Sunday, February 6, 2011

Ratings and Rantings

Hey everyone, Jason Todd here with another edition your that weekly sensation known as Ratings and Rantings. Before we get underway I want to apologize for mistakenly listing Gotham City Sirens for this week's reviews, as I decided to just wait and pick it up next week at the beginning of the new arc. The bad thing is that only leaves us with three reviews for this week's R&R. So, now that that's been addressed, let's see what this week has to offer, starting off with the Aquawar in Brightest Day!

Brightest Day #19

We kick things off with a confused Deadman, screaming at his ring over what he's done to the Hawks. He asks why it did what it did, and the ring says it's a part of the plan. The ring says that Nekron's recent return has caused contamination of the Earth, and the corruption will soon rise in the form of a new evil  to rise in the Star City forest that the ring created. It then notes that the forest holds the key to Earth's salvation. I notes that the twelve people returned to life have a role in saving the world, and how some have completely their goals and bought more time. It also notes that Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and Firestorm are unique and how they were brought back to overcome what held them back in life, whatever that means. It claims that Hawkman and Hawkgirl completed their goals and purified their life forces, and they must be purified to keep the earth safe. We then see Aquaman and Jackson swimming past hungry sharks, as Arthur mentions how out of wack his powers have been since his return to the land of the living. Jackson then asks if Arthur is going to forgive Mera, but Arthur avoids the question. After talking a bit longer and heading to fight Mera's people, they discover their too late, as Siryn and her people wage war on Aquaman, Aqualad and a beach full of innocent civilians. The Aquamen try to defend the many beach-goers, but when Siryn distracts Aquaman by claiming that she's killed Mera, Black Manta appears out of nowhere and slices off Aquaman's hand. Damn Arthur, again?! The issue ends with Aquaman clutching where his hand should be as Manta gets ready to go for the kill. Well... this was... something. The explanation the ring gave was pretty lame, and Aquaman getting his hand cut off AGAIN annoys me so much that it makes no sense. I don't get why that would ever seem like a good idea, let alone a second time. I'll give this issue a 3/10.

Black Manta: What are you crying about, Aquaman? You should be used to that.

Batman Beyond #2

We kick things off with Batman confronting the futuristic JLA as they try to recklessly break into the mall where many hostage's, including Terry's mother and brother are being held by a disgruntled man who used to work for the JLA. When they tell him to stand aside, Terry delivers a perfect Batman-esque "You're in my city, you play by my rules." line that was so good even Bruce complimented him on it. Bruce then walks Terry through what he needs to do to take down the JLA, to which Terry follows to a "T" and takes down the entire JLA single-handedly for a while, until he let's his emotions get the best of him, and is frozen by Aquagirl, who can apparently freeze people, meaning in the future, Mr. Freeze and Captain Cold will be very obsolete. Meanwhile in the Mall, Terry's mom and some other people try to talk down the evil Mr. Jatts, and of course some idiots end up dead after trying to sneak attack him. Back with Batman, a little help and guidance from Bruce frees Terry, which leads to him attacking the JLA again, but he soon realizes that he'll be fighting the JLA to a stalemate for hours so surrenders. He tells them he has loved one's at stake, and will help if they follow his instructions, and the JLA agrees. When they ask what Bats' plan is, Bats says he plans on using the Green Lantern, but GL isn't fully powered due to being concussed since Batman laid him out during his attack on the JLA. Oops! Back in the station, Jatt's starts to focus on his powers, and surprisingly that makes them work better. Who would've thunk it?! Concentration equals Competence. Meanwhile, The JLA and Batman discover an old subway entrance into the mall, as Bruce warns Batman just how powerful Jatts can be with these powers at his disposal, and how quickly he needs to be taking down. This issue ends as Batman and The JLA go to confront Jatts, who seems to have figured out what kind of power he now wields. This was a solid issue, perfectly acceptable and not a bad read. It wasn't amazing but it kept my interest and made me interested in the next issue, which is all I ask. I'll give this issue a 7/10.

Batman: You're out of bounds. My City. My Problem. (Yep, he's Batman alright!)

Amazing Spider-Man #653

We pick things up with our neighborhood Spider-Man going after John Jameson to rescue him, and being confronted by the new and hopefully improved Scorpion. Meanwhile the other two Jameson men, Sr. and Senior are being pursued by the drones, I guess you could call them? Well, that's what I'm calling them anyway. Spidey, who doesn't even seem surprised that Mac Attack is no longer rocking the Black suit and is now back as his original namesake. Spidey tries to web up the Scorpion but his web's don't shoot due to them being so high in the air, or something of that nature. Spidey comes up with a plan and calls the Avengers for help but Squirrel Girl answers the pho...wait.. WHAT?! Squirrel Girl?! I'm reading a comic that has Squirrel Girl in it? Oh dear God... what have I gotten myself into? Anyway, Spidey asks for her to send someone else, someone that has usefulness, but of course she manages to be an idiot and leave Spidey hanging, no pun intended. Spidey then decides to use Scorpion's power against him to break into the rocket so he can save the distressed astronauts. Meanwhile, Peter's boss, Max Modell, is trying to figure out a way to help as well, and realizes that Peter is missing, much like he was when Spidey fought Hobgoblin. Oh yeah Max, you're a genius, figure it out buddy! The Astronauts are saved, but surprisingly enough it's due to actions by Doctor Octopus, who's moreso using this as a distraction to keep him out of mind than actually helping. Meanwhile, Spidey is hurdling towards earth after falling free of the rocket when he's grabbed by Scorpion, who plans on using the Amazing Spider-Man to absorb the impact when they hit the ground. Surprisingly Spidey is saved by Ms. Marvel who decks Scorpion into the ground. Spidey, Ms. Marvel, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Jewel protect the two older Jameson's until Peter remembers that Jameson's wife Marla is with his Aunt May, so Spidey, along with The Thing, Mockingbird head to go save them while Jewel and Ms. Marvel go to the Daily Bugle to protect Robbie and the DP Crew. This issue ends soon after as Peter Parker is confronted by Max Modell, about him, and Spider-Man. This was another good issue of Amazing Spider-Man. Of course Spidey will find a way to keep his identity a secret and save the day, but I can't wait to see how. I'll give this issue a 8/10.

Ms. Marvel: I have eyeball on package... and tango.
Squirrel Girl: I... I have no idea what you're saying. Is that fancy army talk?

And that's it for me Todd Squad, after only three reviews I'm all done for this week's Ratings and Rantings. I'll be back next week with more comics, more reviews, and a new poll. Sadly I don't have an idea for a poll this week so I'm gonna take a break and recharge my polling batteries, if anyone wants to submit a poll, feel free. Until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd, signing off.

Next Time on Ratings and Rantings

Batgirl #18, Batman and Robin #20, Birds of Prey #9, Justice League Generation Lost #19, Red Robin #20 and Amazing Spider-Man #654


  1. Well we BOTH know that you overscored Brightest Day... I'll overlook it though... For now. :P I actually skipped the Batman Beyond review since I'm STILL hoping to get my hands on the eventual trade for the mini-series. As for Amazing, I was going to read it last night, but some other stuff came up...

    6 new comics for next week, eh JT? I'm wondering if you'll be able to actually bust all of them out. :D I'll probably get back to you later, since I've got to go BACK to school...

  2. Haha, sorry X, I didn't venture into the negative score's for Brightest Day. But hey, the ending made me laugh. Hopefully you do get a chance to pick up the Batman Beyond series once the trade comes out...probably in like September!

    Haha, is that a challenge?! I actually would've posted R&R on Saturday if I wasnt hanging out with my dad, so unless I do that again, expect six comics reviewed on Saturday, which you probably won't even have READ yet :P And alright College Boy, Lol.

  3. HA! If ever a comic deserved a -356 for a score, it was BD #19! :D September if I'm lucky! I'd probably be better served trying to pick up the six issues for cheap somewhere...

    Yes. Yes it IS a challenge! I now expect, nay, DEMAND those 6 reviews come Saturday! :D From here I'LL be getting ready to post 3 new reviews. What about YOU, JT! :D

  4. Haha, I won't comment on that. And yeah, I'm sure you could, especially at your shop since ya get discounts or whatever.

    Haha, well bring it on sucka! I DEMAND you review at least three issues of Gen Lost this week, quick hits format. Do you accept?! :P And I won't be posting ANYTHING anytime soon, haha, but I did just read Sirens, the final two issues of Time Masters which I borrowed, and am about to read Cable and Deadpool 26.

  5. We both know it's true! Well, the discount is only for new books, but yeah, I'll probably ask the owner if he has the singles laying around.

    Pfft! We KNOW that's not gonna happen, so why would I accept! I'll be tossing a DC Quick Hits up in a few moments, and I'll probably have a Marvel one up for tomorrow. But Gen Lost... It just seems like such a daunting task, you know?

  6. Who does he think he is, giving out RULES for discounts. How DARE he?! :P And I'm sure he probably will.

    Lol you're such a jerk. You're gonna read them two years from now and say "JT, why didn't I listen?! I love this comic so much, I apologize for my insolence!"

  7. Well, I'm upset because I commented on my phone yesterday but I see it didn't go through.

    But as always, great reviewing this week. Lol, I hate your on a reviewing diet with 3 reviews a week, more reviews = awesomeness!!Sounds like you had some good reads this week. Seems Spiderman stays on your fav list. Which is good, at least you have one good comic to always look forward to.

  8. Awww I'm sorry to hear that babe. And Lol @ a reviewing diet, it's funny because it's true. And yeah, I'd say Spidey and Gen Lost are my mainstays when it comes to expecting a good read.

  9. It's better that the discount doesn't apply to back issues... You don't have ANY idea how many unread back issues and trades I have laying around. The last thing I need is MORE comics laying around that I won't be reading any time soon!

    No I wouldn't. I'd be like, "Man, what a jerk JT is... He could have told me how good this series was!" :D

  10. Good point... I could see you just being BURIED in back issues after buying so many. And all they'll do is cover up something you SHOULD be reading like Gen Lost! *hint, hint*

    I hate you X... so much. Lol, oh, and you should enjoy this.

  11. Haha, I love reading the comments you guys make about each issue of Brightest Day! Do you think they just draw random characters and plot points out of a hat to come up with the story each week?

    I skipped your review of ASM for now since I haven't gotten mine yet, but I'll come back and read it after I've read the issue. I'm sure it was great, though, so I can still confidently say this: Great reviews as usual, JT!

  12. Oh, and I just looked at that image you posted, JT...that's awesome!!

  13. Only one I read from this bunch was ASM and I have to say that I'm glad I'm picking this series up again. Great reviews man. Makes me glad I'm not reading BD haha.

  14. Thanks guys. Marc, I could definitelky see that to be honest. "So.... looks like *pull* Firestorm, is gonna marry *pull* Beast Boy and it's gonna be interrupted by a jealous *pull* Jubilee." "Um... wrong company..." "We'll make it work."

    You guys aren't missing much with Brightest Day, the sad thing is I could sum up the entire series so far with like two sentences, but It's not even worth me doing that. ASM on the other hand has been damn good. Oh and that Wolverine/Natman thing blew my mind.

  15. You actually don't know how many times that's happened to me... A pile of back issues will topple over and I'll see something in there and be like, "Whoa, I didn't even know I HAD this!" It's the same with my trades. I spotted the Batman/Starman/Hellboy one I pikced up a bit back and was like, "Oh yeah, I REALLY wanted to read this!" And of course I still haven't...

    You know, that scenario you pulled out of a hat actually sounds pretty good, JT! I'd read it just to see Jubilee's reaction! :D

    Well JT, it seems we are doing our job of making Brightest Day out to be the WORST COMIC BOOK STORY EVER very well. Did your check from Marvel clear yet? Mine did yesterday. :D

  16. I can imagine. By the way that seems like a REALLY weird team up... I mean Starman, Batman and Hellboy? How.... What.. What's the premise of that?

    Haha, hers would probably be just like mine, a long, disgusted, Hank Hill type stare. Then the Cotton Hill guttural sound.

    Nope, mine had somethin the the memo section from Quesada that said "Don't Cash until after Fear Itself." So I guess I gotta wait til Marvel makes more money. :P

  17. That Starman/Batman/Hellboy crossover is supposed to be pretty good. I'm looking forward to reading it one day myself.

    Speaking of Fear Itself, what are your thoughts, guys? Will you be picking it up along with every tie-in, avoiding it completely, or something in between?

  18. I'll be doing something in between. It looks interesting, but since I don't follow a ton of Marvel characters, plus I'll be following certain issues of Flashpoint, I'll probably pick and choose. Any idea who's getting tie-in's anyway for Fear Itself?

  19. All they've said so far is that the main Fear Itself miniseries will be seven issues, and that it will tie into all of their main ongoing titles. The X-Men titles will be tying in for sure, with the exception X-Factor. They have a prologue issue coming out in March that will apparently feature Captain America and Namor, so I'm sure after that we'll be able to get a better sense of how wide-reaching it is.

    At any rate, I'm kind of optimistic about it. It sounds like it's going to be kind of old-fashioned in the sense that it's about all the heroes teaming up against one big bad enemy, and that kind of appeals to me. As long as they don't get out of hand with the tie-ins and spin-off miniseries, I think it could be pretty good.

    Ah, who am I kidding, of COURSE they'll get out of hand! They always do...

  20. Haha, I don't know, it sounds good and has potential but so did Shadowland and we all see how fast that spun out of control. But I'll definitely give it a try, I just hope I don't end up regretting my decision.

  21. I have NO idea what the premise of that Bats, Starman, Hellboy story is about! All I know is that it was the only Jack Knight book I didn't have and as such I was obsessed with claiming it for my own. If I ever read it I'll fill you in!

    Huh. That's weird. All my checks from Joe Q clear pretty fast. Oh well.

    Marc, JT, I'll be buying EVERY SINGLE ISSUE OF Fear Itself. Every tie-in, every mini-series, every everything. I don't care what the series is, New Avengers, Hulk, even X-Men Legacy, if it's a part of Fear Itself, I'll be picking it up! Since I'm boycotting Flashpoint(and most of DC while Flashpoint runs)I'll have plenty of extra cash to spend on Marvel books. So yeah, DC's loss is definitely Marvel's gain!