete kept standing her up), and Flash remarks that it's in the worst part of town but if that place is still standing, he'll taker her when he gets back. Betty decides she can take care of herself, and after Flash leaves she heads out to see the movie. On the way to the theater, she of course manages to get grabbed, and the next thing wee see is Glory Grant running through a hospital saying she's there to see Betty. Glory calls Pete and tells him what happened and he immediately thinks of the time he let a criminal run past him and that led to Uncle Ben's death, as he puts on his Spider-Man suit and goes to look for whoever hurt Betty. In the waiting room we see Robbie Robertson, Glory Grant, Mary Jane, Carlie Cooper and more of Pete's friends, even J. Jonah Jameson shows up. We see that Flash has been contacted and is on the way back to New York and Aunt May and Jay Jameson are waiting for him at the airport. Betty apparently wasn't sexually assaulted but has a cracked rib, head trauma and swelling on her brain. Jonah has brought a neurosurgeon from Mount Sinai, and he notes that he's lost Marla, he refuses to lose Betty, who is like a daughter to him. He says if you think he's been tough on crime before, wait until now. We then see Spider-Man, beating a small-time crook senseless, looking for answers of Betty's attacker, and he finds her pendant that her mother gave her. Spider-Man demands a name from the crook and finds out the guy who attacked Betty's name is Harlan Finch. We see Spider-Man beat the hell out of a ton of criminals, all the while demanding leads on Finch. Flash finally shows up at the hospital, and is upset he wasn't there and was on a mission as Venom. May eventually notices Peter isn't there yet, MJ tries to cover for him since she knows he's Spider-Man, but Aunt May says to stop making excuses for him because this is too much. Peter finally finds Harlan but before he can get him, Aunt May calls and dishes a guilt trip, saying she hasn't been this disappointed in him since the night Ben died. She says how he disappeared the night Ben died instead of staying with her, of course she doesn't know he went after Ben's killer, but Peter apologizes. Peter abandons his chase for Harlan and manages to make it to the hospital before Betty wakes up. When Betty wakes up, Peter returns her locket which makes her quite happy, and the two finally enjoy their movie night, as Peter sits next to Betty in her hospital bed as this issue ends. Now this was a great issue, Dan Slott usually brings it and this was no different. Everything about this comic was great, you felt Peter's rage, Betty's disappointment, Flash's guilt, everything worked here, I'll give this a 10/10.

Spier-Man: Who sold you this?! HIS NAME! NOW!

X-Men: Schism #1

We start things off with Wolverine arriving home, with spears and ninja stars (shurikens) sticking out of his chest. He finds out he apparently has a combat class to teach, per Cyclops' orders, but Wolverine is sleepy and tired so he dismisses the class. He goes to finally catch some Z's, but Cyclops tells him he has a speech to deliver in Switzerland, and for some reason Wolverine needs to be there, so he agrees to come with Scott says he can sleep on the plane. They arrive at the Conference and they talk about Scott's speech, all the while making jokes at one another's expense and showing that their relationship has come a long way, which makes the impending break up more meaningful, so nice work Mr. Aaron. Scott's speech is apparently to get everyone to deactivate their Sentinels, considering they've claimed the lives of so many mutants and humans alike. During his speech, someone walks in and interrupts, and that someone is Quentin Quire a.k.a. Kid Omega. Quire uses his psychic powers to make every politician there speak out their horrible deeds, including someone beating their children because they enjoy it and a man cheating on his wife of thirty-five years as she low dies from Leukemia. Everyone blames the X-Men for what's going on since Quire referred to himself as the future leader of the X-Men before committing his deed and disappearing. This leads to at least six Sentinels being activated and told to attack any male mutants, which includes Wolverine and Cyclops. They dispose of the Sentinels and manage to catch Quentin pop up on television, saying how he singlehandedly made the Earth's leaders into puppets and he did it for mutantkind. Afterwards, we see Mr. Kilgore announce that due to the recent developments, Kilgore Brand Small Arms are now half-priced. As Kilgore leaves, he see's his son, Kade Kilgore, is in his car with him and has a gun pointed at the elder Kilgore. He mentions how he's slowly taken over the company, being a child prodigy and all, and has even taken Kilgore's driver and bodyguard Bessy from him. Kade then shoots his father and lets him fall from the hover-car as he remarks that he just killed his father and took his company and feels no remorse, before telling Bessy to take him to the clubhouse to meet with the others. Back on Utopia, while Cyclops, Emma Frost, Namor and Magneto discuss the current news, Wolverine drifts away and gets a box from Kitty Pryde. He then takes it to a teenage mutant, a young fourteen year old named Idie that was going to be in his combat class. He gives her a doll, which relates to earlier when he said a girl her age should be playing with dolls, and she remarked that she had one once but it was burned when she was accused of being a witch. It seems Wolverine has taken a shine to the young woman, the same paternal shine he took to both Jubilee and Kitty. So Wolverine and Idie eat ice cream together and bond a bit. This is interrupted when the news reports that many countries have started to build even larger, more powerful Sentinels. Cyclops tells Emma to get on Cerebra and tell everyone with an X-Gene whats going on, Storm thinks he's acting too fast but Cyclops says he wants to be prepared. We then see Kade Kilgore at his clubhouse meeting with a bunch of hooded figures, as he mentions how he's the one who freed Quentin Quire, although Quentin is unaware. The issue ends as the twelve year old Kade Kilgore takes his spot as the new Black King of the Hellfire Club. Now this was a really good issue, I'm new to the X-Men comics but I never felt lost or unaware of what I was reading, which is good. I'm wondering how the actual Schism between the team will start, as I know it will now include Kilgore, Quire and a bunch of Sentinels, but this was a great start, I'll give this issue a 9/10.

Wolverine's sign: Logan's quarters, Warning: trespassers will be stabbed repeatedly.

And just like that, that's all for this week's edition of Ratings and Rantings. I had a pretty good week with Schism and Spidey especially, and DC's bittersweet since Batgirl and Red Robin are ending soon, but all in all this was a nice week for comics. But I'm outta here, thanks for reading and be sure to vote on this week's weekly poll. So until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, until next time, Keep Cool my babies!

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Batman: Gates of Gotham #3, Power Girl #26, Superman/Batman #86, Titans #37, and War of the Green Lanterns: Aftermath #1,


  1. Hmm, where to begin... I know, the poll!! My favorite part of this godforsaken blog! :P I went with Schism for two reasons. Reason the first, maybe NOW we'll finally fix the X-books after like five years of non-stop sucktitude. Reason the second, I can't really say I'm looking forward to the reboot... I mean, I'm interested in it, but I'm not really overjoyed about it...

    Okay, I actually read most of the books you reviewed for a change, so I can comment IN FORCE! Well, except for Spidey... I haven't read that one yet... I don't get the hate for the DP comic... I mean, I thought it was funny... And what really constitutes an unnecessary She-Hulk appearance exactly? Then again, what exactly would be considered a necessary She-Hulk appearance... Wrap your brain around THAT one! :P

    We seemed on the same page with the Batgirl comic, even using some of the same thoughts... Scary...

    The fact that you managed to LOGICALLY work in Dick Grayson's unfortunate rape at the hands of Tarantula in your Red Robin review has me bowing to your Bat-wisdom, JT... And I don't normally bow to ANYBODY'S Bat-wisdom but my own! Even I didn't make the connection on that, so huge props.

    Skipped the Green Lantern Corps review('cause I don't care and all), but that first line made me crack up.

    And as for Schism, we seem to be on the same page with that one. On top of that, you gave it just about the highest praise a newbie to long running series could give it when you said, "I'm new to the X-Men comics but I never felt lost or unaware of what I was reading..." You see, DC, you don't have to completely blow up your company, comic fans are smart enough to get into books they hadn't read previously if the writer does their job!!! If somebody wants to get into a series like Superman, you don't HAVE to start from scratch, just have a good writer tell a good story, and bam, new fan.

    Jeez, I hate when you have a lot of books to review, it makes me type a lot... I've typed so much I feel like I should be signing off with an "X out!" or something... Aww what the hell... X out!

  2. First off, I LOVE long comments so no harm, no foul buddy boy.

    I like Schism so far but my vote went to Spider-Island. Spidey's been excellent the last few years and I think this is going to continue to be excellent and bring a new twist to the Spider-Man Status Quo, plus we finally get to see Flash Venom vs. Eddie Anti-Venom!

    You commenting IN FORCE makes me laugh for some reason. And Deadpool... I just couldn't get into it. Too much psychological jargon, not enough Deadpool comedy, especially after that Hulk issue. And hey, She-Hulk is a fine character when used right, but I felt she had no purpose here but to be green eye candy, not that I mind that.

    Yeah, I saw that over on your blog, same with Red Robin actually. And the FIRST thing I thought about when I saw Tim tied up and the naked chick was Tarantula and Nightwing. And thanks for bowing to my Bat-Wisdom, sensei.

    "Skipped the Green Lantern Corps review('cause I don't care and all), but that first line made me crack up." Glad you enjoyed it, It's SO true though!

    Couldn't agree more about Schism. Besides, I had a question on Quentin when I read it but ten seconds later and a trip to Wikipedia solved all that. Either way, I'm happy, especially since I got the last issue of Schism my shop had, so the fact I enjoyed it was icing on the proverbial mutant cake.

  3. See, you say something like that and then I want to KEEP giving you LONG comments! Trust me, that'll get tired after a while!! :P

    Wow, I could have sworn you picked the Reboot! You have surprised me, JT! I'm not sure if Spider Island is gonna be a real game changer(I'm sort of getting the vibe that it's gonna be like Shadowland, which was an okay story, but didn't have a lasting impact), while the Reboot and Schism should really shake things up.

    IDK, I actually think Shulkie's appearance was warrented here... I mean she IS a super-human lawyer, so in a way it makes sense that she'd be the one tabbed to defend Pool. Last I recall(and who knows if this hasn't changed by now), Shulkie's law firm dealt in superhuman law and stuff.

    Oh, so you went to Wikipedia, did you... What, I'm not GOOD enough to ask a Kid Omega question to?! :P You know who probably would have known the answer to whatever question you had? Alien, because I'm pretty sure he's a big fan of Quire. And the term "mutant cake" REALLY creeped me out for some reason, and I can't really figure out why...

  4. Bring it jabroni, lol.

    I'd agree, but from my POV, whereas I'm kinda new to X-Men and I have mixed feeling about DCnU, the Spider-Island story is going to feature Spidey, Venom, Anti-Venom, as well as other Marvel heroes and villains that I'm a fan of, so that interests me a lot.

    I felt like the whole scene was kinda pointless, they could've summed it up with one guy saying "Since DP is actually superhuman and not superpowered, that's why he's here and not at blah blah blah", but that's just my opinion.

    Lol, nope, you're never around. Hell, when was the last time we even did a Skype chat! :P And I forgot Alien was a Quentin fan. But yeah, even the stuff with Kilgore was easy to get into, and I loved the line about the older one smacking Bessy's behind and ogling her busom. It was such a kid yet adult thing to say.

  5. Mmmm, I hear ya. Like I said though, out of those three events, I get the feeling Spider Island is going to be a sort of throwaway deal, while the other two should have long reaching effects. But then again, you've got Dan Slott, so throwaway or not, it SHOULD be awesome!

    Eh, anytime we get Shulkie throwing law at people I'm happy... What?! I'm a Shulkie mark! So sue me! :P

    Skype??? Que es Skype?? I loved the line where the younger Kilgore was like, "Well Bessy's on my side now because I don't smack her bottom and ogle her bosom." and his old man was like, "That's because you haven't even hit puberty yet!!" I actually wonder if that'll come into play later on... I mean most mutants manifest their powers at puberty, so I'm kind of curious to see if that line was put in the story deliberately to foreshadow something down the road with Kade...

  6. This is true, Slott brings the A Game to damn near every story so I'm really interested in how Spider-Island plays out, although Schism is RIGHT behind it IMO.

    Wait what?! When did you become a She Hulk mark? :P

    Lol, point taken sucka! That is a good point, because that could just be a throwaway line for a joke or it could have bigger implications, like most of the dialogue in this issue of Schism.

  7. ... totally agree about how easy to catch up was this issue as a new reader on the x-book (I only reed the Grant Morrrison run) all made sense for me, and the only unfamiliar guy for me was
    Kilgore but you don't need to know anything from him to understand this history

  8. See, that's two votes for Schism easily being a jumping in point, although I feel like Idie's gonna die... And I couldn't agree more about Kilgore.

  9. Dan Slott is, as I'VE repeatedly pointed out I might add, The Man. Which I guess makes ME the man for realizing that he was The Man early on! :P If you ever come in to some sudden wealth, JT(like if you win the lottery or if I die and leave you all my comics), you should seriously consider picking up some Avengers: The Initiative trades, because that has some of Slott's early-ish Marvel work. He did that Spidey/Torch mini, and the Thing series which only lasted like 8 issues, but Initiative was the first extended thing I read from Slott, and it was my oasis in the sea of shit that was the Avengers titles back then.

    I've always been a closet Shulkie mark, JT. That's right, I'm coming out of the closet and announcing it! I'm here, I'm a Shulkie fan, get used to it!!

    I kind of get the feeling Idie's gonna die too, maybe because of some error Lord Summers makes, which might be the tipping point between him and Wolvie. I mean that awful Gen Hope comic is crossing over with Schism, so it would make sense for one of the Gen Hope characters to die, and it sure as HELL isn't gonna be Our Lord and Savior, Hope!

  10. Lol, I love that you put winning the lottery and you dying and leaving your comics to me in the same sentence, which technically WOULD be like winning the lottery. So you DO own those trades, right X?

    This is huge news to me. Hm... Do you own any Shulkie trades or runs?

    I could see that, I kinda got that vibe that her death would cause things, but that seems kinda obvious at the same time, but we'll see.

  11. Getting a hold of my comic collection would be LIKE winning the lottery to any sane comic fan! :P I actually have the entire series in singles, so yeah, that would work!

    Yup, I have the entire Dan Slott(there's that name again!) She-Hulk run, which leads into the Peter David run, at which point I think it gets canceled/renumbered(as Marvel loves to do!). After the PAD run though, I stopped reading, because I was getting more and more into DC and decided I'd simply not start another Shulkie series. But yeah, even before that I've loved Shulkie, from her FF run to her time with the East Coast Avengers. See that, you DON'T know everything about me! :D

    Yeah, it would be obvious, especially since Wolvie hasn't paid Idie ANY attention in Gen Hope, making his taking a shine to her here seem like it was leading directly to her death. I mean I don't think he's ever said two words to her before Schism #1, where he's suddenly her bestest buddy... But yeah, if we were betting on which character gets killed off in this one, I'd bet heavily on her.

  12. Once again, Falisha Ann is late with the commenting. lol.

    I'm extremely surprised to see you didn't enjoy Deadpool. That's been like your favorite for some time. And then for X to love it, I think this is a time for Falisha Ann to read and see for herself. It sounded like an interesting read. I mean Deadpool in an asylum had to be hilarious. And then an appearance from She Hulk, lol that's a bonus!

    Sidenote: I'm anxious to see how this Spider Island stuff starts out.

    And as for X-Men Schism I'm going to need you to bring your issue the next time you come over. Seeing two good scores from you and X means a damn good read in my eyes. So, once I read it, I'll share my thoughts. :)

    Great reviewing!

  13. Sorry for the late reply guys, long work day!

    X - Is it bad that I already have my ticket in the raffle for your death comic bonanza? We're still friends right? :P

    And is Slott's run REALLY that good? Because now you're making me wanna check it out.

    Lisha come lately! Lol, thanks for commenting, and yeah DP just wasn't one of my favorites this week, but Schism is so I'll bring it for ya and let you give it a read. As for Spider-Island I ready a teaser today, Spudey's girlfriend has his powers in it, and he thought he gave her, and I quote, "a Spidery Transmitted Disease" which was pretty funny.

  14. "Is it bad that I already have my ticket in the raffle for your death comic bonanza?" You BASTARD!!!!! :P Nah, I'm sure you're not the only person waiting for me to keel over, so we're still cool.

    Dude, it's DAN frigging SLOTT! :D Of course it's good! His Shulkie run was as funny as Dan Way's current DP run(if not funnier), and Avengers: Initiative was basically Marvel giving Slott free run to do whatever he wanted in a comic that was LOOSELY connected to the Avengers with a mess of characters Slott himself created! I mean you enjoy his Spidey work, no? So you owe it to yourself to give his earlier works a try. And if Dan Slott is reading this, he can pay me with a personal check or signed comics. Either way is good.

    JT, methink you're the only one who's gonna pick Spider-Island on the poll......

  15. Haha that's pretty sad isn't it? We still love ya though :P

    Good point, in that case I'll read it. Because comparing it to Dan Way's Deadpool is a pretty big compliment. Same with the Avengers one. And Dan Slott doesn't have time to pay you, he's too busy writing awesome Spidey comics.

    Yeah well.... shut up. :P

  16. No you don't! That's the whole point!! Nobody loves the X-Man... :/

    Sweet! If you do pick up a trade or two from either of those series let me know what you thought afterwards, either here or elsewhere, because I recall enjoying both of 'em A LOT! Yeah well, I'm out of school and don't have a job yet... I'm desperate for the money! Please Mr. Slott, I'll keep whoring myself out for you if you give me a little coin! :P

    Umm, good comeback, JT... I guess... *coughcough*

  17. Lol that's so sad but it made me laugh.

    Will do sir. Lol @ I'm out of school and I don't have a job yet. Hell, I DO have a job and I'd still like a little Slott cash! Or a lotta Slott cash.

    Shut up. Oh, Daniel Bryan won SD MITB, Del Rio won RAW MITB, Christian won the World belt and Punk beat Cena for the WWE belt.

  18. That's me! So sad it's funny!! And I'm damn proud of it! :P

    "Slott cash" sounds like something you could play at a casino or something...

    I was waiting for you to fill me in on what happened, mi amigo! You're supposed to be my goto man on all things wrestling! Instead I had to brave strange, other sites to get my info... For shame!! :P Seriously though, I was SHOCKED that they had the balls to go through with that ending. I thought FOR SURE they'd run the tired old, "Punk takes control, beats Cena down for three hours, Cena hits his moves in a row and wins!" route. From everything I'd read Punk was seriously gonna take some time off, I mean he said so in GQ! That means Punk worked GQ, while the E worked GLADD!! :P That's pretty wild... But yeah, this move gives them WAY more places they could go than the simple, "Cena wins again..." road.

  19. Lol, You leave me at a loss for words X.

    Dude. I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I typed it.

    Haha my bad! :P I figured Punk would win and Del Rio would cash in and win so I liked the little swerve where he was gonna cash in but Punk stopped him. Or Punk can just hope it and drop it at Summerslam, which wouldn't surprise me.

  20. Then I've accomplished my mission.

    Hey, don't take credit for my brilliant thoughts! :P

    I honestly didn't think there was a chance in hell Cena was dropping that title to Punk, especially with Punk supposedly taking some time off. It seemed to me that Punk would do the job on the way out, take off 6 months or so and be back as a surprise at the Rumble. I guess they could have Punk leave for a while, have Vince name ADR the new champion, and have Cena play the Austin role, with ADR as the Rock. That way down the road you could have a refreshed Punk come back and do a title unification thing. But that's reliant on Punk taking off for a few months, which I'm not sure they're gonna do now.

  21. Congrats X... you're a hero in Southern America and Norther Ohio. I don't know why, just accept it.

    Hey, I said it, sucka!

    I knew he would, I figured Punk winning gets the crowd behind him and Del Rio cashing in and winning would've gave him INSANE heat, especially in Chicago. I still say he sticks around for a few months, one or two, drops the belt then takes a break. We will see though.

  22. Sweet. Consider it accepted. Northern Ohio, I salute you!

    "I knew he would" HA!! Well damn, I didn't know you had a spot on the booking team, JT! :P The fact that it was IN Chi-town was another reason I figured Punk would lose, because you KNOW Vince loves to piss off the hometown crowds by having their favorites lose. Seriously, I really thought they'd do the most boring thing, which would be to keep the title on Cena. The only problem with the Punk sticking around scenario is that since Vince doesn't want Punk to hold the gold, wouldn't he put him in like a gauntlet match in a cage against everybody on the roster the moment he stepped foot in the ring? And for the Punk character, what's the motivation for even returning to the E? He did exactly what he set out to do after turning down Vince's best offers. Why bother coming back, storyline-wise? They seem to be in a really interesting spot(not interesting enought to get me to watch, but still!), the next move should be really telling as to the direction.

  23. Good ol Northern Ohio, not like that damn Southern Ohio. Their almost as bad as West Durndle.

    Haha, now who's learning? :P That's the good thing, it was like this PPV catered to the IWC. I mean, Bryan Danielson wins the MITB?! Christian AND Punk go over Orton and Cena? I'll definitely let ya know where it goes from there buddy. Same bat time, same weekly ch..bat channel.

  24. Yeah, what's the deal with Southern Ohio?! I mean if it's good for the north, it's good for the south!!

    Yeah, I'll be waiting to hear what happened from you, mi amigo. Once I finish Super Mario World(which I brought yesterday and already blitz most of the way through), I plan on FINALLY dling Mass Effect 2 later on today, so I should be quite busy after that!

  25. You know those southern Ohians... Always player hating!

    I'm glad you finally downloaded ME2, lemme know what you think once you play it for a few hours, just remember to watch Hells Kitchen..

  26. Well, I'm still confident I can win them over. I mean I won over Northern Ohio, so it's just a matter of time...

    Well, here's the thing... I was all set to dl it, but then I saw that you needed 24GB(!!!) free to play it, and since I have one of the old PS3's, I only have a grand total of 55GB to begin with! So what I've decided to do is to head to the mall on Wednesday(since it's only 5 mins from the comic shop) and pick it up there. And you KNOW I'll be watching HK! :D

  27. You know who feels slighted? The people of Eastern and Western Ohio!

    Dayum!!! That's crazy to me. That's a lot of damn space, but awesome that you're gonna buy it. Speaking of comics, are you getting a ton this week like last week or just your average 12? :P