Thursday, August 13, 2009

Blackest Night #2

In Brightest Day, In Blackest Night....Look out DC Universe, the dead are back for a fight. This month's installment of Blackest Night jumps from various parts of the DC Universe but does it's job, it does it seamlessly as well as leaves you wanting more. With so much action there's has to be other comics to convey how big Blackest Night is, hence the installments of Blackest Night: Batman and Blackest Night: Superman. So lets jump right into Blackest Night #2.

Our story starts off with The Atom, Ray Palmer, still mourning over the loss of his wife, he calls Hawkman once again to try to get him to join him in going to see the grave of Jean Loring, which picked up from B.N. #1, which lead Ray Palmer to going to see Hawkman, if only he knew it was a trap. Then we jump to the roof of the GCPD, where we see Oracle (Barbara Gordon) and her father Jim Gordon discussing things while the Batsignal is shown lit. While discussing things like the disappearance of Batgirl, and they have a touching moment ... until Hal Jordan is thrown into the Batsignal, shattering the glass. This is where we pick up from a fight in Green Lantern #44
between the returning Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern & the Flash.

We also see the return of the King of the Sea, Aquaman, Arthur Curry in this issue, as well as the arrival of more Black Lanterns. Which may strike some as weird, especially, is the return of Hawk, and not Dove. When Dove's ring is presented, it said he was at peace with Earth. So does that mean every other superhero had grudges they secretly held? Only time will tell.

With the return of Aquaman, the fate of Ray Palmer currently unknown, the Spectre's fate that I won't ruin for you guys, and the confusion of why Dove did not return as a Black Lantern and many more. There are many small things about Blackest Night that are little yet very notable. Some people may read past Dove not returning, I'm sure there's a big moment in there. Also I loved that the Batsignal was shattered in this issue, and then is shown broken in Blackest Night: Batman, I love small things like that, that show consistency.

Blackest Night seemed a little drawn out, so for that reason, even though It's action packed, I can't give it a 10/10, it's not perfect YET, but I am confident it will get better, So That's why I give Blackest Night Issue 2 a 8.5/10.

See you guys tomorrow for my review of Blackest Night: Batman #1.

- Jason Todd


  1. I was sure able to give this comic a 10 out of 10! :) I don't remember having one single complaint about this issue.

    Like you, I'm sure there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the black ring being unable to possess Dove, you've got to think that is going to wind up playing a major role in things as we continue to move forward. From the first page to the last this issue hooked me big time! Now, BN #3 was a different story...

  2. Thinking back i should've given this and BN 1 a 10 outta 10...and especially after reading 3 which is like a definite 7. Im curious as to how this will work out, I don't know if you read BN Titans but the new Female Dove also had the same emotion emitted by the deceased Dove, and if I recall the Black Lanterns couldn't touch her.

  3. Somehow I forgot to place an order for BN Titans... I honestly don't know how I managed that. I'll probably be getting my copy of BN Titans in like two weeks or so, I'm going to try to wait until BN #4 is released before I place my CB order.

    I gave both BN #1 & 2 a 10/10, which is why I was so surprised by the drop-off in BN #3. I'm hoping BN #4 really picks up where #1 & #2 left off.

  4. I'm also hoping that BN 4 picks up the slack, although I do find it odd that BN 4 has the same cover as BN 6...There's something there for sure.

    And yeah, I recommend BN Titans, it was really good, so far, based on the first issue I'd say that BN titans is right behind BN Superman but ahead of BN Batman