Saturday, January 1, 2011

The 2010 Red Hood Awards!

Welcome everyone, friends, enemies, and troglodytes to the first annual "Red Hood Awards!" Tonight, we see which of our nominees will walk away with a coveted Hoody award. We've got a slew of categories with a ton of nominees. I should note I am only counting comics for awards that I've read at least half the issues, excluding Outsiders for example since I've only read like four issues of the current series. Also, I'm only counting things that happened in 2010, so if a Mini-series came out in 2009, I'd only count it if at least three of it's issues came out in 2010. So, the ground rules are set, the readers are reading, and the host is AMAZING as always, let's take a look at the best and worst of 2010! (Disclaimer: The following are the opinions of myself and only myself, if you disagree, please feel free to write your congressman or congresswoman and let them know what an idiot, you truly are.)

Hero of the Year - Spider-Man

2010 was the year of Spider-Man. I know that seems odd but honestly, in a year with Bruce Wayne trying to return back to his current time, Superman walking around the world, Wonder Woman being retconned and turned into a legging-wearing-teenager (?) and so many more weird things, I think it's obvious why I chose Spidey. Spider-Man had an amazing year, no pun intended. Don't believe me? Go read "Shed", "Grim Hunt", "One Moment In Time", and the current story arc "Big Time." In a year where Spider-Man faces his greatest threats, hits rock bottom, and ends the year with one big comeback after another, how can one deny that Peter Parker owned 2010? Oh, also he's hooked up with his new girlfriend Carlie Parker, Black Cat, and his former roommate's sister, Michele Gonzales. So that's why Peter Parker is the hero of 2010, this year alone he's been promoted from living with his aunt to having an awesome job as a scientist, he's actually enjoying life, and his comics have been some of the best of the year. 2010 is the year of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Runner-Ups: Batman (Grayson), Batgirl, and Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Villain of The Year - Maxwell Lord

Has anyone hit 2010 as hard as Max Lord? Lex Luthor had a hell of a year, but has he really done anything? Deathstroke had a hell of a year but his biggest accomplishment was killing Ryan Choi with the help of five other people. But Maxwell Lord, a man who didn't return from the dead until March of this year has already made this a year to remember. Maxwell Lord, mainly remembered for brutally murdering Ted Kord and getting his neck snapped by Wonder Woman, is now barely remembered. This year Max Lord has beaten his former buddy, Booster Gold, almost to death with a pipe. He's made everyone except for choice individuals forget he's ever existed, he's made an evil clone of Power Girl by the name of Divine, and of course, he's brutally killed Magog as well as thousands of innocents, then made everyone believe it was Captain Atom. No one has shown more evil while showing such level-headedness and ability to plan as well as Max Lord. Max has clearly become this year's version of 2009's Norman Osborn. Like they said in the first issue of Generation Lost, "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he doesn't exist", and that's exactly what Max Lord has done.

Runner-Ups: Daken, Lex Luthor, Deathstroke

Best Mini-Series of 2010 - Red Hood: The Lost Days

Say what you want, call me biased, but I honestly think this was the best Mini of the year. It had a set story, we already knew how it had to end, we knew how it started, but the middle was filled in. Over the course of six issues we saw Jason mature, grow, and go through a ton of emotions. We saw a ton of character development, not just from Jason, but from Talia Al Ghul as well. We saw the heartbreak in Jason upon finding that Bruce hadn't killed Joker, finding out he'd been replaced as a Robin, and we also got confirmation of why he does what he does. In a time where Jason has recently been shown as a cold-hearted, red headed villain, we saw Jason Todd, the Black-haired, cocky yet funny anti-hero. We also go to see Talia and Jason's relationship evolve and even give more ammo to my "Jason is Damian's father" theory that I've been mentioning for the last year. Red Hood: Lost Days showed a lot of people a different side of Jason Todd, and hopefully stopped the plans of making him "Dick Grayson's Joker." Plus, it's a very well written story of course.

Runner-Ups: Superman: Secret Origin, Batman: Widening Gyre

Worst Mini-Series of 2010 - Time Master's: Vanishing Point

Best believe If I'd read more than two issues of that UNBEARABLE Return of Bruce Wayne than that would win, but I didn't. I would give it to Brightest Day but I'd say a comic with 27 issues is far from a Mini-Series. And Rise and Fall of Arsenal and Shadowland both ended very crappy but I liked some of the issues too much to trash the whole mini. What does win is Time Master's Vanishing Point. Why, you ask? Well shut up, I'm about to tell you. I was so happy when I heard of Vanishing Point. Hal Jordan and Superman are gonna team with Booster Gold to look for Batman. That just sounds awesome, right? Sadly, this series was not living up to the hype. You'd think this would be a chance to elevate Booster, instead he's the butt of constant jokes by Hal Jordan. "Maybe you should wait until the camera crews show up to help, Booster!" I would've told Hal to shut the hell up considering he went crazy and killed thousands of people and Lanterns, but hey, that's just me. Also, it's STILL GOING. Why the hell is a comic where the three main characters are looking for Bruce Wayne still going when he's already been back for almost three months? When did Superman, Green Lantern, Booster and Rip Hunter become so incompetent? The series was so lackluster and dumb (It included another woman named Starfire but not the one from the Teen Titans and a caveman with a weird arm named Claw) that I dropped it before it ended, even though it's only six issues. So that's my reasoning for giving Time Masters: Vanishing Point the worst Mini of 2010, by a technicality.

Runner-Ups: The Rise and Fall of Arsenal, Shadowland, Return of Bruce Wayne (lucky)

Best Ongoing Series of 2010 - Batgirl

Batgirl is the most consistently good comic of the year. I don't believe I've ever rated Batgirl lower than a 7/10 and that means a lot. Stephanie Brown's trials and tribulations this year have been amazing, and led to some memorable moments like her teaming up with Supergirl, her taking on tech-zombies, and we've seen her stand up to Bruce Wayne himself. (Not in her series, but gimme a break.) The point being that Batgirl will always give you two things, a great story, and a laugh or two. There's few series that will be able to make you connect with a character as well as Batgirl does. Batgirl is written great as well as her cast with everyone from Oracle to Detective Nick Gage to Steph's classmates. I wish I had more to say about Batgirl but all I can really say is it's one of the best series I've read in a long time, and if you aren't reading Batgirl you're missing out. Also, Batgirl is the first comic to actually make me enjoy some of Damian Wayne's exploits, so it's GOTTA be great.

Runner-Ups: Generation Lost, Birds of Prey, Amazing Spider-Man

Worst Ongoing Series of 2010 - Brightest Day

So man choices, so little time. Batman and Robin, Titans, Gotham City Sirens, all subpar comics. None of them are as bad as Brightest Day. The sad thing is, I liked some issues of Brightest Day. The issue where they find out their White Lantern missions, the Brightest Day Special issue where we saw everyone since they'd first come back, I even like Jackson Hyde. But it's been bad as well. The most interesting person to return was Max and he's not in the main comic. The Firestorm story has a ton of potential, yet in the latest issue they really decided to go the route of having them argue and "blow up the universe." Martian Manhunter's little dream about being a Green Lantern (why?!) and then subsequently killing the JLA was one of the worst things I've read all year. And let's not get me started on Batman being hyped as the White Lantern, wearing the ring for like two pages, then leaving, no questions asked.  Brightest Day's inconsistencies are what make it one of the worst series out right now. That and the fact that Reverse Flash came back from the dead even though he apparently was never dead since he was already back by the end of Flash: Rebirth which came out BEFORE the last issue of Blackest Night. So... that said, congrats Brightest Day, you're the worse series of 2010.

Runner-Ups: Teen Titans, Batman, Justice League of America

Most Underused Character of 2010 (The Jason Todd Award) - Wally West

The Jason Todd award stands for the character that wasn't used to their full potential, that was ignored and could have easily been a big part of the year. That award goes to Wally West. For over twenty years Wally West has been The Flash, yet after Barry Allen's return which not only garnered a Mini-Series but an ongoing comic as well, Wally West has been super demoted. He hasn't even been added to the current lame JLA incarnation. Wally has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth, as well as his daughter who was the new Impulse for maybe two hours? Furthermore, upon Barry's return Wally even had to change his suit. Because the guy who's been gone for 20 years should get his suit back but the guy that's been saving the world in his absence should have to change, that makes a TON of sense, right? So a guy that just came back and became The Flash after Bart Allen's brief Flash Run in 2007 has already been demoted to secondary Flash in 2010. So, here's hoping Wally West is used in some capacity in 2011, all without ending up dead.

Runner-Ups: Bart Allen, Connor Hawke, Owen Mercer (Tons of potential, wasted)

Writer of the Year - Judd Winick

This was a busy year for Judd Winick. He's been writing Generation Lost, which would've won best ongoing if it weren't for Batgirl being so good. He's also been writing Power Girl, which has been consistently good as well, plus he wrote the winner of Best Mini-Series, Red Hood: Lost Days. All while seeing one of his creations, Batman: Under The Red Hood, come to life in an animated movie. Not too many writers can connect to a character and make them one of their own. Gail Simone did this with the Birds of Prey, Bryan Q. Miller seems to have done it with Batgirl, Dan Way has done ith with Deadpool, Daken and Wolverine, and Judd Winick has done it with Jason Todd, although he seems to want to add Booster Gold, Power Girl and the rest of the JLI to the list. This year Judd has proved that he's one of the best writers out there, and if you don't believe me go read one of the many comics he's written. In a category with a hell of a lot of competition, the former Real World cast-mate has really stood out above the rest, making 2010 his year. Here's hoping he does the same in 2011, hopefully with a Jason Todd ongoing series.

Runner-Ups: Bryan Q. Miller, Daniel Way, Gail Simone

Character to Watch in 2011 - Booster Gold

I think 2011 is going to be Booster Gold's year. With a impending confrontation between Booster and Maxwell Lord coming up, I can only imagine how that will turn out. I see 2011 as the year Booster becomes one of The Greatest Heroes you HAVE heard of. Tie that in with his upcoming appearance on the Final season of Smallville and I think this may be one of the best years Booster Gold has. Here's hoping the Golden One continues to evolve into a great character. Booster's slowly evolved over the years from a comedy character to a guy with a great head on his shoulders, a hell of a leader and one of the most interesting characters around when he's written properly. Also, I needed to give Booster an award and I don't think anyone's more deserving of this than the current leader of the JLI, I mean the guy was in like four comics this year alone.

Runner-Ups: Daken, Jackson Hyde, Jason Todd ;-)

Most Kick-Ass Character of the Year - Wolverine? Well Maybe not...

When it comes to kicking ass, this was a year that had guys two Batmen, Two Captain America's, a plethora of Hulk's, and Daken, Wolverine and Romulus, who combines have more claws than a bunch of mean highschool girls. But I gotta, and I mean GOTTA give the Kick-Ass award to Wolver- "Hold up... Now I'mma let you finish... well actually I'm not. Because that award belongs to me baby! No one kicked more ass in 2010 than the Merc with a Mouth, I mean, have you seen my shoe bill? I haven't been able to find one of my boots since I broke it off in one of Doc Bong's henchman's butts. I have to get my shoes tied by a freaking proctologist! So I'll accept this award for 'Wolvereen' on behalf of myself, you know how us Weapon X guys are, one big happy family! As for my victory speech, I'd like to thank myself, also I'd like to thank Deadpool, that one guy from Deadpool Corps that's the leader, That one guy Wade Wilson, and Bea Arthur, the hottest angel in heaven! So, if you'll excuse me chief, I've got a date with this award, some tacos, and a Taiwanese call-girl!" Um.... well alright then. Most Kick-Ass Character of the year... Deadpool?

Well that's it for the first annual Red Hood awards everyone. Thanks for reading, feel free to agree or disagree in the comment section as well as suggest anything you'd like to see change or return for next year's edition of the Red Hood awards. Thanks for reading and thanks for helping Jason Todd's Comic Spot make it a full year. You guys are the greatest, and Happy New Year to you all. Until next time, I'm your friendly neighborhood Blogger-Man, Jason Todd.


  1. Love the Toddies!

    Spidey as character of the year? Hurray! Yes! Completely agree. Brand New Day was awesome and Big Time's a couple of issues in but has already topped it.

    Brightest Day as worst series? Boooo! I've loved it so far. Reverse Flash's return is more wibbly wobbly time-wimey (to quote Doctor Who) than inconsistencies and I gotta say I reckon having the universe blowing up is a pretty good cliffhanger. The Martian Manhunter GL issue was a bit poo though. :)

    Speaking as someone who loves Barry I still have to agree with you about Wally being underused. I'm hoping it's just because there were so many delays between issues of Flash that the six issue arc reestablishing Barry took almost a year to finish. Hopefully we'll see loads more of Wally as we build up to Flashpoint. And I like his new costume, it's a bit of Dark Flash, a bit of JLU Flash and a bit of shiny '90s Flash. It's very Wally. Of course it would be nice to see this great new costume (and it's wearer) in action occasionally. ;)

  2. Thanks for dropping by Paul, and I'm glad you agree, this was such a great year for Spidey I couldn't deny him his win.

    I just hated the universe blowing up because I know the're gonna reverse that decision in the next issue because they have to. I doubt It leads anywhere other than them saying, "Oh we should work together so we don't blow up everything again!"

    I also hope we'll get more Wally appearances, I just hope this doesn't lead to him, Jay or Bart getting killed off. I doubt they'd kill Bart this soon but I could see Jay or Wally taking the dirt nap. I hadn't even thought about how similar that costume is to the JLU Flash, so good point on those comparisons Paul. Thanks again for the comment buddy and the kind words.

  3. Thanks for the entertaining read, JT! Nice picks all around, especially Spider-Man and Wally West. And wait, Time Masters is still going? That doesn't make sense at all...

    As far as next year goes, I think you need to have your security tightened wouldn't want Deadpool to hijack one of your awards again! :)

  4. Glad ya enjoyed it Marc. And yes, Time Masters has like TWO issues left and Bruce has been back forever!

    Right? I hired the Royal Flush gang cause they only charged a collective twenty bucks, I should've known better though!

  5. What can I say? I loved every second of it. I take it Falisha designed the awesome J Todd pic?

    I thought Spidey had a great year as well as all the other "best of " picks you made. I didn't read Red Hood (of course), but it got enough praise that I know it's not all just bias. It's like 60/40 I'm sure.

    I'm glad you called out Time Masters, which sounds like it was poorly executed all around. I feel bad for Dan Jurgens, because in my opinion he's a legend. Maybe the last issue will have them all return to before the story ever starts and tell themselves not to even bother. Wouldn't it be great if DC was just like "F*** it!" and used the climax of the story to erase it from continuity? I think anyone who is still buying it would understand.

    As far as Reverse Flash goes, it was mentioned in Blackest Night Flash that the Reverse Flash in Rebirth was the ressurected Thawne who had already gone back in time (from after Blackest Night #8) to bring Barry back in Final Crisis. So part of Barry's dilemma in the BN mini was what would happen to him if he somehow stopped Thawne from coming back. Wow, I should delete all that, because it's redundant and crazy sounding. Thanks time travel!

    And Deadpool totally deserves that award. I just hope he doesn't start a twitter feud with Wolverine.

  6. Thanks Kello :D And you know it, that's Falisha's skills at work.

    Haha, thanks for the benefit of the doubt on the Red Hood thing, and yeah, I'd say 60/40 is about wright. :P

    I couldn't agree more, Jurgens is great and I love ALL of the Booster Gold stuff I've read by him, I just don't get why Time Masters had to be so absurd. He has a great cast to work with, and now that it's outdated just hurts the story even more.

    That confused me EVEN MORE! Thanks Kello! :P And yeah, I hear Deadpool's already getting into it with that Justin Bieber kid...

  7. Nicely done, JT. I'm already looking forward to the second annual Red Hood Awards. Let's see... Where to begin... After reading what you had to say about Spidey, I can't really say I disagree. It sounds like Spidey's had an awesome year. It also sounds like I should lift my Spidey embargo and start reading Amazing again, but that's neither here nor there...

    I loved your pick for best mini, and that was definitely a comic I gave some real consideration to as well. The Jason Todd award was also a perfect pick, I just hope Wally doesn't return simply to die. I could see that happening though... My contempt of Brightest Day is well documented, so let's move on from that.

    I've got to say, I like/agree with everything here, EXCEPT(yeah that's right!)your pick for Character to Watch in '11... I love Booster too, but DC isn't going to get fully behind him... He was created 20 years too late. We're lucky Booster still has an ongoing! To be completely honest with you, I wouldn't be surprised to see Booster's series canceled by the end of the year. And Gen Lost? That's going to come to a close pretty soon too, no? Out of your choices, I'd probably think Aqualad has the best chance to succeed. He's connected to a Silver Age hero in Aquaman, meaning he's sure to get some attention.

  8. Thanks for stopping by X. I'd highly recommend you start reading Spidey again, it's been insanely good, definitely one of my favorite reads of 2010.

    Glad you agree with everything, I see what ya mean about Aqualad and I don't doubt that considering he's on Young Justice as well, but I'd say Booster egst the nod only because of him being the centerpiece of Gen Lost, as well as the brush that Time Masters SHOULD'VE given him, I think they wanna push Booster but he's stuck as a perennial Kofi Kingston for now...

  9. No problemo agimo. If I hadn't left a comment it probably would have meant that I was dead! :D Is Amazing still 3 times a month? If it was monthly I'd be WAY more willing to hop back on-board...

    I hope you're right about Booster, JT. You'd figure DC would be looking to drop some books after Brightest Day finally ends. I mean those BD characters have to go somewhere, right? Hopefully it's not books like Booster or PG that suffer because of that. Ah, I forgot about YJ... See, that's yet another reason Aqualad should have won that category! :P

  10. Amazing is Bi-Monthly now X, so you should be able to swing that. And yeah, here's hoping they don't suffer from that. And damn you X, where were you when I was making picks and being threatened by Deadpool? :P

  11. *applauds* That was a great show!! Deadpool is one funny guy. Lol. I couldn't agree with you MORE about the Hero of the year award. Lol. The Trinity got screwed this year with their terrible story lines. Lol.

    And remind me to hug you extra tight for the Villain of the year winner. Max Lord is THE best. lol. You can't help but to like the guy even if he DID wipe the memory of existence from the world lol.As for the other categories I think everyone who won deserved that award. Lol.

    Great job sir. Can't wait for next year. Lol. Will we get a semi-annual awards this year? Hmm I wonder! Lol.

  12. Bi-monthly? Hmm, that would still be two new comics a month... I don't know... Maybe if I drop something(Outsiders mayhaps?)I'll definitely consider it.

    You should have let me know your winners beforehand, that way I could have told you the RIGHT way to vote! :D Plus, if there was threats of violence, I would have been hiding.

  13. X, you've been buying Brightest Day (a comic you HATE) every week for God knows how long, but you won't buy Spider-Man (one of the BEST superhero comics being published right now) because it comes out twice a month? WHAT?? Let's try and take that in:

    Brightest Day -- 4 crappy issues/month = $12
    Amazing Spider-Man -- 2 awesome issues/month = $8
    Reading awesome comics instead of crappy ones -- priceless

    *This message is supported by Marc, Marvel Comics, Coca-Cola, and Deadpool.*

  14. Falisha - Couldn't agree more, the Trinity really did get screwed on the storyline front. But Spidey hit the "Big Time!" And I'll gladly take that hug, hell Max can have ALL the awards :P And I may do a half year award show, if some of my more loyal followers also clamor for it :P

    X - Hiding? You're supposed to have my back against anyone, even mercenaries and whatnot. :P

    Marc, thank you SO much. I couldn't have put it better myself. Except Brightest Day is bi weekly so there's only two issues a month, sometimes three, but yeah, either way, Spidey > Brightest Day.

  15. Dang it, you guys are making some serious sense here... You know what? I'm gonna do it. As of right now, the infamous, "X's Spidey embargo" is hereby ended. I mean damn, between Marc's dead-on logic, and JT making Spidey his hero of the year(and setting forth some great reasons why), how can I possibly rationalize buying BD, and NOT picking up Spidey? Plus I've loved Dan Slott's work since the Initiative series. Marvel, Daddy's coming home!!!

    PS... I've got your back if any elderly women jump you, JT, but mercs? Sorry, you're on your own!

  16. Awesome! Well Kudos to Marc and myself for getting you to drop that Spidey embargo. So you gonna try to catch up on certain arcs or just jump right in on the next issue X?

    Lol, but that's only if you have a car handy right? :D

  17. Nice, glad to have you back in the Spidey fold, X! I'm not sure why there was an embargo in the first place, but if it had to do with OMD/BND, that's all very much in the three years ago now! Personally I was pretty upset by that whole mess for a while, but then I realized something...the people working on the book AFTER One More Day weren't the ones responsible for the status quo they were handed (much less how that status quo was established), plus they were actually doing really good work! It's only gotten better since it switched to two a month with issue 650, in my opinion.

  18. Granted that I disagree on a few of the awards (i.e. Brightest Day & Time Masters: Vanishing Point), I think I would have to agree about the Best Ongoing, Most Underused, Villain of the Year, and character to watch. Not sure if anyone asked this already, but does the "Character to Watch" award include the Justice League: Generation Lost series? Because I think he'll be great in both. I went and looked up a few things, and apparently they are making a Red Lantern Corps series later this year. Thoughts?
    Glad we can agree on a few things.

  19. Thanks for the comment Caz, also glad to see we agree in some instances. And yeah, I'd say Character to watch just means watch out for Booster in anything, if he's in it I'd probably recommend it whether it's his own series, Gen Lost, Tim Masters (since you and other people seem to enjoy it still.) and anything else.

    I don't know how interested I'd be in the upcoming Red Lantern Corps. I'm not really a fan of Atrocitus, I like how he is now as a big scary angry brute, he doesn't really need more face time to flesh him out, and the rest of the RLC members don't too much interest me either. But, never say never I guess.

  20. Yeah I'll finish off the Time Masters series because I seem to have a certain liking of Rip Hunter. I noticed that you had Bart Allen as a runner-up for the Most Underused award, and I think they use him a decent amount in Teen Titans. The only thing keeping me away from that series, is the worst Robin to have come around: Damian Wayne.
    And I think the whole idea of FlashPoint (besides having a Flash crossover) is to get the speedsters (Jesse Quick, Jay Garrick, Bart Allen, Max Mercury, Wally West, Iris West, and Barry Allen) in one event. They haven't been in anything much besides Flash: Rebirth.
    And about Booster, I think that was a really "out of the blue" character to pick, because I haven't seen much from him BESIDES Generation Lost and Time Masters, since he was in 52.
    Also, about Brightest Day: If you look at the big picture there are a bunch of places where Geoff Johns, Peter J. Tomasi, and Tony Bedard are trying to meet their other series' with Brightest Day. Geoff Johns with Green Lantern (and the Hawks storyline, plus the upcoming AQUAWAR"), Peter J. Tomasi is writing Emerald Warriors which I'm not seeing Brightest Day in it, yet, besides the GLC side but he's still writing part of Brightest Day, and Tony Bedard with Kyle Rayner and a bunch of other GL's on Qward for Firestorm to crossover with. I think there's an aspect of the "bigger picture" which you need to look at when you read the Brightest Day stuff. I think it's going to end with a bang.

    And, just out of curiosity, if you could choose any Lantern Corps (besides Green) to have their own ongoing series, who would it be?

  21. I think Kid Flash could get more exposure since he was THE Flash all of maybe, six years ago? And since his return he hasn't done much, he recently joined the Teen Titans again in summer and played a pretty small role, only since Krul took over has Bart even had a little focus. Plus considering Superboy has his own series and is in Teen Titans, I don't think it's too much for the same for Bart, but since they cancelled his series before it started, he's been relegated to Teen Titans. I didn't like Damian but he's starting to grow on me from his appearances in Teen Titans, Batgirl and Red Robin.

    I'd agree with that, and I may read Flashpoint. In fact I'm almost positive I will just to keep up with Wally and Bart. Booster's been popping up everywhere and getting more face-time, he's been rubbing elbows with Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and everyone else. He's also a centerpiece of Gen Lost, Time Masters, his series of course, popped up in Power Girl and he's rumored to appear in some other series this year in a recent interview I read with Winnick.

    I get that, but I just can't get ninto the stories. The only person I even care somewhat about is Aqualad, the other stories either never interested me or did and I lost interest due to things like having the universe pretend to explode... (Firestorm)

    I think they should just stick to the Green Lanterns but I'd say the Sinestro Corps, they've already fleshed them out, why not let the characters evolve more.

  22. I entirely agree about the point about Bart. And I'm definitely going to read FlashPoint.

    The whole thing about Brightest Day, is that I'm so far into the series, that I almost feel like I can't get out. I've been following the whole thing with Blackest Night and into Brightest Day ever since the Agent Orange story arc happened in Green Lantern. I think that was pretty corny about the whole "fake exploding" thing and that they could've had some other reason for Firestorm to go to the Anti-Matter Universe. PLUS, what happened to the White Lantern, Deathstorm, and all his "Black Lanterns" (who didn't have rings) cronies?

    And I agree, but from what I read about the Red Lantern Corps series, the first arc seems a little interesting.

    About Booster Gold; I couldn't stand him when I read the JLA stuff he was in. I couldn't stand him in 52 until he saved the Multiverse. And I thought I was going to absolutely hate him in Generation Lost, let alone his own series. I think the main reason I kept going in Time Masters is because it kept showing Rip's childhood and I'm just hoping that in the last issue his true identity will be revealed. And I haven't read much Rip Hunter until this, and I always have liked the idea of time travel. So I was really looking forward to it, despite how far behind in the rest of the DCU it is.

    And, I don't know if it's just me, but I'm really looking forward to the "War of the Green Lanterns" story arc. I think it'll be interesting to see why exactly they're fighting and how it turns out. Which it'll obviously be Hal and Guy going down to the final breath. I just hope they don't kill off any of the GL's. Because that just get's more Black Lantern shit going on. And it was good in Blackest Night, but it's been pushed too far.

  23. That's the only reason I'm still reading it, I feel like since I'm so far in I may as well keep reading it. I['m sure they'll just run into the Anti-Monitor and they'd better not defeat him because that would be absurd. I'm also wondering about everything else you mentioned, but we'll have all the answers in just three months since it ends in April.

    Oh yeah, I read about that. It has potential but I doubt I'll check it out.

    That's when I started to like Booster too, that's why I like how well they transitioned him into a leader and a true hero and less of a comedy figure.

    Yeah, I'm hoping John doesn't die since he seems like the most obvious of the four Earth lanterns, him or Ganthet will probably get killed off. I'm also waiting for the big Hal/Guy showdown though.

  24. And I could've sworn they've mentioned who Rip really is a couple of times, or do you just wanna know his real name?

  25. Well I think there will be some confrontation with the Anti-Monitor. I really hope so. It'll be an interesting battle. And also, I want to see what's happening with J'onn. I like where they're going with the Aquaman series right now, but I'd like to see a little bit more of J'onn.

    I haven't read much of Booster besides JLA, 52, and the first few issues of Generation Lost. I think I'll probably start buying it soon.

    And I don't think they're going to kill any of the GL's, except maybe a few minor ones. Like one's that don't even have names. And I think it would be pretty hard to kill Ganthet. I'm waiting for the 4 Earth GL's to fight. It'll be John vs. Kyle (Kyle is personally my favorite GL) in Green Lantern Corps and Hal vs. Guy in Emerald Warriors.

    And I just wanna know his real name because I KNOW they've never said what that is. All I know is that Booster is his father.

  26. I rally don't want them to fight the Anti-Monitor cause theoretically they shouldn't even be a threat to him, regardless of how powerful they are now. I hate how easily J'onn was made to look like an idiot and think his
    entire planet came back.

    Yeah, I'd definitely recommend catching up on Gen Lost, because that series has been solid for a while now.

    Those sound interesting, I'll be tuned into those issues then just to see the outcome. Between that and Flashpoint hopefully 2011 will be pretty eventful.

    It'd be funny if his name was just Rip Hunter, or Hunter Carter or even Michael Jon Carter II. Something simple.

  27. Well the Green Lantern Corps all by themselves beat the Anti-Monitor when he had a yellow ring. And, yeah, I agree about J'onn. Well he has to burn down that forest that was growing on Mars. That's the forest he has to burn down.

    I might. Or I might just wait for the graphic novels.

    About FLASHPOINT: you should read every post (except the first one) on this page.
    I'm trying to remember what else is happening this year... OH! Reign of Doomsday. That looks pretty good.

    Yeah that would be pretty funny. I doubt it'd just be Rip Hunter or Hunter Carter, but it will, more than likely, be pretty simple.

  28. Lol I don't know if Corps and by themselves should fit in the same sentence. And yeah, you think he'd just burn it down by now, it's not like he has anything to lose, right?

    I'd probably wait, then again DC is pretty slow with stuff like that.

    I actually had read that earlier before you posted it, it does look really interesting. And I enjoyed the first part of Reign of Doomsday so I'm hooked on it.

    Now that I think about it I wouldn't be surprised if his name was Ted Carter and Booster named him after Ted Kord or something.