Sunday, June 5, 2011

Top Five 5!

Hey everyone, once again welcome to this month's Top Five 5! As always we're gonna do things just like we always do, I'm going to list each category along with each person's picks. So let's get into it. And just to remind everyone, here's the color guideline:

Jason Todd
Caz Tidrick

Five Characters you want rebooted by DC

Jason Todd (Black Hair, Anti-Hero and not a criminal)
Arsenal (Arm and Lian returned to him)
Wonder Woman
Ted Kord
Vic Sage

Wonder Girl
Donna Troy
Green Arrow

Booster Gold. (I really just want his suit updated.)
Wonder Woman.
Green Arrow
Roy Harper
Captain Marvel

Lian Harper
Barry Allen (can we kill him off in the reboot?)
The Legion of Super-Heroes (here comes the Four-Boot!)
Tempest (Bring him back!) (I second that!)
Wonder Woman

Green Arrow
Justice Society (bring back Earth Two)
Wonder Woman
Red Arrow (make him evil if you want, just don't make him a cat swinging joke)
Garth/Tempest (he doesn't have to be Aqualad, I like the new one, just make Garth a living part of the Aqua family somewhere.
Five Characters you don't want rebooted by DC

Bruce Wayne
Wally West
Dick Grayson
Power Girl
Bart Allen

Wonder Woman (If they were bringing old Wondy back for nothing, keeping the Teen Amazon)
Hawkman (I can't stand him)
Mr. Terrific (Who is he again? Doesn't need his own series)

Wally West
Booster Gold (except for that new suit-I think I'm in love!)
Bruce Wayne & the Bat-Family-I like the current logo for Bruce, and I love the entire supporting cast

Wally West
Kyle Rayner
Tim Drake
Dick Grayson
Bart Allen

Legion of Super-Heroes (enough with the Legion reboots!)
Batman (keep Damien Wayne around, keep Dick as Batman!)
Superman (Man of Steel, Birthright, Secret Origin, Earth One or even a new origin, I don't mind, just pick one and stick with it!)
Lex Luthor (okay, he grew up in Smallville, fine, now leave it, don't monkey with his origin anymore)
(I couldn't agree more, Paul.)

Five Characters you'd send from Marvel to DC

Daken (imagine him meeting Bats)
Deadpool ( ^^^^^)
Black Widow 
Bucky Barnes (Team up with Jason)

Black Widow
She-Hulk (She-Hulk vs. Wonder Woman, anyone?)

I don't really KNOW any Marvel characters.

Um, nobody cause I don't want to see any characters get ruined by Johns/Didio....

(I'd never want any characters to permanently swap universes, but it'd be fun to see these characters swap companies for a year.)
Iron Man
Thing (I gotta ask, why Thing?)
Doctor Doom

Five Characters you'd send from DC to Marvel

Jason Todd (Marvel is good with Anti-Heroes)
Wally West (They'd use him)
Bart Allen ^^^

Green Arrow
Black Canary
Hal Jordan
Firestorm (Adios sucka!)

Captain Atom
Wally West (if it were to mean that he would get used)
Bart Allen (same as Wally)

Roy Harper!
Jason Todd
Bart Allen (circa The Fastest Man Alive series)
Connor Hawke
Black Adam

Lex Luthor

Five Favorite Non-DC or Marvel comic series

Y The Last Man
Morning Glories

Jungle Girl
Grimm Fairy Tales
Morning Glories

Invincible (Pretty diverse list, eh?)

Y: The Last Man
Morning Glories (shocking!!!)

Judge Dredd/2000 AD
Alan Moore's Supreme
Astro City

Category Winners

Top Character we want rebooted by DC - Wonder Woman (Sad she just got one a year ago...)
Top Character we don't want rebooted by DC - I counted votes for Bruce and Dick, so Batman wins.
Top Character we would send from Marvel to DC - Black Widow
Top Character we would send from DC to Marvel - Bart Allen
Top Non-DC or Marvel Comic Series - Invincible

We had some real dark horse winners this go around. I'm pretty surprised that Wonder Woman won for character we want rebooted, yet at the same time I'm not. If this was about two months ago I'd have figured Wonder Woman a shoe-in, but considering we've got an armless Roy Harper, Slade missing two-eyes, and a few other characters I figured Wonder Woman wouldn't be at the top of the list. Batman doesn't surprise me since everyone seems to like where he is, meaning Bruce and Dick. Black Widow coming to DC would be interesting, I'd probably reboot the Birds and put Huntress, Cheshire, Black Widow, Oracle and Canary on the team. Bart going to Marvel would be really interesting, especially as an adult like X mentioned, I'd love to see him run into Spider-Man and a few other Marvel guys and gals. And Invincible winning doesn't shock me at all, as it's clearly one of, if not THE best comic series going right now. But that's it for me everyone, thanks for participating in this month's Top Five 5. Until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off, You stay classy Todd Squad!


  1. Interesting choices all 'round!

    I chose the Thing 'cos he's the guy who's everyone's pal in the Marvel Universe so it would be great to see him in a superhero community where he didn't know anyone. Also, we used to discover the Marvel Universe through Thing's eyes with Marvel Two In One, it'd be great to see the DCU through his eyes too.

    How about next time we have a Green Lantern themed Top 5 in honour of the movie? Top 5 non-human Green Lanterns, Top 5 Green Lantern Writers, Top 5 GL Artists, Top 5 GL series or stories, Top 5 non-DC characters who you'd like to see as Green Lanterns etc etc.

  2. That does sound like an interesting pick now that you explain it Paul, plus Thing would be kind of a one of a kind character in DC, I don't think anyone else is like him there, outside of that Green Arrow villain.

    That's a great idea Paul, thanks for letting me steal it. :P I don't know how many of my readers read that much GL so I may just use the characters you'd like to see as GL's, but I could do one for DC and one for Non-DC.

    Also, I was thinking about making the Top 5 Bi-Monthly instead of monthly, anyone in favor of that?

  3. I laughed pretty hard at the: "Wonder Woman (Sad she just got one a year ago...)" line... It's both funny AND true! :D

    It seems most of us really want to see Wally and/or Bart get used more... Too bad I have a feeling the opposite is gonna happen... I don't know how DC is going to rationalize keeping Bart around if they're trying to make Barry seem younger... Having a grandson hanging around is the opposite of making somebody seem young... :/

    I really liked Paul's logic for the Superman/Lex Luthor reboots... Whatever they decide to do with those characters origins, they REALLY need to make a concentrated effort to stick with it! Of course they won't though...

    What's the shocking part of Morning Glories making my list, JT? That I read it, or that it made the list?

  4. I am also pretty shocked at Wonder Woman being the top choice for reboot, lol. And this round of Top 5 was definitely interesting. It's nice to see the diversity of characters.

    I can't wait for the next round!!

  5. X - Lol it's sad but true. And yeah, I'm hoping Wally and Bart are used more, I mean... that's an excellent point about Barry too, so here's hoping Bart stays relevant, I'd hope him having a mini in Flashpoint could help that, and I'm also hoping they don't kill the character off for the second time.

    Once again, I couldn't agree more with Paul, Superman has SO many damn origins, two that just concluded LAST YEAR, yet it's being retconned already for no reason.

    The fact you READ it X, it took you for goddamn ever...

    Falisha - Thanks Lisha :) I love how sometimes everyone's votes are on the same page, and other times we're all thinking totally different things.

    So yay or nay on two Top Fives a month?

  6. I'm actually a bit surprised to see an adult Jason in the new DCU... That means Bruce has gone through at least three Robins that we know of(Dick, Jason and Damian), which really doesn't make him look all that much younger... And the thing with Bart kind of scares me, because let's face it, this whole reboot is a way to make Saint Barry look younger, so I fear the most for Bart(and to a lesser extent Wally).

    Yes I read it. Now I just have to read issues 7-9 so I can review issue #10 later this week...